What She Deserved? Part 1/2
by The Unknown

 Scene 1: The locker areas. We see Daria grabbing her books. She feels a tap on
 her shoulders; startled she jumps. She turns around to see Jane.

 Daria: Could you stop doing that?

 Jane: What? Oh sorry.

 Daria:So where's Joanna?

 Jane: Who knows maybey she's attempting to skate off the roof. (A)

 Daria: O.K where's Brandon?

 Jane: Over there. (Points towards Jamie)

 Daria: Jamie White? With out the other two J's?

 Cut to Brandon, and Jamie.

 Jamie: So like how do I tell Quinn I like her?

 Brandon: Will you could just flat out ask her.

 Jane, and Daria walk up.

 Jane: Or you could write a mushy poem.

 Joanna walks up to them. Board in hand.

 Joanna: Jamie. Write a song. Music speaks.

 Jamie: Thanks Sandi. I didn't know you were a musician.

 Joanna: (Glaring) My name's Joanna.(B)

 Jamie walks away from them whistling.

 Jane: (To Joanna) Why don't you chop your hair?

 Daria: And risk the fact that she won't look like Sandi.

 Brandon: Or risk the fact that people will think the actual Sandi went insane?

 Joanna: I'm not cutting my hair.

 (They walk to class)

 Scene 2
  We see the Fashion Club.

 Quinn: So like who should I go with?

 Tiffany:Oh Joey definately.

 Stacy: Yeah!

 Quinn: What about you Sandi?

 Sandi:(Deadpan)Umm like go with Jamie.

 Quinn: Umm o.k. Whatever.
 (The three are waiting for Sandi to reply "Maybey you should be president.")

 Sandi: Yeah whatever.

 Stacy: Sandi. What's wrong?

 Sandi: What do you mean?

 Tiffany: Like usually you act like a conceited snob.

 Quinn: No offense.

 Sandi: Look nothings wrong. (She storms off to the bathroom.)

 Quinn: Sheesh what crawled up her ass and died?

 Scene 3: Show Sandi at the sink crying.

 Sandi: Why did this have to happen to me? Now I know how Jane felt when she was
 raped. God; this is my fault. I've always acted like a bitch. Now I got what I
 deserved. (Cut to flashback) We see Sandi with some guy.

 Sandi: Like this car sucks. So did that dinner.

 Guy (Neil): (Gritting) Look bitch; I've tried pleasing you for I don't know how
 long. Yet all you can do is act like a cold hearted bitch. Will I guess there's
 only one thing that'll make you happy.

 Sandi: Umm what?

 (Neil is in his driveway now. He gets out. Sandi follows him. He opens the door
 to his house.)

 Sandi: Like I should go home. (She starts to walk off)

 Neil: (Grabs her) I don't think so bitch. (Before she can reply he drags her to
 his room, then shoves her on the bed.) Do exacly what I say. If you don't I will
 fucking kill you. You understand you little bitch?

 Sandi: Y-yeah

 Neil: Good; now do you know what I'm going to do?

 Sandi: Umm uh uh uh. You wouldn't.

 Neil: Oh I could, and I will.

 At this he rips open her shirt. Then with a knife he slices off her bra.

 Back to present.

 Sandi: Oh God. (She starts crying again. She then runs out the bathroom)

 Scene 4: Show Joanna in Ms Barcs class.

 Ms Barc: Now for our final announcement. Study for the test tommorow. Of course
 to all you conniving males; don't bother.

 Kevin: All right! Did you hear that Mack Daddy?

 Mack: Don't call me that!

 Ms Barc: Shut up both of you!!

 Joanna: Ah the sweet sound of Miss Bitch.(C)

 Ms Barc: What was that Sandi?

 Joanna: My name is Joanna.
 The bell rings releasing the students. Joanna walks out to greet Daria, and

 Jane: Yo.

 Joanna: Hey.

 Daria: Hi.

 Jane: Some conversation.
 They see Sandi walking by with her head down.

 Joanna: What's with her?

 Daria: Hmm you're right. She's acting more umm..

 Jane: Normal?

 Daria: Not as snobbish.

 At this time the FC walks up to them.

 Tiffany: Umm Daria's couisin, or whatever?

 Daria: Yeah?

