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An Adventure of Sandi, a Teenage Witch
By Bacner

An adventure in the life of Sandi (and her mysterious step-cousin) - more exciting than you think. Based on an Iron Chef challenge.
After Midnight at Dega Street
By Lourdes M. Cabrera

Daria, Jane, Trent, Quinn and the Fashion Club end up spending the night together at Dega Street after attending an art fair.
After Work
By Brother Grimace

Four of the teachers from Lawndale High have a few beers and hang out after work...
Afternoon Delight
By Thea Zara

A song ficlet dealing with an afternoon of passion between two people you'd never expect...
Ah, Good Memories
By Brother Grimace

A follow-up to "The Big House." Daria and Jane go to see the LHS staff play hockey again--but this time, the teachers and staff bring their A-game!
Air Bed
By Brother Grimace

Daria has unusual dreams... or are they?
Alias: Melody Powers (*)
By Kenji

Melody Powers. Who is she? Where did she come from? Find out here!
The Alley, Part 1 (*)
By Guy Payne

Daria and Jane catch Quinn with their true love, Upchuck. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
The Alley, Part 2 (*)
By Guy Payne

Daria and Jane catch Quinn with their true love, Tom. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
The Almond Ninjas!
By Brother Grimace

Stacy gets a few unexpected visitors in her room one night--the small, furry ones that Jake's been warning everyone about...
By Larne Pekowsky

Daria has the house to herself for a weekend, and not a single hijink ensues. Set shortly after the episode "Mart of Darkness."
The Alternate History Teacher (*)
By The Angst Guy

Born out of her time, a new teacher comes to Lawndale High with lessons that change the lives of her students--and change her own life as well.
By Yui Daoren

Daria! Jane! Aerial combat! Chaos! Destruction! Jane dies! Ho-hum, just another day...
And "Zing, Zing, Zing" Went My... Guitar Strings [Artwork]
By Caitlin Duffy

Quinn is forced to join her school guitar class due to an injury that pulls her out of P.E. Trent gives her lessons to help her catch up. So... why are Jane and Daria getting a little suspicious? A two-part story, with the link for part two at the end of part one.
And By a Sleep to Say We End
By Wyvern337

A troubled, misunderstood teenage girl decides to take drastic measures with regards to a life she's come to find unbearable.
And the Truth Shall Set You Free
By Brother Grimace

Upchuck decides that he's not interested in chasing girls anymore, and the world of Lawndale High is rocked by the aftereffects.
And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria, Jane, Quinn, and other Lawndale High School students face a nightmarish twenty-four hours in this multichapter tale, a response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge to employ a list of never-before-seen themes in "Daria" fanfic.
Animal Cunning
By Brother Grimace

a post-"Falling Into College" fic, this one finds Daria and Michael's pets having a discussion on sex, scents, snack trays and snip, snip, snip...
By Danny Bronstein

Letters to Daria from an obsessed fan. Based on "Stan" by Eminem.
Another Damn Mary Sue Fanfic (*)
By The Angst Guy

The author writes a story in which he meets Daria. The cause of literature is hurled back a thousand years.
Another Stupid Daria Internship Fic
By Brother Grimace

Who would take Daria on as an intern? Who would she intern for? The answers are within, along with some surprising cameos!
Another Week in Lawndale
By Wouter Jaegers

Daria reflects on the events of a week in her life, one in which "the madness that is Lawndale clearly outdid itself."
The Anti-Social Climbers, Redone
By Bacner

The "Daria" episode #402, "Antisocial Climbers", re-done by me.
Antipodean Daria
By Deref

Dinnertime at the Morgendorffers... with a twist.
The Antisocial Climber (*)
By The Angst Guy

A wheelchair-bound football legend looks back on his heroic career--and the two people who made his comeback possible.
By Brandon League

A sinister stranger appears one morning and takes a mysterious interest in Tiffany Blum-Deckler, who is struggling with personal demons. What is his interest in her, and is the "Sinister Stranger" REALLY that sinister?
Apache Summer [Artwork]
By Steve Mitchell

Daria and Jane attend flight school for the summer at Jake's old military academy, with one of their instructors being none other than Daria's former teacher, Mr. Buzzcut.
Apocalyptic Daria
By Doggieboy

It's the end of the world as Daria and Jane know it, but they're far from feeling fine. An epic multi-part tale that depicts the days and weeks after a global thermonuclear war, and how the two amigas struggle to survive as the threads of civilization unravel around them.
Are You Cheating
By Steve Mitchell

Jane gets arrested while driving, and Jake suspects Helen of cheating.
Artificial Inspiration
By Tori

Jane has been acting funny ever since that Van Gogh documentary, and Daria is determined to get to the bottom of it.
Assistant Living
By Crusading_Saint

Helen's assistant Marianne finds herself having a very interesting evening with a mysterious stranger...
Attack of the Pink Bunnies (*)
By Queen Jossie

Quinn eats some Peep bunnies and hallucinates. More interesting than it sounds.
Attraction Anxiety
By Crusading_Saint

Sandi Griffin finds herself in one of the most irritating situations she's ever been in: she's in love.
Auld Lang Syne (*)
By John Wallace

A thought-provoking piece about how Daria and Jane might face New Year's Eve, 1999.
Aunt Kara (*)
By The Angst Guy

When Helen Morgendorffer's youngest sister (Kara, the "wild one" from Hollywood) comes to visit, guess which member of the family gets the biggest surprise!
By Warpedkjh13

Amy and Rita return to give Helen more grief. Amy meets Tom and approves. Trent meets Amy and runs like hell. What more can you ask for? Oh, yeah, and Jake goes nuts with the arguing.
Author Must Be Destroyed!

Tired of these stories, Chris, Daria, Jane, and Quinn look for a way to destroy MFC, but are shocked when they find out that he's in Lawndale! Set shortly after "Live the Movies."
Aw, Nuts
By Angelinhel

A peek into Jake's never-ending war with the squirrel population of Lawndale. Written for Roger E. Moore.
The Awakening (*)
By The Angst Guy

A teenager girl makes a slight change in her diet--and discovers that the real world is not.

Back in Fifteen Minutes
By Brother Grimace

Daria is one of the world's greatest superheroes--but when she's taking a special shower, woe betide the idiots of Lawndale!
Backhanded Remarks (*)
By The Angst Guy

Sandi Griffin courts disaster at the French Open tennis tournament, and nets a ton of trouble.
Bad Movie Night
By Essenare

Find out why Daria does not like the movie "Annie."
Bait and Switch
By Medea42

Ms. Li forces Daria and Kevin to act like they're a couple at an important social gathering. In return, Brittany demands that she date Tom for the night as collateral. Can you see the wheels of revenge turning yet?
Bake Off (*)
By Queen Jossie

A short story inspired by the lack of baking skills of the author's sister.
Balance of Power
By Jill Palmer

Quinn meets top-of-the-pecking-order pressure. Crystal meets Trent and Jesse. Jane gets hurt. You, the reader, meet a different Crystal than Daria & Company know. Confused? Read on!
The Bands of Summer
By Gregor Samsa

An epic tale of friendship, deceit, and financial impoverishment. Oh, and some music, too.
Beach Bum-mer
By Pat Leland

The Morgendorffers head for the beach, with Sandi and some unwanted guests in tow.
The Beaches of Barksdale [Artwork]
By Galen Hardesty

Helen declares a family bonding day at the beach, wrecking Daria's long-planned museum trip with Jane. Consequently, Daria pulls out (almost) all the stops to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Bearcat Hollow (*)
By Guy Payne

A field trip gone wrong, with two students missing. Can Daria and Sandi survive the elements and each other? Find out what happens deep in Bearcat Hollow.
Beavis & Butt-head... NOT!
By Ronin

Daria and Quinn imitating Beavis and Butt-head? The world *has* come to an end...
Behind the Glasses [Artwork]
By John Berry

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Daria" fan fiction. Narrated by Jane's new beau, Tom, this exclusive production includes interviews with the cast and fanfic authors, and rare footage of "bloopers," outtakes, and never-before-seen stories.
Behind the Glasses 2001
By Warpedkjh13

The fourth entry in the "Behind the Glasses" series, featuring even more fan fiction "bloopers and outtakes."
Behind the Glasses II
By Canadibrit

A follow-up to John Berry's "Behind the Glasses," featuring more "bloopers and outtakes" from various fan fiction stories.
Behind the Glasses III
By Canadibrit

The third entry in the "Behind the Glasses" series, featuring even more fan fiction "bloopers and outtakes."
Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
By Jill Friedman

What caused Penny Lane to leave Lawndale and wander the jungles and villages of Central America? Here's one possible answer, as Penny returns to Casa Lane haunted by memories of her past.
Between the Boards
By Di

Response to the PPMB Write-Off Challenge: What if Quinn was a jock?
The Big Wedding
By Brother Grimace

Written by "Lyman Moneychanger" (hey, who's he?), Daria and Trent's big day is here... or is it?
Blast from the Past
By Nemo Blank

After a gun is found in her school locker, Daria endures both physical and mental torture at a psychiatric facility in an effort to "cure" her. It's a race against time for her family and friends to prove her innocence before the Daria they know is lost forever.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Blind Date
By Ana Sturtz

Daria goes on a blind date with a friend of Jane's.
Blind Spot
By Brother Grimace

Ms. Li receives a letter from one of her most intelligent students--although she never would have guessed that.
Blood Oath of Patriots
By Galen Hardesty

Daria achieves greater understanding of Mr. O'Neill, who asks her to write another Melody Powers story to jump-start the coffehouse. Inspired by Kevin, Daria writes a crossover story... (Set after the events of "Cafe Disaffecto.")
Blood Oath of Patriots, Part II: By Any Other Name
By Galen Hardesty

Daria torments Kevin. Jane torments Daria. Daria and Jane torment Mr. O'Neill. Kevin torments most of the faculty. Quinn develops literary taste. Melody struggles back from Death's door as Daria slips closer to the shadowy underworld of darkest Lawndale. Mind games and game fixing abound in part II of this epic miniseries.
Bloodshot [Artwork]
By Devarie Hunter

Daria takes a blood type test in Ms. Barch's class, and is shocked at what she discovers.
Bond, Jake's Bond
By John Berry

Jake finds, to his dismay, that he really doesn't know his girls at all, so he decides to take Daria and Quinn on a road trip in an attempt to bond with them. Naturally, things don't turn out quite the way he expected.
Boredom is Freedom
By Mariah W.

Daria's boredom has crazed her enough to go take a walk with Jane. When she realizes all the crazy stuff that's happened, she wishes she never even took a step out of her house!
Boston Blues 1: Graveyard Shift (*)
By Guy Payne

Jane finds a job to pay for BFAC. An Iron Chef from PPMB, with a slice from my sick, sad life.
Boston Blues 2: Wired (*)
By Guy Payne

Freshman Daria experiences her first long dark all-nighter of the soul. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
Bouncing 'Round the Room
By Sam Lincoln

Yet another new student shows up in Lawndale. How will this alter the slippery dynamics present at everyone's favorite fictitious high school? Inquiring minds want to know.
Bouquet Too
By Austin Covello

Trent's getting hitched to a Morgendorffer gal.
Boxing Daria 2
By Robert Nowall

A play in one act, and perhaps a more appropriate--and literal--use of the title.
Brain Games
By Thomas Mikkelsen

When Jane thinks she might be pregnant, it blows up in Quinn's face.
Brainstorming Session
By NomadX

A public service announcement.
By Wouter Jaegers

Daria gets a makeover and performs a makeover herself.
Breaking Point (*)
By NomadX

Sometimes a person just can't take it anymore.
Breaking Strain
By Mystik Slacker

Daria has too many extracurricular activities. Stacy has too much homework. Sandi has too much competition. Someone's going to break under the strain.
Brief Candle (*)
By Guy Payne

"All the world's a stage, the men and women merely actors..." From a PPMB Iron Chef.
Bringing the Cheer
By Roland "Jim" Lowery

Love, happiness, joy, creation, comfort, and prosperity...
Brittany's Fear [Artwork]
By Mitch

Brittany has a nightmare about Daria becoming a cheerleader.
Brittany's Jacuzzi
By Mitch

Brittany has a dream where she gets a Jacuzzi and everyone she knows enters her bathroom.
Broken Girl
By LilMeg

Daria and Jane meet a new girl at school named Megan. When she writes a song for Trent, he ends up with a little more than just a song.
Busted Stuff
By Sam Lincoln

What happens when one amp breaks? Plenty.
But In Her Heart a Cold December (*)
By The Angst Guy

"Might be CIA," wrote Daria of her security-obsessed high-school principal, Angela Li. She was closer to the truth than she knew. Ms. Li reviews her turbulent life through the Cold War, to the time she took over "Laaawndale High," as she recovers from her breakdown in the fifth-season episode, "Fizz Ed."
But Is He a Fruit or a Vegetable?
By Smileyfax

Tom has an unusual birth defect, and Daria puts her foot in her mouth.
But What About the Baby (Sitter)?!
By Kristen Bealer

During her first summer in Lawndale, Daria has to deal with two challenges at once: her crush on Trent, and baby-sitting. Will she get over her shyness? Will she learn to change a diaper? Will she survive the experience?

