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***Description*** Daria drinks a foul fluid and looks death in the face. Will she come out of
it alive?


                            Just One Drink
                                by Tazzie

    ''One drink won't hurt.' Yeah that's a good one,' thought Trent to himself. Trent sat in
a chair, trying unsucessfully to get comfortable. "Goddamn hospital chairs!" exclaimed Trent,
taking out his pent up frustrations on the chair. Quinn looked up, startled.
    "Oh! I thought you were asleep, Trent?" asked Quinn in surprise.
    "I was... But I kept having bad dreams about Daria and Janey...I can't believe this! I'm
going to kill whoever did this."
    "Whoa, Trent, calm down. We don't know if this was intentional or not. Just calm-" Tom
was cut off by the emergency room doors opening, and angry Morgendorffers storming in.
Mack and Jodie exchanged questioning glances, along with Tom. But Trent and Quinn shared
"uh-oh, we're dead and burried" glances.
    "I want to know what the HELL happened, and I want to know *NOW*," said Helen angrily.
Jake uttered a barely audible squeak that sounded like an agreement. He was either worried, or
scared of what Helen might do... Or both.
    "Alright, I'll tell what happened, I was probably the most sober out of the group," said
Jodie. Everyone shared doubtful glances, but nodded in agreement anyway.

--------------Morgendorffer's Trashed Living Room - We Can See Evidence of A Party-------------

    "So, Trent. Want to come up to my bedroom for a few minutes?" asked a Quinn, knowing just
what she was doing.
    "Sure, whynot!" said a smashed Trent.
    Jane shot both Trent and Quinn dirty looks. But Trent didn't seem to notice, and Quinn
 just grinned back evilly.
    "What about Daria, Trent? She's your *girlfriend*," said Jane warningly.
    "Don't be such a party-pooper, Janey! Daria's not even he-" Trent was interrupted by the
front door opening, and Daria, Mack and Jodie walked in.
    "I swear that if you EVER sign me up for another fund-raiser, I *WILL* kill you," said
Daria to Jodie.
    "Come on, Daria. It wasn't that bad," said Jodie.
    "Even I beg to differ, Jodie. My idea of a fun night is not Ms. Li singing pop goes the
weasel..." said Mack.
    "You're not helping, Mack. And that wasn't her fault... She just kind of..." said Jodie,
trailing off.
    "Got hammered?" said Daria, amused. Jodie glared at her.
    Upon their arrival, Jane sat back, and smiled smugly. Now Trent and Quinn would be stupid
to try anything. Quinn flopped back onto the couch looking annoyed. Trent was too drunk to know
when to shut up, though.
    "Aren't we going to- fo moo yo moom," the rest of Trent's works were muffled by Quinn
putting her hand over his mouth.
    "Oh *hey*, Daria," said Quinn slyly. But Daria didn't seem to notice the slyness.
    "Hello, Quinn. How was the party?" asked Daria, exhausted.
    "It was lots of fun... But it's not necessarily over. We can still hang out and listen to
music and stuff... Want a beer, Daria?" asked Quinn hopefully.
    "Come into the kitchen with me for a second, Quinn..." said Jane, not waiting for a
response, but just dragging her away...

===--- THE KITCHEN ---===

    "I've spent *MONTHS* getting Trent and Daria together, and you're NOT going to tear them
apart, you little fashion fiend. Believe me, Trent would regret it in the morning."
    "Shut up, you big *YENTA*. If he wants me, he wants me. It's as simple as that," said
Quinn. And she stalked out of the kitchen. Jane scowled and opened up the fridge.


