Title: DAMMIT!
Description: Feeling a little De ja' Vu? Daria and Jane go on yet another trip with Mystic Spiral.
By Dallas Bolen (slipknotstonesourmudvayne@yahoo.com)

"Run! Faster! Faster!!" Daria's voice yelled in her head, "Must get away from what's in the dark!" so she ran, she ran as fast as her pale legs could take her, but her leg's felt like cement, the harder she tried the slower she got. Then she saw it. That face, that body, that soul. Dark baggy jeans with a small rip on the left knee, a faded dark green shirt with pendent hanging from his neck, short locs of black hair hanging above dark, shaded eyes half open on the face of Tre.....

"Trent!" Daria Morgendorffer screamed out as she lunged up out of her sleep. "Oh man, now I'm even dream about him," she said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes and reached for her glasses but then she accidently knocked them on the floor, "Dammit!" she mumbled softly to herself as she reached to find them. "Daria! was that you? are you O.K.? please be O.K." called Jake, her father, over worried as usual, " Jake, calm down, I'm sure she's O.K., probably a nightmare, " Helen, her mother, said, already annoyed by his childlike behavior, "Daria!" she called, just to be sure, "I'm fine, just a nightmare," Daria reassured, but she knew it wasn't a nightmare, more of a premonition. "See Jake, I told you," said Helen, proud that she was right, "Yes, your right, your always right, Helen. Just like that the time you thought it was right to...." "Jake, enough! I've got a meeting at the office and I'm LATE!" Helen said as she interrupted Jake's taunting as she rushed outta bed towards the bathroom. "Oh I see, if you have a meeting or if Eric has messed up on some kind of deal, you'll bend over backwards to fix it. But if I want to do something or talk, you find some way out of it. And another thing...." "Dammit Jake, shut the HELL up!" said a very annoyed Helen.

"Oh Sandi, that shirt would look great on you, no I'm not just saying that, it's just that..." Daria's sister rambled on with the rest of the Fashion Club on 4-way calling as Daria walked past her room to the bathroom, "Oh God no! Oh no, not you Sandi, it's just that I saw my sister way too early in the mour....no Sandi, I'm not lying....no, she just walked by....fine, I am making it up, now will you....but Sandi...." she went on as Daria tried to ignore her. As she brushed her teeth, Daria looked at her herself in the mirror. Sarcastic, outspoken, independent, three words that describe her and that was what she wanted. She wanted to be different and smart, she wanted to annoy people and their stereotypes of how you should be and live. The world was her oyster, but she just can't open it. Now she had a puppy dog crush on her best, not to mention only friend's brother. "God I hate how cruel life is, and I do things right instead of in the others interest," she muttered as she spat out her toothpaste and left.

"But Sandi, is a seventy-five percent dicount at another Cashmens worth it to be stuck riding in a car for three hours? And besides, it say's on the forecast that there's going to be a storm coming and none of us has even dared driving on icey road's," complained Quinn as Sandi drove the Fashion Club to school in her yellow convertible, "Eeww! You watched the news?!" Sandi asked, grossed out, "Qquuiinn, groosss!" Tiffany backed up, dragging out her words as usual, "Oh, no way! My parent's were watching it while I was getting ready for school," said Quinn, proud that she came up with such a good excuse. "Anyway, it said there might be a storm, so it could wrong Quinn," Sandi said, "Do you not want low prices on good clothes and accessories, Quinn?" asked Sandi, "No way," Quinn answered, "Are you trying to make a fashion statement or something?" countered Sandi, "Oh, c'mon Sandi, why would...." said Quinn as Tiffany interupted her, "Oohh, I loove thiiss soonngg!" she said, relieving Quinn of having to explain herself. "Dammit!" Sandi thought to herself, she thought she could embarrass Quinn, ever since she arrived in this town all the guy's paid attention to her, instead of Sandi.

"C'mon Daria, I know your thinking about that brother of mine when your quiet, so spill it," pried Daria's best friend Jane Lane while the walked to school, "I don't know Jane, I'm still trying to figure out what these thought's mean," replied Daria as she resisted to tell her, "Ah, c'mon Daria...." Jane tried again, "Jane," Daria warned. "Okay, okay, let's just try to figure how are we going to ignore another day with the stupidity of Laawwndale Hiiggh," suggested Jane, mocking Ms.Li, their principle, "Forgoing our never-ending quest, Jane," answered Daria, amused, "Yeah, dumb question," replied Jane, also amused, and headed up the step's of Lawndale High.

Jock's, nerd's, intellectual's, T.A.'s, and super achiever's like Jodie Landen who'll do anything in their power for better grades, all slaves at the administration's power, they kiss ass to get through life, well, except for jocks, the only thing's on their mind's is sport's, sport's, and jock-stapes. Then there are the one's who throw stick's in the spokes of the administration, goth's like Andrea, punk's, skater's, artist's like Jane, and smart people who think's for themselves like Daria. As Daria and Jane walked down the red locker filled hall's of Stupidity High and within no time Daria noticed Charles Rutthiemer III, or just Upchuck, running toward them. "Damn!," thought Daria in her head, "Ladies!, Oh ladies!," Upchuck called, "Dammit, what do you want," asked Jane, annoyed, "Oh, just a proposition for you lovely gal's," teased Upchuck, "Oh yeah, what's that?" asked Daria, as if she would want any proposition's from a pervert like him, "Oh, it's just that I have a job as an anouncer at a concert and need two vixen's in bikinis at my side's and you two could fit those slot's if you wanted," offered Upchuck as Daria thought to herself, "Well, being seen in a bikini, a definite no. But being seen in a bikini with Upchuck, hell would have to freeze three times over," she thought, now amused. "Hell no," said Daria, "Yeah, good luck trying to find someone who will," replied Jane as they turned and walked away, "Come on, you have to make money somehow, knowing you to you'll never get through life with your attitude's, you gotta put out sometime," Upchuck yelled after them, making them very offended, "Shall we kick his lonely little ass?" suggested Jane, "Yes, we shall," answered Daria, and they both turned around, got up in Upchuck's face, making him very nervous, and beat him to the ground.