 Tiffany: Like what's wrong with Sandi?

 Quinn: Yeah she's acting weird.

 Stacy: Oh yeah.

 Jane: She's probaly mad about some shirt.

 Joanna: Oh yeah.

 Tiffany: I guess.
 They walk off.

 Joanna: Guess well have to crack this case.

 Scene 4: We see the Griffins at the dinner table. Linda, and Tom are eating; Sam
 and Chris are flinging food at each other; Sandi just pics at her food.

 Linda: Sandi how was your day?

 Sandi: (Deadpan) Great.

 Linda: What's wrong Sandi? Wait I know what'll cheer you up. That boy Neil

 Sandi: (Jolts) Neil?

 Linda: Yes Neil. You know he's a sweet young man. You should go out with him

 Sandi: (Quivering) I d-don't want t-to.

 Linda: Why?

 Sandi gets up from the dinner table and runs to her room.

 Cut to Sandi's room. We see her face down on the pillow crying. Five minutes
 later her mom walks in.

 Linda: Sandi what's wrong? Why are you crying?

 Sandi: (Muffled)Pheratmeph

 Linda: Sandi get up from that pillow!

 Sandi: He-he-he

 Linda: (Exasperated) What??

 Sandi: (Giving in) He raped me.

 Linda: Oh is that it? Well just get over.

 Sandi: (Yelling) How could you?? I've just been violated, and I'm supposed to
 act like it's o.k?

 She runs out of the house crying.

 End act 1

 Begin commercial break.

 #1. A commercial.

 Begin act 2

 Scene 1.

 We see Joanna in some work out room. She's puncing on a punching bag. She hears
 the doorbell ring. We see her answer it.

 Joanna: Oh hey Sandi.

 Sandi: Umm like hi. Can I like stay over here?

 Joanna: Why what's wrong?

 Sandi: I ran away from home.

 Joanna: Why?

 Sandi: I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to say "I told you so"

 Joanna: What?

 Sandi: I was raped.

 Joanna: (TVO) Geez 2nd one. Wonder how many more I have to put up with.
 (Speaking) Geez I mean you can be a conceited snob at some points,but somebody
 doing that? That's low.

 Sandi: Oh geez thanks alot.

 Joanna: Did you go to the hospital?

 Sandi: No.

 Joanna: What about unplanned parent hood?

 Sandi: No. Why?

 Joanna: To see if you're pregnant, or have STD's

 Sandi: I don't want any one to know.

 Joanna: (slightly rolling her eyes) No one else will know.

 Sandi: Fine I'll go there tomorrow; but could you come with me?

 Joanna:(TVO) Be thankful you two look alike, or else people will assume you're
 gay. (S) Umm sure. Anyways make your self at home. I'll show you your room in a
 bit. Do you want anything to eat?

 Sandi: Do you have any lowfat salad?

 Joanna: Dear Sandi you're not fat.

 Sandi: Will do you?

 Joanna: Will I was fixing some chicken cheese enchiladas. That is if you can
 handle the heat.

 Sandi: Umm like o.k. Do you have a T.V?

 Joanna: Yeah in the den. To get to elaborate NC-17 movies type in 3RT5T.

 Sandi: Will your parents know?

 Joanna: Sandi between you, and me. I have no parents.(D)

 Scene 2: Show The Helen sittin on the couch doing some paper work. The phone
 rings. She picks it up.

 Helen: Helloo!

 Linda: Hello Helen?

 Helen: What?

 Linda: Is Sandi there?

 Helen: No why?

 Linda: Will she ran out of the house crying, and I thought maybey she was with

 Helen: No she isn't did you try the other girls?

 Linda: Yes, yes I did. She's not there. This is all my fault.

 Helen: Wait. Why is this your fault?

 Linda: Like you would care. *click*

 Helen: (Looks at phone. Mutters.) Bitch.

 Scene 3: We see Daria in Jane's room.

 Daria: I can't believe there's something up with everyone favorate bitch.

 Jane:(Painting) I know. She's usually really conceited.

 Daria: Do you think maybey something bad happened to her?

 Jane: Will we could call Joanna.

 Daria: Fine.

 Jane moves away from the painting; which by the way is a picture of an exotic
 dancing Sandi surrounded by skeletons watching her.