    "Come on, guys, lay off. I really don't want any beer. It'll just put me to sleep."
    "Beer is actually pretty good, Daria," said Jodie. Jane reentered the room and put a mug
of beer in front of Quinn. Quinn picked it up and handed it to Daria.
    "One drink won't hurt," said Quinn, coaxingly.
    "Hmmm... I dunno," said Daria.
    "To eternal soberity," said Trent, and took a swig of his beer. This seemed to clinch it
for Daria. She picked it up and took a sip.
    "Gah. It tastes AWFUL," she said making a face.
    "You don't have to drink it, Daria," said Jane.
    "Finish it in one gulp, you'll be a new person," said Mack. Daria looked doubtful, but
drank the whole mug in one gulp, like a hardened guzzler. Everyone stared. She put down the
glass and touched her hand to her head.
    "So. What do you think, Dar?" Trent asked.
    Daria coughed, hard, twice. "Taste's terrible," she breathed.
    "Are you okay?" asked Jane, genuinely concerned. Daria smiled and nodded weakly.
    "Fine." She wiped her forehead. She was sweating as if she'd been dancing. Perhaps
    "So, anyone need a ride home?" asked Mack.
    "Nah," they all said in unison. Mack looked surprised.
    "You're staying, Jodie?"
    "Yeah, if that's okay with Quinn and Daria?" Jodie asked. And Quinn nodded.
    "Alright, I'll be going, then," said Mack. He gave Jodie a kiss and left.
    "Are we still going to-" Trent was interrupted.
    "Shh!" said Quinn. She whispered something in his ear. He nodded vigorously. Jane
couldn't understand how they would be able to do anything with Daria here. But then she
understood. Daria was asleep. Trent and Quinn began to walk away.
    "Ah, Trent?"
    "Yes, Janey?"
    "Daria just passed out."
    "So?" asked Trent.
    "She was awake a second ago," said Jane.
    "She drank too much," said Trent.
    "As if she had much choice. Besides, she only drank one glass," said Jane, worriedly.
    Jodie moved to Daria's side and took her limp hand. Daria's head lay bowed like a puppet
who's strings had been cut. "She's out cold."
    Trent knelt by his girlfriend's side. He brushed aside a strand of her soft auburn hair.
"That's weird," he mumbled.
    Quinn spoke quickly, "Carry her into our parent's bedroom. Let her sleep it off."
    "Good idea," said Trent, and he slipped his arms under her body, lifting her easily.
    "Maybe we should wake her. Have her drink coffee," Jodie suggested.
    "Sleep's the best thing," said Quinn. Jane shot her a look, but once again, Quinn paid no
    Jane and Jodie stayed up for a while longer, talking about unimportant issues, drinking
beer, watching T.V. Jane thought she heard giggling far away, but she couldn't be sure. Jodie
fell asleep, and not too long after, so did Jane.

    Someone was shaking Jodie awake. "What is it?" she mumbled. She had a headache.
    "I'm sick," said Jane.
    "Just go relax next to the toilet. You'll be fine," said Jodie.
    "But I never get sick from beer. And I've got horrible cramps. Help me, Jodie!"
    "I will," said Jodie. She thought about Daria just then. She jumped up. Jodie ran up the
stairs and down the hallway. Quinn's door was slightly open, and Trent was sleeping on the
floor in the doorway. She kicked him. "Trent, get up. There was something in the beer!"
    "Hmm?" he said.
    "The beer. There was something in it. Daria and Jane are sick."
    "Janey? Daria?!" he jumped up sudddenly alert. Jodie and Trent ran to where Daria was.
Jodie slammed open the door and turned on the light. Daria was huddled in a fetal position in
the center of a king-sized bed. Trent pushed past Jodie and went to the bed. He rolled Daria
face up. "Daria! Daria!" he shook her. "DARIA!!!" Jodie came up at his back.
    "Get out of the way, Trent!" she yelled as she pushed him aside. She put a finger under
Daria's nose and checked her pulse. "Daria!" she shouted. She did not respond. She slapped her
across the face, her head rolling around like a dummy's.
    "Is she dead?" Trent asked in dread, but got no answer.
    Jodie pulled the pillow out from under Daria's head, and pried open her mouth. Taking a
breath and putting her lips to Daria's, Jodie exhaled and Daria's chest rose sharply once. She
listened to her chest.
    "Is she dead? Answer me, damn you!"
    Jodie rose, and said, "No, but she's in shock or a coma. I'll call the hospital and tell
them we're bringing in two poison victims. You bring Daria and start the car. See if Jane can
go on her own. Get going." She hurried out of the room.
    Trent gently lifted Daria, and cradled her in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead and
moved swiftly out of the room.