Calling Dan Webster
By RangerLou

Another extra credit assignment from Mr. O'Neill, only this time it's Quinn's turn. And Sandi learns that not everyone is as easily manipulated as Stacy or Tiffany.
Camping Chaos
By Julia Wright

The students of Lawndale High go on a camping trip, while Mr. DeMartino comes up with a plot to kill one of our beloved characters.
Can't Touch That! (*)
By The Angst Guy

Kevin "QB Hammer" Thompson gets his fifteen seconds of fame on "Lawndale Idol," with predictable results.
Canadian, eh?
By Jae Ouyang

Tiffany's cousin from Canada comes for a visit and ends up befriending Daria and Jane. The three girls hatch a plan to mortify the Fashion Club.
Cat Fights

Daria finds a new enemy in a new girl as they vie for Jane's friendships, Trent's attention, and the love of a new mystery man.
The Catalyst
By Emo Fringe

A new girl at Lawndale High stirs up some of Stacy Rowe's innermost feelings.
A Certain Amount of Depth (*)
By The Angst Guy

Quinn Morgendorffer and David Sorenson meet in Lawndale, a year after they parted in "Is It Fall Yet?" Certain issues between them were never fully resolved. Will they be settled now?
Chance Meeting on Dega Street: A Poem
By Robert Nowall

Years in the future, Daria has a chance meeting with an old friend.
Change is in the Cheer
By Lupinsmoon12391

When Jane and Mack get paired together on a science project, Jane begins to notice some strange things about him.
A Choice
By Richard Lobinske

A ficlet in which Daria dreams she has a choice about being switched at birth with another family... or is it a dream?
A Chunk of a Conversation
By Brother Grimace

A quickfic based on PPMB's "The Killing Game" thread, Daria and Quinn talk about the parents' college lives...
Claim Check
By Richard Lobinske

Amy picks up Daria from Boston to take her out for a "surprise," and the two become trapped inside Amy's wrecked car after an accident. (Based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.)
A Classic Case of Collapse and Rebirth
By Bacner

(no description available)
Clearing the Air
By Brother Grimace

Set in the "Falling Into College" universe, Daria and Trent have a long-awaited and much-needed conversation.
Cluck Like a Chicken
By Brother Grimace

Mr. O'Neill gets hypnotized, gets his ghetto pass, and then gets laid out as the LHS student body enjoys the show.
Collection Day (*)
By The Angst Guy

What happened to Tommy Sherman after the goalpost crate fell on him? Nothing good, that's for sure.
Combat Girl
By Sarah Lane

A music video by Mystik Spiral, filmed about three years after the events of IICY.
Commercials from "Fandemonium"
By Brother Grimace

A few moments between escapades on the show that Daria and Jane watch the way WE watched "Daria"!
Community Disservice [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

It's fundraising time once again at Lawndale High, and all of the students are forced into community service work.
Community Service
By Mick

Daria and Quinn do community service.
By Robert Nowall

Sandi Griffin is sick, which gets her to thinking about who her real friends may (or may not) be.
Conned Men [Artwork]
By jRev

Trent and Mystik Spiral get an offer from a mysterious man to open for a well-known rock band, whose tour stops at Lawndale. Trent is overjoyed, but Daria and Jane are suspicious. Meanwhile, Quinn wins four tickets, supposedly for a "boy band" concert in Lawndale. Coincidence?
Consequences of a Parade
By Yui Daoren

Daria has a hard decision to make when Jane discovers her feelings for Tom.
Contemplation (Jeffy's Journey)
By Brandon League

Late one night, in the shadow of Lawndale High School, Jeffy ponders his feelings for Quinn, and realizes just how deep they are.
Corporal Punishment
By Renny

Helen finally gets tough on Quinn.
Courtney and Adrian's Bogus Adventure
By Galen Hardesty

Courtney and Adrian take off again. Originally posted on the PPMB in response to some challenge or other.
Crimson Sunset
By Angelinhel

A little Stacy-centric ficlet.
A Cruise Gone Wrong
By Daria C. Montello

Go inside Daria's journal as she goes on a family cruise. Find out what happens to them when they are marooned on an island in this multi-part story.
Cyber Stacy (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

Stacy meets a guy in a chat room. Everything is great, until she agrees to meet him in person. Meanwhile, Jane has been acting strange around Tom and Daria, but only Jane knows why.
The Cynic
By Steve Mitchell

A reworking of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"... Daria style.

Daddy's Home
By Brother Grimace

And now we know why Trent Lane spends so much time asleep...
By Dallas Bolen

Feeling a little deja vu? Daria and Jane go on yet another trip with Mystic Spiral.
Damned Cheesy Fanfiction
By blah blah

What happens when Daria gets mad and an author gets nervy?
Danceing With the Devil
By Essenare

Daria wonders about things...
Daria Allen: A Childe-ish Ballad (*)
By Guy Payne

A filk song, based on the ballad "Barbara Allen," which pokes fun at the Daria/Trent thing.
Daria Author Tombstones
By Brother Grimace

A self-explanatory Iron Chef.
Daria Babies: Out of the Playpen
By Gregor Samsa

Smelling a new market, MTV attempts to retool "Daria".
The Daria Blooper Series
By Robin Sena

It's Daria and friends like you've never seen them before...
Daria Dance Party (*)
By The Angst Guy

Song lyrics about an alternate-universe Daria that you aren't likely to recognize--once the sun goes down.
Daria Gets a Job
By Adam Johnson

Daria gets a job working as a waitress (which she hates) in order to buy her parents an anniversary gift (which she's forced to do).
Daria Goes to the Customs Office
By Doggieboy

Daria has to help Quinn when she is arrested for smuggling. But will she?
Daria On Assignment
By LunaJane

Daria wins a trip to tag along on a Sick Sad World Special Assignment
The Daria Series
By Sean Callahan

Daria the inventor.
The Daria Show
By Trent2

Daria gets chosen to host a talk show on cable access television that bombs on the first night.
The Daria Sitters Remember
By Neo Hippy Purple

Daria and Jane remember. A pink thong(!) makes an appearance.
Daria the Saturnine
By Hikhali

Daria does stuff. No big deal, really.
Daria Vs. Celine
By Ronin

Oh-oh!! The French Canadian diva we all love to hate just challanged Daria to a duel to the death. Will our bespecticled heroine meet her match? Don't bet on it!!
Daria's Comatose [Artwork]
By Wouter Jaegers

After seeing Mystik Spiral at the Zen, Daria is run over by a car on her way home. Trent and Jane recognize the driver: it's Ms. Li. A lot of attitude changes follow as the Lanes plan their revenge.
Daria's Disciples
By Liz

The Fashion Club (minus Quinn) asks Daria to teach them how to be more like her.
Daria's House
By Eccles

Daria ends up in the hospital after becoming seriously ill. With Jane and Helen at her side, she starts to think about how she feels regarding the morphine-induced dreams she is having.
Daria's New Job
By Brother Grimace

A VERY quick glance into Daria's new job--at the one place she"d NEVER want to work!
Daria's Theme
By Raven

Daria lets her thoughts run wild.
Daria, the Hunted
By Love Gordon

Nine years after "Behind the Pom-Poms," Trent hires a bounty hunter to find Daria... a bounty hunter who has some interesting secrets of her own.
Daria, We Have to Talk...
By Greystar

After making the decision to go on, Daria must now work through what comes next. A continuation of the events that began in "Something Didn't Happen."
Daria: The OAVs [Artwork]
By Peter Guerin

A series of stories set in Peter's Dariaverse, one filled with anime references and weird crossovers (ranging from anime to classic American TV shows).
A Date With Death
By Galen Hardesty

A poem by Daria for Mr. O'Neill's class.
A Day in the Life of Stacy [Artwork]
By Austin Covello

Stacy Rowe, Fashion Club secretary. Like her friends, she's brainless, clueless, helpless, and hopeless... or is she? As you'll find in this look at a day in her life, Stacy may really not be the person everyone thinks she is.
By Richard Lobinske

During her speech to the students of Lawndale High after finishing self-esteem class early, the person who stands up is the last one Daria would ever have expected. (Round 3 of the PPMB Angst Guy/Bug Guy Write-Off challenge.).
Dear Whoever (*)
By The Angst Guy

A sad plea from a "Daria" character, from the unpublished musical version of "And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed" (not really, but if there was one, this song would be in it).
A Death in the Family
By Robin Sena

Death can hurt, especially when it's someone in the family. Based on a fan artwork by S.C.
Death of a Friend, Arrival of a Newcomer
By Tariah

When a friend of Helen's dies, the Morgendorfers are left only one thing: her friend's now-orphaned son. And Daria is faced with yet another writing challenge.
Death of a Rabbit [Artwork]
By Barry Eshkol Adelman

After being overheard, Daria finds herself the subject of rumors.
The Death of Stacy
By Austin Covello

When Stacy is killed in a car accident, Daria begins to wonder if there was more to her than there seemed to be. (Think "A Day in the Life of Stacy" in reverse.)
Death of the Misery Chick, Next on Sick, Sad World
By Brian Taylor

What if Daria was a live-action show, and not an animated cartoon? This story posits this question, as we meet some of the cast on a Sick Sad World special following the death of the star, a twenty-something named... Daria Morgendorffer. Definitely off of the beaten track.
Dega's Irregulars #1: Prelude to a Dream
By Neal C.

Daria gets a summer internship at the Dega Street Irregular. As she gets adjusted to her new boss, she does the same to her new relationship with Trent.
The Devil in Miss Morgendorffer
By Brother Grimace

Daria pulls a prank that goes too far. Retaliation is swift and harsh, with little box-hats and gold lame bolero jackets. Llamas suffer in the aftermath.
Diary Dearest
By Renfield

Daria is committed to a mental hospital. But why?
Digital Girl in the 21st Century (*)
By NomadX

Fun and games in a little grey box.
The Diogenes Group (*)
By Nick Gaston

In the halcyon days of the Cold War, a plucky group of grade-schoolers found an organization dedicated to adventure and solving mysteries. Well, actually, more like "revenge for hire" and "orchestrating elaborate hoaxes on unsuspecting townsfolk."
A Dirge for Daria (*)
By Love Gordon

Set in February of Daria's senior year. It's not *quite* what you expect...
By Wyvern337

There's someplace that Daria needs to be, but she's not sure how she's going to get there.
Do You Like Convertibles?
By Mahna Mahna

Tom is proud of his first car, but a bad reaction from someone close to him leaves him questioning his choice of company.
Don't Call Him "Hearing Impaired"
By J

A new family moves to Lawndale, and Damien (who's deaf) begins life at Lawndale High, aided by his "personal interpreter," Daria. Set during Daria's senior year.
Don't Know Jake
By Jon Kilner

Daria must face the price of success, and Jake finds himself in a crisis of conscience.
Don't Sweat the Mall Stuff
By Kristen Bealer

Quinn and Sandi are at their worst while competing over prom dresses. Stacy is at her best while working at a pet store. Tiffany simply is. Just another day at the mall, assuming everyone survives the experience.
Don't Wait Up [Artwork]
By Kendra Steiner

Daria, depressed and alone, turns to a permanent solution to her problems, and the town of Lawndale is shocked and helpless.
By Bambi

It's party time, but nobody's really happy with it. The doorbell keeps rinigng, and people keep coming in: Jane, Trent, Jesse, the Fashion Club, Kevin, Brittany, Jodie, and Mack. Who will kill who first?
Down With Noggin! Part 1

Chris, Jane, and Daria decide to go see how Lawndale is holding up without them, and are shocked at what is happening to the people in Lawndale.
Down With Noggin! Part 2

After realizing they don't know where the Noggin Corporation is, they go back to Chris' house. Also, what did Chris mean by cynicism?
Drawn and Quartered (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria Morgendorffer gets a bit part on another animated TV show after her own show is canceled, but the outcome is not what she (or anyone else) had expected.
Dreams and Reality
By Aloysius

The planet has been overrun by zombies. In Lawndale, Daria Morgendorffer waits for help... from fanfiction heroes.
The Driven Wild Universe [Artwork]
By Kara Wild

Kara's "Daria" continuum, set mostly before the end of Season 4, which focuses more on relationship issues and "what makes the characters tick."
Driving Ms. Daria
By QuangyJane

Daria is afraid to drive. She finally gets over it with the help of Trent.
Duck Day Afternoon
By Shane Greentree

Daria gets a duck. Can they bond? Can it survive Jake's hunger? Probably.
The Dust Bunny Project: A Musical Review! (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria's worst nightmare becomes reality: the dust bunny project has come to life!

Easy A (*)
By The Angst Guy

A good grade doesn't always mean that getting it was a good thing, too.
Eight Legged Pink
By Brandon League

Quinn gets an interesting new pet, much to Daria's surprise. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
Eight Miles High (*)
By The Angst Guy

It is better sometimes to never wake up.
Electronic Alchemy
By The Alchemist

A series of stories set in lieu of the official Season 5, continuing the lives of the characters post-"Is It Fall Yet?".
Emancipation [Artwork]
By Galen Hardesty

Daria and Jane try to wangle some free time for Jodie, while Daria experiences an unusual natural phenomenon, as well as some other unusual stuff.
The Emancipation of Stacy Rowe
By Yui Daoren

Stacy's life is turned on its ear when a handsome new member of the Lawndale Lions makes her the center of his attention.
End Weekend, End
By Daniel Suni

Jane gets sick. Daria gets bored. Helen gets worried, and demands that Daria attend a course in positive thinking. Matter and anti-matter collide on a weekend that just drags on and on and on...
Enter Al Banffte
By Al Banffte

When a strange new boy arrives in Lawndale, strange things begin to happen. Who or what is this new boy, and why is he here?
Every Hour Saved from That Eternal Silence (*)
By The Angst Guy

Astronaut Daria Morgendorffer takes one small step on the greatest voyage of her life--then discovers her ultimate destination is not the moon, but hell.
Everything's Cool and Froody (*)
By Jill Palmer

A cynical teenager prone to arguing with her mother is placed in Lawndale High's self-esteem class. Sound familiar? It's probably not what you think.
By Elle Elle

A disturbing look at some of Daria's isolationist traits.
Excuse Me?
By RangerLou

Daria awakens from a recurring nightmare. (Yes, *that* nightmare.)
The Exercise Project
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Helen decides that Daria and Quinn nedd to get in shape.
Exit Upstage Left
By wierdgrrl

Quinn and Daria's cousin Lara from New York comes to stay with the Morgandorffers and go to school at "Llllawndale High." Quinn worries that Lauren will threaten her popularity, and Daria and Jane get a big surprise when they meet her.