 Daria: (Flatly) Nice painting.

 Jane: (Picks up phone. Dials) Hello is Joanna there? Oh hey!

 Joanna: What can I do for ya.

 Jane: Did you find out what's wrong with Sandi?

 Joanna: Yeah. You're not going to like what you hear.

 Jane: What?

 Joanna: She was raped.

 Jane: By who?

 Joanna: Some guy. Name's Neil. What's really upsetting her is that when she told
 her mom; she said to get over it. Like she didn't give a damn.

 Jane: Oh man. Listen I gotta go.

 Joanna: "Kay bye. *click*

 Daria: So?

 Jane: She was raped. What's even more sad is that her mom  doesn't give a flying
 fuck. Daria do you think Sandi gets her bitchy attitude from her mother?

 Daria: (Monotone) Will they look alike if that's any indication.

 Jane: I kind of feel bad for her. I mean she did try to take Brandon away, but
 she didn't deserve that dammit!(E)

 Daria: So do I. Even though Stacy called saying she had a dream where Sandi was
 chasing her with a bloody chainsaw.(F)

 Jane: That poor little girl needs some guts.

 Scene 4: we see Sandi, and Joanna in Sandi's temporary room.

 Sandi: (Blurting out.) I wish I was never born.

 Joanna: Shocked) Why?

 Sandi: (Crying) Because I know damn well I take after my mother. She was a
 bitch. She is a bitch, and she always will be a bitch. Maybey if I killed myself
 everyone be happy.

 Joanna: Sandi. Dammit snap out of it. Look Sandi you may have some traits of
 your mom which you can't help, but does that mean you have to be a clone of her?

 Sandi: Ph. Yeah maybey I can sit on a microwave.

 Joanna: No you can't. They have't done that in the movies yet.(G)

 Sandi: Look I deserved what happened to me.

 Joanna: Why?

 Sandi: Because I complained about the date.

 Joanna: So you acted like a bitch. Sandi that gave him no right to do that.

 Sandi: Yeah, will.

 Joanna: Did you call the police?

 Sandi: Yes I did. (Cries again) They let him off, because they believed him.

 Joanna: Sandi get some sleep. I'll be back in an hour.

 Sandi: But.

 Joanna: No buts.
 She exits. We see her walk to a room filled with many weapons. She glances at
 them then grabs a bo staff. (It's a long stick [Eww!] Not that! [O.K]) She
 twirls it around. Then puts it back up. She grabs a blow dart shooter (Whatever
 the hell they're called) She grabs her skateboard.)

 Joanna: It's payback time.

 Scene 5: We see Neil walking along Dega Street*
 *Why is it the people must walk on Dega Street?*
 Cut to Joanna who has the blow dart gun positioned at her mouth. She inhales a
 breath of air then blows. We see the dart traveling in slow motion. It hits him
 in the neck. He gasps, then falls over.

 Joanna:(As if talking to an audiance.) don't worry folks. He'll be back.(Ske
 skates home.)

 Scene 6: We see Sandi in the room. She looks around, and sighs.

 Sandi: Maybey I should call my mom. (She picks up the phone.)
 Splitscreen. Sandi. Linda.


 Sandi: Mom?

 Linda: Sandi? Is that you?

 Sandi:(Little hope in her voice.) Yes.

 Linda: Sandi get off that attitute of everyone's out to get you.

 Sandi: (Crying) What attitude? I've been raped. What really hurts though is that
 you don't give a damn. Well don't worry mom. You'll never have to see me again.

 Linda: What'd she mean by that?

 Scene 6: We see Sandi at the edge of a cliff.
 What's This Life For? by Creed plays.

 Sandi: I guess this is where it ends. I wonder if anyone will care?
 (Disolve to dream sequence. We see the FC sitting around drinking Martinis. We
 also see Daria,Jane, and A.V* Sitting around.
 (She was in Brassed Off.)

 Quinn: Isn't it wonderful? Now that Sandi's dead I can be president!

 Stacy: Yeah!

 Tiffany: I... am... like... so... happy... she.. died.

 Pan to the others.

 Daria: Ah yes finally after Sandi's death...
 (Dissolve again.)
 Sandi shakes her head. She looks down at the cliff. Below are some jagged rocks.

