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(Daria and Jane are watching TV.)

TV ANNOUNCER- Is the gold dollar really counterfeit, or is it just a plan to let Bill Clinton run for President for four more years? Find out as part of out 24 hour "Sick, Sad World" marathon this weekend.

JANE- At last, a reason to stay home on the weekend.

DARIA- Now all they need is a cable network.

(Helen enters.)

HELEN- I need to change the channel for a minute, girls.

DARIA- Did Aunt Rita get picked on "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" again?

HELEN- Daria!

DARIA- What?

HELEN- I want to turn to the news to see about the weather.

JANE- Donít tell me weíre going to have another hurricane?

(Jake enters.)

JAKE- Snow!

HELEN- Jake, we donít know if itís going to snow, and thatís why Iím turning to the weather report right now.

(Helen changes the channel on the TV. On the screen, we see a Willard Scott look alike pointing to a map.)

WILLARD- It looks like the suburb town of Lawndale will be hit by a strong snowstorm tomorrow afternoon. I predict that Lawndale will just get a drizzle. And now for peopleís birthdays over 100.

(Helen turns off the TV.)

JAKE- I knew it!

HELEN- Jake, he said a drizzle.

JAKE- Weathermen lie sometimes, Helen. Itíll snow like hell tomorrow.

HELEN- Thatís what you said last year, and it didnít happen.

JAKE- Damn it, Helen! I know itís going to snow like hell this year!

DARIA- How do you know, Dad?

JAKE- Gut instinct, Daria. I know these things like a steel trap.

HELEN- And the brain of an idiot.

JAKE- What, Helen?

HELEN- Nothing, Jake.




(Daria and Jane are sitting on Dariaís bed.)

JANE- Do you think Jakeís right about this?

DARIA- What?

JANE- The snowstorm, genius.

DARIA- The only thing he said about a snowstorm was when Mad Dog Morgendorffer made him hike in a blizzard for the whole day, and he never forgot about it.

JANE- Never?

DARIA- Never.

JANE- Want to bet on it?

DARIA- I donít gamble.

JANE- Iím talking about school closings. I bet that Lawndale High gets closed tomorrow.

DARIA- Whatís your wager?

JANE- If the school closes, you go out with Trent to lunch this weekend.

DARIA- I hate you.

JANE- I was kidding.

DARIA- I still hate you.

(Quinn enters.)

QUINN- Daria, can I borrow your green jacket?

DARIA- What for?

QUINN- Iím going to stay over at Sandiís for the night.

DARIA- Itís a school night.

QUINN- Mom will say itís okay.

HELENíS VOICE- Quinn, you know you canít stay over your friends on school nights!

DARIA- (Smirks.) Told you.

QUINN- (Frowns.) I hate you.

DARIA- Join the club.

(Quinn leaves.)

DARIA- (At Jane.) As for youÖ

JANE- I better get going too.

(Jane leaves.)

(Jake enters holding a box full of canned peaches.)

DARIA- Whatís with the canned peaches, Dad?

JAKE- Itís for the shelter, kiddo. With the snowstorm coming and all, we better be prepared with food and water just in case.

DARIA- We donít have a shelter.

JAKE- Just come with me to the basement to see what Iíve been doing to it.

DARIA- Do I have to?

JAKE- Yes.

DARIA- Damn.




(The whole Morgendorffer clan is in the basement. There are shelves full of bottled water and canned peaches, and boxes full of magazines and comic books.)

HELEN- Jake, are you preparing of the end of the world, or acting like a complete idiot?

JAKE- The snowstorm, Helen. I went to the store and bought $200 worth of bottled water and canned peaches, and brought some of my old comic books from the attic for us to read.

(Quinn picks up one of the comics from the box.)

QUINN- Who are the X-Men? Some kind of porno for gay men?

(Daria just roles her eyes at Quinn.)

DARIA- You need to read comics more than the latest issue of "Waif."

HELEN- (Angry at Jake.) YOU SPENT WHAT!?

JAKE- $200.

HELEN- You wasted all that money on something that might not happen!

DARIA- Besides, we canít just eat peaches for the rest of our lives.

JAKE- Daria does have a point. Iíll buy $100 worth of pizza.


JAKE- What!

HELEN- You can survive on your stupid peaches and bottled water if you want, but me and the girls are going out for ribs. (To Daria and Quinn.) Come on, girls.

(Helen and Quinn leave.)

DARIA- Dad, I believe you, but spending all that money on canned peaches and bottled water.

JAKE- Go with your mother, kiddo, Iíll be fine.

