Fan Fiction
"Stuck in Lawndale"
by Neal C.

Stuck in Lawndale
New Beginnings - A Pseudo-EssayThe author starts with a rebuttal of a "fan's" essays, then finds himself stuck in Lawndale.
Falling on DegaNeal, lost in Lawndale, finally ends up on Dega Street, where he meets Jane. Explanations are in order!
Fear and Loathing in LawndaleNeal's first full day in Lawndale. He meets up again with Daria and finds out where he stands with Jane, plus he meets some interesting idiots.
MECH-anics of FriendshipDaria, Jane, and Neal in Battlemechs. Need more be said?
BEARing It AllA rambling little fic covering Cold War Czechoslavakian weaponry, quick draw competitions and relationship problems.
Party!Neal gets a surprise on the date of his first month in Lawndale.
A Message From Me to MeThe morning after the party, Neal is awakened by an unexpected visitor, who conveys a message... from himself.
Road Trip

Co-written by Napalm Krigbaum
The gang heads out to Alternapalooza, but after a run-in with the Carter County Cops, Daria, Napalm, Jane and Neal have to distract them and keep them away from the Tank and the Spiral.

Co-written by Napalm Krigbaum
While the Spiral check out the competition and Daria & Napalm check out the scenery, Jane and Neal get a little impulsive.