And a quick post-Falling Into College fic on the subject, starring my favorite FiC character and her newfound sibling.

Animal Cunning

Sissy, the newest addition to the Morgendorffer-Fulton family, scratched and clawed at the door to the bedroom, desperate to get inside as her sister Bump lay on the couch and washed her left front leg.

"Mew! MEW! MEW!!!" He's hurting the Mistress! She's SCREAMING! We have to get in there and help her!

The older cat looked down at the younger one (actually, they were the same age, but that's another story) with a pitying look. "Meow." You poor, innocent thing.

The tortoise-shell cat, standing on her hind legs as she tried to open the bedroom door, turned her rounded head towards her sister. "Mew?" What does THAT mean?

Bump gave her leg a final stroke with her raspy tongue before rising to her feet. "Wrror... puurrrr." The Chosen One's making lots of noises, but her mate isn't. That's a good thing.

Sissy dropped back onto all fours, scampered over to the couch and gave a questioning look to her sister. "Hrerow? Mew!" How is that a good thing? He's hurting her!

The Black cat with white front paws and a white snout allowed herself a long, luxurious stretch, and then dropped to the floor besides her sibling. "MEOW. Meow!" If they were both making noises, but the noises were softer and didn't last so long, that means they're mating.

Sissy cocked her head to one side in a questioning manner. "Whrowrew?" They're mating? They're louder than any cat!

She craned her head back to the door. "Mew... mew." But the human males don't have raspy – you know. Theirs are smooth... and they're small... and they just flop around.

Bump rubbed her nose against Sissy's snout. "Meow. Meooow. Rowwwwwl." All of the females in the Chosen One's family make noises like that when they mate. All of them. They're not like the Maker of Many Windows... all she does is breathe funny, and she tries to talk like us just before she's done mating. Very bad accent, though.

The younger cat sat back on her haunches, and Bump made a complete circle around her as she continued to vocalize. "Rowwr. Llrrroorrwwr... meorrwww." Whenever the females from the Chosen One's family are alone with their mates, they mate. They're worse than dogs - the females go into heat if the wind shifts, and the males they choose have to be ready... they usually are, and they mate all over...

Bump walked over to a spot just in front of the fireplace, stopped and sniffed. "Meow!" I wouldn't lie in front of the fireplace until they wash here, either. The Soundmaker and her mate were mating right here.

Sissy glided over beside her sister, sniffed, and took an involuntary step back. "Mew." Ugh. Which one is the Soundmaker?

"Meow. Mrrow... wrow" You haven't seen her yet. She's the one with the little box that makes sound so she'll talk to it... and she makes lots of sounds at the tapping of a paw. LOUD sounds. Don't go near her - I think we scare her."

The loud sounds that had been coming through the locked bedroom door without interruption rose in pitch and intensity. As Sissy jumped with surprise and jerked her head towards the door, Bump sauntered lazily towards the kitchen.

Regaining her feline composure, Sissy turned to see Bump standing in front of the refrigerator. "MEW? Mew!" What are you doing? He's hurting the Mistress more!

Bump looked over her shoulder, and gave her sister a sad look. "Meooooooooow..." So innocent... I have much to teach you. When it's just the Chosen One making sounds, the sounds last longer... much longer. Tomorrow, we'll get fresh fish - she's always nicer after she gets to make lots of sounds like that.

As Sissy watched, Bump opened the refrigerator with practiced ease and lifted herself towards the lowest shelf; a large party tray, loaded with meats and cheeses, sat before the two sisters like a newly discovered treasure trove.

Bump glanced back to her sister. "Mew... mew." In the meantime - we can have a snack. Have you ever tried this?

Sissy made a quick step to the left, avoiding three slices of thinly-sliced roast beef that had stuck together as Bump pulled them from the tray and flicked her head back, sending the meat flying over her head to the floor. "MEW!" I love this! The Mistress' mate always gave me this!

Bump pulled a hefty slice of roast turkey from the platter; several more slices of various meats joined it on the floor before Bump dropped back down and closed the door. "Mrroorrow." That's enough for now. Dig in!

The two cats sat silently for several moments, enjoying their plundered bounty, when Sissy raised her head and looked at Bump. "Mew? Mew!" I wanted to ask you something.

Her mouth filled with pastrami, Bump glanced over at Sissy. "MROW?" WHAT?

"Mew! Mew! Meow!" Why did they neuter the Mistress's mate? You say that she still mates all the time - so why did they neuter her?

"Meow." What are you talking about?

"Mew... MEOW!!! MEW!" When Archangel took me to stay with the Mistress, her mate was the Maker of Windows - but here, she has another mate! Is it because the Maker of Windows was fixed?

Bump actually stopped eating, and stared at her sister, who stopped eating and drew back warily. "Mew?" Sissy vocalized, her tone wary. What did I say?

The black cat let out a single, rolling cry, and then, continued to eat. "Rorwrl." You come up with better stories than the Chosen One.




11 January 2010