Trent's eyes slowly opened as he looked over at his clock, it was 10:32 p.m., and surprisingly, he felt well rested. As he was getting dressed, his duck phone started quacking, "Yeah?" he said as he tried to put his shirt on and talk on the phone at the same time, "Oh, I see my plan worked," said the guy on the other end, then Trent realized it was Jesse, "What plan? What happened last night?" asked Trent, "I knew you would be up all night doing nothing, then wake up the next day late for practice which we so desperately need if we want to give the crowd what they want at our next gig, so I gave you a Coke with Nigh-quil in it, and you were out like a light," Jesse answered, laughing at the same time, "What the hell? Yeah, I guess it worked, you guy's head'n over?" asked Trent, "Yeah, we'll be over in a few minutes," Jesse answered, "I'll order pizza," suggested Trent, "Cool," said Jesse, his usual answer to everything, "Later," said Trent, "C-ya" said Jesse, then hung up. After Trent ordered the pizza, he decided to clean up a little bit down in the basement before the band arrives. While he was picking up a pile of clothes, he tripped over a box and fell to the ground. When he got up, he noticed that there was a scrap on his arm, "Dammit!" Trent said out loud, but then noticed that a picture had fallen out and onto the floor, it was a picture of Jane, Daria, Jesse, and himself from when they went with Janey's class to the amusement park. He noticed he and Daria were the only one's not posing for the camera, she was like that, independent, honest, and sarcastic as hell. That's what he likes about her, she is so much like himself and even more. It's amazing how much he could relate to her, and he was twenty-two while she was still in high school. mabye he should hang out with her more, get to know her better, mabye even ask...., no! He can't, she isn't the type who goes for any guy who ask's her out, but he like's her so much, he'll just have to think about what to later, right now, he had to get ready for practice. Funny thing is, this will be the first time he'll be at practice on time, since he doesn't were a watch.

"Now class, today we'll be focasing on our inner abilities, like our abilities to think in a situation without acting first and dealing with the consenquences later, our abilities to look danger in the face and laugh at it, our ability to ignore other's when...." "I choose to use that ability right now," interupted Daria in middle of Mr.O'Neil's self-awareness class, making Mr.O'Neil very uneasy, "Daria, I must teach you how to use that...." Mr.O'Neil is interrupted by Daria's humming of 'Pop Goes The Weasel', now Mr.O'Neil is frustrated, "Now Daria, don't ...." interrupted again by humming, he now realizes he's defeated, "Daria...." he now get's interupted this time by Ms.Li coming in the class, "Sorry to interupt your class Mr.O'Neil, but I need Daria Morgendorffer in my office, NOW!" ordered Ms.Li, "Damn!" Daria thought in her mind, "Oh but Ms.Li, I was in the middle of...." whined Mr.O'Neil but is interupted again, "Mr.O'Neil, do you like your job as a teacher hear at Laawwndale Hiiggh?"asked Ms.Li, "Yes but..." "Then do your job and SHUT UP!" screamed Ms.Li and pointed Daria to her office.

As Daria entered Ms.Li's office, she noticed Jane was in there too, "Jane, what's going on?" asked Daria, "Wish I could tell you, but I figured it's probably not good if it involves both of us," answered Jane. "Well, I called you two in here for to reasons. One, what you did to Charles Rutthiemer III was unexceptible, you two shall be punished, and sec...." said Ms.Li, "For one, he insulted us with his sleazyness, telling us to put out, we merely defended ourselves," said Jane, standing up for their right's, "Well I don't care, his family is very wealthy and will probily sue," retorted Ms.Li with a bossy attitude, "Listen lady, we'll sue you for unfair punishment on a student based on family background, and a...." "Now you listen Ms.Lane, you have a family history of all your sibling's being against Laawwndale Hiiggh, so they'll probably dismiss your case, so don't threaten me," interupted Ms.Li, leaning back in her chair. "And second, I know that that you Jane are related to Trent Lane, lead vocal's of Mystic Spiral, and I know your friend's with him Daria, I've seen you in his car and going into his gig's countless times," Ms.Li said, "So, what's does that mean?" asked Daria, "Well, there have been some flyer's pinned to the wall's of these hallway's promoting their aweful concert, and this school will not stand for those loser's promoting their bad music," complained Ms.Li, "And?" asked Daria, confused, "And, what?" asked Ms.Li, "And that has what to do with us?" demanded Daria, "Oh, c'mon, you know just as well as I do that you two hung them up, no one else in this school hang's out with those horrible musician's, or so they call themselve's," appointed Ms.Li, Jane stand's up and lean's over Ms.Li's desk, eyes burning with anger, "O.K., we've taken enough crap from an authority figure like you who has a control problem, but when you insult my family more then once, I get very personal," said Jane, now in Ms.Li's face, "Fair enough," said Ms.Li, scared, "But as a punishment, you both shall pick up each flyer that is in here," Ms.Li concluded, but Daria begged to differ, "Oh no, we didn't even know about the concert, therefore, my mom can sue for wrongful punishment," Daria defended, determined not to be beat, "Dammit! Fine, just get outta here," demanded Ms.Li, tired of arguing, "Good," said Daria, victoriously, and got up and left.

Daria and Jane walked down the hall's soaking up the victory they just got and decided to skip the rest of school and go out for pizza to celebrate. On the way there they reminised on how many times they've come to this pizza parlor for special occation's, or just to think. When they got there, they sat down and ordered the usual pizza pie they alway's split together. "So, on a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest, ten being the highest, five being average, what do you rate our triumph over the school's top official?" asked Jane, "One to ten?, I'd give it twelve," answered Daria proudly, "Well said, Daria, very well said," Jane complimented and started on her pizza. "I mean, just think, we have broken the sound barrier of power between student and school authority," said Daria, putting thought into Jane's mind, "We've made history Daria, we are what most people try to be, different, and not afraid," said Jane thinkingly, "We've defied authority, and they cowered with their tail's between their leg's," Daria stated, "That's why I'm proud to be your friend Daria, very proud," said Jane and they tipped cups and finished their pizza.

"Today, on Sick, Sad World, are deer taking out their revenge on vehicle's for their injured animal friend's? Animal Vandalist's on Sick, Sad World," the T.V. went on in Jane's room as Daria read and Jane painted. "Daria, what do you think of that accusation about the so-called concert for Trent's band?" asked Jane as she brushed away at her canvas, "You know what? I completly forgot about that, but now that you mention it, I think it's we should go ask Trent about it, mabye ride with them," replied Daria, thoughtfuly, "Daria! Finally we get to have fun without me forcing you into it!" Jane cheered as a very loud guitar chord shook the Lane house, "Well, let's go see what we can do," said Jane as she got up and left as Daria followed.