 Sandi: Guess it's now or never. (Before she falls. A pair of hands grab her.)
 Hey let go!

 Joanna: SH! Sandi what the hell are you doing?

 Sandi: What does it look like?

 Joanna: You're going bungee jumping without the rope?

 Sandi: (Crying) I just want to get out of this.

 Joanna: By killing yourself? Look you have a lot to live for. Don't kill

 Sandi: Then how can I get help?

 Joanna: They have a girls counseling group at school. I call it DDD.
 Drugs,Drinking, Deppression.

 Sandi: But I don't drink, or do drugs.

 Joanna: True, yet maybey deep down inside the popularity you have deppression.

 Sandi: What if it doesn't work?

 Joanna: Will you can always pop pills *
 *As in taking medication*

 Sandi: I'm not convinced.

 Joanna: Sandi. Please don't. Look I didn't want to tell you this, but..

 Sandi: You're gay, and are in love with me?

 Joanna: HELL NO! Look the reason why I look like you is...

 Sandi: Is what? You're a clone?

 Joanna: No I'm you sorta.

 Sandi: Huh?

 Joanna: It's a loong story that I'll explain one of these days. Let's just say
 I'm your alter ego.

 Sandi: Uh buh uh duh.

 Joanna: (smirks)Just don't go blurting it out.

 Sandi: Fine. I'll get help.

 Joanna: You ready to go back to my place?

 Sandi: I guess.

 Joanna: First we need to talk to the FC.

 Scene 7: We see Sandi at Tiffnay's house with the other members.

 Quinn: Sandi! What are you doing here?

 Sandi: I was wanting to talk to you guys about my behavior.

 Tiffany: O...K

 Sandi: The reason why I was acting strange is because I was umm...

 Stacy: Sandi tell us.

 Sandi: Raped.

 Stunned looks from all.

 Tiffany: Sandi...I...am...like...so...sorry.

 Quinn: What guy was it?

 Sandi: That's not important. What's important is that it was like a wake up
 call, and I can't always act like a bitch.

 Quinn: So do I get to be president?

 Sandi: (smirks) Not while I'm around.

 Joanna: Atta girl!

 Scene 8: Jane is in her room with Brandon.

 Brandon: So then Sandi's mom didn't give a shit?

 Jane: None at all.

 Brandon: I feel for her.

 Jane: Even though she tried to take you away?

 Brandon: Yeah. (Phone rings)

 Jane: Yo!

 Joanna: Hey.

 Jane: So what's the news?

 Joanna: Will she attempted to kill herself. Luckily I stopped her. She'll be
 going to DDD meetings.

 Jane: Umm O.K

 Joanna: Now she's going to have to face her greatest challenge. Her mom.

 Jane: Bummer. Will see ya.

 Joanna: Bye. *Click*

 Scene 9: We see Joanna, and Sandi at Sandi's front door.

 Sandi: Guess it's now or never. (Before she can open the door her mom walks out.
 She gets a suprised look when she see's two Sandis.

 Joanna: Hell with it maybey I should look like Daria...

 To Be Continued...


 A: This is a joke from from The Wackies. In the comic strip X skates off the
 roof. (And winds up knocking Coolsy unconsiouse.)

 B: She looks like Sandi.

 C:She dubbed her that in AYTG?

 D: (Spoilers for Our Alter Egos) Being as Joanna is Sandi's alter ego it makes
 since that she wouldn't have any parents.

 E: She tried to to take him away in "Brassed Off (Daria)

 F: This was on the FC's official home page.

 G: A ripoff from the Simpsons.

 Authors View.

 Oui. This is probaly one of the toughest stories I've written. Seeing as how
 alot of people hate Sandi Griffen. Folks what if there was a reason to her
 bitchy attitude? Personally I do believe it comes from her mom. Look at both
 their looks, and personalities.

 The following people I would like to thank.

 Peter W. Guerin: For being one of the authors who doesn't think Sandi should

 Austin Covello: For his essay on Sandi that encouraged me to do the story.


 1: Open Road Song -Eve6
 2: The One- Backstreet Boys.
 3: Pretty- Korn
 4: Tommorow- Silver Chair
 5: Normal Like You- Ever Clear

 All I can think of.

 Till part 2.