Falls Apart (*)
By Queen Jossie

A bloody nose, Trent fighting, and Quinn trying to date Tom? The sequel to "Just Say It."
A Family Deal
By Dennis

Sure, Daria and her family can have a pleasant card game... in a story. But what would a Morgendorffer family card game look like in real life?
Family Ties
By Thomas Mikkelsen

A day in the life of Daria. No gerbils were hurt writing this story.
Family Tradition
By Arianwen P.F. Everett

Helen, the day before her 50th birthday, learns about a family tradition... the hard way.
Fanning the Flames
By Renfield

A boy meets Daria during "summer vacation."
Fashion Victim
By Lumiere Twilight Forever

The Fashion Club enters a fashion contest, only to learn a little lesson: they have no fashion sense at all. Well, at least to the big shots. The moral: if you want nice clothes, shop at Cashman's. If you want desinger clothes: go to France.
Fashion Victim
By Mel

A day in Quinn's life, inspired by the song of the same name by Green Day.
Fashionable Daria
By Tina Zuloaga

Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse pull a "fashionable" practical joke on the Fashion Club.
Feeding Frenzy (*)
By The Angst Guy

On a most unusual day at Lawndale High School, Upchuck discovers that he has--somehow--become the king of the babe magnets.
The Festival
By Lord Dezz

Daria and Jane attend Beanfest 2000, notable only for the fact that Mystik Spiral is playing. Meanwhile, Quinn and her Fashion Club cronies are also in attendance (mainly to pass judgment on the "fashion disasters" they expect to see), as are several other familiar faces from Lawndale High.
Fifteen Minutes of Frame
By Austin Covello

When Jane gets her own exhibition room in a museum, Ms. Defoe turns it into a field trip. Meanwhile, Daria finds out that Beavis and Butt-Head are using a likeness of her on their new TV show.
Finding Morgendorffer
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Who is the best author at Lawndale High: Daria... or Brittany?
The First Summer
By Richard Lobinske

Daria experiences her first summer in Lawndale. The good news is that she now has a friend to spend it with. The bad news is that Helen and Jake are still her parents, which means that the odds of getting through the summer unscathed are pretty low. Set between seasons two and three.
The First Time (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria and Tom do it for the first time--and it's rated G!
Fixing a Hole
By Crusading_Saint

One day in the mall, two women meet up and discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.
Fixing Dad
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Jake is feeling depressed. Can Daria cheer him up before Quinn does?
By Robert Nowall

A new student finds dating Quinn may be more difficult than he thought...
Flash in the Pan
By Jesse Baker

When N'Sync plays a concert at Lawndale, Daria gets involved in a plot by Trent and Mystik Spiral to interrupt the concert by running on stage and streaking everyone there.
Flight of Fancy

Be careful the next time you decide to fly the friendly skies! A PPMB "Iron Chef" ficlet.
By Kero

Daria wins concert tickets to see and meet the Wallflowers.
By Trent2

Daria gets bad grades on a test and has to get Mr. O'Neill as a tutor, with sister Quinn by her side.
Focus On What's Important
By Brother Grimace

A fic that pokes fun at the people who have to keep bringing up the question of Our Heroine's sexuality--and Jane's, too!
For Better or For Worse, For Richer or For Poorer
By Kristen Bealer

Erin is sent to Switzerland when she files for divorce, but she finds the journey more painful than she expected. A story that looks behind the scenes of the episode "Aunt Nauseam."
Forever Sleeping Beauty
By Brother Grimace

From an Iron Chef by Angelinhel, Stacy Rowe wakes up one morning, and sees some very pretty things.
Forgotten But Not Gone (*)
By The Angst Guy

The statue of a bearded man stands in Lawndale's Village Green, but no one in town knows who he is. When Daria is reluctantly goaded into discovering the bearded man's his identity, she and Jane uncover a bizarre ninety-year-old mystery that leads them into extraordinary danger. This (slightly AU) Daria fanfic is set in the "lost summer" between Daria's sophomore and junior year at Lawndale High School.
Freak the Fur Out
By Brother Grimace

A post-"Falling Into College" fic finds the youngest member of the Morgendorffer-Fulton family indulging in her favorite pastime... and blowing the minds of her family when they find out.
Freaking Out
By Bacner

Due to a cruel twist of fate (and Brittany), Daria and Sandi share a secret that they need to prevent from leaking out. Will they do it, or will Ms. Barch triumph? Read-on and find out.
Freaky Tales from Fashion Club
By Bacner

Four short scripts about events that could happen to everyone's favorite fashion divas.
Free Quinn, Fly Her Miles Away
By Paperpusher

Europe may never be the same after Daria is sent to Belgium for three weeks on a student exchange program (even though she didn't apply for it). It's Quinn, however, who may live to regret it, as the student who takes Daria's place is even cuter and more popular than she is... not to mention the entire female population of Lawndale High!
Friends Are So Alarming

Sandi communicates a shocking revelation to Quinn, who must then decide what to do about it.
From a Distance
By Richard Lobinske

Jodie Landon escapes to the Zon and, for at least one night, is able to dance and cut loose. A ficlet written in response to a Brother Grimace challenge to have an unexpected character as the life of the party and another unexpected character watching, unobserved.
From Little Things...
By Cassie Murphy

Can a fashion queen grow a conscience? Can a too-cute puppy overcome his physical defects? Can a Fashion Club enterprise succeed? Next on Sick, Sad... er, this story!
From the Pad of NomadX (*)
By NomadX

Sometimes not even the writer is in control of his work.

By Lauren

Jane and Trent get a new neighbor, Gala.
Game Theory
By Thomas Mikkelsen

A series of events leads Daria to ponder her attitude towards her life.
The Garbage Men and Their Muse
By Brother Grimace

A Helen-centric fanfic, from a very unusual point of view.
Gay Blade
By Anonymous

Daria's gay cousin Kylie comes for a visit.
Get On Top: Sandra Griffin's Autobiography (*)
By MJ Brault

The life of Sandi Griffin, in her own words.
Getting On With Living
By Brother Grimace

A Iron Chef themed fic dealing with Jane and her feelings about her relationship with Young Master Thomas.
A Girl and Her Guitar
By Wouter Jaegers

When Daria finds Trent's guitar that he left behind (after "Lane Miserables"), she attempts to return it to him. But when he says that she can keep it, Daria decides to become musical, much to Quinn's chagrin.
Girl Uninterrupted
By Thomas Mikkelsen and Medea42

A rather nasty secret is revealed on Daria's 18th birthday.
The Girl Who Walked Home All Alone in the Dark (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jane Lane tells a slightly twisted bedtime story to the Gupty kids (a "Legends of the Mall" tale).
Giving a Damn
By Medea42

Quinn persuades Daria to see "Gone With the Wind" with her.
Go Folk Yourself
By Bryan McGucken

Set one year after the events of "A Kiss for Quinn," Stacy Rowe discovers a new talent, and the author helps her explore it. However, trouble ensues when Ms. Li forbids her from displaying her talent at the mandatory Lawndale High Talent Expo. How will Stacy and the rest of the crew handle things?
Gone With the Whine [Artwork]
By John Berry

Jodie's little sister, Rachel, has had enough of being ignored, so she runs away. Meanwhile, Helen's assistant, Marianne, also departs... on a vacation.
Good Deed for the Day
By Brother Grimace

Another Iron Chef, this one about how Sandi spends an afternoon.
Good Intentions
By E.A. Smith

Daria finds more than she bargained for when she attends a writer's workshop with Mr. O'Neill, with a member of the Fashion Club getting caught in the middle.
Goodbye, Jake
By Mitch

Helen kicks Jake out.
The Great Pretenders
By Grey Bard

When Jane is in danger, Daria will go to extremes to save her.
The Griffin Variations
By Dennis

A series of unrelated ficlets focusing on Sandi Griffin, her family, and the relationships among them and the rest of Lawndale.
Guilty Pleasures
By Angelinhel

A PPMB "Iron Chef" challenge ficlet, in which one or more Lawndale characters are shown secretly indulging in a "guilty pleasure" (and being very out of character doing it).
Guilty Pleasures
By Erin Mills

Ever wonder what some of our favorite Lawndale teens do when they think no one's looking? Here's your chance to find out.
The Gupty Kids Turn Bad
By Nada Rowls

Daria is stuck babysitting Tad and Tricia Gupty while Jake and Helen are in Hawaii. With Quinn on a date and Jane by her side, however, Daria starts to think it won't be so bad after all...
Guys' Night Out (*)
By The Angst Guy

Three young men search time and space for true love--or the next best thing.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.

Hail to the Chief
By Mahna Mahna

When new girl Quinn Morgendorffer comes to Lawndale and obtains instant popularity, Sandi rises to the challenge of climbing back to the top of the social ladder, using whatever means necessary.
Hal Point Nine (*)
By The Angst Guy

A story about a girl and her... unusual pet.
Hard Choices
By Erin Mills

Following the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling!" Jane makes some serious and drastic decisions regarding her friendship with Daria. Decisions with potentially fatal consequences.
A Hard Days' Night (*)
By The Angst Guy

A serial tale that describes what actually happened during the "Daria" TV show that the network did not show us, as narrated by an important background personage having first-hand knowledge of events depicted in the show's third season, a time the narrator feels was quite taxing for the necessity of saving both his family and the earth, not to mention keeping his very skin intact.
Have I Fallen Deep Enough Yet?
By Bacner

My take-on on Jane and Co's adventures in the art colony, during the events of "Is It Fall Yet?".

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Hearts of Darkness
By Paperpusher

Daria relates to Jane, Trent, and Tom her recent experience of ferrying Ms. Barch to Atlantic City to rescue Mr. O'Neill and Mr. DeMartino, the latter of whom has succumbed to his gambling addiction. Based on the novel by Joseph Conrad.
Heat Is On
By Bacner

Daria, her family and friends take-on the mystical approach to Lawndale and her family. Also starring (as a special guest) the much-referred-to and never-shown, grandfather Morgendorffer.
Heaven and Hell and Tomato Sauce
By Brother Grimace

Set in the "Falling Into College" universe, Bump finally gets her sushi pizza.
Hells Angels?
By Thomas Mikkelsen

The Fashion Club experiences eating disorders.
Her Little Secret
By Brother Grimace

A side of Ms. Barch you'll never expect to see is exposed.
Her, uh, Cane [Artwork]
By Paperpusher

Go on a romp through Lawndale as a hurricane prepares to strike, and find out how its citizens manage to cope with the situation (sorry, no singing or dancing this time). It's a satirical take on the natural disaster as media event.
Here Now...
By Anay Lewis

The author's take on the events between "Dye! Dye! My Darling" and "Is It Fall Yet?" The first dates, indescretioins and some mounting tensions.
Hero! [Artwork]
By Nemo Blank

Andy Warhol's prediction that "everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes" seems to come true for Daria, who once again finds herself the "girl of the hour" when the Funky Doodle goes up in flames and she saves the life of its owner. Will this newfound fame lead to golden opportunities, or simply more of the usual?
Heroes... [Artwork]
By Lew Richardson

It's nearing the Year 2000, Daria's life has become more of a living hell than usual, but she's not going to take anything from anyone... not anymore...
By Grateful Fan

Daria has written some fanfic for her favorite TV show, but her natural tendency to avoid disappointment prevents her from posting it on the Internet. Can Jane convince her otherwise?
Hey You!! No Smoking!!
By Robin Sena

When Brittany's smoking habit gets worse, Daria and friends start their own anti-smoking clinic for the cure of smoking, to stop Brittany's habit.
Hey, Hey It's a Cliche (AKA The Worst Fanfic Ever)
By Pat Leland

In case the title didn't tip you off, this is NOT a serious fanfic. Rather, it's a satire of just about every cliche and common joke to be found in "Daria" fan fiction.
Hey, You Look Like Jane! [Artwork]
By Jill Palmer

Daria and Jane return from Christmas break to find a new student who looks exactly like Jane! See what happens to "Laaawndale Hiiigh" when Sara Dunaway moves to town. Featuring characters from Canadibrit's "Look-Alike Series."
His Latest
By Wyvern337

Wind arrives in town with the latest love of his life, which nearly ends Jane's.
History Lesson (*)
By The Angst Guy

The Morgendorffers discover a new member of their family tree.
Holding On
By Renfield

The Morgendorffers have to cope with a recent tragedy in their lives. How is Daria handling it?
Home Sweet Home
By Hello Kitty

Trent tells Daria how he feels about her. Or at least he thinks he does; instead, he ends up telling Quinn, Helen and Jake. Meanwhile Aunt Amy has an announcement that comes out of the blue and the Morgendorffers get a big shock, which makes them realize how lucky they really are.
Hopeful New Start
By psychotol

Daria's school history changes a little.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Hostile Makeover
By Courtney Wells

Quinn and the other Fashion Club elite must come up with an idea in order to save their beloved organization from reduced funding. They decide that in order to do this, they must transform someone from "geek to chic." And that's where Daria comes in...
Hotter than Hades [Artwork]
By Daniel Suni

Things heat up when an unusually intensive warm front descends upon Lawndale.
How Deep It Goes
By Daniel Suni

An introspective, six-part story on the meaning of life, as Daria tries to cope with the suicide of a close friend and the reasons behind it. Warning: if you're looking for a light read, look elsewhere, as this story is guaranteed to make you think.
Howard (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria Morgendorffer hears the story about Howard the duck (but not the one you are thinking of) in this third-season tale that explains why Trent Lane will not go into a bookstore. A little shipperiness and angst come with the humor.
The Hunt for Daria Morgendorffer
By Steve Mitchell

Daria is forced to cope when a plane that she, Quinn, and others are travelling on goes down in the mountains.