As soon as they got to the top step, Mystic Spiral had already started the second verse of 'Behind My Eyelid's', "Behind my eyelid's! is a world you cannot see, a place I like to be," sang Trent, obviously really into the song as Jesse headbanged like a mad man and Nick plucked his bass and nodded his head to the beat while Max hit the drums with his eye's closed, probably used to it from lot's of practice. Normaly Daria and Jane would yell for them to stop so they could talk, but they both decided to let them finish the song. As soon as they finished Daria and Jane applauded them for their performence, "Uh, thank's," said Trent, not knowing they were watching, then turn's to his bandmates, "You guy's take a break," then back to Jane and Daria, "So, what did you think?" he asked ,waiting for their response, "Awesome, I'd buy ticket's to your concert," complimented Jane, "It was cool," said Daria, uneasy as usual when she's around Trent, "Speaking of concert's, we actually got one co...." Trent is interupted by Jane, "Yeah, we know. Who put those flyer's up around school? We almost got suspended for them thinking we did it," she said, "Yeah," Daria backed up, "Oh yeah, we had the concert announcer, Charles Rutt-something-or-the-other, he hung them around. We didn't think the school would freak out so much," explained Trent, "Oh, no! Upchuck's the announcer of that concert?!" yelled Jane, "Uh, yeah. Is that a problem?" asked Trent, "He tried to hire us as bikini girl's," Daria explained, embarresed a little, "I wouldn't blame him, I'd hire you, too," Trent complimented to Daria, making her blush like no other. "So, anyway, we were wondering if we could go with you guy's?" asked Jane, "Yeah, sure, if you can stand another road trip in the Tank for five hour's," replied Trent, pausing to see Jane's reaction, making Daria have second thought's, "Dude, remember?" Jesse reminded as Trent paused again to think, "Oh yeah! Good news Janey, we put it two bench seat's in the back, if we squeeze, we could fit nine or ten people in there if we wanted to," said Trent, "Cool, Daria, you and Trent can sit in the back on seat's instead of on that trunk that was in there," teased Jane, making Daria blush again, "Oh, if murder wasn't a crime...." Daria thought in her head. "But, you'll need to scrounge up another few dollar's," Trent said not too loudly, "Trent, someday I swear....okay, fine," Jane said, finally giving in, "Cool, were there," said Trent, "Why do I suddenly feel a little de` ja vu?" thought Daria.

Helen was in her room sorting through some paper's from work and talking on her phone as usual and Jake was in the kitchen, trying to perfect his cooking hobby. "Dammit, Eric! if were gonna take over the stupid compitition, we gotta squash smaller companies and sue somebody's pant's off,(Quinn walks in) Eric, I'll have to call you back," said Helen, "Quinn, what can I do for you?" Helen asked, "Since I've been really good in my school work this semester, I was wondering if,(takes a breath) IcouldgowiththeFashionClubtoaCashmensinatownthreehoursawaythatshavinga75%discountonallitemsandthatsaonceinalifetimedealsocanI?" asked Quinn, now out of breath, "Well, are you sure....(Daria walks in)Daria, hi!" said Helen, "Uh, am I interupting something?" Daria asked, "No, not really, why do you ask," Helen asked, "I was wondering if I could go with Jane to see her brother's band play at their next gig?" asked Daria, "How far away is this gig?" Helen asked, "A couple hour's," Daria answered, thinking her mother would say no, "Well girl's, I'll have to think about who get's to go some where this weekend because I need help cleaning up around here, this place is a mess and your father's leaving on a business trip so I need an extra hand," Helen proclaimed as she thought about who stay's and who goes, "Well I think I should go, my reason is more important," said Quinn, "Yeah right, my rea...." Daria is interupted, "I'll give you my descision tomarrow before you leave to school, now go to bed, I've got a lot of work to do," Helen finalized and sent them off.

After they went to their rooms, Daria knew Quinn would try to bribe her to stay home, but Daria started looking for the one thing she could blackmail Quinn with, the picture of Quinn in her chubby stage. Then the door burst open and Quinn rushed in, "I've got fifty buck's and that's my only offer if you go tell mom your ride fell through and you can't go, leaving me the privilage to go somewhere this weekend," Quinn promoted, "How about this, you give me twenty buck's and go tell mom you can't go, or I make poster size pictures of this(show's Qinn the picture)and tape them up around school," countered Daria, smiling, "You wouldn't," dared Quinn, "Try me," Daria said, now grinning, then Quinn flips a few bill's and throw's them, "Dammit! I hope you know that your putting me through hard labor!" said Quinn and left in a storm with a final, "Oooo!!", "Two victories in one day, this day can't get any better" said Daria to herself, "What! I have to clean the toilet's?! Nnooooo!" screamed Quinn in the background, "I stand corrected," Daria answered herself and clicked on her t.v., "Twelve hours of complete and udder madness, the sickest marathon ever on Sick, Sad World," said the t.v. as Daria sat back on her bed to get comfortible.

The next morning at the breakfast table, "Quinn, I'm so glad you'll be helping me this weekend, sorry about Sandi's car though, the wheels just fell right off?" asked Helen, "Uh, yeah, came right off, ruining my ride to Cashmen's," Quinn answered, glaring at Daria, "Yep," assured Daria, making Quinn storm off to school, "What's she mad about? Just because she won't be able to exploit herself at a cheap price isn't a big deal," retorted Daria, "Daria, it wouldn't hurt if you dressed a little happier like Quinn," said Helen, "Mom, we've had this conversation before, I'm not going to change my way's to try to be popular," said Daria, annoyed now, "But Daria, if you just..." Helen is interupted, "Oh, look at the time, better go meet Jane," said Daria and then got up and left. "Dammit!" said Helen and got back to her paperwork. Then Daria comes back, "Oh yeah, I'll be going streight to Jane's after school, so ! won't be home after school," said Daria and then left again.