---------------------------------------The Hospital--------------------------------------------

    "And we hightailed it here to the hospital. Quinn found a half-empty bottle of an
insecticide in the refridgerator-" Helen glared at Jake. "-and that's mainly all we know right
now. They haven't told us anything about Daria or Jane's conditions."
    "Thank you, Jodie," said Helen. "And what do you have to do with any of this, young man?"
she asked, pointing to Tom.
    "Nothing, really. Trent called me and told me that Jane was in the hospital. She's my
girlfriend, and I came as quickly as possible," said Tom. Helen nodded.
    "Now.. Where do you find a doctor around here?!" As if prompted, a doctor walked over and
led Helen, Jake, and Quinn away, undoubtedly to inform them of Daria's condition. Trent had his
head in his hands, worrying about the two most important people in his life. Jodie and Mack
were holding hands. And Tom was sitting, rapping his fingers nervously on the chair's arm.
Trent looked at the Morgendorffers. Jake and Helen were pale, and Quinn was on the verge of
tears. Trent got even more anxious. He stood as Jake and Helen walked out of the emergency room
doors to regroup, and Quinn sat in a chair across the waiting room. Trent approached the
    "Ah, excuse me," he said. "I need to know the condition of my sister, Jane Lane?" he
    "Ms. Lane has just recieved a thorough stomach pumping, but she's recovering nicely. She
only ingested a small amount of the insecticide," he said. Trent went on a long shot.
    "Is there any chance you can tell me about the condition of my girlfriend? Daria
Morgendorffer?" he asked.
    "Well... I have to tell you, it's not pretty. I'm not sure if I should tell you. You
aren't family."
    "Hmmm.. Ok. While your sister only ingested a small amount of the poison, Daria swallowed
at least three ounces of the poison. Although we managed to revive her, her condition is
critical. She's coughing up, and vomitting blood. Two of the ingredients in the insect killer
are particularly threatening to the kidneys. IF she makes it through the night, she will
undoubtedly have damaged kidneys." The doctor finished. Trent had to grip the wall for support.
"You okay?" Trent nodded, and managed to choke out a few words.
    "Can I- Can I go see her. Please?" Trent asked, practically begging. The doctor nodded
    "She's in room 112, in intensive care." He scribbled out a pass for Trent. "Use this."
    "Thank you. One more thing. You see them over there? Could you please tell them how Jane
and Daria are? They're friends." The doctor nodded, and Trent took off practically running to
room 112.


    Trent entered Daria's room unprepared for what lay ahead. When he entered, he saw Daria
hooked up to all sorts of machines. He once again had to grip the wall for support. He nearly
started to cry for Daria. At what she must be feeling right now.
    Trent walked unsteadily over to her bed. He pulled up a chair and sat down. He gently
brushed aside a few strands of her hair as he had earlier in the night. He picked up her hand
and held it in his. She nearly immediately woke up, her eyelids fluttering open.
    "Trent," she said in a nearly inaudible whisper. Her voice and her image were mere
shadows of what they had once been. She squeased his hand weakly. "I'm happy to see you."
    "That feeling's mutual. I thought I'd lost you." He kissed her forehead. "How're you
    She put a handkerchif to her mouth and coughed deeply. Trent saw that the kerchif was
stained with blood. He couldn't help but let a tear roll down his cheek, but he wiped it away
quickly. If Daria lost hope, it was as good as over. "I'm... Not good, Trent. Did they tell you
that unless I get a sucessful kidney transplant, I'll be hooked up to a dialysis machine for
the rest of my life?" Trent shook his head. "And none of my family have the right type of
tissue to give me a transplant. Do you know what that means, Trent?" Trent nodded. He didn't
want her to finish. He couldn't deal with this. It was too much. He couldn't stop it any longer
he let tears roll down his cheeks. He hugged Daria gently, and held her for a few minutes.
    "I'm sorry, Daria. I don't know what to do. But I'm so sorry," he hugged her closer. He
knew that she was crying, that the wall she had been building around her emotions for so long
was tumbling down, piece by piece, but he wouldn't rob her of her dignity. He pulled away, and
turned his back, so she could dry her face. He turned back to find her still crying, though.
She shook her head weakly, and sniffled quietly.
    "There's one thing you can do for me, Trent," she said quietly. "If you want to, that
    "Find who put that poison in my glass. I know it wasn't an accident I drank poison. It
was someone's plan." Daria, though weak, had fiery rage in her eyes. Trent nodded at Daria, in
full understanding. He also added...
    "I'm going to test out my tissue, so I can see if you can take one of my kidneys, Daria."
    "Thank you for the thought, Trent, but it has to be from a blood relative..." Trent
reddened, but Daria smiled weakly. "I'm tired. It's been a long night. I'm going to sleep a
bit." She coughed again, harder this time. Trent leaned over and kissed her again. He pulled
the sheets up to her chin, and stroked her hair until she fell asleep.