(Daria stares at Jake for a few seconds then leaves.)

(Jake grabs one of the canned peaches.)

JAKE- Damnmit! I forgot the can opener!



(We hear the wind blow weak then stronger, then we see snowflakes coming down on to the ground.)



(Daria wakes up to the sound of her clock radio that plays "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men. She throws the clock to a wall.)

DARIA- Get new clock radio and set it to a jazz station.

(She gets out of bed and walks to the window, and opens the curtains to see all of Lawndale covered in snow.)

DARIA- (Eyes wide open.) Holy snowdrifts, Batman! (Deadpan.) It looks like Hell did freeze over after all.

(Quinn enters running.)

QUINN- Daria, did you see want happened outside?

DARIA- Did the Grinch steal Christmas again?

QUINN- No, you idiot! All of Lawndale is covered in snow. (Pauses for five seconds.) Were you being sarcastic again?


QUINN- Let me listen to your radio so I can find out if schoolís closed.

DARIA- (Turns to her broken radio on the floor, then turns to Quinn.) Used it to kill a rat.

QUINN- We have rats? I better tell Mom to call an exterminator, before we get infested with the little rodents.

(Daria sighs.)



(Helen, Daria, and Quinn are sitting in the dining room table, while listening to the radio.)

RADIO ANNOUNCER- I have just learned that MTVís Carlson Daly is going to star in the big screen version of "Josie and the Pussycats" coming out the Summer of 2001.

QUINN- Get to the school closings already!

DARIA- May the force be with us.

QUINN- Shut up, Daria. I want to hear if Lawndale High is closed.

DARIA- Whatís with you, Quinn?

QUINN- I have this test I didnít study for, and I want the school to close for that reason.

DARIA- You mean that test Mr. OíNeill told you to study for today.

HELEN- Quinn! I told you to study; instead you went on a date with another one of your stupid boyfriends.

DARIA- She was with us last night, remember, Mom?

HELEN- I know that, Daria. Iím not stupid. Speaking of stupid, whereís your father?

DARIA- Maybe heís still in "The Basement of Wonder" with his canned peaches.

RADIO ANNOUNCER- We interrupt our music for a special report.

DARIA- They found Jimmy Hoffa again?

HELEN- Quiet, Daria.

RADIO ANNOUNCER- I just learned that Lawndale High School is officially closed due to the snowstorm, and that school principal, Angela Li, has left for a vacation in the tropics.

(Helen turns the radio off.)

QUINN- Iím off to Sandiís.

HELEN- Youíre not going anywhere, Quinn! Youíll be studying for that test you didnít study for!

QUINN- Moooooommmmm!

HELEN- March to your room, young lady, and study!

(Quinn angers her way upstairs.)

DARIA- What does the Wicked Housewife of the West want me to do?

HELEN- You could find that father of yours.

DARIA- I said he maybe in the basement.

HELEN- He may have left to get a snowplow. Iíll go check the basement.

DARIA- How much?

HELEN- What?

DARIA- Much do I get if I bring Dad back alive?

HELEN- Daria!

DARIA- Well?

HELEN- Iím thinking!

(Daria smirks.)










ANNOUNCER- On an all new episode of "The Simpsons," Springfield decides to do a Broadway version of "Alice in Wonderland." When Lisa finds out that sheís playing Alice, chaos ensures as usual. Will the play be a hit or a bomb? Find out on an all new episode of "The Simpsons." Coming to a fan fiction web page near you.




ANNOUNCER- Donít miss an all-new and final episode of "MTVís Spy Groove" whenever they air it on MTV.








(Daria is walking on the snow-covered sidewalk wearing a green coat, red gloves, and earmuffs. Just then, she spots Kevin and Brittany singing "Jingle Bells" while making a snowman.)

DARIA- Christmas isnít until two weeks.

KEVIN- Hey, Daria.

BRITTANY- What are you doing here?

DARIA- Iím looking for my father. Have you seen him?

KEVIN- No, but I did see a frozen cat.

DARIA- Thatís nice.

(Daria looks at the snowman that looks very familiar.)

DARIA- Did you two make this snowman?

BRITTANY- No. We found it like this, and decided to fix it up.

DARIA- His left eye is bulging.

KEVIN- (To Brittany.) Babe, we may have found an iceman.

BRITTANY- Isnít he one of the X-Men?

DARIA- I think he means a caveman, Brittany.

BRITTANY- Even better.

(Daria groans.)

DARIA- Iím out of here.

(Daria leaves.)

BRITTANY- What should we sing next, Kevy?