Daria knock's on the Lane house door and to her surprise, Jane is ready for school, "Well, aren't you ready for a day full of learning," Daria said sarcasticly, "Actually, I've been ready for an hour, Trent want's to get to the set early," explained Jane, "Why?" asked Daria thinking of why would Trent be up at this hour, "He got the band another gig that's after the gig we were already going to at the last minute," Jane explained to Daria on the way towards the Tank to load their stuff, "Hhmmm, guess he needs the money, and I don't mind missing a day of school," Daria said. "We should be there in about three hours,' said Trent coming up behind them with a big ice-chest, "But since the gig isn't till tonight and the next one isn't till tomarrow, we'll drive around and go to stores on the way," explained Trent as he set the chest in the Tank with a heavy thud. "God Trent! what's in that?" asked Jane, "Drinks, sandwhich supplies, oh wait, that's the other chest," answered Trent, "Whats in this one?" asked Daria as Trent opened it and showed bricks and all had their own different color of the rainbow, "Gummi Bricks, got them at that new shopping wharehouse, figured they'd be good for road trip's" explained Trent, "Oh," said Daria, "Guess we won't have much leg room with all this stuff," she went on, "Not really, instument's and heavy stuff are tied up on top, ice cooler's with food along with cloth's bags and Janey's boom-box for music will be inside the tank," said Trent, "Oh," Daria said again, kicking her-self for being so lame. "Stop lolly-gagging around Trent! Let's get this stuff loaded!" yelled Max and Trent mosied on over to help.

There was a pot-hole in the road that made the Tank jump, which woke up Daria, then she looked to her left and saw someone who was in a deep sleep, "Dammit! That Jane is pissing me off," Daria thought to her-self as she woke up next to a sleeping Trent in the back of the Tank, before she could stop her, Jane got it to where Daria and Trent were in the back, her and Jesse were in the next seat in front of them, and Max and Nick in the front driver and passenger seat's. Daria herd a russle and looked over and found out it was Trent turning over in his sleep and was now facing her. He was so peacful, so oblivious to any sound when he was asleep. Daria started to wonder what it was like it his head, what he thinks about of her, what he's dreaming of right now..., then she noticed Jane looking at her while she was thinking, "Dammit!" she thought to herself, "Peaceful, isn't he?" said Jane, half moking her, "Shut up," replied Daria, trying not to blush, "Oh come on Daria, you can't hide it, just tell him, he like's you too," said Jane, trying to keep her voice down so Nick and Max won't hear them and not wake up Jesse, "Trent will understand that you like him and will probily ask you out," coaxed Jane, trying to get Daria to tell him, but she is so sore that no guy would like her, "Yeah, right. And Kevin Thompson will ask me to the prom instead of Brittiny," Daria commented with her usual sarcasm, "Daria, he thinks your the coolest high schooler he know's," "Yeah, and that's it!" said Daria a little too loudly, making Trent wake up, cutting off their arguement, "Where are we?" asked Trent, "Were coming up to that resturaunt you guy's stopped at on the way to Alternapalooza," said Max, sitting in the driver's seat, "Oh, hey Janey, put on some tune's and pass me a Gummi Brick," said Trent, rubbing his eye's, "Gimme one too," said Max, then everyone else "Sure, what CD do you want me to put in?" asked Jane, passing out bricks and pulling out a CD folder, "Something heavy, um.... Pantera!" Trent decided, then ripped the brick in half and passed it to Daria, "Want half?" he asked, "Sure," said Daria and took it, "Pantera it is," said Jane as she put it in the boom-box and loud screaming and fast guitar's instantly came out of it and that imediatly got everyone pumped up.

(2 minutes before)"Oh come on Daria, you can't hide it, just tell him, he like's you too," Jesse heard Jane say, which woke him up, but pretended he was asleep so he could find out who Daria liked, "Trent will understand that you like him and will probily ask you out," Jane said again, "Oh man, wait till Trent hear's this, he does have feeling's for her," said Jesse in his mind, "Yeah, right. And Kevin Thompson will ask me to the prom instead of Brittiny," said Daria, whoever Kevin and Brittiny are, Jesse thought, then they started mumbling more but he couldn't make it out, then Daria yelled something that woke up everyone and Jesse pretend it woke him up too.

It was fourth period and Quinn was actually dreading for school to end, 'cause after school was a weekend filled with helping her mom clean the house. What's been bothering her was, how the hell did Daria find that picture of her at that age? Quinn thought she hide it wear no one would find it, in her diary. "Oh, no!" Quinn thought to herself, if Daria found it in her diary, that mean's she's been reading her diary, and that isn't good at all. "Quinn, what are you doing?" asked Sandi, waking her out of her thought's, "Huh, what?" said Quinn, caught off guard, "You look horrible, you weren't thinking too much were you?" asked Sandi again, "Oh, no! I wasn't, I was just mad how I can't go because of that stupid doctor's appointment," Quinn lied, if they found out she would be cleaning toilet's, she would die."Yes Quinn, it is too bad, I mean, 75% off everything at Cashmans, what a waste," Sandi bragged, "Please don't rub it in, Sandi," whinned Quinn, "Sorry, we'll bring you back something as a token of my appoligy," suggested Sandi, "Thank's Sandi, your the best," complimented Quinn, "I know," said Sandi.

"Man, can you believe that the same waitress that was there last time was there this time, and didn't even recognize us?" asked Jane to Daria and Trent, "I know, isn't that weird?" commented Trent as everyone settled down as the Tank got moving, "What a coinsidinse, huh Daria," asked Trent, "Uh... yeah, sure," answered Daria uneasily. As Trent and Jesse got into a conversation, Jane moved in back with Daria, "Smooooth," said Jane, making a little fun of Daria, "Watch it, Lane," threatened Daria, "Just kidding, believe me, he didn't notice, he doesn't notice anything," said Jane, "Come on, give him a little credit, he make's good point's every once in a while," replied Daria in Trent's defense, "Yeah I know, but sometime's he's just so...out of it," Jane said, "I know," said Daria. "Hey everyone, we'll be at the first gig in about two hour's," yelled Nick from up front, "Cool, hey Janey, put in something that should phyche us up for the show," said Trent, "Fine," sighed Jane as she started flipping through CD's.

"Quinn! Your home, now change into some old cloth's, we've got alot to tackle," said Helen in overalls as Quinn walked in, "O.K., just tell me what to do, " said Quinn, sounding depressed, "No need, I've made a list for you." said Helen as she handed Quinn a page of paper and Quinn began reading off the list, eye's get wider and wider as she looked down the list, then her mouth widden's, then she squeel's and faint's. "Oh, for the love of God," Helen sighed as she went to find the Smelling Salt's.