===--- JANE'S HOSPITAL ROOM ---===

    Trent took a deep breath to calm himself. He was a ball of nerves, ready to snap at the
drop of a hat. He was angry, scared, and sad. He took another deep breath and entered Jane's
room. Jodie, Tom, and Mack were there already. He saw that Jane was awake, and she wasn't on
any machines. He was almost mad at her for being so well off, and Daria on the verge of death.
    They looked up as he walked in, and asked almost in unison, "How's Daria?" They all
glanced at eachother and looked back at Trent. Trent didn't know what to say. So he told the
truth. He shook his head.
    "She's not doing well..." he said finally. He walked over to Jane and kissed her on the
forehead. "How are you, Janey?"
    "Fine. Just fine," said Jane, in a raspy voice. "I can leave tomorrow, actually." She
paused. "What's.. wrong with Daria, Trent?" Trent hesitated. He didn't want to be the one to
tell his little sister that her best friend might die.
    "She somehow drank three ounces of that insect stuff." He paused and then continued
slowly. "Her kidneys are practically useless, so unless she has a successful kidney transplant,
she'll be hooked up to a dialysis machine for the rest.. of her life." He stopped and everyone
was looking at him. He added, "And even though she told me you have to be blood related, I'm
going to get my tissue type tested so that I can give her one of my kidneys." Jane hugged him.
She was speechless, as was everyone else.

    Trent walked slowly into Daria's room, the way he had two days ago. This time, though, he
was a barer of good news. When he entered, Daria was propped up on a few pillows reading. She
didn't notice him. He walked over to her, and pulled up a chair. She finally acknowledged him.
    "Trent," said Daria. She sounded better today, yet not like her old self, still. "How are
    "Great, excellent, wonderful, ecstatic, and everything in between," he said happily. She
just looked at him. "Well? Aren't you going to ask why?"
    "Because I'm giving you one of my kidneys! I got tested, and we have the same tissue
type. The operation's set for tomorrow... Unless you object?" Trent grinned. A look of utter
amazement and hapiness crossed Daria's face. She put out her arms for Trent to come hug her. He
did, and they shared a long, hard kiss. Daria broke their embrace. An inquisitive look crossed
her face.
    "I thought you'd have to be a blood relative?" she asked, confused.
    "Well... They saw how intent I was, and made an exception. Besides, we're a perfect
match," Trent smiled.
    "Are you sure you want to do this?" Daria asked.
    "Of course. I've never been more sure of anything in my life." They shared another kiss.


    Jane sat by the window, staring out. She'd been waiting for Trent to wake up for five
hours. Daria had already woken up, and she was the one with the serious condition. But then
again, Trent had narcoleptic habits. As Jane was thinking this, she heard a moan from her
behind her. She turned around and pulled a chair up next to Trent's bed.
    "How're you feeling, Trent?" she asked.
    "Well, Janey, to be completely honest it feels like someone stabbed me in the side..."
    "Haha. Someone DID stab you in the side," Jane said smiling.
    "Oh, right," said Trent. He waited a minute and then asked the dreaded question. "How's
Daria doing? Was the operation successful?" Jane looked at her feet, and shook her head slowly.
Trent slammed his fists against the bed. "Goddammit!" he yelled angrily.
    "Trent, calm dow-"
    "NO, Janey. I will NOT calm down! This isn't fucking fair. Why should Daria have it so
hard? What did she ever do to deserve this?" Trent yelled. He let out a long, and angry sigh.
"I want to see her. I need to apologize to her."
    "Trent! This wasn't your fault. There was no guarantee that is wou-"
    "I know that, Janey. I need to apologize for giving her false hope. I need to apologize
for... for making her drink that beer." Trent put his head in his hands.

