Author Must Be Destroyed!

Section: Misc.

Plot: Tired of these stories Chris, Daria, Jane, and Quinn look for a way to destroy MFC. But are shocked when they find out that he's in Lawndale!

Author's Note: This is not technically a series. You could say this is a side quest, which took place around when the flop of my stories "Live The Movies" came out.

It starts a little bit after Live The Movies and before Hell Is To Follow...

Chris, Quinn, Daria, and Jane are sitting on Chris' couch in deep thought.

Chris: Well our last adventure sucked.

Daria: Not really... Yea really.

Jane: It was almost like a slow annoying death.

Quinn: We gotta stop this from happening again.

Chris: Yea these lamest ass, B Rated, bad dialogue, and fucking boring stories must stop.

Daria: But how do we find the source.

Jane: We find out the author's name.

Quinn: We could go to each storywriter in Lawndale and ask if they someone writing stories about us.

Daria: That or we can print out a story offline and see who writes them.

Jane: Good idea Morgendorffer.

Daria: Thanks, Lane.

Chris: I can't remember my last name.

Quinn: Lets get the story.

Daria gets up and walks to Chris' computer and turns the Internet on. She signs on and goes to Outpost Daria and looks up "The Chris Series" see prints off a story "The Goth Kid". She reads the name of the author.

Daria: The author is a guy named MFC.

Chris: For some reason that sounds familiar.

Quinn: Now I remember he was actually the one who first saved us from Evil Chris.


Quinn throws a knife into Evil Chris' (Or at that time Chris') face and he falls backwards. Quinn turns to Daria and walks away. Chris gets up and pulls the knife out of his face. He hurls it into Quinn's leg and gets up he walks over to Quinn when he is kicked in the face. Chris falls back and the mysterious guy who remained not seeable. A blue beam gathers up in his hands and blasts Chris and designates him.

Daria: Who are you another one of Quinn's boyfriends?

Quinn: No I'd remember a guy who shoots A BEAM OUT OF HIS HANDS!

Guy: My name is MFC. I saved you for personal reasons but in all due time you will find out.

Quinn: What does the MFC stand for?

MFC: You'll find out later. Now sleep.

Daria, Jane, and Quinn pass out.

End Flashback...

Chris: Whoa!

Quinn: Yea I never saw him again though.

Daria: I know I'd love to see the guy who makes me look like an asshole... SO I CAN CAUSE HIM A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!

Jane: We'll find him.

An ad pops up on screen and it talks.

Ad: Have some awesome story ideas? Come to MFC's office he'll kill you and say it was his idea for the story. Located in the Mall Of The Millennium.

Chris: So it's to the mall.

Quinn: Notice everything seems to happen there.

Daria: Yea but this time it's not a blowout sale.

Quinn: Hmph.

Jane: Don't feel bad Quinn you'll eventually will get smarter.

Chris: Stop arguing and let's go.

Chris, Jane, Daria, and Quinn get in the car and drive to the mall. They get to the mall and find it locked.

Chris: I got this. Wait for my signal.

Chris jumps through the glass and to their surprise the alarms didn't go off. A guy with spiky hair has his back turned and then he speaks. Quinn, Daria, and Jane are at the car for Chris' signal.

A Guy: I was expecting you.

Chris: MFC?

MFC: Exactly.

MFC turns around he has red skin, orange spiky hair, black eyes with white pupils, blue denim jacket, dark red shirt with "MFC" on it, gloves, black jeans, and baby blue shoes.

Chris: Holy shit you're a freak.

MFC: Fuck you.

Chris: Your stories have got to stop.

MFC: Whose going to make me? You?

Chris: Right.

Chris runs at MFC and kicks him in the face, he then elbows him in his ear, and punches him in the stomach. Chris jumps back and sees MFC standing there.

MFC: Are you ready or are you going to play with me some more? (Starts laughing)

Chris (V.O): That was basically the best I had without going devil and he's laughing at me. (O.L) What does MFC stand for anyway?

MFC: Maximum Future Chris. By the way are you thinking of going into devil mode because that's not going to work. I created you I know all your moves.

Chris: But how?

MFC: This is just what a projection of me is. The real me created you and put you in Lawndale. Besides you can't hurt your creator I established that without fighting. (V.O.) I hope he doesn't go devil mode because that would really fuck me up.

Chris: I'm still going to try.

Chris jumps up and runs at MFC. MFC grabs Chris and spins Chris around and hurls him into a wall. MFC walks over and picks up Chris by the throat.

MFC: Since you can't win. Why don't you give up because I don't want to kill you? I have some new ideas for stories and you're no use to me dead. By the way you're going to tell the others I had gone away when they ask you if you found me.

Chris: Won't they be curious where I got beat to shit?

MFC: No, because you won't be hurt.

Chris: Huh.

MFC throws Chris to the floor and puts his hand over him. A bright beam comes out of it and Chris is healed.

MFC: You're healed.

Chris: How'd you do that?

MFC: This is a projection of me I gave myself powers as a projection. And to show my respect I've got some good story ideas and I'm going to start them.

MFC disappears.

5 minutes later...

Chris walks out to the car.

Daria: You never gave us the signal.

Chris: I never found anything.

Jane: So what do we do now?

Chris: Nothing but I found a note on his desk it said he's going to make better stories.

Quinn: Why isn't that note with you.

There is an explosion in the background.

Chris: I had to destroy the office. Now lets go home.

The End!