Itís No Big Deal


By Asha Williams




Act One, Scene One


(The Fashion Club is at Chasmanís, looking at various clothing)†††††††


Tiffany: (holds a blue miniskirt up to herself) Does this make me look fat?


Stacy: No way!


Quinn: Not at all.


Sandi: You should get it.


Tiffany: (looks critically at the skirt and puts it back on the rack)


Stacy: (holding up two purple and pink tank-tops) Ooooh, pink or purple? So many choicesÖ


Quinn: Get the pink one; you canít get away with purple these days.


Tiffany: Why?


Quinn: You donít want to know.


Sandi: (looks through racks of clothing and pulls out a pair of black Capri pants. She holds them up to herself in front of the mirror.)


Stacy: Wow, those pants look great Sandi. You should try them on!


Quinn: Donít they look a little small?


Sandi: Are you saying I wouldnít fit into these pants, Quinn? Do I look fat or something?


Quinn: No way! Try them on.


Sandi: I think I will. (goes into changing room)


(Cut to inside of a light purple changing room. Shot of only Sandiís ankles as she slips off her shoes and pants and puts the Capri pants on. Cut to a shot of her from the belly button up. She is trying to get the Capri pants on, but they donít fit her. She grunts in frustration)


(Cut to outside the changing room. An angry Sandi comes out in her normal clothes and throws the Capri pants on the rack. Quinn grabs them when Sandi isnít looking and takes them into changing room.)


(A couple minutes later, Quinn emerges from the changing room in the Capri pants, which fit her perfectly)


Quinn: They fit great! Why did you throw them away, Sandi?


Sandi: (Doesnít speak, but storms out of the store)


Quinn: (turns to Tiffany and Stacy) What did I say?




Scene Two


(That night, at Sandiís house. She is in the shower.)


(We see the bathroom, outside the shower stall. The water suddenly stops and Sandi comes out of the shower. We can only see her from the neck up. She grabs a long orange robe and wraps it around herself.)


(Full shot of the now covered Sandi. She is about to leave the bathroom, but she hesitates and steps onto the scale. )


(Cut to Sandiís POV of the scale, which is digital. Before the numbers pop up, we cut back to Sandiís face. She suddenly gets a look of astonishment, which turns to anger. )


(Cut to living room, where Linda is doing paperwork, Tom [Sandiís dad, not the other Tom] is reading and Sam and Chris are sitting right in front of the TV, watching something)




(Everyone winces, but otherwise do nothing)



Scene Three


(The Next Day at school)


(The Fashion Club is walking down the hall. Everyone is wearing their usual clothes, except Sandi who is wearing long blue-jean overalls with a sweatshirt over them)


Sandi: ÖIím telling you, overalls are so going to take over once Capri pants go out. And as the president of the Fashion Club, I thought I should stay one step ahead.


Quinn: well, why havenít I heard about this already then? I read the same magazines you do.


Sandi: Oh, Quinn. You just have to have a sense for these things.


(Quinn looks away, annoyed. Sandi breathes a sigh of relief.)




Scene Four


(Cut to after school, that day. Sandi gets home.)


Sandi: (calls) Hello? Is anyone home?


(no one answers. Sandi goes into the kitchen. On the table is a note)


Sandi: (reading aloud) Dear Sandi, Your fatherís at work, I have a meeting and Sam and Chris are at a friendís house. Donít let the cat at your make-up table, help yourself to some cookies I bought at the store yesterday. Mom. (sighs) Great, cookies.


(Sandi goes over to the cupboard and takes out the cookies)


Sandi: I really shouldnít have one; I am trying to lose weight. Oh well, Iíll just have one. (takes one. She eats it quickly) Maybe just another (eats another) Oh, Iíll start dieting tomorrow. (digs into the bag)



Scene Five


(The next morning, at breakfast. Tom is cooking pancakes from a batter when Sandi enters in her bathrobe)


Tom: Have a seat, have some pancakes! (hands her a plate with a stack of pancakes on it) I bought your favourite brand!


Sandi: (takes pancakes uneasily) Um, thanks daddy. (looks at the tempting pancakes, [which look very tasty, I might add] ) (Thought VO) Oh well, Iíll start dieting at lunch. (digs into pancakes)



Scene Six


(Cut to the cafeteria, later that day. The Fashion Club is in the lunch line. Sandi is the last one. Each one takes a salad and wrinkles their nose at the pizza, except Sandi. She takes a salad at stares a long time at the pizza.)


Sandi: (Thought VO) Should I take some? It smells so goodÖ (out loud) Just a small piece, please.


(the lunch lady plops a huge piece of pizza on her plate.)


Sandi: (annoyed) Uh, thanks.


(The Fashion Club takes their usual table. Quinn, Tiffany and Stacy start eating but Sandi hesitates.)


