Fan Fiction
"Writes of Passage"
by Deref

Note: These stories include language and/or content that may not be
suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

My Afternoon at Tom's (*)Set a few weeks after "My Night at Daria's," Daria and Tom finally "do the deed." This story explores the experience from Tom's, Daria's and Amy's (!) point of view.
Lovers in a Dangerous Time (*)This fic explores the three weeks leading up to "My Afternoon at Tom's," deals with some of that afternoon in more detail, and touches on some events a couple of days afterward.
Down and Out on Dega Street (*)This story tells of Jane's adventures one night at the Zon and of the surprising capabilities of Nicholas Campbell.
Bird on the Wire (*)After Jane's adventures on Dega Street, Daria makes a hard decision about her friendship with Jane.
Quinntessence Part 1A new couple muses on their newfound relationship, and the impact it will have on their friends and family.
Quinntessence Part 2Quinn makes an admission, Jane scores well in a test, Daria gets aggressive, and Jane also makes an admission.
Tie Died, My DarlingHelen finally tells Daria about how she and Jake came to meet, and reveals some interesting facts about her hippie days.
Forest Primeval, Part 1On a rainy night in Lawndale, two people connect. Old scores are settled, worries discussed and resolved, and an announcement made.
Forest Primeval, Part 2BFAC's submission requirements give Jane the perfect chance to confront her dilemma, and Daria a chance to exact some rather painful revenge.