Sandi was driving, Stacy was crying over something as usual, and Tiffany was blanked out into space as they headed toward's the distant Cashman's. "Gawd, Stacy! It's not that big of a deal!" complained Sandi as she tried to drive and shut Stacy up, who was crying over Quinn's absence, "But Sandi, Quinn is a important part of the Fashion Club! Without her, were just not the Fashion Club!" Stacy wailed and Sandi rolled her eyes, "I mean, she's my best friend!" she cries, but see's Sandi narrow her eyes at Stacy, "Um, next to you I mean," she said, trying not to make Sandi mad. "This wiinnd, is like, bloowwwiinng reeaallly haarrrd," dragged out Tiffany as the with blew her hair outta whack, amazing both Sandi and Stacy at how one-track her mind is, "I wonder what Quinn is doing right now?" said Sandi, thinking happily. (Cut to Morgandorffer residence) "Quiinn! Did you get the upstair's bathroom's done?!" yelled Helen from the kitchen, scrubbing the counter's, "Yeess!" Quinn answered, "How about the vacumming?!" "I already did that!" Quinn yelled back, "I did the whole list!" Quinn yelled again, "Good! Now come get your downstair's chore list!" yelled Helen, then Quinn let out the loudest, high pitched scream.

Daria and Jane are hanging out by the bar as Mystic Spiral set's up their gear on stage, Nick strumm's his bass, but he didn't check the volume and it was so loud, the amp gave out a screeching feedback and he quickly turned it down as everyone on the floor plugged their ears, "Sorry," apoligized Nick, sheepishly, "Dammit, Nick! Make sure we all go deaf!" yelled Max, making Nick angry, "Hey! I'm not the one who set this stuff up in the first place, Max!" Nick yelled back, "Yeah well, you shoulda checked it first before testing it!" Max tried to counter, "Oh yeah!?" Max and Nick's voices blur together as their arguement heat's up. Daria takes a sip of her Pepsi and look's to Jane, "Here we go again," she said, pointing to Max and Nick, "I know, this is like the forth time they've argued this whole trip," replied Jane, then Trent plopped down next to Daria. "Hey Daria, havin fun?" asked Trent, "Watch Max and Nick have another arguement? I'm bored outta my mind," answered Daria, "Yeah, I know, they alway's fight, but they take out their anger by putting it into their performance onstage, so it's all good," said Trent as looked to see if they killed eachother or not, "Hey, aren't you supposed be settin up your gear?" asked Daria, "Not while their goin at it, besides, I don't know where all those cord's go," Trent answered then looked around, "Why don't we go outside and talk without so much people around?" suggested Trent, Daria thought for a minute, "Sure, just let me tell Jane," said Daria, but when she turned to tell her but Jane wasn't there. Daria looked around and saw Jane and Jesse making out behind the set, "Oh, well, let's go," said Daria, "Cool" said Trent as he got off the stool and followed Daria to the door.

The next morning, sunshine shined through the windsheild and right into Daria's face, waking her up with a killer head-ache. After popping a few asprin's she had in her bag, she noticed someone was asleep on her shoulder, Trent! This both shoked and embarressed her, so she made the best of it and tried to fall back asleep without waking him up. But soon everyone started to wake up in misery of a hang-over, almost immediatly Jane barfed into her bucket, then Jesse filled up what Jane's barf didn't, and soon after that Max and Nick made their last night's puke piles bigger. Luckily Daria paced herself while drinking and just got away with a head-ache and nausia, but Trent, as usual he slepted it off. "I say we get this stuff loaded and go back to sleep," suggested Nick, rubbing his eyes, "Same hear, but after we load this stuff, I think a swin in the lake down the road should snap us outta this," said Jane, which everyone agreed to. Through all the loading and the short drive to the lake, Trent was still asleep, so when they got to the lake, Jesse and Max decided to play a joke on him by throwing him in the lake asleep. So after dragging him outta the Tank, Max grabbed his ankles and Jesse grabbed his arm's and carrind him to the edge of the bank, swung him back and forth three times, and let go. As soon as he hit the cold water, Trent jumped up, gasping for air, and totally freaked out. But the joke was also on Jesse and Max, for when they threw him, they were so hung-over, that they fell in themselves. After swimming around a little, everyone got used to the water temperature and started splashing around, except for Daria, who chose to dry off and read a book. Then Trent found two abandoned inner-tubes tied together by a rope, and swam them up to shore, "Hey Daria, could you get me my sunglasses?" asked Trent, "Sure," Daria answered and went to the Tank and brought them back, "Thanks, hey, since you still have youe bathing suit on, why don't you come back in the water and float around on a tube with me?" suggested Trent, handing one toward's her, "Well, okay," Daria agreed and got on one and float out in the lake with him, even though he fell asleep on the spot. For about thirty minutes of floating, they said nothing, and then Trent woke up, "Sure is quiet out hear," commented Trent after a long silence, "Sure is," Daria replied, realizing how far they floated away from shore, "Mabye we should start paddling back before we float too far off," Daria suggested, "Yeah, I guess," said Trent and they started kicking their feet in the water, "Sorry about getting inturrupted last night, we had a pretty cool conversation going," apologized Trent, "That's okay, and yeah, I find it really nice talking with you," said Daria, "I know, it's hard to beleive girl your age is so understanding, I feel I can talk to you about anything," Trent said, "Same hear, I can't beleive a gu can understand my problem's like ou do," Daria said, looking at him, who is as laid back as you can get in an inner-tube, "Mabye we knew eachother in a past life?" stated Trent, "Mabye," said Daria, but they didn't realize how close they were to shore and were flipped off their inner-tubes by Jesse, "Dammit, Jesse! What the hell?!" yelled Trent, whipping water outta his eyes, "It was a joke, I couldn't resist it," said Jesse, "Yeah, but you made lose my glasses," said Daria, looking around, "Oops, sorry, hold on," said Jesse as he dived down and came up with her glasses, "Here they are," said Jesse, handing them back to Daria, "Your lucky," said Daria, putting them back on, "Lucky? Or what?" teased Jesse, "Or this!" yelled Trent as he lunged forward and dunked Jesse and started a water wrestling game, "I hate to break up this special moment, but we gotta go," said Jane as she swam up to them, "Okay," said Trent and Jesse as everyone swam to shore.