(Close-up of Sandi looking back and forth between the salad and the pizza. She looks at her fellow Fashion Club members, who seem to be enjoying their salads then at a table of regular kids who are eating pizza and laughing. She once again looks back and forth between her salad and pizza. The Jeopardy music starts playing. We go closer and closer up to her and she looks back and forth. Finally, when we can only see her eyes, we go back to full view and the music stops. Sandi slams her fists on the table and runs out of the room)


(The Fashion Club looks astonished)


Quinn: What did I do this time?



(Cut to the bathroom. Sandi is standing in front of the mirror, panting from running all the way there)


Sandi: Thatís it (pant) Iím never (pant) eating again. (pant)



(Montage starts (I like montages). ďAll I WantĒ by Offspring begins to play (lyrics below montage) Montage of the following scenes:


-Sandi only taking salad at the lunch line

-Sandi passing up cereal at breakfast for an apple

-Sandi at the beach. She buys an ice cream cone and is about to eat it, when Quinn walks by followed by about every boy on the beach. Sandi throws out the ice cream cone

-Sandi drinking something out of a small bottle, waiting for a moment, then heading for the bathroom

-Sandi weighing herself, sighing unhappily

-Sandi at the dinner table, picking at something on her plate. When her parents turn away, she slides half the contents of her place onto a napkin on her lap

-Sandi exercising in her bedroom

-Sandi at the dinner table. Same thing happens as last time, only now she slides all the contents of her plate onto her lap.

-Sandi looking at her now very skinny self in the mirror and sighing

-Sandi taking nothing from the lunch line except for juice

-Sandi passing up both an apple and cereal and having nothing for breakfast

-Sandi weighing herself again. We see the numbers. She now weighs 90 lbs.


(end montage and music)


(Here are the lyrics to All I Want, in case you care. If you donít care, just skip to the next scene:


Day after day your, home life's a wreck

The powers that be, just breathe down your neck

You get no respect, you get no relief

You've gotta speak up, and yell out your peace!



So back off your rules

And back off your jive

Cause I'm sick of not living to stay alive

Leave me alone

I'm not asking a lot

I don't want to be controlled

That's all I want

All I want

All I want

Yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH!



How many times, is it gonna take

Till someone around you hears what you say?

You try being cool, you feel like a lie

You've played by their rules, not it's their turn to try!






I said it before

I'll say it again

If you could just listen then it might make sense





(Okay, back to the story)





Act Two, Scene One


(Cut to gym class, two months later. The Fashion Club members are in their gym uniforms. Sandi looks kind of haggard, extremely skinny and pale. Her clothes look huge on her and she is shivering)


(a soccer ball rolls up to Sandi. Tiredly, she gives it a pitiful little kick, sending it about a foot away)


Stacy: (concerned) Sandi, are you all right?


Tiffany: (also concerned [for once]) Yeah, you, like, donít look well.


Quinn: Is everything all right?


Sandi: (defensive) Iím fine.


Stacy: Are you sure?


Sandi: Yes! Just because I donít want to, like, kick the dumb ball, does that mean Iím sick or something?


Quinn: No, I guess not.


(the gym teacher comes over)


Ms. Morris: Whatís going on over here? Sandi, why didnít you kick the ball? Are you just here to stand around?


Sandi: No, Ms. Morris.


Ms. Morris: (looks skeptically at Sandi) are you all right? You look sick.


Sandi: (angry) Why does everyone keep asking me that? I'm fine!


Ms. Morris: Are you sure? Maybe I should let sit out.


Sandi: I fi- (thinks for a minute) OK, Iíll go get changed (leaves to get changed)


Stacy: You think sheíll be all right?


Quinn: (stares after Sandi) I hope so.




(Thirty minutes later, Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany walk to the changing room)


Stacy: Where do you think Sandi is? She usually would have come to watch, at least.


Quinn: Oh, sheís probably in the bathroom.


Tiffany: Yeah, she's always looking for a bathroom.


(They enter the changing room)


Quinn: Sandi? You in here?


(They walk to the next row of lockers. Stacy sees something off screen and gasps. Quinn and Tiffany see it and gasp to.)


(Cut to what they were looking at. We see Sandi, still in her gym clothes, sprawled out on the wall)


Stacy: (screams)




Quinn: (rushes to Sandi) Sandi? Can you hear me? Sandi?


Stacy: Sheís dead! Sheís dead! (starts to cry)


Quinn: No, sheís not, sheís still breathing!


Tiffany: It looks like she banged her head, or something.


Quinn: Thereís no bruise. Stacy, get Ms. Morris. Tell her to call an ambulance!


Stacy: (continues to cry)


Quinn: Move it!!!


(Stacy runs to get the teacher)


Quinn: I wonder what happened to her.


(Tiffany shrugs)


Quinn: I hope sheís all right, she hasnít been looking too well lately.


(Suddenly, Ms. Morris rushed back in with Stacy, who is still sobbing)


Ms. Morris: Oh my God!


Tiffany: Thatís what I said.


Ms. Morris: (ignores the comment) Tiffany, go call an ambulance. Tell them it looks like she fainted.