    After fighting with the doctors for ten minutes, Trent ignored their orders and got
dressed. When he got to Daria's room, a surprise met him. Daria was still hooked to the
machines, but she was sitting in a chair by the window. Trent walked slowly over to her, and
put a hand on her shoulder. She glanced up, and then turned her gaze back to the window.
"Hello, Trent," she said, in a raspy, monotone voice.
    "I'm sorry, Daria. I really am. I hoped and prayed the operation would work. I-"
    "It's fine, Trent."
    "I- I wanted to say that I was sorry for making you drink that beer, too. I shouldn't
have pressed the issue. But I'm going to find the perso-"
    "That doesn't matter anymore, Trent. Nothing matters. Not to me. I'll live to twenty-five
at best, and I'll be hooked to this stupid machine. I won't be able to go to school. I won't be
able to be a normal teen. I won't be able to do ANYTHING. You might as well just get yourself a
new girlfriend," Daria said, never looking at Trent. Because of that, he was unable to see her
silent tears.
    "Daria, don't say tha-"
    "Please leave, Trent." And with that, he turned, and left. As soon as he was gone, Daria
put her head in her hands, and began to cry harder than before.


    The door opened, and Helen, Jake, Quinn, and Daria walked in. Daria being helped a little
bit by Quinn. Daria's room was pretty much the same as it always was, but there is a big silver
machine next to her bed. Undoubtedly the dialysis machine. Daria shook Quinn's hand off of her
arm, and walked over to her bed. She sat down and mona lisa smiled. She was happy to be back to
her home.
    "Thanks," she said. They obviously took that as a cue to leave. Except for Quinn. She
stayed and sat down at the end of her bed. "Yes?" Daria asked.
    "I... just wanted to say that I was sorry about you and Trent. And that I'm glad you're
    "Sorry about Trent and me? You can't be that sorry if you're dating him, now. But hey,
it's fine. You figure, 'What the hell?! Daria won't be alive much longer, so I'll help myself
to her boyfriend.' And Trent figures, 'If I can't have one sister, I'll take the other.' And
you're both absolutely right," she paused. "Anything else?" Quinn shook her head and left.
Daria sighed, and lay down on her bed. She fell asleep within seconds.

    Daria was awoken by her door opening and closing. She opened her eyes and saw Jane
standing next to her bed. She sighed and looked at her bedside clock. It was twelve o clock in
the afternoon. At first she was confused, but then she realized that she'd slept from four o
clock in the afternoon yesterday until now. She was surprised at how long she'd slept.
    "Yo, Daria," said Jane. Jane was shocked to see how badly her friend looked. She was
practically as white as a sheet. She felt so horrible for her friend. She wished she could take
the illness away from her.
    "Hey, Jane."
    "How are ya?" Jane asked.
    "How does it look like I am?" Daria snapped. Jane was taken aback. Daria sighed. "I'm
sorry, Jane. I didn't mean to bite your head off."
    "No big deal, want some salt?" Jane grinned, and so did Daria. Jane
sat down on Daria's desk chair, and Daria propped herself up on her bed.
Daria started reading a book, and Jane stared at the wall. A minute passed. Two minutes.
Finally, Jane took a deep breath and let it out. She looked at Daria and said, "Why did you
break up with Trent, Daria?" Daria didn't look up from her book.
    "I didn't want to be with him anymore."
    "That's a bunch of bullshit Daria! You've liked him ever since you came to Lawndale. You
finally get him, and then, 'I didn't want to be with him anymore.' He mopes around like a lost
puppy, and plays sad songs on his guitar. He has been ever since you told him to get lost.
Tell me the tru-" Daria dropped the book to the side, finally looking at Jane. This revealed
silent tears that had been running down her face. She stared straight into her friend's eyes.
    "You want to know the truth, huh? Well the truth is, I did this for Trent," Daria said.
    "Come again, Amiga?" asked Jane confused. Daria sighed, and wiped her eyes. But more
tears kept coming.
    "What I'm saying is... that it'll be easier for Trent to lose me now, rather than lose me
a couple years down the road, after we've gotten closer. This will be easier on him in the long
run... You think I don't miss seeing his scraggley hair, and his goofy grin? The sweet kisses
we used to share? His love? Well I do. I miss him so bad I can taste it. But I don't want to
hurt him more than I already have," Daria finished. She wiped her eyes again, but tears came
more fluently. Jane hugged her friend. She hadn't even thought of it this way. She felt bad for
yelling at Daria like she had. She and Daria hugged for a long time, Daria crying on Jane's
shoulder, Jane patting her friend on the back, trying to comfort her. Daria broke their
embrace. "I'm sorry. I just... it's hard."
    "I understand. It's okay, Daria." She paused. "I have to go Daria. But please, don't
forget that you're not going through this alone. Call me, alright? If you need anything,
anything at all." Jane got up to leave, but as she got to the door she stopped. Without turning
around, she said, "You know, Daria. Trent's crazy for you. I doubt he would want you to cut
yourself off from the world, no less him. I think he'd want to be with you for those few years,
rather than lose you now." And then she left. Daria curled up on her bed and cried herself to