KEVIN- Letís sing that dog song.


(Two begin singing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" as we hear Daria screaming in background.)




(Helen is down there looking for Jake, but heís not there at all.)

HELEN- Where the hell are you, Jake?

(Quinn enters carrying a spiral notebook.)

QUINN- Iím done studying. Can I take a break?

HELEN- Sure.

(Just then, we hear Jakeís voice coming from upstairs.)

JAKEíS VOICE- You fools fell into my trap!

HELEN- Jake, is that you?


HELEN- It is you!

QUINN- What trap?

JAKEíS VOICE- This one!

(Jake slams the basement door shut, as Helen and Quinn run upstairs. Helen turns the knob only to see itís locked from the outside.)

HELEN- (Knocking on the door.) Jake, you let us out this instant!

(Cut to Jake wearing his Winter clothes as he leaves the house.)

(Cut back to basement.)

HELEN- Damnmit!

QUINN- What is it, Mom?

HELEN- Your father has locked us in here!

QUINN- In other words?

HELEN- Weíre locked in here till Daria comes back.

QUINN- What?! Mom, this is Daria weíre talking about.

HELEN- Damn!




(Jane and Trent are eating cold pizza and listening to the radio.)

TRENT- Why are we eating cold pizza?

JANE- Mom said we couldnít use the microwave due to the snowstorm, besides I like eating cheese pizza cold.


(Their mom, Amanda, enters.)

AMANDA- I need you two to shovel the walkway and the driveway when youíre done eating.

JANE- We have a snow plow, Mom. Why canít we use that?

AMANDA- Jane, youíre just shoveling the walkway and the driveway.

JANE- Good point.

(Just then, the doorbell rings.)

AMANDA- Iíll get it.

(Amanda leaves to get the door.)

JANE- Want to plow some snow, Trent?

(Trent is asleep.)

JANE- Never mind.

(Amanda enters with Daria.)

AMANDA- Jane, Dariaís here to visit.

JANE- Thanks, Mom.

(Amanda leaves.)

JANE- (To Daria.) What brings you here in this coldest of days?

DARIA- Iím need you to help me find my father.

JANE- What did Jake do this week?

DARIA- Mom said that he left to get a snowplow, and knowing my father.

JANE- Why donít I call Tom and heíll help us.

DARIA- What? Why do we need him for anyway?

JANE- I like to use him on this search. Why do you always hate Tom?

DARIA- I donít like him. That guyís going to destroy our friendship.

JANE- He is not.

DARIA- Watch and see.



(Helen and Quinn are still trapped in the basement, but they eat some of Jakeís canned peaches to tide them over.)

HELEN- When I get my hands on Jake, heíll be the one locked in this basement.

QUINN- I just had this thought.

HELEN- What thought?

QUINN- Why donít you use your cell phone to call Daria to tell her what happened?

HELEN- That might work, if I hadnít left it on the dining room table while I came down here looking for your father.

QUINN- Weíre doomed!

HELEN- Now donít panic, Quinn. Daria will have to come down here, and when she doesÖ

QUINN- Sheíll see two skeletons and put us in her room.

HELEN- (Pauses for five seconds and begins to panic.) WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!

QUINN- Now donít panic, Mom.

HELEN- Weíre doomed!



(Daria and Jane are outside shoveling the Laneís driveway.)

JANE- Thanks for helping me shovel this snow.

DARIA- No problem.

JANE- Do you really hate Tom?

DARIA- What?

JANE- Do you hate my boyfriend?

DARIA- If I hated him, I would have left him to die at the beaks of vultures and raptors.

JANE- So you donít hate him?

DARIA- I donít know.

JANE- Daria.

DARIA- What?

JANE- You like him, donít you?

DARIA- I didnít say that.

(Just then, Jodie walks up to them.)

JODIE- Did you hear what Kevin and Brittany found?

DARIA- A frozen man.

JODIE- How did you know, Daria?

DARIA- I just saw Dumb and Dumber with it this morning. Why do you ask?

JODIE- They sold it to the museum and got $300 for it.

DARIA- I still say that iceman looks familiar.

(Just then, we see Jake walk pass them shouting up to the sky.)

JAKE- (Shouting.) Look at me now, old man! Iím in the snow, and you canít stop me!

(Jake then leaves.)

JODIE- Daria, wasnít that your father?

DARIA- Iím afraid so. I better go get him, before he gets into more trouble.

JODIE- You better go get him fast.


JODIE- Another snowstorm is going to hit in a few hours.

(Camera points to Daria and Jane, who both have deadpan looks on their faces.)









