by Galen Hardesty


Daria and Glenn are walking down the dirt road that will be Lover's Lane come nightfall. Glenn is talking and gesturing. Daria looks pensive and sad, nods occasionally.

"And as a writer yourself, you understand that quality is more important than quantity. You wouldn't want to 'jump the shark.'" Daria nodded, head down. They came to Lover's Leap, the wide spot in the road at the top of the cliff overhanging the old quarry.

"So, after much careful consideration, I decided Daria should go out on a high note." He made a soaring gesture out over the quarry. "Head held high! Standards intact!"

Daria took a step toward the cliff edge. There were no trees here to block the grand Westward view. To the Northwest, foothills led off to conifer-covered mountain slopes, with the jagged snow-covered peaks of a greater range visible behind them, far away. To the Southwest, rolling hills and farmlands and a few small towns were bathed in the multi-hued glow of a magnificent sunset. Daria took it all in, very carefully, as if for the last time, then looked back toward Glenn, who was smiling encouragingly.

Blinking, Daria inhaled deeply, then exhaled, somewhat raggedly. "Uh, Glenn?"

"Yes, Daria?" Glenn stepped closer, lifting a hand as if to place it on her shoulder or back in a comforting way.

"I got yer high note right here." Daria kicked Glenn square in the 'nads. He doubled over with a high-pitched "eeep!" Sidestepping quickly to Glenn's non-cliff side, Daria said "That high enough for ya?" as she booted him over the edge. Glenn let out an even higher pitched scream as he plummeted to the pile of jagged rubble far below. "Ooh, even better" she said, observing his fall, impact, and bloody bounces.

"Quitter." muttered Daria as she turned away and headed back up the track, away from the sunset and toward Lawndale. "Now I'll have to depend on fanfic writers till that Anime deal goes through. Well, I hear those Japanese artists really dig roundeye chicks. Maybe I'll finally get a figure. And some decent legs."


(Just kidding, Glenn.)

La la LA la la.




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