    We see Trent in the basement playing his guitar. We can suppose that it's some type of
rock-ballad, as he's still mourning the loss of his relationship with Daria. We see Jane
watching from the stairs. Trent drops his guitar all of the sudden, and walks over to a wall.
He begins to bang his head against the wall repeatedly. Jane shakes her head.

    Jane is in the cafeteria sitting alone. She looks absolutely miserable. Jodie walks by
her accompanied by Mack, and they look at eachother and nod. They sit with Jane. Jane smiles a
small smile.

    Daria's room. Daria is sitting on the bed, reading a book. Her cheeks look wet, like shes
just been crying. She looks worse than last time we saw her, somehow paler, and much thinner.
Suddenly she throws the book across the room and lays face down with her head on her pillow.

    Trent and Quinn are out on a date. Whatever Quinn says, Trent just nods miserably. She
looks considerably upset. He finally says something, but it seems to upset Quinn, and she dumps
a coke over his head and tredges off. He sighs.


    "You HAVE to do this! You owe it to her!" Helen yelled.
    "She'll be so upset with me though, Helen. What will I say? She'll be upset with you
    "I would rather her be alive and angry, rather than dead and indifferent."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Absolutely positive." Helen says. The person on the other line sighs.
    "I'll get the first plane to Lawndale as soon as possible."
    "Good. I'll see you when you get here." She hangs the phone up, and has a small smile of
self-approval on her face.


    The front door opened, and Jane walked in. She saw Trent staring at her, and she got
confused. "Ah.. Trent. You okay? Why're you staring at me like that?" Trent held up the
notebook and look of pure rage was on his face.
    "What the hell is this, Jane?" asked Trent. Jane's face dropped the minute she saw the
    "I.. Um... Trent...." she sputtered. Trent held up his hand.
    "You're going to say this in front of all of us. Mack, Jodie, Quinn, me, and Daria. And
I hope you have a goddamn good reason why you did this, Jane." Trent stormed out. Jane sat down
on the couch and brushed her fingers through her hair and sighed.


    "Alright. Let's get this finished before my parents get home," Quinn said, looking
annoyed. Daria, Trent, Jane, Quinn, Jodie, and Mack were gathered around the living room. Daria
was sitting as far away from Trent as possible, and was refusing to make eye contact. Jane was
sitting by herself and chewing her nails nervously. Mack and Jodie were side by side, as were
Quinn and Trent. But as Quinn's expression was indifferent, Trent's was filled with anger as he
stared at Jane.
    "Yeah, you mind elaborating on why we're here, Trent?" Jodie asked.
    "Actually... This is about Jane. Jane, why don't you tell everybody what I found in your
journal?" Trent glared at Jane, and she cowered.
    "I..." said Jane. She sighed and closed her eyes, continuing, "I put the insecticide in
the beer. It wasn't meant for Daria. It was meant for Quinn. I thought if I put it down in
front of her, she'd drink it. I didn't want her to break Trent and Daria up. I didn't want this
to happen. It was an accident. I'm so sorry." She opened her eyes. Everyone but Trent and Daria
were gaping at her in shock. Trent had turned away, aparently too disgusted with her to bother
looking at her. Daria had her head in her hands. She wasn't crying. She looked as if she was in
shock. Then she looked at Jane. Daria didn't seem angry. Just a hurt expression crossed her
face. [1]
    "You... just sat there and watched me drink it down? Without saying so much as a word?"
she asked. "I can't believe it, Jane. How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends."
    "I... Daria I... I-" Jane was cut off by the doorbell. Daria, obviously looking for an
excuse to get away from the group, rose and walked over to the door. She opened it.
    "Aunt Amy?" Daria asked, confused.
    "Hello, Daria. How's my favorite.. nevermind. We need to talk, Daria," said Amy.
    "Couldn't you have just, you know, called?" Daria asked, still dumbfounded.
    "This is REALLY important, Daria," Amy said, and she stepped past Daria, and into the
house, seeing everyone. "Ah, hi," she said. She turned to Daria. "Maybe we could talk in the
kitchen?" Daria just nodded as she followed Amy to the kitchen.