(A milkman walks up to The Hall of Justice, he rings on the doorbell, but a trapdoor opens underneath him, and he falls into a chair. In front of him he sees the Justice League of America sitting in a horseshoe shaped table.)

SUPERMAN- What brings you here?

MILKAMAN- Iím here to deliver the milk.

WONDER WOMAN- What powers do you have?

MILKMAN- I donít have any powers.

FLASH- Can you run in mach five speeds?


AQUAMAN- Can you talk to fish?


SUPERMAN- Then what do you fight for?

MILKMAN- I help kids get strong bones and teeth by drinking milk.

SUPERMAN- Thatís it?

MILKMAN- Thatís it.

SUPERMAN- Get the heck out, but leave the milk.

ANNOUNCER- Remember to drink your milk, or youíll be like Plastic Man. Got Milk?




(Those bratty kids are after Lucky the Leprechaun and his Lucky Charms cereal again.)

BOY 1- Give us your Lucky Charms cereal, Lucky.

LUCKY- Never, you rotten brats! Youíve been after my cereal for years, and youíre still not getting it!

GIRL- You better give us that cereal, or weíll hit you in the head with this wrench.

BOY 2- And weíll print these photos of you and Capín Crunch at the Playboy Mansion.

LUCKY- Iíll give you my cereal, but I want to show you my newest marshmallow first.

KIDS- What is it, Lucky?

LUCKY- Gray automatic sub machine guns! Dance, you little bastards!

(The kids scream when Lucky begins firing at them, and they run away.)

LUCKY- That should teach them not to mess with my Lucky Charms cereal.

ANNOUNCER- Lucky Charms cereal is still a part of you balance breakfast, but donít try to blackmail Lucky, or heíll kick your ass.





(Yes, Helen and Quinn are still in the basement, and theyíre reading some of Jakeís comic books.)

QUINN- Trade you this issue of "Spider-Man" for your "Wonder Woman."

HELEN- Iím not finished with mine yet.

QUINN- Mom, weíve been here for about three hours, and no one has come to find us yet. Not even Daria has come back yet.

HELEN- Donít worry, Quinn, if I know your sister, sheíll be here.

QUINN- Mom, thereís something I have to tell you.

HELEN- What is it, sweetie?

QUINN- If we donít make it, I wanted to tell you that Iíve been telling Sandi and the rest of the Fashion Club that Daria is my cousin.

HELEN- That isnít no biggie.


HELEN- When I was in high school, I always tell the popular girls that your Aunt Rita and Amy were my cousins too.

QUINN- Really?


QUINN- I never knew that.

HELEN- Pass me another one of those canned peaches and bottled water, Quinn.



(Daria and Jane are in front of Tomís house.)

DARIA- So this is where "Young Thomas" lives?

JANE- Now let me do the talking, Daria.

DARIA- We should be looking for my father.

JANE- Well, we need Tomís help on this. Besides, Lawndale is a big suburb, and the two of us canít do this alone.

DARIA- You got a point there.

(Jane knocks on the door, and we see Tom open the door.)

TOM- Hi, Jane. What brings you here in this cold weather? (Turns to Daria.) Hi, Daria.

(Daria says nothing.)

JANE- Tom, we need your help. Dariaís father is in his "insult the old man" mood again, and heís lost in Lawndale. Can you help us find him?

TOM- What does he look like?

DARIA- Heís the one who says damnmit all the time.

TOM- Oh.

JANE- Will you help us then?

TOM- Sure. Let me get my coat, and Iíll join you.

JANE- Thanks.

(Tom goes back inside.)

DARIA- I still donít trust him.

JANE- Stop being such an ass, Daria.

DARIA- Iím not acting like an ass. Itís just that I think Tom is breaking us up.

JANE- What you talking about, Daria?

DARIA- Never mind.

JANE- Tell me.

DARIA- Iím sorry.

JANE- About what?

DARIA- Iíll tell you later.

(Tom returns.)

TOM- All ready?

JANE- Sure.

DARIA- Whatever.

TOM- Letís go then.



(All three are in the car as Tom is driving.)

TOM- Where do you think Mr. Morgendorffer hangs out?

DARIA- What?

TOM- A place where he spends his free time.

DARIA- I donít know. He sometimes howls at the moon.

TOM- Be serious, Daria.

JANE- He sometime goes to one of those nude bars too.

TOM- You too, Jane.

JANE- Guy canít take a joke.

(Daria smirks.)

DARIA- Maybe we should go back to my house to see if Mom and Quinn are all right.

