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Synopsis: A new girl at Lawndale High stirs up some of Stacy Rowe's innermost feelings...

Stacy Rowe was walking down the hall with the rest of the Fashion Club: Tiffany Blum - Deckler, Quinn Morgendorffer and Sandi Griffin.
"Sandi, I'm having a dilemma. Should I get a metallic or a beaded purse for the junior prom?" Whined Quinn.
"Gee Quinn, you're not the kind of person to need fashion advice." Snapped Sandi, trying to be friendly but failing.
"Well the thing is, beaded is kinda in this season and I was thinking of getting this really cute blue purse with green beads but then I read this article about what purses say about you and it said that a beaded purse gives you a 'hippy chick' look and metallic is more peppy and flirty. But I love beaded purses!"
"Jusssst. Getttt. The. Beadedddd. Puuuuuurse." Tiffany drawled.
"But I'm not a hippy chick!"
"You could be if you wanted to!" Quipped Stacy.
"Stacy! That is such a wicked good idea!"
"Open toed sandals! Surf beads! Cheesecloth! Stacy you're a genius. And it would get you out of that t shirt you always wear, Quinn."
"San - dee!"
"Well where can we get all this garb? I don't think they'd have it at Cashmans."
"Theyyy. Haaave. Everythiiing. In. Caaashmaaans."
"So right!"

As the Fashion Club got to the quad (for that was where they ate their lunch), they were bombarded by the three Js.
"NoIwantQuinn! I'mgettingalimo."
"Guh - uyyyys!"
"Of course Joey."
"Guh - uyyyys! I'll choose. Okay... I pick... Jamie!"
"Hey, what about me?" Moaned Jeffy.
"I'll gooooooo to the prommmmmmmm with yoooooooooooooou."
"Sure Tiffany. But that leaves Stacy with no date."
"Don't worry. I'll find one."

Meanwhile in a town not far from Lawndale, the Underwoods (well, Steve Underwood) were hauling their belonings into a moving van soon to be heading at a velocity of 50 mph north to Lawndale. Fifteen year old Jennie Underwood, Gothic pale, green eyed, long black hair, black clad and skinny was reading in the corner of the front garden by the little house she used to live in. "Goodbye Newfield. I'll miss you. But not for long..." She whispered. Her stream of semi sappy conciousness was interrupted by her Dad calling her. "Jennie! We're going!" She picked up her backpack and got into the car. "Maybe I'll find a girlfriend in Lawndale." She thought. Yes, Jennie was a lesbian, but she wasn't ashamed of it. She was wondering what her dad would think of it. He was totally unfazed when their eldest, Coyote became the father of a child at eighteen two years ago. He didn't mind middle child Floyd experimenting with drugs. Seeing as he coped with those incidents, Jennie thought he would be able to understand her feelings.
"Hey Jennie! We're nearly there." Floyd said.
"Yep. We've been driving for two hours already."
"Cool. Hey are we starting school tomorrow?"
"You are."

The car pulled up by a pristine white house, complete with front garden and garage. They looked around the three floors. Everywhere was already beautifully painted and wood floored. Jennie rished up to the third floor where there was a room perfect for her. Not too big, not too small, a soft bed, black painted walls, a rag rug on the floor, bookshelves... She just had to set up her hi fi system and laptop then she'd be ready.

                          NOT NORMAL!!!
              Something was going to happen. She knew it.

It was a clear and strangely warm September morning. A light mist floated over the car strewn roads. Jennie Underwood woke up and got ready for her first day at Lawndale High. Her outfit of choice was a black duffel coat over a Rites Of Spring tee that used to belong to Coyote, some ripped up baggy black Levis and a pair of red Converse baseball boots. She figured out that she could walk to school - it was only about fifteen minutes away from the house. She made herself a sandwich, got a bottle of Coke and a jam doughnut out of the fridge and put them in a paper bag. She got her backpack and set off.

Stacy Rowe and the rest of the Fashion Club were walking into school dressed in hippy clothes that they'd found in Funky Doodles on Dega Street (not Cashman's, to Tiffany's surprise). Sandi was wearing a Grateful Dead tee, a long, flowing green sequinned skirt and some sandals. She had a braid in her mousy brown hair. Quinn was wearing a purple cheesecloth kaftan and wedges. Tiffany found a blue, shorter version of Quinn's kaftan, a poncho, some jeans and the same wedges as Quinn. Stacy had her hair down and had rose tint Lennon glasses on. She had some loose cotton trousers and a baggy Frank Zappa tee shirt. She wore Jesus sandals. Hippy was officialy in, all thanks to Stacy Rowe. People in the halls looked at them in awe. The teachers went misty eyed, remembering the heady hippy days. Jennie Underwood just stared. Hippy isn't a look. She thought. It's a way of life. But they look so good, especially that one with the long, dark brown hair. I wonder if I could talk to her.

Not many people talked Jennie that day. They checked her out to see if she could be popular, but they didn't talk to her. Another Goth girl from a few years above asked her where she got her top from, but she said she didn't know. She hadn't got herself into a clan yet - she was planning on floating between the Goths and the Artists. When she was in her History class, she sat in the same line as the Fashion Club, trying to catch Stacy's eye. God she's beautiful. Her hair has some amazing highlights and kinks in it. She looks great in those shades. Frank Zappa? Cool. I wonder if she's ever heard any of his stuff, or if she's just wearing the shirt to be "in". I wonder where she got it. I guess she's the quiet one in the Fashion Club or whatever they're called. She's not really speaking up for herself but she should. When will she talk to me? Maybe I'll talk to her first.