I Am (NOT) Daria!
By Canadibrit

The author has long been teased about being Daria. But what would happen if she woke up one day and actually WAS?
I Don't (The Aftermath)
By Kara Wild

Amy recalls what happened after she and Daria left the Wedding From Hell for cheese fries. A scene originally cut from the Driven Wild Universe episode "All But Forgotten."
I Remember Halloween
By Brandon League

One unassuming day, Daria becomes obsessed with a classic punk tune.
I'm Going to Jane's
By Caira

Set around the time of "The Misery Chick." Daria goes to Jane's. Of course, there's more to it than that...
I, Upchuck
By Admonisher

The memoirs of a fledgling celebrity, in his own words.
If "Daria" Were Written Like "24"...
By Brother Grimace

How would our favorite show have turned out if it were written like the action-packed television show "24"?
Imitation Is Not the Sincerest Form of Flattery
By William Gasarch

Jane helps the Three J's... or does she? Helen and her boss have an e-mail romance... or do they?
In the Beginning (*)
By The Angst Guy

Brittany Taylor has a guilty little secret. How will people react when they discover what she's been doing, and how long can she keep lying about it?
In Your Dreams
By Sarah Dobosh

Daria has a disturbing dream about Trent and Quinn... or was it *really* a dream?
By Brandon League

A mysterious, masked figure gets revenge on Sandi early one morning, but who is she, and what is her motive? Takes place between "Life In The Past Lane" and "Aunt Nauseam."
Inner Demons
By Belle Book

What happened in the unseen time between "The Kiss" and the next morning? Find out as we take a look at the inner torments that Daria & Tom suffer right after their encounter in Tom's car.
Interview With the Alien
By Galen Hardesty

Daria orders pizza. Another PPMB "Iron Chef" ficlet.
The Invasion of Lawndale
By General Aken

Lawndale is in for an invasion. A small movie sparks what will become the greatest decision made in US history.
The Invasion of the Gulls
By T. Wilde

Daria reflects on the events from before, during, and after her graduation from Lawndale High.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Invisible Planet (*)
By The Angst Guy

Quinn Morgendorffer sets out to visit her aunt, Amy Barksdale, for a long January weekend. When her plans are literally shot to pieces, Quinn discovers that nothing is as she once believed, and saving her aunt from further harm might also mean saving the entire world as well.
Is It 'Mania Yet?
By The Excellent S

The stage is set for the biggest show in LFC history! What will happen when the best fighters in the world converge on Baltimore for Is It Mania Yet??
Is Summer Over Already? [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

A sequel to "Is It Fall Yet" in which Daria and Jane settle their remining issues over the Tom thing.
It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty Coincidence
By Mahna Mahna

Daria discovers she has met a certain someone before. Humor, fun, and more macadamia nuts than you can eat!
It's My Party and I'll Hide If I Want To
By Queen Jossie

Jane throws Daria a party, and Daria and Trent write a song for Jane. Watch the drama unfold...
It's No Big Deal
By Asha Williams

Sandi falls victim to the horrors of anorexia nervosa after she begins obsessing about her weight. Can she be saved before it's too late?
It's That Guy
By Richard Lobinske

What if Artie was right, that Daria and Jane were Alien Love Goddesses? (Based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.)
The IUF Tale, or, Total Disaster in a Nutshell (*)
By The Angst Guy

The author inserts himself and numerous other Daria fans, particularly members of the notorious IUF, into a lurid Daria fanfic, a nightmarish tale of cartoon lust and horror. You won't understand this unless you've read the IUF spam threads on PPMB. No penguins were harmed in the writing of this script. I swear.

Jake's Pet
By Bacner

Jake brings home a souvenier from his vacation.
By Paperpusher

During Christmas break, Daria attends driving school and gets her license, and as a reward, Helen and Jake decide to get her a car. Daria, however, is less than thrilled with the prospect, due to all the money required to take care of a car... which would mean getting a job! Can she accomplish the daunting task of both fulfilling AND sabotaging her parents' wishes?
Jane Gets a Job
By Robert Kelly Reilly

Jane has to get a job with Upchuck.
Jane's Addiction

Jane becomes hooked on Internet fan fiction, forcing Daria to intervene... maybe.
Jane's Crisis
By The Unknown

When Jane is attacked, the cast must deal with feelings of sadness and hatred. A new character is introduced that helps Jane through the ordeal.
Jane's Fame
By Maspero15

Jane enters a painting in Sick, Sad World's "Sickest, Saddest Painting" contest, and winds up going up against the Fashion Club!
Jane's Sanitary
By Smileyfax

Jane goes on a cleaning rampage. A semi-sequel to "Trent's Insanity."
Jane's Theme
By Angelinhel

In response to Manha Manha's Iron Chef: Why is Jane's favorite song a sappy 70's love song?
Journey to the End of the Fashion Club
By Scissors MacGillicutty

A cautionary tale about skin care.
Just Another Day [Artwork]
By Diana Morgan

Daria decides to tell us her typical day in a journal entry.
Just Desserts (*)
By The Angst Guy

Timothy O'Neill cooks a marvelous dinner for Janet Barch, right after she made him quit taking that silly psychiatric medication.
Just One Drink
By Tazzie

Daria drinks a foul liquid and looks death in the face. Will she come out of it alive?
Just Tell Him (*)
By Queen Jossie

Daria recognizes her feelings about Tom. Definitely not what it sounds like.
Just Us Two and the Devil Makes Three
By The Ranting Klown

(no description available)

Kadhimiya [Artwork] (*)
By Guy Payne

A Morgendorffer pays the ultimate sacrifice.
Kick Me
By Melissa Yanouski

An invitation from Tom takes Daria beyond Lawndale High to a school a little bit less crazy: Fielding, Tom's school. Daria meets Tom's classmates and his teachers as she and Tom trek through it as Daria waits it over a few days.
A Killer in Lawndale
By Maria Isais

A killer is on the loose in Lawndale, and he strikes a little too close to home...
Kind of Blue
By Don Fields

A (kinda) normal day at the movies with the Morgendorffers, among other things.
A Kiss for Quinn
By Bryan McGucken

Is Quinn just a Fashion Club bimbo, or is she a very scared, but very, very intelligent adolescent girl who seeks recognition for her efforts? This story attempts to answer that question.
Kiss Until
By Renfield

Daria is shocked when she discovers who Jane is now dating.

The L Word
By Medea42

Daria freaks out when Tom says "those three little words" to her... then she REALLY freaks out when Trent does the same thing! Also, Daria helps Jodie do a little Kevin-torturing using A/V equipment and subliminal imagery.
Lady Quinn
By Bacner

After calling Daria her "cousin" just before she and Jane left for Boston, Quinn is writing her thoughts in the diary, about the whole thing. Reading it, one'll learn why Quinn and Daria didn't really stood each other, why Quinn did call Daria her cousin, why she hasn't settled down with a single boy yet, etc. A Quinn-centered fanfic.
Lamps of Lawndale
By Bacner

Lawndale is chosen as a "testing-ground" for a new governmental electricity-saving plan. Daria & Co. suspect that something is amiss, and are proven horribly right.
By Emo Fringe

A warped and twisted Jane/Tom fic.
Lanes' Honeymoon, Part 1: The Island of Love
By Bacner

Amanda Lane returns from her second honeymoon from Cuba, seeking legal help. Helen Morgendorffer is more than eager to help, but first even she needs to know "why?" And so begins a tale of woe and misery. (Part 1 of 2)
By Asha Williams

Liz's cousin Laney comes to visit and immediately falls in with the wrong crowd... namely, the Fashion Club.
The Last Days of Solitude [Artwork]
By Jon Kilner

Jane is alone and depressed until a new kid comes to Lawndale. See life from Jane's perspective as she encounters the new girl in town: Daria Morgendorffer.
Last Letters
By Katie Binko

The writings of three Lawndale teenagers, expressing their feelings about leaving and staying in Lawndale after graduating from high school.
Last Stage Out
By Renfield

Daria seeks help in coping with a recent tragedy.
The Last Supper [Artwork]
By EmpressEKV

Two very odd dinners prove that some people just shouldn't get to know each other better.
The Last Word
By Admonisher

A telephone conversation between Aunt Amy and "her favorite niece." An unconventional finish. Followed by a short essay by the author.
The Law of Inclusion and Exclusion
By William Gasarch

Daria tutors Jane and Stacy in math, and the Fashion Club tries to recruit new members... sort of.
Lawndale Abduction
By Emily Bischoff

A UFO sighting and a close encounter of the nauseous kind.
Lawndale Beauty
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Quinn fights Jane over Jake.
Lawndale Fair [Artwork]
By Warpedkjh13

Things get pretty crazy when Daria, Jane, and Tom decide to visit the Lawndale High fair.
Lawndale Living Conditions
By Thomas Mikkelsen

A collection of short stories.
Lawndale Rumble
By The Excellent S

Thirty of Lawndale High's finest fighters come together for a winner-takes-all battle royal match. Who will walk away with the grand prize at the very first Lawndale Rumble?
The Lawndalenationale (*)
By Nick Gaston

A Daria "songfic" that "they" said shouldn never have been written. "They" were probably right.
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
By Richard Lobinske

During the summer after their freshman year at college, Mack and Daria meet by chance in Pizza Prince. (Round 2 of the PPMB Angst Guy/Bug Guy Write-Off challenge.)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
By Kelly

Daria has some adventures -- make that misadventures -- and things make a change for the better... or worse, depending on your point of view.
A Letter to Daria
By Bacner

Quinn writes a letter to Daria.
A Letter to Mr. Ruttheimer
By Brother Grimace

An Iron Chef challenge finds Charles Ruttheimer, aka "Upchuck," receiving mail from behind the fourth wall.
Life Is Good (*)
By The Angst Guy

A very short tale of an evil Daria and a sympathetic Tom. Sort of.
A Life of Bit Parts (*)
By The Angst Guy

What if "Daria" had been a scripted, live-action TV show? Where might the actors be now? Through an interview with his sister, we look into the life of a one-shot actor whose character everyone recalls.
Life's Meandering
By Yui Daoren

Life's good - then it takes some bad turns for Daria, with positive consequences.
Like a Circle in a Spiral (*)
By The Angst Guy

Mystik Spiral hits it big--but not in the way they had always expected. This post-IICY tale spins off from the Daria episode, "Speedtrapped."
Like Father, Like-- (*)
By The Angst Guy

What personality quirks did Daria inherit from her father, Jake? One possibility is explored in this ficlet.
By Warpedkjh13

A "spin-off" series of sorts that explores the character of Link, the troubled boy from "Is It Fall Yet?".
Little Sister
By The Unknown

See Trent when he was five. See his screwed up family. See when Jane was born. Most importantly, see a ripoff from "The Simpsons."
Live on TV
By Queen Jossie

Daria, Jane, and Mystik Spiral end up on an episode of "Sick, Sad World."
Living Dead Girls
By psychotol

Vampires, demons, witches, slayers, watchers, and Generally Evil Things. It's all in a day's work for Daria and newly minted vampire Jane after encountering Buffy, Angel, and their friends (and enemies) in this series crossover with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel."

