Fan Fiction
"The Lost Seasons"
by C.E. Forman

Season One
Lotto NonsenseDaria... a millionaire? Well, not exactly, but she does win some major bucks in the lottery (with Trent's help), affecting her and everyone around her with hilarious results. An impressive Daria fanfic debut by C.E. Forman.
To Helen BackDisorder in the court! Quinn and Daria are subjected to "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," with Quinn spending a day with Jake while Daria joins Helen as she tackles a major court case. If you think our justice system is the biggest crock to hit the world since the invention of the toilet, then you'll love how Daria skewers it on a spit!
All Washed UpDaria joins Jane at a charity car wash, while at the same time has to deal with a load of abuse from Sandi (who is, in turn, effectively being tortured by the consequences of Quinn's suggestion that the Fashion Club take up rollerblading). A story that takes a definite turn towards teen angst, but never fear: there's Daria sarcasm aplenty.
Good-Bye, DiarrheaEver wonder about the transition Daria made from Beavis and Butt-Head to her own show? This story details Daria's last days in Highland and her final(?) encounter with the Little Weinerheads while providing explanations for some of the changes between then and now (such as her green jacket and black skirt outfit). A very amusing crossover that neatly bridges the gap between Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria.
Weighting to ExhaleA "heavy" tale, in several ways. Quinn becomes convinced she's too fat (shades of Tiffany!) after a visit to the doctor, and practically tortures herself in her efforts to lose weight. Meanwhile, Jane becomes interested in a cute guy at school; problem is, so does Daria. The resulting competition threatens to do the unthinkable: tear their friendship to pieces.
Accept No SubstitutesA substitute English teacher comes to Lawndale High, with an approach to teaching that triggers an unexpected change in students' attitudes. Unfortunately, such radical ideas bring her into direct conflict with the tyrranical Ms. Li. A dramatic and entertaining story with a powerful message about the costs and perils of blind conformity (a message that resonates particularly with Daria and Jodie).
Rain on Your ParadeIn part one of a two-part extravaganza, it's the town's Lawndale Days festival, and everyone is attending the festivities. During the celebrations, Jake attempts to reclaim his lost childhood, Quinn gets pressured into doing something crazy, and Daria gets musical... which leads to her possibly making the biggest mistake of her life. Concludes in "Quinntet."
QuinntetConcluding the story begun in "Rain on Your Parade," Daria attempts to reconcile with Trent, the Fashion Club members share their true feelings (with the help of some of Milwaukee's Finest), and Jake's attempt to reclaim his childhood takes a turn for the worse.
Daria versus the IRSJane and Trent come face to face with the awesome power of the Federal government when the IRS seizes their house (turns out their parents hadn't paid taxes in over six years), and the Morgendorffer clan comes to their aid... except for Quinn, who is trying to find out who is spreading nasty rumors about her around school.
Taking DebateDaria is roped into joining the school forensics team, where she has to participate in a regional debate tournament. Along for the ride are Quinn and Sandi, who don't take it seriously and consider it to be just another popularity contest. Along the way, they all learn a little something about independent thought... well, Daria does, anyway.
No PicnicJodie Landon, Superstudent. She's friends with everyone and participates in everything. But has the pressure of being "Miss Model Student" finally pushed her too far? Find out what happens when you mix the Morgendorffers, the Landons, a day in the park, and more pressure than any teenager (or adult) should be expected to bear.
Driven WildOkay, all you Daria/Trent afficionados... this is the one you've been waiting for! Thanks once again to Jane's yenta-like proddings, Daria borrows Jake's car in order to get closer to Trent, while the rest of the Morgendorffer clan (yes, Quinn, too) takes in a round of golf. Unfortunately, both of the days' activities collide... in more ways than one.
Alienation LegacyC.E.'s first "Lost Season" ends on a more somber note... though it's never dull with Our Heroine around! In this story, the family is gathered for the funeral of Daria's great-aunt, Eleanor Barksdale. There, she proceeds to bug the hell out of Quinn, an act mirrored by the antics of Helen and her sister, Rita (with sarcastic "color commentary" provided once again by Amy).

Season Two
A Morgendorffer ScornedThe premiere episode of C.E.'s "Lost Season #2" finds Daria the writer getting her first taste of genuine criticism. Can she handle it? You won't know until you read the story, but let's just say that she's not exactly used to it...
Cut AboveIt's pure Fashion Club mayhem when Sandi decides to enter her cat Fluffy in a local pet show. How will she juggle this and an angry Quinn, who's upset over the new-look advice she gave when Quinn makes a bet with Daria?
FireworksHow did Jake Morgendorffer and Helen Barksdale first meet and fall in love? Daria, Quinn, Jane and Trent find out during a washed-out Fourth of July, when Jake and Helen tell their story. See what they were like as college students (it may shock you!) and who their other friends were, in addition to Willow and Coyote Yeager.