Fan Fiction
The "Not Another New Kid Series!" Series
by Tazzie

Welcome to Hell, MelTwo new kids arrive in Lawndale and befriend Daria and Jane. They seem nice and normal... but there's more to them than meets the eye...
Sandi's PaybackAfter Mel and Drew's stunts on their first day, Sandi is more than a little pissed. But is she really punishing the right person?
Mel's RevengeSandi's had her payback, but is it anything compared to what the fab four will dish out to Sandi and her fellow Fashion Clubbers?
Crime and PunishmentYou know what they say about crime: don't do it, unless your willing to do the time.
SO Out of FashionAfter an argument with Daria, Quinn contemplates her position in the Fashion Club. What actions will ensue?
Touchdown!After an "unfortunate" accident, Kevin is injured and unable to serve as the Lions' QB. You'll never guess who they get to replace him!