Before they left the lake, Nick and Jesse forced the window's of the Tank open so the wind would blow their hair dry. After that, Jessewent to Trent, who was drying himself with a towel, to talk to him, "Hey man," said Jesse, "Hey Jess," Trent replied, "You know that Daria chick?" asked Jesse, "Yeah, what about her?" Trent re-asked, "Well, she..uh...has this, um...actually, she really..." Jesse babbled, "Jesse, just tell me, man," Trent ordered, "Iover-heardDariatellingJanethatshehasfeelingsfor-you, man," Jesse finally said, "What?" said Trent, in shock, "It's true, now all you have to do is ask her," said Jesse, "No way, man. Your lying," accoused Trent, "Fine, believe what you want," said Jesse, "Dammit!" he thought to himself as they got in the Tank, then they left to the next gig. "Hey Max, you get that money from last night's show?" asked Trent, running a towel over his head to dry his hair, "I thought Jesse did," Max answered, "I thought Nick did," said Jesse, "I thought Trent got the money," said Nick, "You mean we didn't get paid? W played a free show!" yelled Trent at everyone, but then, "I got the money," said Daria in the back, "What?," asked everyone, "You guy's were way to drunk last night, so before I got too drunk, I got the money for you," explained Daria, then everyone let out a sigh of releif and thanked her, "Thank's Daria, you're a big help with this band," said Trent, everyone agreed, "Your welcome," said Daria, not too loudly.

They were halfway to the next gig when Nick noticed they needed gas, so they pulled in to the next gas station for fuel and bathroom break's. As Jane was in the Porto-Potty, Daria waited outside, twitching with the urge to pee, then Trent walked up, "Hey Daria. ou hafta go bad don't you," he said, observently, "Yeah, bad," she answered, "You know what help's get your mind off the urge?" said Trent, making Daria hope he had the answer, "What?" she asked, "Heck, I was asking you!" Trent said, making Daria confused, then realized that he had joked, "Oh! Ha ha ha!" she laughed, then Jane came out, "It's all yours," Jane said, then headed for the Tank, "Thank's," said Daria, then went in.

"Yo, people! Were hear!" yelled Jane from the front of the Tank as Jesse pulled into the parking lot of the small Bar/Club, "Alrighty then, let's get to it," said Nick as he climbed out and got on top of the Tank and started handing the load down to Max. After getting everything onto the stage, Jesse, Max, and Nick started hooking everything up and getting ready for the show, and Trent sat down at Daria and Jane's table, "Aren't you supposed to be helping?" asked Jane, "All I know how to do is put my amp cord into an outlet, and turn it on, the rest of the guy's do all the complicated stuff," explained Trent, leaning in his seat, then dozed off before they could say anything else, "I give you, Sir. King Narcoleptic himself," said Jane, pointing to Trent, "No scheduale can hold him down," Daria remarked. When it was time, Trent was woke up so they can put on a show. He was a little groggy, but when he got onstage, it was like a drug, he instantly woke up and started the show with perfect energy and power. This show was different then the last one, this time there was no set's, just one big show.

When the show was over, people were cheering and yelling 'Encore!', even though they did four encore's. While they were packing up, people kept asking if they had demo's they could give out, but they explained how they were just a little garage band and the fan's refused to believe such talent was going unnoticed. Before they piled in the Tank, Trent came up to Daria, "Hey, Daria?" he asked, "Yes?" she answered, "Since we are sometimes forgetful, we would love to have you collect our pay's at our show's, sort of a fund's manager, since you help us out alot," he offered, she thought for a moment, "Sure, why not? It would be fun," "Cool, your there," he said as they got in the Tank.

It was about 1:00 a.m., and they were on ther way home. While Max drove, everyone slept, so he got stuck buying energy pill's to stay awake and not doze off and wreck. Meanwhile, about fifty miles behind them, Sandi was stuck driving while Tiffany and Stacy were snoring in the back. "Idiot!" Sandi said to herself, "Why did you agree to play? You alway's lose at Rock, Paper, Scissor's!" she yelled at herself, for she lost at the game and was stuck driving home, "Why couldn't Quinn have come? I woulda made her drive," she said, then they go off in the distance.

As Max drove on, he noticed something on the side of the road, "What the..." he said, then realized it was two kid's, and they were breaking glass bottles in the road, "Whoa!" Max yelled as he tried to swerve outta the way of the shard's of glass, he missed it, but slid into a tree, hitting the side of the Tank.

After everyone got out of the Tank, they started asking Max about what happend. "I'm telling ou, there were kid's throwing glass, they must've ran off when we crashed," Max said, trying to defend himself, "What's this 'we' thing? You wrecked the Tank," said Jesse, "Oh, c'mon, that's not fair," said Max, "Life's not fair," Nick muttered, "Hey you, shut up!" yelled Max, "Don't tell me to shut up!" Nick yelled back as yet another arguement of their's started, "Well, how are we gonna get home now?" asked Daria, "Don't worry, the Tank has had worst wreck's then this," said Trent as he got in and tried to start it, but it wouldn't even try, it was just dead. "Well, mabye I was wrong," admitted Trent, "We need to flag someone down to tow us," said Jesse, "Hey Daria, go show your leg to other driver's," suggested Jane, "Your pushing it, Lane," said Daria, glarring at Jane, "I'll go stop someone," said Nick, then Max, Jesse, and Jane followed, leaving Daria and Trent behind, "Oh well, let's go hang out in the Tank till they get back," suggested Trent, "O.k.," Daria agreed.

Driving down the road 10 miles over the speed limit, Sandi raced to get home so she could brag to Quinn about what a good time they had, even though there was a windstorm that blew all their new clothes out of the car. Then she saw something up ahead, kid's throwing glass in the road! She swerved to miss the glass, but spun out. Spinnig out of control woke up Tiffiny and Stacy, who began screamming while Sandi tried to get control of the car. But between spin's, she saw a group of hitch-hiker's on the side of the road, "Look out!" Sandi yelled, then they all jumped out of the way at the last second as the car spun to a stop.