    "Ok... What was so important that you needed to fly all the way here to say it?" Daria
    "Er... This is kind of hard for me." Amy looked ten times more nervous than Jane had.
"And it's really hard to believe so... Kind of bare with me."    
    "Yes?" Daria asked.
    "I'm... your mother," Amy took a deep breath and let it out. Daria just looked at her.
    "Excuse me?" she asked in her monotone.
    "Daria, you have to understand. I was young. I was probably twenty years old. I got
pregnant by accident, and the father was my boyfriend, who by the way took off when he found
I was pregnant with you. I got scared. I didn't want to be a mother yet, especially without a
father. And Helen and Jake thought they couldn't have kids, and since Helen was thirty at that
time, and married, she said that once you were born, she would take you in as her daughter. So
we agreed and that was that.
    "After you were born, Helen and Jake 'adopted' you, so to speak, and I stayed away so
that it would be final. Obviously, they could have kids, as they found out with Quinn. God,
Daria. When I first saw you at Erin's wedding, I knew it was you right away. I could tell. And
at that moment, I wanted to tell you who I was. Apparently, Helen knew I was going to say
something, and she threatened that if I did, she would sue me. So I stayed quiet.
    "And then, about a week ago, she called me and told me what had happened. She told me
that you were in dire need of a kidney doner with the correct tissue type. She asked me to get
tested, and I did. We have matching types. She told me to come to Lawndale, give you my kidney,
and not tell you about out mother-daughter relation. I told her that if I was going to give you
my kidney, I wanted to tell you that you were my daughter. So she agreed. And here I am," Amy
finished. Daria gaped at her in astonishment. There was a *thud* noise from the living room.
Quinn had obviously passed out. But nobody was bothering with her, as they are all gaping, too.
"Daria, I'll understand if you hate me. I did get rid of you. If you just want me to give you
my kidney, and leave, I'll understand. I'll pretend this never happened and we can all just
get-" Amy was interrupted by Daria hugging her. Amy was surprised, but then hugged Daria back
too. Daria broke away.
    "Oh, Am-" Daria stopped. "Mom... Of course I don't want you to leave. I'm glad that I
finally understand why I'm not like Quinn, and Helen, and Jake. I finally know why I'm
different, and I look like you. I'm actally happy. But... Who am I going to live with?"
    "You can stay with the Morgendorffers. I don't mind. You grew up with Jake and Helen as
your parents and Quinn as your sister," said Amy.
    "But.. I kind of wanted to live with you. I really don't fit in well here, and you're the
only person who really understands me," Daria said. Amy smiled, and nodded. But Trent came
storming in and pulled Daria up.
    "You can't leave Lawndale, Daria. You just can't. I love you. I always have, and I
always will. No matter what. You can't drive me away for no reason," Trent said. In response,
Daria just kissed him. Hard, and deeply. She broke away and looked at Amy.
    "I can't leave Lawndale," she said finally.
    "I could, er, move to Lawndale.. If you wanted?" Amy asked. Daria hugged Amy again, and
Trent at the same time, too.
    "Are you sure you want to give me a kidney?"
    "Yes. Absolutely positively sure," Amy said.
    "Can you excuse me for a second? I have someone I need to speak with."
    "Sure," said Amy, confused. Daria walked over to Jane.
    "We need to talk. Up in my room. Now," said Daria. Jane nodded nervously.