(Tiffany leaves)


Quinn: Fainted?


Ms. Morris; Yeah, thatís what it looks like. If she had banged her head, sheíd be bleeding or at least have a bruise. She doesnít look too healthy, looks like she hasnít had any food in a couple days. Almost like sheísÖ


Stacy: (stops crying) Anorexic?


Ms. Morris: (doesnít answer) Quinn, Stacy, do either of you know Sandiís locker combination. (they both nod) Ok, one of you go get whatever you think sheíll want.


(Quinn gets up to go, but Stacy stops her)


Stacy: You stay here, Sandi needs you. Iíll go. (small smile)


(Quinn smiles back and Stacy leaves. Tiffany comes back)


Tiffany: I called. They said theyíd be here in like two minutes.


Ms. Morris: OK, letís get her ready. Quinn, grab her clothes out of her locker so that she can change if she wants and/or needs to. Letís move!


(Fade Out)




Scene Two


(Cut to black screen. We see eyes opening from the personís POV.All we can is white cracked ceiling. )


Voice: Where am I?


(Cut to a normal view of the room. Sandi is in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown.)


Sandi: What am I doing here?


Voice OS: Oh, youíre awake I see.


(A nurse comes onscreen. Sheís short and a little chubby, but not overweight. She has blonde tied in a bun, big blue eyes and freckles. She looks to be in her middle or late twenties)


Sandi: Who are you?


Nurse: Iím Alana. How are you feeling?


Sandi:(weary) Iím fine. Where am I? What am I doing here?


Alana: Ah, I didnít think youíd remember. You fainted in the changing room at your school yesterday.


Sandi: (disbelief) I did? (flashback)


(Flashback from Sandiís POV. She walks into the changing room and over to her locker. As she goes to open it, the room starts spinning. Sandi lets out a groan and everything goes black. End of flashback)


Sandi: Ugh, I canít believe I fainted in the changing room. I always thought girls only fainted into guysí arms, especially Fashionable girls.


Alana: (laughs) Only if theyíre lucky. (serious) Tell me, Sandi, have you been on a diet?


Sandi: (a bi panicked) Well, I have been cutting back on fatty foods lately. Why?


Alana: well, I looked at your records and at your last check-up you weighed about 30 pounds more than you do now, and that was only three months ago.


Sandi: (a little more panicked) Well, is there anything wrong with trying to lose weight?


Alana: No, of course not. But maybe youíre going a little too fast. Donít you think youíre thin enough already.


Sandi: No way, you can never be thin enough.


Alana: But thereís nothing wrong with being a little overweight, is there?


Sandi: (wearily) NoÖ


Alana: Then, would you have any trouble eating this? (leaves for a minute, an comes back in with a tray. On it, is a plate. And on that is a huge piece of pizza) You do like pizza, donít you?


Sandi: (mouth water, staring at the pizza) Uh huh.


Alana: Want some?


Sandi: (collects herself) Uh, no thanks. Iím trying to cut down.


Alana: (sighs and puts pizza away) I think youíve cut down enough. I didnít want to tell you this but I think you may be-


(is interrupted by Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany coming in)


Quinn: Hi Sandi!


Stacy: How are you feeling?


Tiffany: This room is sooo tacky.


Sandi: Hi Stacy, Tiffany. Quinn.


Alana: Iíll leave you four alone. See you later, Sandi. (leaves)


Tiffany: Whoís that?


Sandi:(sighs) Oh, just some nurse.



Scene Three


(Later that night, Sandiís parents are talking to the doctor alone in his office)


Doctor: Iím afraid that Sandi will need to gain some weight or sheíll be hospitalized permanently.


Lynda: You canít be serious, sheís just on a little diet.


Doctor: Iím very serious. It seems that Sandi has anorexia nervosa.


(black stares)


Doctor: sheís starving herself so look attractive. If this continues any longer, who knows what it may do to Sandiís health.


Tom: (starts crying) Itís all my faaaaaault!! Iíve been a terrible faaaaaaaatheeeeeeeeeer!


Lynda: Pull yourself together. The doctor has obviously made some terrible mistake.


Doctor: No, I assure you I havenít. If Sandi doesnít gain some weight soon, she could die!


(Close-up of Lynda and Tomís shocked faces)




Scene Four


(At The Griffin home. The dinner table. Sandi is sitting at the table and Lynda is standing menacingly above her with a plate of spaghetti)


Sandi: (nervous) So, Mom, what did the doctor say? It couldnít have been that bad if Iím not still in the hospital.


Lynda: (doesnít answer, places food in front of Sandi) Eat.


Sandi: (shaky) I canít.


Lynda: Damnit, Sandi! This isnít one of your games. You have no idea how serious this is. Now, eat!


Sandi: (takes a small bite) Iím full.


Lynda: EAT!


Sandi: (practically in tears) I CANĒT! (runs out of the room.)


(Lynda sits down at the table and looks worriedly after Sandi)


Lynda; (quietly) please.



