"Hey Jane, I see you got my message. I figured the Zen was one of the few places we could talk in private, seeing as no one here cares about us anyway."
"This is creepy Daria. I did what you said and I found all these little cameras all over the place. There was even one in the fridge! Who knows how long they've been there."
"I know, I found a bunch of them in my room last night, then when I checked the rest of the house, there was at least a dozen more."
"But who would be sick enough to do this, I mean this is pretty twisted, Daria."
"I can almost picture Upchuck stashing cameras in our bedrooms and bathrooms, but that would be pretty expencive. I don't think Upchuck has that kind of cash flow. And why would anyone put a camera in a fridge?"
"Hey don't ask me. It's not like we keep anything intresting in there."
"And why us? What makes our lives so damn entertaining that someone decides to go and film it!"
"Hey maybe they got the whole town wired. Like 'the Trumen Show', or something."
"That's just sick Lane."
"And this isn't?"
"Hey, what's that doing here?"
"Huh? That's just an old security camera."
"In the Zen?"
"Aw no, not here to--"

--compiled by NomadX