JANE- I got a better idea. Letís stop back at my house, and let Trent go with you, Daria.

DARIA- Jane, remind me to kill you after this is over.




(Mr. OíNeill is sitting in his chair eating a ham sandwich and potato chips, when he spotted something on the television.)

MR. OíNEILL- Whatís this?

(Cut to TV screen where we see the "Iceman" Kevin and Brittany found. Heís now in the museum where we see lots of people surrounding him. Just then, we hear the voice of a female news reporter in the background.)

FEMALE NEWS REPORTERíS VOICE- Just two hours ago, two brilliant teenagers discovered a Missing Link outside the house of one of their teachers. In thirty minutes, the whole town of Lawndale will see this wonderful greatness of life.

(Cut to Mr. OíNeill, who drops his plate with the sandwich and potato chips onto the floor.)

MR. OíNEILL- (Shocked.) Oh my god! Thatís no Missing Link, thatís Anthony!



(Trent is outside brushing the snow off his car, when he spots Daria, Jane, and Tom coming towards him.)

JANE- Hey, Trent.

TRENT- Hey, Janey.

JANE- Tom and I are going to look for Dariaís father, and Daria wants you to go with her to help find him.

DARIA- No I didnít. Besides, I got to find him, before the "Sick, Sad World" marathon starts in thirty minutes.

TRENT- So thatís why I was out here.

JANE- What are you talking about, Trent?

(Just then, we see Amanda and Jake coming out of the house.)

JAKE- Daria!

DARIA- Dad? I thought you were lost in the snow.

JAKE- Canít a man have a decent snow day in peace? (Raises fist up to the sky.) You hear me up there, old man? Iíve finally having fun in the snow here! Iím free to make snowmen and snow angels, and throw snowballs at old people!

AMANDA- (To Daria.) I found him throwing snowballs at the Griffins. Heís been in the snow for almost five hours, so I let him stay here to get warm.

DARIA- Thanks, Mrs. Lane.

AMANDA- Youíre welcome, Daria.

TOM- Iím out of here.

JANE- Tom, where are you going?

TOM- Now that Daria found her dad, Iím going back home.

AMANDA- Why donít you all stay here for the night, until the next snowstorm passes?

JAKE- Thatís fine with me. What about you, Daria?


JANE- We can watch the "Sick, Sad World" marathon in my room.

DARIA- As long we donít watch Quinnís "Dawsonís Creek" tape.

JANE- I taped it over with a marathon of "Family Guy."

(Daria smirks.)

TOM- Iíll call my parents to tell them Iíll be staying here for the night.

(Daria frowns.)

AMANDA- (Smiles.) Looks like Iíll be making hot chocolate and smores tonight.




(Jane and Daria are sitting on Janeís bed watching TV.)

SSW ANNOUNCERíS VOICE- We just learned that Lawndaleís Missing Link isnít what he should have been. We just learned that our "Iceman" is really History teacher, Anthony DeMartino, of Lawndale High School. Mr. DeMartino was locked out of his house and was frozen solid during the snowstorm last night. The person who told us about this was English teacher, Timothy OíNeill, of Lawndale High School.

(Jane turns off the TV.)

DARIA- Looks like Kevin and Brittany are going to get a little visit with their Iceman when school reopens Monday.

JANE-What did want to say about Tom?

DARIA- What?

JANE- You wanted to talk about Tom while we were looking for your father, remember?

DARIA- Changed my mind.

JANE- You still donít like him?

DARIA- Heís all right and all, itís just heíll change our friendship forever.

JANE- Or worse.

(Both of them smirked.)

(Jake enters.)

JAKE- How are you girls doing?

DARIA- Fine.

JAKE- I know I came up here to say something to you, but I donít know what.

DARIA- Did you call Mom yet?

JAKE- I did, but she and Quinn must have gone somewhere. (Pauses.) Damnmit!

DARIA- What?

JAKE- I locked your mother and sister in the basement!

JANE- Why did you do something that stupid?

JAKE- They were in the way of my snow day.

DARIA- I hope they can survive down there until morning.

JAKE- Donít worry, kiddo. Thereís a lot of canned peaches and bottled water down there for four weeks. What can go wrong?

(Cut to the basement.)

QUINN- Mom, I canít hold it in much longer!

HELEN- I wish Jake put one down here, then we wouldnít be in this crap now. When he comes to save us, Iíll ring his damn neck for this!

(Cut back to Janeís room.)

JAKE- Theyíll survive, Daria, theyíll survive.

(Daria looks at camera in her deadpan look.)

DARIA- No comment.

(End credits.)