Scene Five


(A week later, at school. Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany are standing by Quinnís locker)


Tiffany: Öso she was like ďthere is no way heíll go out with youĒ but then he like asked me out the same day. I said no, but I taped the whole thing and made her listen-


Quinn: (interrupts) Have you guys seen Sandi?


Stacy: Didnít you hear? Sheís in the hospital again.


Quinn/Tiffany: WHAT?!


Stacy: Sheís still too thin. Too weak.


Tiffany: No way.


Quinn: Why canít they let her out?


Stacy: They say, if they let her out, sheíll keep starving herself. And if that, she might..she might (starts crying) Why did this have to happen to Sandi?


Quinn: It didnít happen to her, she did it to herself. She cared too much about how she looked.


Stacy: (still crying and yelling) Oh, what do you know Quinn?! Youíre twice as vain as she is and it didnít happen to you! It happened to Sandi! And now she might die!This doesnít have to do with looks. It has to be something else. (storms off)


Quinn: (stunned) Whoa.


Tiffany: Yeah.




Scene Six


(The Morgendorffer house. Quinnís room. Quinn is talking on the phone)


Quinn: (to the phone) Itís ok, Stacy..really!..No, it was my fault. I should have been nicer about the whole thingÖIím sorry tooÖ.Bye. (hangs up) (sighs)



Scene Seven


(At the hospital. Sandiís room. The curtains are pulled around her bed and she is sleeping)


Voice OS: Supper time!


Sandi: (jerks awake) Wha?


(Alana appears onscreen)


Alana: Time for supper.


(Alana slides a tray over to Sandi, who eyes it suspiciously. Itís basically potato salad thatís a funny colour, tomato soup [with a skin], a brownie and some flat ginger ale)


Sandi: What is this?


Voice OS: The best meal youíll be getting for a while.


Alana: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. You have a roommate! (pulls curtain back)


(In a bed on the other side of the room, lies a redheaded girl who looks about 13. Sheís so skinny, you can see all her bones and a weird furrish covering is all over her freckly arms)


Girl: My nameís Yolonda.


Sandi: Iím Sandi.


Alana: Well, Iíll leave you two alone to get better acquainted. Try to eat as much of your lunch as you can, Sandi. (leaves)


Yolonda; Like I said, thatís the best meal youíll be getting for a while.


Sandi: What do you mean?


Yolonda: The first meal is always the best. After that, they donít give a damn whether you eat food or worms.


Sandi: (makes a face) So, why are you here?


Yolonda: I have anorexia.


Sandi: Thatís what they say I have. But I donít believe them. It was just a diet, no big deal.


Yolonda: Heh, thatís how it started out with me. No look at me. (holds up arm. Sandi grimaces) And I still canít eat.


Sandi: What do you mean you canít eat?


Yolonda: Exactly what it sounds like it meant. I canít eat. I just canít.


(close-up of Sandiís face. She has a slightly worried expression)




Scene Eight


(later, in Sandiís dark-ish hospital room. Yolonda is asleep and Sandi is sitting there, bored. Her food is still on the tray, untouched. Alana enters)


Alana: Why didnít you eat anything?


Sandi: Not hungry. I was going to have the pop, but itís not diet.


Alana: (sighs) Just try to eat something. The tomato soup, perhaps? Nothing unhealthy about that.


Sandi: (eyes the tomato soup) (Thought VO) Should I eat it? I have no reason not too, tomatoes are healthy. Ö. (outloud) It has a skin.


Alana: All you have to do is lift that off (takes spoon and lifts the skin off of I) See?


Sandi: (nervous chuckles) Oh, ok (takes the spoon and very slowly takes a spoonful of tomato soup. She eyes it and lifts it slowly to her mouth. She sips it, and puts the spoon back quickly) Iím full.


Alana: (sighs) I really think you should eat some more.


Sandi: I donít want to!


Alana: Ok, ok. (puts the tray aside) Tell me, Sandi. Why did you go on a diet.


Sandi: (looks skeptical, then confused) I, I donít remember.


Alana: Try to remember, then maybe we can help you.


Sandi: (thinks) I canít.


Alana:Ok. I have to go now. See you tomorrow Sandi.


Sandi: Bye.


(Alana leaves)


Sandi: I donít need help. (lies down and falls asleep)




Act Three, Scene One


(The next morning. Sandi is in her room, with the curtain pulled around her bed. Alana is sitting in a chair at the edge of the bed. She places a tray of bacon, eggs and orange juice [not all mixed together] on Sandiís lap)


Alana: Ready to eat.


Sandi: (looks at food) Iím not hungry.


Alana: Sandi, you havenít eaten anything in the past two days except some diet soda and a sip of tomato soup. You have to eat something.


Sandi. (stubborn) Iím not hungry.


Alana: (a little more forceful) Sandi I really think you should eat something.