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Living in the Past (*)
By Guy Payne

A series of ficlets concerning possible pasts for various "Daria" characters.
The Longest Year
By Greystar

A completely unexpected turn of events puts a whole new dynamic into Daria's senior year at Lawndale High, and puts her relationship with Tom into a whole new light.
The Look-Alike Series [Artwork]
By Canadibrit and Ben Yee

The adventures of Daria & Company after a new girl moves to Lawndale... one who bears an eerie resemblance to Daria. An epic series that has more twists and turns than a winding mountain road.
Losing Daria
By Tazzie

Lawndale faces the possibility of losing the most cynical member of their population due to a tragic car accident. Everyone tries to cope with the possibility of life without Daria. Will Daria be okay? Will Trent be able to deal with the guilt?
The Lost Seasons [Artwork]
By C.E. Forman

A series written by one of the veterans of "Daria" fanfic. Set mostly during the show's second and third seasons, this series closely follows the parameters of the show itself, with only minor variations.
A Lousy Deal
By Daniel Suni

The nurse at Lawndale High discovers a few cases of head lice, and thanks to Ms. Li, Daria, Jane and Jodie end up with the task of informing the school on what to do. But how will the Fashion Club handle this crisis...?
Love At First Slight [Artwork]
By Admonisher

Love! Passion! Hot torrid romance! Well... no. But Daria does smile. Trent gets a date -- and it ain't Daria! Can Daria salvage the situation without acknowledging a single emotion? God, she hopes so.
A Love/Hate Relationship
By Jill Palmer

Quinn is on fashion sabbatical. Again. Via her diary, she takes an in-depth look at her "friendship" with Sandi.
Lovers' Lane
By John Berry

Daria finally tires of Jane's little matchmaking act, and tells her to give it a rest (only not quite as nicely). What's a Yenta to do with all that pent-up love-match energy? Set up shop at Lawndale High and find the perfect match for any and all comers! Of course, things never go exactly as planned, do they?
Lows and Highs (*)
By Gabby

Daria makes a decision about Tom and Jane, and gets made fun of some more (oh, naturally). Takes place after S4 and before IIFY and S5.
Lucky Quinn
By Belle Book

What was Quinn really up to during her speed-rant in "Lucky Strike"? Take a look at one possible theory.
By blah blah

Daria and Jane make lunch.
Lunch Hour in Lawndale
By Brother Grimace

A fic that is to "It's All About Respect" what "Sealed With A Kick" is to "Daria."

Makeup Your Mind
By Jill Palmer

Things get mucho weird in Lawndale with the arrival of a new makeup chain. Turns out the Fashion Club is behind it, and Daria and Jane have to stop it... with help from a few unexpected places.
Mall Walking
By Mitch

Quinn discretely borrows Helen's car and credit card for a trip to the mall... and is tormented by a certain Californian cartoonist.
By Matt

Daria and Jane find something else to watch besides "Sick, Sad World" when they discover a new show about a cynical, sarcastic, and anti-social college guy. Can a mere television show provide the way to mend their friendship? At the very least, it should pass some time... (This story takes place a few days after "Dye! Dye! My Darling.")
May the Detachment Be With You
By Anastasia

Trent asks Daria to sing in a "musical comedy contest" with Mystik Spiral, but she finds herself in over her head when she discovers the content of her performance: a "Weird Al" Yankovic song from a galaxy far, far away...
Meeting Monique
By Bacner

Daria, Jane, Monique and Quinn help out Trent and Mystik Spiral, getting to know each other in the process.
A Meeting of the Mindless (*)
By Guy Payne

Is there anyone that popular boy can't charm? From a PPMB Iron Chef.
Melody Powers a.k.a. Daria Morgendorffer
By Jerry Scanlan

It's no coincidence that Daria wrote those Melody Powers stories...
Melody Powers in "Butcher, Baker, Cancer-stick Maker"
By Mystik Slacker

Daria's fictional secret agent, Melody Powers, goes to Russia to do what she does best. She also saves the world from Communism.
Melody's End
By Bob Marley

Melody Powers' final assignment.
Memory Lame (*)
By The Angst Guy

Amy Barksdale tells a little story, and Daria and Quinn almost die. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
Mental in the Morning
By Smileyfax

The events of "Jake of Hearts" play out in a much darker way.
A Mid-Spring Day's Delerium
By Bob Marley

A flu-stricken Daria ingests a healthy dose of "capital N, little Y, big giant Q," triggering behavior that the word "bizzare" couldn't even begin to describe.
Misfit Love
By Danny Bronstein

Daria becomes friends with the new kid in school, Jared Dorkowitz.
By Lauren Forse

Daria runs away after her ex-friend from Highland comes back to haunt her.
Mona Lisa Smile
By coonassblondie

Trent has an unexpected house guest. A story of how he reacts and what happens. A fair amount of angst, with a touch of romance.
Monique's Subtraction
By Richard Lobinske

Trent missing the deadline for Daria's multimedia project has far-reaching consequences after she and Monique have a little chat. Set during the events of the episode "Jane's Addition."
A Monster in the Unmaking
By Kristen Bealer

Steve Taylor, Brittany's father, is forced to take a good look at his life. He doesn't like what he sees. Story inspired by Mike Xeno's "Irredeemable Daria Characters" PPMB thread.
More Guilty Pleasures
By Angelinhel

Another PPMB "Iron Chef" challenge ficlet in which one or more Lawndale characters are shown secretly indulging in a "guilty pleasure" (and being very out of character doing it). Three for the price of one in this sequel!
The More Things Change... [Artwork]
By Jon Kilner

Daria is hurt when her latest accomplishment goes unnoticed by her parents. But she is not so alone as she thinks. You may be surprised to find out who rallies to her support.
Morgendorffer PI
By Gregor Samsa

Jake investigates the possibility of another career.
Mormon Cornfield
By Hikhali

The Lawndale gang take a trip to a farm. Based on a dream by the author (who hopes this story doesn't offend Mormons).
By Voice Of My

Daria begins her day.
The Morning After
By Brandon League

The morning after a wild graduation celebration with the Fashion Club, Stacy Rowe discovers that she's a bigger party animal than she ever could have dreamed.
Morte La Montreal
By wierdgrrl

A school field trip to Montreal, Canada, involves more than just the students, and produces more than the usual amount of hijinks.
Mother and Daughter
By Shane Greentree

Helen and Daria meet for lunch, conversation--and heated political debate.
A Mother in Spite of Herself
By Admonisher

A poignant tale of mother/daughter relationships, as Daria attempts to get published and Helen is torn between her family and her job.
Mother's Milk
By Kara Wild

In this ficlet set in the post-Driven Wild Universe, a year after "Memory Road," Daria and Quinn get the urge to try their Aunt Amy's breast milk... with unexpected results.
Movies and Moonflower
By Brother Grimace

Helen reminisces over her first love, their first kiss, and how Stanley Kubrick set the scene for it all.
Ms. Morgendorffer's Profession
By Gregor Samsa

On the final night of the century, Daria Morgendorffer makes a fateful decision.
Musician Wanted
By Helen A.

Quinn decides that she needs to date a musician to be more popular. Guess who she picks?
My Angsty Ending to the "Falling Into College" Series
By Brother Grimace

Not with a bang, but a wimper...
My Date With Daria
By Austin Covello

The author goes on a blind date with Daria.
My Dinner With Quinn (Redux)
By Brother Grimace

You'll never look at a seamstress' tape measure the same way again after reading the events of a Daria fan's date with the Younger Princess Morgendorffer!
My Dinner With Upchuck
By Rey Fox

In order to pay off a debt, Daria goes on a Chez Pierre date with resident sleaze Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III. Will she survive? Will she use the right fork?
My Fellow Americans (*)
By Guy Payne

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled fanfic for this message from the President of the United States. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
My Life
By Sam Lincoln

So, just what do we know about Mack, anyway? Also, a little misunderstanding has serious repercussions for Quinn.
My Night at Tom's
By Thessalian

The candles-and-flowers scene from the episode "My Night at Daria's," told from Tom's point of view.
My Parade Adventure
By Richard Lobinske

Tad Gupty's school essay on the events of "I Loathe a Parade."
My Quinn's Delayed Reaction [Artwork]
By John Berry

"Quinn flaunts herself, you can't escape her, then uses guys like toilet paper." But what if she found the right person...?
My Sweet Lord (*)
By Guy Payne

The Fashion Club finds religion in their own unique style. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
My, What Big Eyes You Have!
By Tony Seljuk

An interesting take on Mr. DeMartino, looking at a typical day in his life.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.

N'giynah mi'ha'Lev
By The Eighth Guardian

The Morgendorffers reclaim the religion they had been too busy to keep up with, only to spark off a mix of support and bigotry as Lawndale learns that the Morgendorffers are Jewish. Possibly the first story in a series.
Natural Charms (*)
By The Angst Guy

When Upchuck takes up modeling photography, things unexpectedly develop in a negative way. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
Neon Night
By Wyvern337

One night at Tom's, Daria ends up doing something she never has before. Not necessarily what it sounds like!
A New Arrival
By Bacner

A friend of Helen's sends her daughter to Helen to provide a good example. Unfortunately, since Helen already has a bonding Jake and Daria, and a flatly unsympathetic and unhelpful Quinn to deal with, the situation may turn out differently than what Helen intended.
New Direction
By Jill Palmer

Sandi kicks Quinn out of the Fashion Club. Daria notices something is wrong and offers to teach Quinn the ways of the nonconformist. See what happens to Daria, Quinn, Jane, and the FC when she accepts...
New Neighbor
By Asha Williams

A new family moves next door to the Morgendorffers, and Daria discovers that one of the girls has an attitude that is very, very familiar...
The New Teacher Series
By Ben Breeck

Lawndale High gets a new teacher, who both challenges and intrigues Daria and her friends. Set after "Is It Fall Yet?", in place of the official Seaon 5.
The Next Step [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

Picks up immediately after "Is It College Yet?" left off. Jane wonders how she's going to pay for college, Quinn wonders if she and the ex-Fashion Club can remain friends without resorting to their old ways, and Daria wonders what's up with Tom, who's been acting strange ever since they broke up.
Next Time, This Time
By Robert Nowall

Who is this person having breakfast with the Morgendorffers?
Night of the Living Lawndale
By Amber "Sunny" Howard

As darkness falls over Lawndale, how do our favorite characters deal with life in a town so psychologically screwed?
A Night of Zen
By Brandon League

Mystik Spiral learns of a Battle of the Bands at the Zen, where the prize is $10,000 dollars and a trophy presented by one of Trent's long time idols: Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden. How can they refuse?
A Night to Remember to Forget
By Firah

Stacy goes on a date with Upchuck, but is totally unprepared for what awaits her.
By Erin Mills

A ficlet that explores how our two favorite cynical outcasts might react to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Nine Point Oh (*)
By The Angst Guy

Just before noon, January 1, 2005, west of Petchkasem Road down to Bang Niang Beach, resort city of Khao Lak, Phang-Nga province, Kingdom of Thailand: The Griffin family's New Year. Followed by "When the Torrent of That Time Comes Pouring Back."
Nine-Eleven and Counting (*)
By The Angst Guy

The lives of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer and Jane Lane are caught up in the events of September 11, 2001, when Quinn flies to Boston to visit Daria one weekend--then tries to fly home on that terrible Tuesday morning.
No More Amour! [Artwork]
By Matt

Lawndale is experiencing some sort of "season of amour." Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, seems to be madly in love... all except Our Heroine. What's happening? And how long can Daria cope with the madness?
No One Loves a Fashion Diva
By Ronin

Things keep going worse and worse for Sandi, until...
North Star
By Wouter Jaegers

An expedition to the Arctic coast to study whale populations turns into both an adventure and a nightmare for Daria and her friends.
Not So Parallel Universe [Artwork]
By Asha Williams

The citizens of Lawndale discover strange things happening around them... namely, a couple of spies named Glenn and Susie. Who are they, and what do they want? And what is this mysterious new show called "Daria," on a never-before-seen cable channel called MTV?
Not Your Average Jane
By Yui Daoren

Jane tries to put her life back together after a few blows to her confidence in her identity. Takes place after "Is It Fall Yet?" but before "Fizz Ed."
A Note on the Library Table
By Voice Of My

An anonymous note found at a library table in Lawndale High. Who is the writer??
Notes From Lawndale
By Gregor Samsa

"Is It Fall Yet?" as written by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Nothing Happens for a Reason (*)
By The Angst Guy

College freshmen Daria Morgendorffer and Tom Sloane are together again, joyously happy and blissfully in love--until the day she finds him in bed with a small zoo and Tiffany Blum-Deckler. You'll weep, you'll cry, you'll kiss ten minutes of your life goodbye when you read this unofficial sequel to Mahna Mahna's Daria/Tom shipper, "Everything Happens for a Reason."
The Nothingness of Being (*)
By The Angst Guy

Joey's evening after being rejected by Quinn in "One J at a Time." What conclusions does he come to after being left alone with his tortured thoughts?
Nowhere Man
By E.A. Smith

Driving home from a gig, Trent faces his future. Inspired by the song "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles.

O'Neill's Epiphany
By Bacner

O'Neill offers has a self-revelation and shares it with the world.
Oath of Office (*)
By Guy Payne

A familiar President Elect take the oath of office from a familiar Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
An Ode to Tiffany Blum-Deckler
By Brandon League

Just like the title says: an ode to The One Who Takes Forever to Say Five Words.
Of Farce and Tragedy
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Quinn looks for love. Daria tries to help her. But how can either happen when Jake won't let them have the car?
On a High Note
By Galen Hardesty

Glenn bids Daria farewell and tries to give her a spectacular sendoff.
On Guard (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

Daria takes on the job of crossing guard as part of her forced participation in Career Observance Day, while Jane seizes the opportunity to humiliate Quinn by bringing her modeling career to a screeching halt.
On the Outside [Artwork]
By Jon Kilner

While Jane is out of town enduring a family gathering, Jodie tries to help Daria fit in by convincing her to attend a school dance.
Once More, With Sitting
By Richard Lobinske

With Jane out of town and her parents planning a movie night in, Daria accepts an emergency babysitting job with the Guptys. Set in season 4 sometime between "I Loathe a Parade" and "Fire."
The One Day We Forget
By Brother Grimace

The first of three BG/Angelinhel challenges, it involves Quinn and Jake taking a trip, and paying tribute to an unexpected person from his past.
One Hundred Percent [Artwork] (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

After the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling," Jane finds herself alone with no one to turn to. Reluctantly, she finds a friend in the most unlikely of people -- Monique. But after confiding in her, Jane realizes Monique has a few secrets of her own.
One More River to Cross (*)
By The Angst Guy

In helping Sandi Griffin through a difficult situation, Quinn Morgendorffer must make a decision that could determine her own nature, for good or for evil... but which choice is the right one?

