by Robin Sena

Based on the fan art by Daria fan art illustrator S.C.

She had no idea she had been staring at the photo of herself as a child, holding her pet kitten, Fluffy for so long; back then, she had braces, which were there at the time she was all smiles. Framed in a pink acrylic frame with a brown cat icon between the dark blue words Best Friends, was that said photo, and to Sandi, she had treasured that moment shen she had gotten Fluffy then.

That was how it was over the many years, and that next to Stacy, Quinn and Tiffany, Sandi had always treasured Fluffy as the closest friend that any girl could've cherished. But that was many years then. And right now, staring at that photo of her and her cat, the first of many tears fell on the glass protected photo, Sandi crying broken heartily, and with good reason because it was last week that Fluffy had died, having eaten some tainted cat food which resulted in a recall by the factory. And not only Fluffy but several other cats that died from such contaminated helpings of Cat Cuisine Fish Fantasy cat food, which led to several law suits.

But though the company went defunct due to the lawsuits over that controversy, for Sandi, the damage was done......she had lost her only best friend she had known since her childhood, which even as she stared at her her treasured framed photo in her lap, ........before she took to crying like a scared girl, mourning for her Fluffy.

"Death sucks. A death in the family sucks even worse."