Sandi: NO! (with on arms, sends breakfast crashing to the floor. She sits back with a smugďchallenge me nowĒ kind of look)


Alana: Ok. (gets down to clean up the breakfast) How about this; do you have any favourite foods? If you will eat it, Iíll buy you something from a restaurant.


Sandi: (seems to think this over) Know any good pizza places?



Scene Two


(About an hour later, Alana sneaks in with a pizza box)


Alana: You better eat this, you have no idea how much double cheese, cheesy-garlic crust and bacon pizzas cost. (sets the box down in front of Sandi)


(Sandi opens it and looks at it for a long time. Then, slowly she picks up a piece of pizza and brings it to her mouth. She hesitates for a moment, then takes big bite of it. Then another she quickly devours the slice and reaches for another. And another. In a matter of minutes, three pieces of pizza are gone)


Sandi: Iím full now. (gets a sad look on her face, as if sheís about to cry) My stomach hurts.


Alana: Of course itís going to hurt at first, itís not used to getting that much food at once. You have to brace yourself. But youíve just broken the ice. You can eat now. It takes most people weeks, even months to get this far.


Sandi: (almost in tears) But now Iím going to get fat.


Alana: (puts her hands on Sandiís shoulders) Sandi, you are a beautiful girl and you are not even close to fat. Besides, how much can three pieces of pizza make you gain? (gets up and takes pizza box) Iíll refrigerate this, in case you want some later. (starts to leave)


Sandi: (wipes away tears) Alana?


Alana: (turns around) Yeah?


Sandi: Thanks for the pizza. (smiles a bit)


Alana: (smiles) You are very welcome. (leaves)


Sandi: (sighs) Yolonda? You awake?


Yolonda OS: Yeah.


Sandi: Why canít you eat.


Yolonda: (pause) I donít know. I just donít know. I try to, but it hurts my stomach and I feel like Iím going to puke. I wish I could eat, I miss ice cream and cake and my momís chicken.


Sandi: I hope you will be able to eat someday soon.


Yolonda: Me too.


Sandi: Iím going to have a nap now.


Yolonda: `night.


Sandi: `night. (lies down)



(Sandiís dream: )


(Sandi is walking to school. We can only see her from the shoulder up and she appears to look normal. Suddenly, we hear laughing. We see some little kids laughing and pointing at Sandi. Sandi looks slightly worried but goes on.)


( Cut to outside the school. We can still only see her from the shoulders up. She enters the school. Inside, everyone is talking and milling about. Sandi enters and the talking stops. Everyone stares and Sandi, then starts laughing and point. )


(We now see All of Sandi. She is currently blowing up like a balloon and getting bigger by the moment. She looks down at herself and gasps.


( Sandi runs through the crowds into the bathroom and hides. In the bathroom, the Fashion Club is putting on make-up. They notice to the now very large Sandi and walk over to her. They smiles evilly and start cornering her. They start chanting at her.)


Quinn/Tiffany/Stacy: fat. Fat. FAT. FAT!


(end of dream)


(Sandi bolts awake)


Sandi: FAT! (looks around at the now dark room. She is sweating and breathing heavily. She gets a determined look on her face) I canít let that happen. (she gets up and by her bed, she starts exercising vigorously) I wonít get fat.



Scene Three


(The next day. Sandi is nibbling on some cold pizza. Alana is sitting at the end of her bed)


Alana: Not as hungry today?


Sandi: (shakes her head)


Alana: Oh, I just thought of something I meant to tell you. Now that youíre eating, you canít-


(is interrupted by Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany coming into the room)


Stacy: Can we come in?


Sandi: (hides pizza box) Sure, I guess.


Alana: I guess Iíll leave, again. Bye. (leaves)


Tiffany: Ew, they really should change the colour of the hospital gowns.


Quinn: Here, Sandi! We brought you something! (holds up Sandiís make-up bag)


Sandi: Gee, Quinn, are you implying that I need make-up or something?


Quinn: No way, Sandi. I just thought you might want it.


Sandi: Just because I went on a diet, doesnít mean Iím vain enough to want to wear make-up in the hospital or whatever.


Stacy: Sheís just trying to be nice, Sandi.


Tiffany: Besides, your brothers or whatever were playing with it. They almost ruined the foundation.


Sandi: So, Quinn, you brought me almost ruined make-up to wear in the hospital?


Quinn: Why are you being so mean?


Sandi: Iím sick! Iím in the hospital. Why should I be nice?


Quinn: Maybe cuz weíre your friends and weíre trying to be nice.


Sandi: Ha! Some friend youíve been.


Quinn: What do you mean?


Sandi: Donít play dumb. Youíve had it out for me ever since you moved here. I was the most popular, most beautiful girl in the school. Then you came and ruined everything! You ruined my life!


Quinn: (getís a stunned looks on her face and leaves the room)


Stacy: (turns to Sandi) Why did you do that?


Sandi: (resentful) She thinks sheís so much better than me.


Tiffany: That is sooo wrong.


Stacy: She was just being a friend, Sandi. You should try it sometime. (leaves)


Sandi: Wow, they sure are crabby this morning.