As the Fashion Club got out of the car, Max, Nick, and Jesse came over to see if they were okay, while Jane went to get Trent and Daria. After the Fashion Fiend's explained about the kid's throwing glass, Max popped up, "I told you! I told you! There were kid's throwing glass! Now you know I'm right!" Max yelled, then everyone went back to figuring out what their gonna do. "Well, let's wait till Trent and Daria get hear before we figure out what to do," said Jesse.

(two minutes before) Daria and Trent were sitting in the Tank listening to music, trying to think of what to say, then Trent broke the silence. "How did you and Janey become friend's?"he asked, "Well, we weren't friend's at first, we just talked to eachother, started hanging out, then I guess we became friend's," Daria explained, thinking back, "Yeah, Janey's a great person, easy to get along with," said Trent, "I already told you how glad I am to be friend's with you, but sometimes I wonder why you guy's would want to be friend's with me," Daria said, "Why wouldn't we? You talk what's on your mind, your independent, you don't care what anyone think's, your just like me, but more," Trent's said, which stunned both him and Daria, "Really?" she asked, "Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out," he appoligized, "Now, don't, I'm glad you said it, for a while that's what I thought about you." Daria said, blushing, "Really? That's cool, I alway's thought you thought I was boring," explained Trent, "Why? You are alway's doing what you want, getting up when ever you want, you live the life," said Daria, then it became silent again as Trent thought about what to say. After thinking, "But it get's lonely without someone to be there," said Trent, "Yeah, I know, when you have thing's to say and know one's there tp listen, it suck's, but with you,(looking into Trent's eye's, he looking back) I can tell you anything," she said, "Same hear," he agreed, then they leaned closer, and then..."Hey you two, someone stopped, so let's go!" yelled Jane from the door of the Tank, "Dammit, Jane!" "Dammit, Janey!" Daria and Trent thought at the same time, "O.K.," said Daria, "Whatever," said Trent, helping Daria out of the Tank.

"What's going on?" asked Daria as she and Trent walked up to Sandi's car, "Well, come to find out, Max was right, there were kid's throwing glass in the road, and they(pointing toward's the Fashion Club) spun out trying to swerve away from the glass like Max did," explained Jesse, "I told you!" yelled Max, "Enough of that, dammit!" Nick yelled at him. "Anyhoo, we need to think of a plan on how were gonna get home," said Jane, then everyone started looking around as they thought, then Trent came up, "Does their car still work?" he asked, looking at Sandi's car, "Yeah, all they did was spin to a stop," said Jane, "Then mabye I'll get the chain's from the Tank and hook their car up to our's and tow us," Trent suggested, waiting for a reply, "What other choice do we have?" asked Daria, "I guess so," said Jesse, then headed to the Tank, "I'll get the chain's," he said over his shoulder as he headed off, "Hey Daria, let's have the fun telling the Fashion Club our plan," said Jane, "O.K.," Daria said answered non-enthusiastically.

As Daria and Jane walked up, Sandi looked over, "Aren't you Quinn's cousin, or what-ever?" she asked, "No, I'm her sister," Daria corrected, "Oh My God! Did you hear that? Just wait till..." Sandi is interupted by Jane, "Anyway, hear's the plan. Were gonna tie some chain's from our van to your car and your car is gonna tow us," Jane explained, Sandi's eyes get wide, "Oh no your not, we ain't towin anyone, you can find your own ride home," said Sandi, then walked to her car, "Your gonna tow us, or I'll get that picture your brother's gave Quinn of you with braces," Daria threatened, "You wouldn't," Sandi challenged, "Oh yeah?" said Daria, looking dead in her eyes, "Fine! Man I hate brain's!" Sandi yelled as Daria and Jane wnt to the Tank to give the O.K.

As Trent and Jesse finished chaining the vehicle's together, everyone got ready to go, "Trent, or whatever your name is, how do I pull another car?" asked Sandi, "Your not pulling anything, you'd wreck us, I'm driving, and Jesse's stearring," he answered, getting into the car, "Oh, okay," said Sandi, then got into the Tank, then Nick, Max, and Jesse got in, followed by the rest of the Fashion Club. As Trent started up Sandi's car, Daria and Jane got it, "Way too many air-head's to ride in the Tank," said Jane as she put on her seat-belt, "Thought so," said Trent, then put it in drive, and the car gave a jerk, but they were going.

"Oh, my, god! Look what he did to my car's bumper!" yelled Sandi from the back of the Tank, "Shouldn't have bought a cheap car," commented Jesse from the driver's seat, "Eeww! Get him away from me!" sqealed Stacy as Nick tried to hit on her, "Oh c'mon! You know you like it," said Nick, leaning closer to her, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is the last thing you hear as the Tank disappeared into the distance.

When they pulled up to Daria's house, still dragging the Tank, it was 4 a.m., "I'm gonna get my stuff outta the Tank," said Daria, "Okay, we'll wait," said Trent. When she opened the side door, it was loud enough to wake the Fashion Club, "Where are we?" asked Sandi, rubbing her eyes, "It's 4 a.m., were at my house, and you'll be home shortly," answered Daria, "Thank god," moaned Sandi. When Daria came up to the car, she put her hand on the door, "That trip was fun, thank's for taking me," she said, "Your welcome, we should do it again," said Trent, then rubbed her hand, "Mabye someother time," said Daria, smiling, "Well, see ya," she said, then walked to her door, "Later!" he called as he drove off, jerking the car, then you hear a faint "My bumper!!" from Sandi inside the Tank.