Across the room, a whirl of emotions were coursing through Stacy's veins. That girl looked familiar for some reason, somehow comforting to look at. She seemed to be pretty unpopular, an artist maybe? But Stacy couldn't take her eyes off her. And what was so weird was that she was looking back at Stacy with the same kind of expression as herself. This was freaky. Stacy didn't really know what was going on. She felt bittersweet. It was a nice feeling, but she knew something would go wrong. Then she realised that she had a crush on that girl. Was she lesbian? She felt like it. But she thought that you couldn't just decide like that. Maybe it was just a phase. But she really had a crush on her. She decided to talk to her after class.

Jennie had heard that there was going to be a Junior Prom in a few weeks. Great. Jennie would have to ask a boy out and they wouldn't play any good music. And she thought she'd got away from Planet Hell when she left Newfield. Well, she thought, I could ask Stacy to the Prom. She'd probably freak. But hey, it'd be worth a try. By some amazingly weird twist of fate, she ran into Stacy.
"Hey, watch where you're going." She said flatly, trying to cover up her emotions that were really stressing her out right now.
"Oops! Sorry. You're Jennie right?" Said Stacy, a little flustered from the run - in with a Goth brain that she strangely fancied.
"Yeah. You like Zappa?"
"Umm... To be honest, I've never heard any of his music. I just liked that lemon yellow colour of the shirt."
Just what I thought. Well, I can't say that to her, can I? "I'll rip you a CD if you like. Or I'll lend you one. Hot Rats is awesome."
"No thanks. But if you want you can come round after school."
"Deal. So you don't want to hear a 16 minute guitar solo then?"
Stacy laughed. It sounded like water. Sandi Griffin's shadow loomed over her and Jennie.
"Well if it isn't Stacy talking to the new girl."
"Cram it Griffin. I don't like you're look. The Dead suck anyway."
"Who? Oh my tee shirt. I just like the blue. I've never heard their stuff. And don't speak to me in that tone."
"I'll try my best, Queen Bitch." Jennie said sickeningly sweetly.
"Umm, Stacy, I hope you haven't forgotten about the Fashion Club Emergency Prom Meeting tonight at Quinn's place."
"Omigosh I completely forgot! I'll be there."
Sandi sulked off.
"Stace, I thought I was coming over to yours."
"Sorry, no can do. You can tag along to the meeting though."
"Okay. But make sure Sandi doesn't make a meal of it."
The Fashion Club (and Jennie) were in Quinn's room discussing the Prom and where to get dresses. Sandi suggested the Mall of The Millenium, Tiffany suggested Cashman's, Quinn suggested a proper dress shop. Stacy just nodded and Jennie was almost asleep on Stacy's shoulder.
"Gee Stacy." Sandi remarked. "If you're not going to talk in this meeting we might as well throw you out."
"Why don't you throw her out then?" Snapped Jennie. "I'm sure she doesn't want to hang about with a bunch of shallow fashion fascists like you."
Sandi, Quinn and Tiffany looked shocked. Stacy looked ecstatic.
"Well Stacy, maybe your girlfriend's right. Do you want to be in the Fashion Club any more?"
There was silence for a moment, then Stacy stood up from where she was sitting. "No." She deadpanned. "I don't want to be in the Fashion Club any more." She and Jennie walked out and left Quinn's room. Just as soon as Jennie had slammed the door, Daria opened her bedroom door and noded wryly at the two girls. Kudos to them. They managed to tear the Fashion Club apart and freak out Quinn. She thought.

They left the Morgendorffers' house and went for an impromptu slice of pizza at Pizza King. Stacy looked at Jennie coldly and Jennie looked at Stacy with admiration. They both ate their pizza quietly, didn't say a word between each other for fifteen minute until Stacy asked Jennie to pass her the bottle of Pepsi.
"So was Sandi right?" Asked Stacy nervously. "Are you lesbian?"
"Yes I am. I'm sorry if it freaks you out or anything, but that's just who I am. Noone can change it. Not even myself."
"But I can make it better."
"I love you Stacy. I love you for the way you were so quiet when I first met you and now you're so different."
"I love you too Jennie, for the way you stood up to Sandi. Even though I have changed, I still couldn't have done that."
"You worship Sandi don't you?"
"Worshipped her. I don't now."
"Who do you worship now then?"
"You, Jennie."

After they finished their pizza they went their separate ways. The next week at Lawndale High there was a lot of fuss about the Junior Prom. Jane was designing murals for it (Pop Art this time), girls were biting their nails over where to get clothes, boys were frantically phoning limo hire companies and Upchuck (of all people) was compiling his DJ playlist. "If you can't get a date, be a DJ" was what Jennie said. Then it all culminated in the Junior Prom on Friday night.
Of course, Jennie and Stacy didn't even go to the Prom. Instead they hung out at Jennie's house chatting about nothing very important. They were wondering what it would've been like if they'd been to the Prom together and realised that it would've caused a riot. Jennie was right, her Dad and brothers were fine about her being lesbian. A little freaked at first when she told them, but soon after they were almost pleased. They thought Stacy was cool and were happy that she'd made a "proper friend" and stuck up for herself. In short, they lived happily ever after.

Two days later...

"Aww the Prom was amazing!"
"Gee Stacy, you really should have been there!"
"Upchuck played the cheesiest tunes."
"My murals got defaced by the FOOTBALL TEAM!"
"Kevvie remember our Junior Prom?"
"No babe, I don't!"
"That's because you were with another GIRL!"
"Aww babe!"
"Prommmmmmms. Rocccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk."

All Jennie and Stacy could do was sigh.

La La LA La La

(Fadeout music: Nothing Compares 2U - Sinead O' Connor)