Tiffany: (looks as if sheís pondering something, then she leaves)


Sandi: (looks around) What did I do?



Scene Four


(Late that night, Sandi has just finished off the rest of the pizza. Alana is sitting at the edge of the bed. The curtains are open and Yolonda is sleeping on the other side of the room)


Alana: Iím glad youíve gotten your appetite back, Sandi. (cleans up mess) Listen, Iíve been meaning to tell you something.


Sandi: What?


Alana: Well, now that youíre starting to eat normally again, youíre putting a lot of strain on your heart. Itís not used to all this food going into the body. So itís important that you donít put any more strain on your heart. Do you understand?


Sandi: (looks a little worried) Uh huh.


Alana: (smiles) donít worry, Iím sure youíll be fine. Bye. (leaves)


Sandi: (sadly) Bye. (sighs) What did I ever do to deserve this?


(lies down and tries to get to sleep. Twists and turns for a couple minutes, then sits up. She lifts back her hospital gown so we can see her belly. Itís extremely skinny looking. Now we see it from Sandiís POV, where it looks extremely large. Sandi gasps)


Sandi: (quietly) I knew I shouldnít have had that pizza! (gets up to exercise, but hesitates. Then she shakes her head) Iíll only exercise a little, thereís no harm. Iím not that skinny, anyway. (starts to do jumping jacks. She seems fine for a couple minutes, then flinches in pain. Then she closes her eyes and and hunches up. And, just like that, she crumples over in a little pile, making a small thump that wakes Yolonda up)


Yolonda: (rubs eyes) What the.. (sees Sandi) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!



(Cut to the nurses lounge. The PA system comes on)


PA: Cardiac arrest, youth ward, room 211. All nurses and doctors there, ASAP.


(All the nurses rush out the room, except Alana: She stands there, stunned.)


Alana: (hushed voice) Sandi. (rushes out of the room)




(Cut back to Sandiís room. Yolonda is crying and looking at Sandi as the nurses and doctors put her on one of those roller bed things. They rush her into a room. There we stop outside the door.)


(The screen is blank for a couple minutes, then it flashes the sign:


One Hour Later


(Alana comes out of the room that Sandi went into. She goes to the waiting room. There waits a red-eyed Tom (Sandiís dad), Lynda comforting him but looking like sheís about to cry, and Sam and Chris asleep in hospital chairs)


Alana: Iím sorry, there was nothing we could do.


(Tom starts crying all over again, but Lynda stands up)


Lynda; No, there must be some mistake. Something you havenít thought of!


Alana: Iím sorry, we did everything we could but nothing worked. Sheís gone.


(Lynda sits down by Tom and starts crying herself. As Alana turns away, we see a tear in her eye. She wipes it with the back of her hand as she walks away)


(Montage [I just love em!]. ďForgivenĒ by Alanis Morisette plays [lyrics under montage] as the following scenes play:


-Alana in the nurseís lounge, trying not to cry.

-A nurse talking to Yolonda, who starts crying as the Nurse walks away

-Stacy in her room. The phone rings, she answers it, talks for a moment, hangs up and starts crying.

-Tiffany, in her room. She gets a phone call and answers it. She listens for a moment, gets a stunned look on her face and drops the phone.

-Quinn getting a call. She answers it, listens and hangs up. She curls up in a ball and starts to cry.

-Sandiís body in the room. We see her pale body as they cover it with a sheet. Close-up of her face right before they cover it and wheel it away.


(end of montage)


And here are the lyrics, like I promised. Again, if you donít care about the damn lyrics, skip ahead.


You know how us Catholic girls can be

We make up for so much time a little too late

I never forgot it, confusing as it was

No fun with no guilt feelings

The sinners, the saviours, the loverless priests

I'll see you next Sunday




We all had our reasons to be there

We all had a thing or two to learn

We all needed something to cling to

So we did


I sang Alleluia in the choir

I confessed my darkest deeds to envious men

My brothers never went blind for what they did

But I may as well have

In the name of the Father, the Skeptic and the Son

I had one more stupid question




What I learned I rejected but I believe again

I will suffer the consequence of this inquisition

If I jump in this fountain, will I be forgiven.




We all had delusions in our head

We all had our minds made up for us

We had to believe in something

So we did




Act Four, Scene One


(Quinnís room. Quinn is sitting on the floor with her face bruied in a pillow, which she doesnít looks up from. Someone knocks on the door. Quinn doesnít say anything, so they enter. Daria comes in (I knew I could get her in here somehow).


Daria: Mom says supperís re- Wow, Iíve never seen you so upset since you found out you didnít have enough breath to sing along with ďI Want YouĒ.


Quinn: Shut up.


Daria: What?


Quinn: (looks up) Just shut up. Sheís gone.


Daria: (puzzled) Whoís gone?


Quinn: Sandiís gone?


Daria: She moved away? And youíre sad. (pause) OK then.