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
One Night in Lawndale
By Bacner

The events of a night in Lawndale, post-"IIFY".
One Saturday in Lawndale
By Bacner

One Saturday in the lives of Daria and Jane (and their families). Takes place after "One Night in Lawndale."
One Way to Do It
By TippedOver

Stacy prepares for her driving test, and Dad is ready to give some advice...
Open Windows

(no description given)
The Original Underground Government-Suppressed Version of Brother Grimace's Classic "Daria" Fanfic, "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow" (*)
By The Angst Guy

A sad example of what happens when a fanfic writer takes a well-known opening scene from another fanfic writer's story and mucks it up, abusing other fanfic writers in the process. There ought to be a law. However, since there isn't, you may as well read this.
The Other Side of the Mirror (*)
By Queen Jossie

The past events through the eyes of Tom, plus a pitiful shipper ending.
The Other Story of D (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jane discovers a short story that Daria wrote during a low period in her life, and she gains a front-row view into one of Daria's nightmares--and the part that Jane plays in it.
Other Wings

Sometimes the future doesn't turn out at all like you expected. A PPMB "Iron Chef" ficlet.
Otherwise Known as Quinn the Great [Artwork]
By Austin Covello

Quinn Morgendorffer is the most popular girl in school, and yet she still feels all alone. Why can't she get along with her family, especially her sister? Why does she hate her best friend? Does she really have any friends at all? The answers may shock you.
Out of the Slushpile
By Nemo Blank

Quinn gets herself chin-deep in trouble when Helen and Jake find her and Jamie doing more than just "making out" at Makeout Point. And who do they get to be Quinn's "shadow" during her punishment? Can you say "Quinn's cousin, or whatever"?
Out On Vacation
By Yui Daoren

Daria and Jane admit to something while on vacation, and it tears Daria's family apart.
Outage [Artwork]
By Mike Yamiolkoski

Jane and Sandi are trapped in an elevator during a power failure. Will they survive the ordeal, or will justifiable homicide ensue?
Outage (prose version) [Artwork]
By Austin G. Loomis

A prose version of Mike Yamiolkoski's story. Jane and Sandi are trapped in an elevator during a power failure. Will they survive the ordeal, or will justifiable homicide ensue?
Outside the Box
By Mike Yamiolkoski

Young Daria hid inside her box on the night her parents had a big fight (as chronicled in the episode "Boxing Daria"). But what actually lead up to it, and what happened afterward?

Padded Walls
By Angelinhel

Ever wonder why Quinn can't remember Jaime's name? Why she *really* started calling Daria her cousin? Why Tiffany is so slow? Stacy so suggestible? Or the truth behind why Quinn loves to have guys at her feet?
Padded Walls 2
By Angelinhel

Daria hits her head in the "Boxing Daria" car accident, instead of just skidding to the side of the road, and when she comes to, things have changed. A PPMB "Iron Chef" challenge fanfic, and a sequel to the author's "Padded Walls" fanfic.
Pander Bare (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria mulls a career path as a nude exotic dancer. Seriously.
Panzerfibbed (*)
By Nick Gaston

Mystik Spiral's desperate journey to a music festival in Reno becomes a test of nerves, steel, and a dilapidated box-van. Possibly the most evil "songfic" ever written, for reasons that become all too clear.
Parental Injustice
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Fun in family court, as both Quinn and Daria are railroaded into punishments by a win-at-any-cost Helen. Will Daria stand for this injustice?
The Passion Club [Artwork]
By Gystex

Fed up with their ongoing rivalry and constant one-upmanship, Quinn attempts to bond with Sandi in an attempt to form a true friendship, but gets a LOT more than she bargained for. (This is the PG-13 version of the story.)

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Past and Future Daria
By Thomas Mikkelsen

The students of Lawndale imagine life in the past... with one exception.
Past Understanding
By Ennon

Quinn's last minute present reaps disaster for Jake and the Morgendorrfers, but can Daria and her allies save him in spite of forces counting on their doom? Also, Quinn gets a taste of being switched to the bottom of the food chain. Crossovers "Beavis and Butt-head" and "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" included.
Payback Is a Beach
By Pseud O'Nym

Stacy, Sandi and Tiffany seek revenge after being outflirted by Quinn during a weekend at the beach.
Paying For It
By Greystar

Jane will do almost anything to pay for college, but she's not the only one! A PPMB "Iron Chef" contest entry.
Peer Pressure
By Anonymous

The Fashion Club hangs out with the new neighborhood dopeman.
Pencil-Necked Geeks
By Petrel

Daria is drafted into passing out pencils for Jake's run for school board, while Quinn plays tutor to Sandi, whose sudden sickness coincides with the arrival of a new girl at school.
Penny for Your Virus
By Bingo Hanis

Penny returns home from Costa Rica with a nasty virus, which soon spreads to just about everyone in town.
Pet Food
By Brother Grimace

A heartbreaking AU fic about my favorite character in the "Falling Into College" post-canon series.
A Pet for Quinn
By Deref

Quinn gets a pet. The word "unusual" only begins to describe it.
The Pet
By Brianna Aisling

Two ficlets about unusual pets. (Warning: the first one is not for the squeamish...)
Piano Practice
By Brother Grimace

At the Taylor house one afternoon, a strange visitor expresses how much she likes the "High School Musical" films.
The Picture of Daria's Rear
By Galen Hardesty

Jane needs to earn tuition money for BFAC. Daria wants to help her. What will she do to help her friend?
Pieces of the Rainbow
By Shinai

The Morgendorffers return to the Retreat at Quiet Ivy and learn even more about themselves and each other.
Pigskin Caduceus
By Matthew McGeehin

Determined to win Quinn's heart for his own, Jeffy decides to learn biology and tutor Quinn once he discovers she struggles with the subject. In doing so, however, he discovers a hidden competence and intellectualism never thought possible. Brains are not popular in Lawndale, so Jeffy must keep his own gifts a secret while still trying to impress Quinn, as well as dealing with his own personal issues, as well as those involving his two closest buddies, Joey and Jamie.
By blah blah

Jane tries to recreate a really stupid incident that happened at the Zen.
The Pledge of Allegiance, Daria Style
By Ronin

What if the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance was set in the Dariaverse?
Poem #1: Lament for Jane Lane
By Bacner

A poem of Jane and Tom (post "Dye!"), told from Jane's point of view.
Poem #2: Tom's Poem of Jane
By Bacner

A poem of Jane and Tom (post "Dye!"), told from Tom's point of view.
Poetic Injustice
By Mahna Mahna

Poor Stacy... always taken advantage of... but none of us could have ever seen this coming.
Polly Andry Rides Again (*)
By The Angst Guy

Jeffy, Joey, or Jamie? Quinn can't make up her mind which boy she wants to be with, so she picks... all of them! A PPMB Iron Chef short story.
Pop Goes the Weasel
By Candi Gliniecki

Mystik Spiral gets the opportunity to have a record deal with a "big professional label." Meanwhile, Quinn runs for Fashion Club president.
Prepare for Bore
By DW Death

The Lawndale perspective on the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This story has a happy ending; we can only hope that life imitates art.
Present Moment
By Crusading_Saint

All Mack wants is to get a birthday present for Jodie. Why does life not seem to want to help him?
By Ms. Hand

A family crisis throws a wrench into Daria's plans for the future.
Prisoner of Hope (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria's sole fan from childhood is reunited with her heroine, only to learn a bitter lesson in this continuation of the fifth-season episode "Camp Fear."
Pristine (*)
By The Angst Guy

Tom discovers that his ex-girlfriend Daria has gotten a new car--but he has forgotten that old saying about curiosity and cats.
Promise in Green
By Richard Lobinske

It's prom season for the seniors of Lawndale High School. Despite her and Tom's initial disinterest, Daria gets talked into agreeing to go. After finding a green dress online that's available locally, Daria finds herself oddly looking forward to the event.
By Mike Bottos

An offhand comment by Daria forces Helen to take a really close look at her life, and to do some serious re-evaluating.
Psycho Sis
By Renfield

A mental breakdown and a suicide attempt leads to Helen visiting her daughter in the hospital... again.
By Thomas Mikkelsen

One misunderstanding after another causes Jake to believe that Daria and Quinn are after his life.
Purple Eyes and Other Interesting Anomalies
By Alexander Lamar Eldritch

An essay that explains the bizzare characteristics of the characters in the author's stories.
The Puzzle
By Parker-man

Strange things can happen when no one is watching...

The QB Next Door (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

Daria gets an unexpected visit from the QB. But what could he possibly want from her? The answer might just surprise you.
Queens Are Wild
By Eric Noss

Daria and the gang hook up for a night of cards and revelations.
Quinn Gets a Boyfriend
By Mitch

Daria embarasses Quinn in front of her new boyfriend Pete.
Quinn's Madness
By Tazzie

People in Lawndale start turning up dead. Can sweet and innocent Quinn *really* be the murderer!?!?

Race to the Finish
By Mike Quinn

Fed up with the current administration, Helen decides to run for mayor, but finds herself unprepared -- at first -- for the battle she's about to face against the long-time incumbent.
Raechael 101 [Artwork]
By Saffron

Daria feels threatened when a skater-punk songstress arrives at Lawndale and appears to take an interest in Trent.
A Raven, Nothing More [Artwork]
By Lew Richardson

A "tribute poem" to the "Daria" fanfic community, based on (you guessed it) Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven."
The Real Story (*)
By Queen Jossie

A look into the mysterious life of Jane's boyfriend, Tom.
REALLY Guilty Pleasures (*)
By Nick Gaston

A familiar figure indulges in a favorite pastime, much to the dismay of State and Federal law enforcement officials. An "Iron Chef" entry.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
By Wyvern337

Over the summer after senior year, Daria finds herself having to bid farewell to two dear old friends, and wondering how she's going to do without them.
Reconstructing Sandi
By Corvus Marinus

What happens when you suddenly realize that you are achieving nothing in life and have no real friends? You might do what Sandi Griffin has decided to do: rebuild your life from the ground up, with help from a certain artistically-inclined social outsider.
The Red Maid
By Austin Covello

What happens when you discover that your bitter enemy isn't really so bad after all? Find out in this strange tale of Daria and Monique, who over the years go from bitter enemies to the best of friends... until there occurs an act of ultimate betrayal.
Reflections in the Hood of a Car
By Angelinhel

Tom reflects on his role in "the triangle" after all is said and done.
Relativity (*)
By Nicole Young

When Jane can't produce a required parental signature, she has to find her mother before Ms. Li turns the Lanes in for child neglect. Meanwhile, Quinn is forced to admit she has a sister, and Daria uncovers some surprises about her family tree.
Remember Me
By Angelinhel

An Iron Chef ficlet. Quinn's worst nightmare.
Remembering a Girl (*)
By Love Gordon

A sequel to "A Dirge for Daria," as Daria's friends recall her life years after her death.
By RangerLou

Daria re-evaluates her life.
Requiem for a Lightweight
By Um

Daria just isn't her old self, at a loss upon finding the world suddenly less sick and sad.
Requiem for an Amiga
By Wordbearer2

Jane is dead. How will Daria react in a post-Jane Lane universe?
Retrograde Girl
By Nemo Blank

An automobile accident gives Daria retrograde amnesia, completely erasing the Daria we all know. Without knowing if or when her memory will ever return, Daria is forced to literally rebuild her life from square one.
By Smileyfax

Helen meets up with an old friend from her past, and feelings once dormant are rekindled.
Revelations and Confrontations
By Bacner

The Fashion Club meets Fear. Daria meets Quinn's room. Jane meets her (concerned) muse.
The Revised Daria Fanfic Cliche Drinking Game
By Dave Hines

A revised (with permission) version of the original by Aaron Solomon "Hierargo/Nails" (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman, now sorted by topic and with updated entries. How many drinks can come out of your favorite fanfic?
Ring Toss
By Nemo Blank

In Nemo Blank's final story, things are moving fast in the lives of our favorite Lawndale denizens, especially for Daria and Tom, whose relationship shifts into high gear after coming perilously close to ending for good. Little do they know that their road to happiness is about to develop some major curves...
The Rival [Artwork]
By EmpressEKV

The new girl in town gives Daria a run for her money... in more ways than one.
Rockaby Sweet Baby Jane
By Ranger Thorne

Daria leans her best friend once had a baby, just in time for the father to return and try to claim it... but is it the baby he really wants?