===---DARIA'S BEDROOM ---===

    "Jane... Why did you do this? Even if it hadn't been me that drank the beer, and it had
been Quinn, should she really have gone through what I went through? Was it worth it, Jane?"
Daria asked incredelously.
    "Daria... I couldn't think. I drank a lot before you came. And then Quinn tried to move
in on Trent. I couldn't stand it! My head screamed, 'DO SOMETHING TO HER!" It wouldn't shut up!
So then I saw the insecticide and I poured the mug full of half. It smelt so bad. I had to
put beer in it to even it out. And then I thought if I set it in front of Quinn, she'd drink
it. But then she gave it to you, and I couldn't say, 'Hey don't drink that, I put poison in
that glass.' So... You drank it... And then I pretended I had cramps later on from the beer,
so that Trent would take you to the hospital."
    "I drank the WHOLE thing.. And you didn't say so much as a peep?" asked Daria, still not
angry, just hurt that her friend could have caused all this.
    Jane didn't know what to say. So, she said, "But, Daria, Amy is giving you her kidney. We
can all pick up at where we left off." Daria shook her head with a sad look on her face.
    "That's not the point, Jane. Not the point at all. I can't believe you'd even say that."
Daria walked over to a window and looked out. "Jane... I don't think I want to know you
    "But, Daria. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please..."
    "I'm sorry, too, Jane. Now please leave." Jane trembled with sadness and fear of losing
Daria forever. She cried more silent than Daria had been for the past three months. She turned
and walked unsteadily toward the door. At the door she turned and started to say something, but
stopped. She left.
    Outside of Daria's room, Jane saw Trent. Trent just shook his head in dissapointment. He
had obviously heard every word that was said in Daria's room. Jane tried to say she was sorry,
but her mouth only went in the movement. The words came out in silence. But Trent knew what she
had tried to say, and scowled. Jane went down the stairs and out of sight. He heard the front
door slam. He entered Daria's room.
    Trent found Daria crying on her bed. Trent walked over to her, and took Daria in his
arms. She rested her head against his shoulder and cried into it.
    "You did the right thing, Daria. You did the right thing," Trent said, trying to comfort
her. Daris broke the embrace, and looked into Trent's eyes.
    "I know I did, Trent. It just hurts. She was the only friend I had up until three months
again. She was the only true friend I had *EVER* had. In my whole life. Or so I thought. I
mean, it's not so much that she was going to poison Quinn, because plenty of people want to do
that. Or that she poisoned me... It's that she just watched as I drank it down. And then after
I did, she acted like she had no idea what had happened. I could have gone to the hospital then
and avoided all this shit. And it's true. I don't want to know her anymore. Or see her ever
again," Daria finished, and put her head back on Trent's shoulder. Trent just held her, and
they stayed that way for a long time.


====+++~~~~^^^ EPILOGUE ^^^~~~~+++====

    Daria ended up getting the kidney transplant. It was successful. She and Amy stayed in
Lawndale, so Daria could be near Trent and the Morgendorffers.

    After the events of the day in the Morgendorffer living room, Jane went home and made a
decision. She decided to kill herself. She figured that Daria would never speak to her, and
Trent wouldn't either, and that she would go to jail soon anyway. She overdosed on sleeping
pills, and was found dead by Trent the next morning.

    After Jane's death, Trent moved in with Daria and Amy, as Trent's parents decided to sell
the house.

    The Morgendorffers, though happy with Daria's successful recovery, were devastated by
Daria leaving to live with Amy. But Quinn... Well, she helped them through it, and couldn't be
happier at finally being an only child.

    Daria and Trent, having overcome so many obstacles in their romance, decided to be
married. Trent proposed shortly after Daria's opperation. Daria happily accepted, but they
decided to stay living with Amy for awhile, as she had moved to Lawndale anyway. Daria and
Trent lived practically happily ever after. Or.. As well as can be expected in Lawndale.



[1] For those of you that guessed it was Jane, congratulations to ya. Although... I couldn't
have BEEN more obvious...