Quinn: She didnít move, sheís gone. Sheís dead. (starts crying again) I canít believe it, saying it makes it sound real. Sheís gone. Iíll never see her again.


Daria: Wow, youíre really upset about this, arenít you?


Quinn: Well, duh.


Daria: No offense, but you and Sandi didnít seem like the best of friends at times.


Quinn: But you donít know what I did to her! The last time we saw each other, we fought. The last words I said to her were angry. The last thoughtsÖI canít even say aloud what my last thoughts of her were before she died.


Daria: Oh, come off it Quinn. Sandi was a big snot to you from the start and you did nothing but try to be her friend the entire time.


Quinn: (looks up from her pilllow. Her eyes are red) Leave.


Daria: I-


Quinn: Go away.


Daria: But I-


Quinn: GO AWAY!


Daria: (starts to leave) Iím sorry. (leaves)


Quinn: no youíre not (starts to cry again)



Scene Two


(next day, at school. The Fashion Club, which have already heard about Sandi, are dressed in black, but still fashionable, clothes. Everyone else is milling about normally)


(suddenly, the bell rings and everyone goes to their classrooms)


(Cut to: English class, with Mr. OíNeill. The Fashion Club is sitting in the second to back row. The three Jís are behind them))


Mr. OíNeill: I know weíre right in the middle of our exciting unit, taking a detailed look at the life of Shakespeare (boos from class) but, um, I have an announcement to make concerning one of your classmates.


(shot of students. Everyone is horsing around and laughing, except for the Fashion Club. They are sitting silently)


Mr. OíNeill: Sandi Griffin is..sheís (sniff) uh, dead.


(class suddenly silences)


Student: what?


Mr. OíNeill: Because of privacy, I am forbidden to say how she (starts to bawl) Iím sorry, I just get so sadÖ.. (gets control of himself) .. but remember, we must all try to support the people closest to her, her friends.


(everyone turns to looks Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany)


(Suddenly, everyone rushes over to the three girls. They start patting them on the shoulders, saying:ĒIím so sorryĒ and stuff like that. Tiffany seems to be enjoying this attention, Quinnís smiling but you can tell itís a fake smile, but Stacy curls herself up and puts her hands over her ears)


Stacy: (softly, but growing louder each time) stop. Stop. STOP. STOP! (yelling) STOP!!!!!!! I canít take this anymore! (breaks out of the crowd and runs away)


Quinn: Stacy! Wait! (runs after Stacy)


Three Jís: Quinn! Wait! (they run after Quinn)


(everyone looks at Tiffany)


Tiffany: What? I canít run in this dress.



(Cut to outside girlsí room. Quinn runs to the door and presses her ear against. I faint sobbing is heard. As sheís about to go in, Joey, Jeffy and Jamie catch up with her)


Joey: We found you!


Jeffy: Are you okay?


Jamie: Wanna borrow my hankercheif?


Quinn: Just go away you guys. I have to talk to Stacy.


(The Three Jís protest)


Quinn: (sighs) If you go away, Iíll let you three escort me to the funeral.


Three Js: Alright! (leave)


Quinn: (shudders, then enters the bathroom)


(Inside the bathroom. Stacy is curled up in a ball in the corner, sobbing)


Quinn: Stacy?


Stacy: (doesnít answer)


Quinn: (approaches) Are you okay?


Stacy: (looks up. Mascara is running down her face) Do I look okay to you?


Quinn: Okay, dumb question. (sits down next to Stacy) Everyone was just trying to be nice, you know.


Stacy: None of them knew Sandi. Two days they would have jumped for joy if she moved away.


Quinn: Maybe so..


Stacy: They just donít like the idea that someone their age can die.They donít feel sorry for Sandi. They donít care thatíll sheíll never go to school again, go shopping again, take care of her cat when itís puking. They donít care.


Quinn: You really miss her, donít you?


Stacy: (sob) You donít know what she was like before. She used to be one of the nicest kids back in Middle School. But she changed. High school changed her. And now she will never change back. Sheíll never have a chance to prove sheís really a good person. (starts to cry harder) I should have made her prove it.


Quinn: It was up to her prove it. Thereís nothing you can do now.


Stacy: (stops crying) Maybe there isÖ.



Scene Two


(A couple days later. Sandiís funeral. We see a small church covered with flowers and people dressed in black. At the front of the room is a marble coffin. In the front row, sits Sandiís family; Lynda, Tom, Sam, Chris and some various relatives all looking red-eyed. In the row behind them is the Fashion Club, all wearing identical black dresses and each of them are crying, mascara running down their faces. Cut to view the front of the room, where the priest has just finished his speech thing.)


Priest: Now, does anyone want to say a few words?


