Fan Fiction
"Sleepy Lawndale Awakens"
by Bacner

FamiliesPenny Lane returns home, starting a chain reaction that changes the lives of both the Lanes and the Morgendorffers.
A Chain Reaction BeginsThe effects of the events in "Families" on the next day in Lawndale. Also, Amy Barksdale comes to Lawndale to visit "her favourite niece" and Daria’s family.
Murder on MondayThe Ruttheimer line gets cut-off, we see how Linda Griffin and Amy Barksdale met, and Sandi Griffins confers in her fellow Fashion Club members about her family legend.
(More) Trouble on Tuesday(no description available)
La SoireeThe mystery haunting to Lawndale comes to its culmination, as the mysterious killer strikes one more time before he is stopped for good.
Intermission OneMonique’s going steady with a new boyfriend causes a lot of excitement in Lawndale, but it is not of a good kind.
And Now - ErinThis is a story of Daria and Quinn’s cousin Erin, and her adventures in Stadt, Switzerland -- and beyond.
A New SchooldayAfter the night that Eugene Podgio is murdered, the Lawndalians try to go on as it didn't happen. With Sophia Hakiojopoulos still around, Andrea Hecuba still not found, and some new characters arriving in the town, that's not going to be very likely.
Nothing Good Comes from Violence, and Nothing Ever CouldNew players get involved in the increasingly complex drama that is Lawndale. Also, Aaron Guthan becomes an escaped convict.