The Sandi Plague
By Mike

When Sandi comes down with the flu, Ms. Li "volunteers" Daria and Jane to go to her house, give her homework assignments, and tend to her needs.
By Galen Hardesty

Some human minds have a terrible power, and Quinn has made herself a target of one such mind. Can she save herself? Can Daria save her? A Daria/Scanners crossover... not! Actually, this is a what-if story. What if Daria hadn't been quite so patient with Quinn about the cousin thing?
Scarlett (*)
By The Angst Guy

When Daria moved to Lawndale and started school at Lawndale High, someone else moved there and started classes with her. Introducing Scarlett, her mouse, and the Lawndale Leopards in an illustrated tale about what the background characters were REALLY doing behind the scenes of our favorite show.
Schrodinger's Tiger (*)
By The Angst Guy

Quantum physics and murder--the perfect combination.
The Scorpion Quinn
By Brandon League

After a long and torturous wait, the Fashion Club prepares to see the popular film "The Scorpion King," starring WWF wrestler The Rock. Little do they suspect that Daria, Jane, and Mystik Spiral are going as well, nor do they expect the hilarious practical joke planned for them by Daria, Jane and Max Tyler.
Secrets, Changes, and Other Disturbing Parts of Growing Up
By Hikhali

Daria, faced with parents and family blind to her emotions, turns to Jane and Trent for solace.
See You In the Funny Papers
By Firah

Daria becomes very interested in a new comic strip in the Lawndale Sun-Herald... but she has no clue as to where that interest will ultimately take her.
Seeing Things Through
By Renfield

Before departing the art colony, Jane has another encounter with Alison. Set during the events of "Is It Fall Yet?".
Seeking Trent
By Thea Zara

Trent goes missing -- not unusual, except for the fact that he failed to tell anyone where he was going -- prompting Daria and Jane to go looking for him.
Self Less
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Quinn must face the crisis of her life: she didn't get invited to a party.
Self Satisfaction
By Noah Levine and Joseph Lillo

Daria learns that sexual suppression is a harder task than she had anticipated.
Self-Insertion (*)
By The Angst Guy

A semi-erotic furry Mary-Sue fanfic for the "Daria" show. One day I will regret ever writing this, I am sure.
Selling Sarcasm
By Shane Greentree

A journey into the inspirational system that can make anyone a winner.
By April and Mitch

After Jake comes home drunk, Helen throws him out and throws their daughters' lives into turmoil.
Seventeen Candles
By Courtney Wells

Daria is turning 17 and Helen tries to plan a surprise party to show how much she cares. Naturally, that's about when everything goes straight to hell...
Sew What?
By Diana Rajchel

Daria has to do some quick thinking when Sandi, after failing to steal Tom away from Daria, tries to kick Quinn out of the Fashion Club as punishment for Daria's "social code violation."
Sex, Please?!
By Lupinsmoon12391

Quinn starts her own club, Helen tries to save the day, Trent gets a job, and Upchuck attempts to join the human race. Character development, much?
Shaken, Not Stirred [Artwork]
By Rick Hennigan

Daria awakens in the storage room of a tavern near her parent's college with no idea how she got there, on the weekend her parents are away and she must ride herd on Quinn. And that's just the beginning of the story...
She Was All That
By John Berry

A quasi-sequel to Austin Covello's "A Day in the Life of Stacy." Stacy is thrown out of the Fashion Club for associating with "that loser geek," Ted DeWitt-Clinton. Friendless and directionless, Stacy turns to "the most exclusive clique in the whole town" for acceptance... but will Daria and Jane take her under their wings?
Shiny Happy People
By MJ Brault

Tiffany dies of anaphylaxy, leaving her friends and family to ponder the loss.
Shipping Charges Apply
By Yui Daoren

Helen and Jake's marriage is crumbling, and Quinn can't take it! What's a 17-year-old cynic to do? Take up a martial art?
Short & Sweet (*)
By The Angst Guy

This is an anthology of 25 ficlets and one-shots that are not worth posting by themselves. I'm not sure if they're worth posting even as a group, but I have no self-respect and I love to bother people, so here they are.
A Short Fic (*)
By Queen Jossie

A short story about the events of "I Loathe a Parade." A lead-in to the author's next few stories.
Sibling Rivalry
By Thomas Mikkelsen

The title says it all...
Sick Sad Jamboree
By Diana Morgan

Lawndale high holds a "voluntary" picnic on the same day that "Sick, Sad World" premieres a brand new LIVE episode. Will Daria and Jane attend the "voluntary" picnic, or will they stay home and deal with Ms. Li later?
A Sick, Sad Goodbye
By Daniel Suni

Daria and Jane have a discussion about their favorite TV show.
Sins of the Past [Artwork]
By Martin J. Pollard

The Morgendorffers are plunged into a nightmare when Quinn goes on a date and disappears. Her discovery, and the nature of her disappearance, touches off a series of events that affects the lives of everyone around her, and forces Daria to come to terms with her stormy relationship with Quinn... a sister she may lose forever.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
The Slacker Within
By Medea42

Through a twist in the universe, Trent crosses over into the physical dimension and into the keeping of a somewhat obsessed and lonely fan.
By Bigglesworth

Helen and Jake leave for the weekend and Quinn throws a party.
Sleepy Lawndale Awakens
By Bacner

(no description available)
Slight Return
By Jill Palmer

Just after the events of "Is It Fall Yet?", Lawndale gets treated to some more supernatural weirdness, which hits a little close to home for Daria and Jane. Crossover with the novel Good Omens.
Small Worlds (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria and Jane meet a new Tom in this shameless Mary Sue set after "Is It College Yet?"
Smoke and Ashes
By Yui Daoren

Daria, Jane and Quinn survive a school shooting. Their losses take a greater toll, and Daria wonders if she did enough.
Snow Ball in Hell (*)
By The Angst Guy

Mrs. Johanssen collects souvenir snow balls--but only a certain kind, as Tricia Gupty discovers. A PPMB "Iron Chef" challenge.
Snow Darn
By Patrick Moore

Lawndale gets hit by a snowstorm. Chaos ensues. (Don't worry, no one sings in this one.)
Snowed Out
By Chris Orban

Daria goes to Aspen with her family and Jane goes to the beach with Trent.
Snowflakes (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria makes a surprising discovery while looking through her parents' bedroom drawers, but the real surprises are yet to come.
Something Didn't Happen
By Greystar

Daria makes a fateful, possibly fatal, decision. Will she be convinced otherwise? A literary rebuttal to Wraith's story "Something Happened."
Something Happened (*)
By Wraith

Daria and Tom have a fight. This is the story of the following week, as things resolve.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Something To Shoot For
By Dervish

A shooting at Lawndale High shocks the nation, and makes everyone (especially their mother) wonder who Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer are. A three-part story with some minor crossover elements from "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America."
Somewhere Out There
By Robin Sena

For Daria, it's bad enough getting straned in the Rocky Mountains, but what's worse is that she's stranded with the queen of the bimbos, Brittany.
Somewhere Over the Edge
By Don Fields

In this dark comedy, Daria gets a good lesson on death, profits and the American Way, thanks to Upchuck and his "friends"...huh-huh.
Son of Pad (*)
By NomadX

The flashy, big-budget sequel to "From the Pad of NomadX."
The Song Remains the Same (*)
By NomadX

A Trent-centric fic focusing on Daria and Jane. A look into the mind of an artist.
The Song That Jane Likes
By Sam Lincoln

Yet another post-IIFY Jane-fic. What does a depressed art chick do to get her groove back?
Songs of the Harpies
By Bacner

A series of songs that the Harpies (Monique's band) may or may not put out.
Songs of the Harpies II
By Bacner

The Harpies have released their second volume of songs, only this time they've listened to their agent and didn't go mythological on the audience.
By Mitch

When Jodie thinks that Mack is ignoring her, she's helped by a girl named...Sonya.
The Sound and the QB
By Gregor Samsa

A tale told by Kevin Thompson, signifying nothing.
Soup's On!
By Wyvern337

Jake tries yet another of his experiments in cooking, with unexpected results.
The Space Between
By Sam Lincoln

Why exactly do Daria and Tom keep breaking up and making up? And what would happen if one of them decided to break the cycle?
Special Delivery (*)
By The Angst Guy

Why was Daria out after curfew in "The Big House"? One possible (if far-fetched) explanation is given here, in this prequel to that episode.
Special Delivery
By Wyvern337

Set when Daria was a very young child. Two characters meet for the first time. Impressions are made.
Spirit of the Law
By Brother Grimace

Helen and The Senior Partner have a meeting--one that proves pleasurable for both.
Spite Club
By MystikSpiralChick

Find out a bit more about some of the characters. Plus, Daria makes a mistake that turns Trent against her.
A Stacy Orange
By Thomas Mikkelsen

While Lawndale is down with the flu, Daria and Jodie are inspired by the novel "1984."

A dark story of obsession, but who's obsessed... and who's the target?
The Stick Is Canon! (*)
By The Angst Guy

There should perhaps be limits on how literally fanfic writers can interpret canon, or on how trivial a detail can be to not be worth writing about.
A Stitch in Time [Artwork]
By Admonisher

A dark fantasia of romance and suspense, this novella is set in renowned 'shipper author Diane Long's continuum, carrying Daria and Trent six years beyond the events of Undone and deep into a startling, possibly tragic future.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
The Storm
By Pat Leland

Interesting events ensue when most of Lawndale is trapped under the school during a hurricane.
The Story In Which Daria Goes to a Party, Gets Drunk, and Does Bad Things, Revisited
By Dante Tremere

The title pretty much tells the story, written with the "anti-shippers" in mind. NOT your average story!
Strange Bedfellows
By Mystik Slacker

Sandi tries to put her life back together after the dissolution of the Fashion Club. Daria and Upchuck set up the school's new computer lab. Tom joins Daria and Jane on a school trip. A romance is kindled, but can it survive? Should it? A sequel to the author's "Breaking Strain."
Stuck in Lawndale
By Neal C.

A series that finds the author trapped in Lawndale after ranting against "fair-weather fans." Is it just desserts, or a dream come true... or a dream, period?
Study Break
By Brother Grimace

Jodie Landon has a study session at her house. Never again!
Stupid (*)
By The Angst Guy

It was the worst possible relationship in every way but one.
Stupid Is as Stupid Really Does
By Patrick Moore

Two of Daria's old friends come to Lawndale. Can you guess who they are?
The Stupidity Boundless Series
By Scarlet

After the untimely demise of his cohort, Beavis is forced to attend Lawndale High, much to the dismay of just about everyone in Lawndale.
Suite for Cello, Two-Part Invention (*)
By The Angst Guy

Brittany Taylor has a secret talent she performs in her bedroom--and her new tutor, David Sorenson, is about to discover what it is.
Suite Seventeen

Daria's padded cell-like bedroom is featured in teenage fashion magazine Seventeen. Inspired by the actual article from the July 1998 issue.
Summer Fling
By Sarah Lane

Jesse and Daria get together for the summer... sort of.
Summer of the Hot Lake (*)
By The Angst Guy

The younger siblings and relatives of major "Daria" characters find themselves spending the summer at "Uncle" Timothy O'Neill's all-new Okay-to-Cry Corral, with none other than Wind Lane as their cabin counselor. There, the kids face the horrors of rice cakes and tofu for breakfast, therapy sessions to heal their inner selves, a legendary monster in the cooling pond of a nearby nuclear power plant, and--first love. Sam and Chris Griffin, Rachel Landon, Brian Taylor, Link, and Jane Lane's nephew and niece, Adrian and Courtney, appear in this novel-length tale. The action takes place after the events of "Is It College Yet?".
Survival of the Fittest
By Bacner

After the events of "IICY?", Doug Thompson takes his family into the bosom of Mother Nature. The latter, unfortunately, has other ideas and plans...
Survivor's Guilt
By Bella

How does one Morgendorffer girl react when the other commits suicide?
Sweet Child of Mine
By Wouter Jaegers

Mother and child relationships: a thing that all the Lawndale High students know about, or think they do. But what is it *really* like to be a mother? One of our young Lawndalian women will find out.

The Talented Miss Morgendorffer
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Quinn's plan to get less homework backfires.
Talil (*)
By Guy Payne

A post-"Kadhimiya" AU, in which Quinn ponders what the '04 election will mean for her and her comrades. From a PPMB Iron Chef challenge.
By Kathrine Ritchie

Daria goes to the beach, with some unwelcome company...
Tapped Potentials
By Brother Grimace

Who would have ever guessed that Daria would have gotten something useful from her time in Highland? Not Our Heroine, who gets an unusual ability!
Tatoo Tales
By B.J. Anderson

Daria and Jane attempt to solve the mystery of Trent's new tatoo, about which he is being *very* secretive.
The Tattoo
By Greystar

Quinn's got a secret. A PPMB "Iron Chef" contest entry.
Tattoos and Tequila Don't Mix
By Di

Write-off Challenge response featuring two Lawndale students going to a vacation spot for Spring Break. Do they make it back in time... and what do they tell their fellow classmates?
Teen Holidays: The Next Generation (*)
By Guy Payne

The spawn... er, children of Daria, Jane, and Quinn meet for a nice game of cards. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
Terrible Tales of Tiffany (*)
By The Angst Guy

A series of unfortunate dates with Tiffany Blum-Deckler, guaranteed to bring new meaning to the term "dismemberment."