(everyone looks around. Everyone in the Fashion Club looks at Quinn. Stacy hides some cue cards behind her back and nods Quinn on. Bravely, Quinn gets up and walks to the front of the room)


Quinn: I..Um, Sandi wasÖshe was a.. Oh, I canít do this! (bursts into tears and runs out of the church)


(everyone looks around. Slowly, Stacy takes the cue cards out from behind her back and looks at the. Then, she takes a deep breath and walks to the microphone)


Stacy: (looks at cue cards, then at the room) Sandi was one of my best friends. And I was one of her friends. Her only real friend, really. None of you knew her. No one at school knew her, her family didnít know her, and her so-called friends didnít know her. I knew her. To her classmates, she was a competitive, mean popular girl. To her family, she was an angel. To her friends, she was both. But Sandi was neither. Sandi was human. She showed jealousy, bravery, ignorance, and at times, intelligence. And for each of those things, I will admire her forever. Because she dared to be human. Something hardly anyone does. And she died from it. (starts to cry a little) And though I admired her, I will never forgive her for what she did to herself. (starts crying harder) Iím sorry, I..I.. (runs out of the room)


(Everyone looks around stunned, then everyone looks at Tiffany)


Tiffany: What? I canít run in these heels!



Scene Three


(View from the inside of Sandiís coffin [like on ĒThat Seventies ShowĒ] Tom comes over to the coffin)


Tom: Oh, my poor girl. Youíre beautiful, even in death. Oh, Sandi.. (starts to cry)


(Lynda comes onscreen)


Lynda: my turn (moves him out of the way) Sandi, I know I wasnít as nice as I could be to you. I pushed you to be the best you can be, I made you fulfill your potential and- wait, thereís nothing bad about that. Anyway, Iíll miss you forever and always. (leaves)


(Tiffany comes onscreen)


Tiffany: Ooooh, Sandi. Itís soo sad. Why did they have to use that colour eye shadow with that colour dress. Canít the dead have dignity? (walks off screen)


(Stacy comes onscreen)


Stacy: I hope you heard my eulogy. I meant every word of it. I admire you Sandi, and I always will. (leaves)


(Quinn comes onscreen)


Quinn: I- ew, thereís a dead body in here! (looks away) Anyway, Sandi, Iím sorry you died and Iím sorry I took your place as the most popular girl in school. I hope you can forgive me. (leaves)


(Daria comes onscreen)


Daria: Look, I know I donít really know you. But you paid me ten dollars once for advice when your cat was puking. Anyway, I know it sounds like Quinn doesnít care too much. But you wouldnít believe how much she cried. (leaves)


(Yolonda comes onscreen, looking more red-eyed than anyone else)


Yolonda: I canít believe this happened. You werenít half as bad as me. But in a way, this shows me something. Iím going to try my hardest to get better soon so this doesnít happen to me. But I just wanted to thank you for talking to me in the hospital and keeping me company. Iíll miss you. (leaves)


(Alana comes onscreen)


Alana: Iím sorry I didnít do more to save you, Sandi. I should have known something was wrong with such a quick recovery, but I was so happy with the progress I didnít notice. Forgive me, Sandi, I hope you can forgive me. (leaves)


(Black screen)


The End


(ďUnprettyĒ by TLC plays [come on, you canít tell me you didnít see that one coming] as the credits and alter egos roll)


I wish could tie you up in my shoes

Make you feel unpretty too

I was told I was beautiful

But what does that mean to you

Look into the mirror who's inside there

The one with the long hair

Same old me again today (yeah)


My outsides look cool

My insides are blue

Everytime I think I'm through

It's because of you

I've tried different ways

But it's all the same

At the end of the day

I have myself to blame

I'm just trippin'



You can buy your hair if it won't grow

You can fix your nose if he says so

You can buy all the make up

That man can make

But if you can't look inside you

Find out who am I too

Be in the position to make me feel

So damn unpretty

I'll make you feel unpretty too


Never insecure until I met you

Now I'm bein' stupid

I used to be so cute to me

Just a little bit skinny

Why do I look to all these things

To keep you happy

Maybe get rid of you

And then I'll get back to me (hey)


My outsides look cool

My insides are blue

Everytime I think I'm through

It's because of you

I've tried different ways

But it's all the same

At the end of the day

I have myself to blame

I'm just trippin'






Oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)

Oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)







End Notes:


I just wanted to say that all I know about anorexia came from two really good books about anorexic situations called ďEven If It Kills MeĒ and ďWalking a Thin LineĒ. I urge you, if you havenít already read these books, read them. Though if you do read them, remember that any similarties are purely coincidence.


I know this isnít the most original idea, and lost of fanfics have been written about a Fashion Club members getting anorexia or bulimia (curiously, not the ďDo I Look Fat?Ē girl) but I wanted one to show the real consequences and what really can happen.


And, last of all, Yolonda recovered fine and is now at the weight of 98 lbs and is getting more healthy and happy by the minute (she really is a fake character, but I felt like including that)


And last but not least, I would like to thank whoever it was at the OD message board that brought up the whole ďDeath of The Fashion ClubĒ series type thing (I would name you by name but because all the messages went bye-bye, I canít). If it wasnít for all the people who commented on that entire thing, I would have never thought up this idea.