As they drove away, Trent looked over his shoulder to see Daria walk into her house, "Next time," he thought to himself, "I'll ask her next time," then you see the yellow convertible dragging the Tank off out of sight. Outside the bar, there was a slight breeze blowing but it wasn't too cold, and Daria and Trent decided to sit on the curb next to the Tank. Trent looked up to the night sky and marvled at the stars, "Isn't it nice when there's not a cloud around and the stars shine brightly against the blackish-blue sky?" asked Trent, still looking up, "Yes, it is quite wonderous," Daria replied, now also looking up, "Whenever I need to think, or try to come up with some lyric's, I alway's look at the night sky," he said, then looked at Daria, "You ever wonder why were hear?" Trent asked, "You mean, what's the meaning of life?" she said, "Well, yeah, but everyone ask's that, I what to now why, were here that is," Trent said, now propping his chin on his hand, "I think, biologicily, were here because are parent's were bored or couldn't keep their hand's off eachother," she answered, "(laughing, then cough's)Yeah, your right, that's a pretty good point, but theoreticly, were sentinced to death as soon as were born, and adult's try to lead us to have boring, useless lives, work till were old, then die," Trent stated, Daria raises her eyebrow's, "You have made the most sence I've heard in a long time," said Daria, "Thanks Daria, I know I've said it before, but I still can't believe how smart you and your still in high school, your the coolest girl I know, next to Janey," said Trent, "Thanks," Daria said. After a couple minutes of silent thinking, "You know, you should make a song outta what you just said," Daria suggested, "I know, that's what I was just thinking, great mind's think alike, huh Daria," said Trent, "Yeah," Daria replied, trying to think of somethimg to say, then Trent got up and went to the Tank and turned on some music, turned out to be the second album of KoRn, then he sat back down, "You into KoRn?" Trent asked, nodding his head to the music, "Yeah, but I'm more into listening to Jon Davis's lyric's, have you took the time to listen to them?" asked Daria, "Yes, who can help but to not to? They have so much meaning," answered Trent, "Yes, they do, like 'Good God' for example," Daria said, "Yeah, it's about trusting a friend, then that friend makes your life misrible and you hate him for it," stated Trent, "Exactly," Said Daria, "You ever been in a situation like that?" asked Trent, "Well, no, you and Jane are my first friend's and that hasn't happened, yet," Daria answered, "Yeah, but don't expect that to happen, were one of the good one's," said Trent, "Yeah, I trust you guy's," said Daria.

"God, what am I doing?" Trent thought to himself as their conversation fell into yet another moment of silence, "I just keep jabbering on and on about anything, and anything I throw out, she has a way better point about it then me, she is so smart about anything that matter's to me, that's what's so great about her, I can't talk to Janey or Jesse about any of this stuff," he thought again, looking at Daria, "But man, I have more fun talking to her than doing anything else, except playing with my band," he thought again, "But I can't risk our friendship if I tell her how I feel," he thought but then Daria interupted his thought's, "Trent?" she asked, "Yes?" he re-asked, but then he saw her shivering, she was cold, so he slid up next to her, "Here," put's arm around her shoulder's, "I'll keep you warm," he said, "Thanks," she said, now feeling like she was going to melt with happiness, "You were saying?" he asked, "Oh, well, you guy's were the only one's who actually thought I was cool enough to talk to, everyone at school tries to ignore me, except for Jane, the only other student who befriended me," she said, "I don't see why people have to judge eachother with their stupidity," Trent said, "I just wanted to thank you guy's, you've been alot of help getting me through high school without hurting someone," Daria said, "No problem, your a one of a kind of girl, that's what I like about you," Trent said, "Really?" she asked, but Jesse came out, "Trent! Let's go, everything is set up, let's rock!" said Jesse, making them blush a little that they've been seen together like that, "Dammit!" Daria and Trent thought at the same time, "Be in there in a sec Jess," said Trent, "Cool," said Jesse, as always, "I guess we have to go inside," Trent said, "Yeah," said Daria asn Trent pulled her up and they headed to the door.

As soon as they got inside, Daria wanted to leave and go far, far away, "Oh crap!" said Daria out loud, "What was that," said Jane, coming up to Daria from the side, "Huh? Oh! Um...oh yeah, remember what Upchuck said in school?" asked Daria, "Upchuck? What do you mea..." said Jane, then her eye's got wide as she realized what Daria meant, then looked toward the stage, and there he was, Upchuck, as the announcer, "Holy mother of God," said Jane in disbelief, "God sure made a mistake with him," Daria commented. "People, people, quiet down. Have I got a show for you," said Upchuck into the mic, "If he start's singing, I'm outta here," said Daria, already annoyed by Upchuck's presence, "Tonight, we have a up and coming band on the rise playing for you, four guy's, ready to rock, ready to roll, ready to..." Upchuck is interupted, "Ready to kick your ass if you don't start the show!" yelled someone from the crowd, "Rrrrgggg! Fiesty!" grred Upchuck at the comment, then was pelted by trash from the crowd, squeeling as he ran to the side. Trent then approached the mic, "Uh...were Mystic Spiral, but were thinking about changing our name, and this song is called 'Freakin Friend's'," said Trent, then they started the song.

Daria was enjoying the show so far, it was already the band's forth song of the first set and Daria was bobbing her head to it. Then outta nowhere, she hear's a scream, she look's to her left, and to her dismay, it's Kevin and Brittiny, "Dammit, Kevvy! I thought you told me we were going to a concert for my birthday!" yelled Brittiny while hitting Kevin, "Ow, babe! It is a concert, see? there's a band," said Kevin, ducking down as Brittiny hit him, "You mean that little garage band? Come on Kevvy, your too cheap to spend extra money on me! Admit it!" yelled Brittiny as they fought into the background and Daria focased back to the band.

"Thank you, we'll be back for the second set in a half an hour, until then, you can either leave or stick around," said Trent to the audiance and got off the stage. Whan he got to Daria and Jane's table, he suggested they go to the bar with the rest of the band and get some drink's to celebrate a great first set, they agreed, even though Daria doesn't particularlly like to drink, she thought it was a special occasion and a good reason to have fun, for now.

"Oh man! That set blew!"said Jesse as he fell into the back of the Tank, drunk. "Well, after we get the gear loaded, we'll sleep it off," said Trent, pushing an amp up to Nick on top of the band, almost falling off, "Cool, I think?" said Jesse, passing out. Before the second set, everyone got dead drunk and forgot they had another set to do, and when it was time, they were horrible and uncordinated, "Uh oh, I'm gonna..." said Nick, right before he blew chunk's over the side of the Tank, "Man, just watching him makes me wanna..." then Max ralphed all over the back step's of the bar, "Mabye we should wait till tomarrow to load," said Trent, but Max and Nick were both asleep next to their piles of puke, "Alright, more room in the Tank," said Trent out loud to himself. When he got into the Tank, Jane was asleep in the front passenger seat with a bucket in her hand incase she throw's up, Jesse was asleep on the first bench, and Daria was asleep in the back with a blanket they brought. After he turned Jesse so he was lying on his face so he doesn't choke if he puke's, he layed down in the back to go to sleep. After a few minutes of trying, he couldn't fall asleep, it was just too damn cold. So he scooched over to Daria so they would both be using the blanket, rested his head on her shoulder, and fell asleep.