We walked into the front door of the Lane institution and went upstairs so she could change. Looking at my watch it appeared that we had 3 more hours to waste. So I went in her room to watch T.V . Flicking through the channels all I could find was infomercials, news about another presidential scandal , and a woman talking about her problem "down there". Until I finally found something worth human viewing about people who sent in videos about pissed off animals attacking people or using them as sex toys. The fluorescent lights coming from the screen would have hypnotized me if I didn't hear footsteps coming down the hall. Out of boredom I began to say something stupid and pointless until I realized that it wasn't my best friend I was talking to but HER BROTHER! My face lit up when I realized that I just made an ass of myself. He stood there and stared at me and I stared at him. This cotinued for a while until he grinned and walked off. He was gone but I was still in awe. Jane walked in ,drying her hair, and noticed that I was staring at the door. She threw a pillow at me, removing me out of a deep trance. After I launched the pillow back at her we settled down and watched TV.

Two hours have passed since we turned on the television. Jane has fallen asleep leaving me alone for 12 minutes until she rolled over and fell off the bed. I stared at her for a minute and tried not to laugh. Determined to get even, she asked me to go and wake up Trent. She won that time, but after what happened earlier, I couldn't wake him up. But I couldn't tell Jane about it either so I got up and unwillingly walked out of her room.

I t has been 2 minutes since I left Jane's room and I was standing in front of Trent's room trying to psych myself up into knocking on his door. Finally after 3 minutes of self encouragement I open the door and prayed to God that nothing was going to jump out at me. And there he was just lying there on his bed fast asleep. All I could do was stand there. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak and if I tried to say anything the words wouldn't come out fast enough. I watched his pale green shirt rise and fall as he lightly snored. The sun was just going down and its last rays of light reflected off of his short jet black hair and his goatee so perfectly. At that moment I felt like I was in heaven, everything seemed so perfect until........HEY TRENT! WAKE UP! As he slowly came out of his twenty-year nap, I quickly with no second thought, got the hell out of there. I ran down the hall back to Jane's room and I was welcomed with a mischievous grin. " You took to long. I thought that you probably got lost or something so I woke him up myself. Hope you didn't mind." She said trying to keep an innocent face. I saw right through the angel act and ignored her. Trent came into the room and told us that he was ready to go as soon as Jesse came along with "The Tank". The sound of that name made Jane's heart skip a beat. She tried to keep a straight face but Trent and I noticed her cheeks begin to turn red. We laughed at her and went down stairs to wait for our ride. As soon as we got down stairs the doorbell rang. Trent answered the door and Jane stood there like a deer caught in headlights. This tall, long haired, brunette was standing at the door wearing a leather vest with matching pants and no shirt. " Hey man we got the equipment in The tank, you ready to go?" He said. Trent agreed and signaled to us that we were about to leave. I got ready to walk out of the door when I realized that Jane was still standing by the stairs staring into Jesse's green eyes. Trent, Jesse and I stood and stared at her until one of us went to pull her to the door so we could leave.Trent and Jesse sat in the front while Jane and I took the back with all of the equipment. I would have taken shotgun but that would mean Jane trying to put the move on Jesse but I wasn't going to give her that kind of satisfaction. And there was no way in hell I was going to allow Jane to sit in the front with Trent. We arrived at the club they where supposed to play at. With a name like "The Zen" it had to be a grunge club.Trent and Jesse went in to meet the rest of their band members to set up. We would have followed if it weren't for the extremely stale smell that came from the inside when Trent swung the doors open. So we stayed outside for a while. " Saw you staring at Jesse back at the house." I said trying to be mean. But leave it to Jane to always have a good come back." Shut up you should talk I had to toss a pillow at you in order to get your attention from staring at the door." Jane said as she turned at me and grined.Damn! That was two in a row. I had a good remark that I was going to fling back at her but why bother. I looked up at the night sky and admired the stars for a while when I suddenly heard "Do you ever think you &Trent will ever get together? " Jane questioned. I looked at her and grinned "We might but right now it's not so clear." She nodded in response and faintly smiled back "We should go inside now I hear the crowd starting to shout" she said as she turned for the door. I took my last intake of fresh air and followed up right behind her.

The crowd was going wild as a previous band got off of the stage." Thank you very much" the announcer said "And now give a round of a sound for MYSTIK SPIRAL!" The crowd was in a frenzy as the band came up to the stage. Jane and I sat at a table in the back just in case some drunk rocker wanted to start a moshpit we would be clear out of the way. Trent opened the song and the band followed up. The crowd went wild, Jane was staring deeply into Jesse's eyes but tried not to look too obvious so she would turn her head every time she felt herself fall into some hypnotic trance. The band played on for hours until they were out of songs. Later on they joined us to watched the other bands perform and, just like I suspected, some drunk yelled out "MOSHPIT" and everyone was on the floor. Thinking that this might turn into some kind of huge fight, we all decided to leave.

So that was basically it Trent dropped me off at home and Jane caught me blushing. For some odd ass reason I think that I might hear this at school tomorrow. It's starting to get late I should get to sleep now before I wake up tomorrow and fall asleep in the shower again or worse I might even try to hold a conversation with my folks and nobody wants that. There are plenty more tales in my life and this is just one but if anyone finds out I might have to change my personality to an unpopular teenage misfit..............OOPS! Too late.

Daria Morgendorffer


P.S.I couldn't find any of my black ink pens so I borrowed one of Quinn's multi colored push pens. I want to know whose idea was it to put these stupid ass eyes on here that move when you shake this damn pen


I hope that you enjoyed reading my story. And I hope that I can create many more.Daria and the rest of the characters were not created by my but by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lynn Lewis.Please do not sue me I have no job and no cash I just like to do this on my free time which I do have a lot of.

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