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
That Stranger I Know So Well
By Jon Kilner

Daria and Jane are true friends, but their friendship may be threatened when Daria stumbles onto a secret from Jane's past that Jane wanted to keep buried.
That Was the Weekend That Wasn't
By Greystar

Daria and Jane go with Mystik Spiral to a "Battle of the Bands." Quinn throws a blow-out party. Find out how these events combine to give Daria a missing night.
Them's the Breaks, Part 1
By Melissa and NuitCoeur

On their way to the Morgendorffer's for a ritual sleepover, Daria and Jane get hit by a drunk driver. Tragedy ensues as the Lawndale crew figure out who did it, and how to cope while everyone's favorite cynics struggle to recover. (Part 1 of 2)
Them's the Breaks, Part 2
By Melissa and NuitCoeur

The conclusion to "Them's the Breaks, Part 1." Is Daria going to wake up? Has Quinn REALLY changed? Whatever happened to the Fashion Club? What *is* up with Andrea? And Ted did *what*? (Part 2 of 2)
They Don't Love You Like I Love You (*)
By The Angst Guy

There is a fine line between fandom and complete insanity--too fine for some fans to discern.
Thicker than Water
By Danny Bronstein and C.E. Forman

Daria and Quinn learn about the Morgendorffer and Barksdale family histories when they have to produce a family tree for Mr. O'Neill's class. They get a little help from a visiting Aunt Amy, who gives in to a wild impulse and has a one-night stand that could turn out to have serious consequences.
The Thieving Pizza Faries
By Brother Grimace

Daria gets another stupid assignment, and Jane tries to help out. Weirdness commences.
Things Daria Characters Would Never Say

The title says it all.
The Thong Remains the Same (*)
By The Angst Guy

In this sensitive and insightful, though unofficial, continuation of Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe, Amy and Joel separate after fighting over a trivial issue, as married couples usually do, and they and Daria, Jane, Quinn, Helen, Jake, Tom, and Brittany wander Lawndale in search of a plot involving thongs. BONUS! Features a new dramatic scene not seen before online!
The Thought That Counts
By Penny Lane

Daria helps Jane prepare a surprise birthday party for Trent, while at home, the rest of the Morgendorffer family anxiously awaits the results to Helen's pregnancy test.
Three Contemplations and a Funeral
By Thomas Mikkelsen

The Morgendorffers evaluate their lives while babysitting the Gupty kids.
Tiffany in Futureland (*)
By The Angst Guy

A sad ficlet with a happy ending. Tiffany Blum-Deckler stars in this topical political/sci-fi tidbit written in early November 2004, before the elections.
To Mother a Morgendorffer
By Gregor Samsa

The question of Daria's maternal lineage is finally answered, in rather silly fashion.
To Mother You
By Parker-man

Daria gives a special gift to Jane in a time of despair. A prequel (of sorts) to Roger E. Moore's "April is the Cruelest Month."
To Slip the Surly Bond (*)
By Guy Payne

Mack takes a summer job and is shaken, not stirred. From a PPMB Iron Chef.
To Swim Against the Tide
By Freya Torvaldsland

When Daria's conscience gets the better of her, she finds herself on a fashion rollercoaster ride through hell.
Tom's Eye View
By Dennis

The events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling," as seen from Tom's point of view.
Too Many Choices
By Nemo Blank

A sprawling, complex story that starts innocently enough, with Daria's search for a new car. Love, art, government agents, the tabloids, UFO cultists, long-buried family secrets... all will eventually factor into the story on the way to its mind-bending conclusion. If you love rollercoaster rides, climb on board for the mother of 'em all!
The Torture of Chalkdust
By Sam Lincoln

On a hot day at Lawndale High, what happens when even the strongest of minds gets heated beyond recommended specifications?
Touchdown Jane
By Mike Quinn

Mack is confronted with various pressures of being a popular and talented football player, including being offered a scholarship that doesn't exactly offer a means to strech the intellect. Meanwhile, Jane wracks her brain for artistic inspiration.
By NomadX

A conversation picked up in a local club.
The Trent Vignettes
By Medea42

A series of short stories focusing on everyone's favorite slacker musician.
Trent's Insanity [Artwork]
By Smileyfax

Trent suddently goes berzerk and embarks on a spree of destruction. But what caused it?
Trial by Ordeal
By Christopher McElligott

What do you get when you combine Daria, Jane, Trent, Jesse, an old friend of Trent's, an international child slavery ring, and the Midwest's most powerful moonshine car? This story, which is set at the end of Daria's junior year in high school.
Trouble Walking
By Wouter Jaegers

After the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling," Jane decides to leave Lawndale in order to find her place in the universe. She finds that it can be a cold, dark, lonely place... but one with a few beacons of light and hope.
Trouble with Groupies
By Danielle

Trent and Jesse look for groupies.
True Cynicism
By Mystik Slacker

Daria becomes a covert operative for a shadowy government agency, but has to hide this fact from family and friends, in this outrageous series based on the concept for the Arnold Schwarzenegger film "True Lies."
True Lies (*)
By The Angst Guy

What were Daria and Quinn really doing out late on a school night just before they were caught by their parents in the opening scene of "The Big House"? And who would dare to believe their answers?
Truth and Consequences
By Mahna Mahna

"Jane's Addition" as you've never seen it before.
Turning Out the Lights
By Kyra Dilston

A short story in which Jane and Trent deal with a painful loss.
Twilight's Own
By Renfield

Daria wakes up to discover that she has another younger sister, who everyone knows about except her.
Two of Hearts
By RangerLou

Ted and Stacy notice each other after a chance encounter.
Two Under Par
By Kristen Bealer

When Jake Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon meet on the golf course, an unlikely friendship is born. Set during "Is It Fall Yet?"

By Medea42

When Jake and Trent both lose important gigs, they find solace in each other and form a most unusual business partnership. Will things work out, or will Helen kill Jake first?
An Unerring Sense of Color
By MeScribble

See what happens when Quinn finds one of Daria's old notebooks...
The UnHighlander
By Galen Hardesty

What if the Morgendorffers had never left Highland?
Unto the End (*)
By The Angst Guy

A church-based debate on the War in Iraq gets out of control, thanks to the one person least likely to cause such a problem. A PPMB Iron Chef short story.

By Bacner

A continuation of Roger Moore's story "Potential." Quinn's death is not in vain...
By Nemo Blank

Thanks to bickering parents and a drug-abusing sister, Daria nearly finds herself the next victim of a serial killer when she's left stranded hundreds of miles from home. Trent helps her to avoid that fate, but can he save her from a home life that's crumbling down around her?

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
A Very Weird Midsummer Night's Dream
By Steve Mitchell

Daria eats *waaaay* too much Chinese food for dinner, and ends up having a very intense nightmare.
Viagra Falls (*)
By The Angst Guy

In the wake of a bizarre medical disaster, the military draft is reinstated--but it's for women as well as men. And Daria has a problem with that.
Virgin Sacrifice
By Jill Friedman

Daria and Jane experience "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for the first time, and they get a few surprises...
By Melissa

The Yeagers come back to Lawndale for a weekend visit with the Morgendorffers. The same weekend, the Lane clan regroups at Casa Lane for an immediate family reunion.

We Regret to Inform You...
By Brother Grimace

An Iron Chef that deals with a consolation letter written after the death of a "Daria" cast member.
Week of Hell
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Helen leaves Daria and Quinn alone with Jake. Unfortunately, Jake has got it in his head to buy a gun.
Welcome to the Rat Race
By Mystik Slacker

Daria and Tiffany separately cope with jobs and parental expectations. Meanwhile, the expanded Fashion Club holds elections and Quinn and Sandi have to adapt to the new members or lose their offices.
What If
By Thomas Mikkelsen

Daria, Jane, and Quinn ponder what might have been.
What If...
By Professor Moriarity

Tom endures yet another boring history class by reliving how he met Jane and Daria, and starts asking himself, "What if...?"
What is Memory?
By Love Gordon

A sort-of sequel to "Behind the Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story." Daria finds a baby on her doorstep, Quinn quits the Fashion Club, and Communists almost take over the country.
What She Deserved? [Artwork]
By The Unknown

After she becomes a victim of rape herself, Sandi is forced to think about how she's been behaving. But when she learns she's paying a deadly price for the assault, and the police won't do a thing to help, Joanna takes the law into her own hands.
When the Torrent of That Time Comes Pouring Back (*)
By The Angst Guy

The lone survivor of a disastrous family vacation returns to Lawndale in January 2005, in this sequel to "Nine Point Oh."

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
When You See Me (*)
By Queen Jossie

A continuation of "The Real Story," where Tom sees someone he misses.
Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea Runs [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy

Sunday afternoons at the Kinsington Women's Correctional Facility are very slow, and one lone inmate has nothing to look forward to--until her only friend unexpectedly appears, and everything changes.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Where No Man Has Gone Before (*)
By The Angst Guy

Daria Morgendorffer has a new career in this terrifying sequel to "Beavis and Butt-head Do America."
Where, O Where Has My Little Quinn Gone?
By Tazzie

Quinn leaves for a party one night, but never comes back. (It was BOUND to happen sooner or later...)
Which Sis is Which?
By Jesty

Daria and Quinn switch places for a day
While My Guitar Gently Bleeds
By Richard Lobinske

Trent and Mystik Spiral have cleaned up, gotten serious and are on their way to their first gig in Boston. With his new-found purpose and confidence, Trent has a special song prepared for someone. (Round 1 of the PPMB Angst Guy/Bug Guy Write-Off challenge.)
Who Shot Principal Li? [Artwork]
By Danny Bronstein

Ms. Li's latest unpleasant changes to the school (which includes the installation of a genuine electric chair) result in a turn of events that leads everyone to want to murder her. A homage to the classic "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" two-part episode of "The Simpsons."
The Whole Damned Thing
By Don Fields

A wandering little story about Daria's quest for peace and quiet and other of life's useless things.
The Whole Truth
By Galen Hardesty

Can Daria recover from professional psychiatric care and the loving concern of her parents? Will she have to tell them stuff? Will sadistic fanfic authors ever stop throwing her in the loony bin? Find out in this sequel to Renfield's "Diary Dearest."
Why You Should Never Hire Brittany Taylor
By Robin Sena

And you thought Kevin couldn't hold on to a job...
The Winds of Change
By Peter Guerin

A story that's set between semesters of Daria's freshman year at college, which wraps up some loose ends from "Is It College Yet?".
Windy Travels [Artwork]
By Steve Mitchell

It's Alternapalooza all over again, as Daria, Jane, Trent and Jesse encounter one misadventure after another while on their way to a concert.
With a Twin, Happily
By Lydia Irene

Daria's family adopts a girl with a "futuristic" look, and Mystik Spiral finally hits the big time.
With the Help of Her Friends
By Bob Marley

An unsettled Daria seeks advice from others on what to do regarding Tom after the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling."
Woosh (*)
By Jill Palmer

A story from Andrea's point of view that explains a bit about her family, one of whom is thought fictional by the student body.
Word of the Week
By Brother Grimace

Stacy discovers that learning a new word every week has practical applications in her everyday life.
The World of Charles Ruttheimer (*)
By Wraith

See a different take on Charles... from the inside.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Would You Like to Take a Survey? (*)
By Kemical Reaxion

You know those annoying email surveys you're always getting? Daria, Jane, Trent, and Quinn answer some rather insightful and ridiculous questions in their own unique, ridiculous ways!
Write Where It Hurts: Alternate Story
By Angelinhel

In "Write Where It Hurts," Helen tells Daria to write something honest. This time, she writes something besides a story about her family in the future. Something with even more personal overtones...
Writes of Passage [Artwork]
By Deref

Love is never easy, true love even less so.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.

Y 2 Day? - Part 1
By Queen Jossie

Trying to get away from the leftover fruitcake and her family, Daria has an adventure to the hospital with the Lanes while contemplating her New Year's plans. Of course, nothing is as planned, and when Daria returns before the New Year, she is faced with more than she expected. (Part 1 of 2)
Y 2 Day? - Part 2
By Queen Jossie

After her incident with a drunken Quinn, Daria is forced to adapt to a new "look." The Lawndalians cope with the oncoming new millenium, while the gang may have to cope with... other fanfic writers?! (Part 2 of 2)
You Don't Know Mack
By Bob Marley

Michael Jordan "Mack" MacKenzie: captain of the football team, Jodie's boyfriend, and all-around cool guy. But few people know much about him... that is, until Daria and Jane decide to do a little snooping.
You Know You're Right
By angel_in_black

A story about Trent and his past, a long lost love, and a Rock Star God. They are all connected in one of the saddest stories of the 1990s.

"Behind the Glasses" Unsubmitted Submission
By Brother Grimace

Long ago, the trend was to do works that used the "Daria" characters to spotlight bloopers and such in fanfics! Heres my submission for the fourth episode, which was never produced.
"Gifted" From Jane's POV
By Di

The episode "Gifted," from Jane's point of view. A response to Dark Kuno's Iron Chef Challenge: The POV Shift.
The "Not Another New Kid Series!" Series
By Tazzie

Two new students arrive in Lawndale. Seems simple enough, right? Hah! When is anything EVER simple in Lawndale?
A "Sick" Daria Commercial
By Brother Grimace

The Fashion Club headlines a twisted little TV spot inspired by the PPMB's Iron Chef competitions.
#10 Dream
By Rey Fox

A surreal collection of vignettes involving Daria and the rest of the Lawndale irregulars. It's... well, it defies description, so you'll just have to read it for yourself.
(Go Ahead and) Dance (*)
By The Angst Guy

These are the lyrics to one of Trent Lane's better-known songs, written after Mystik Spiral's move to Boston (shortly after Jane began college there).
300 Sips of Liquor
By Brother Grimace

Set during Year Three of "Falling Into College," Daria's fiance and pet meet up in the most unusual manner.
By Type_Here

Late on a sleepless night, Jake thinks about his life.
By Angelinhel

In response to Roger E. Moore's PPMB Iron Chef: Your challenge is to write a short fanfic telling what one or more of the major characters in "Daria" are doing today, September 2004.