Guilty Pleasures

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Author’s Note: This was an entry in PPMB’s Iron Chef "Guilty Pleasures" challenge.

Pick out any Daria character, old or young, male or female, and show him or her indulging in a "guilty pleasure". The character should be somewhat secretive about it, and be doing something noticeably (though not necessarily drastically) out of character.

And a good time was had by all…

She walked in to the library common room a bit apprehensively. After all if anyone knew she'd gotten in to online Dungeons and Dragons, it would blow her well-known persona right out of the water. Especially considering her D&D character. And the "relationship" she'd developed with...well, that was one reason she'd shown up.

The DM had decided they should meet face to face and have an old-fashioned game, seeing as how some of them had implied they'd be dropping out. Maybe she was hoping if they knew each other they'd decide to continue? Flawed logic at best, she thought. But she was there, waiting for whoever else was brave enough to show up, if anyone did. Five total, there were two other girls and two guys, Ariel the elf-mage, Arkin the warrior-dwarf, Thalen the human thief, and of, course the DM, who sometimes, but not always, played along.

She heard surprised voices outside the door, and was suddenly wondering why she was doing this. It was all too embarrassing.

Just outside the door:

"AXL? Well, can't say I'm too surprised"

"I can! I would never have figured you for this kind of thing, Trent."

"Yeah, well. Remember when I got that MIDI for the band? Well, all that time on the computer, I was bored one night and just kinda found it. It was fun to be someone else for a while."

"You can certainly develop some interesting *relationships*. That's for sure."

Just then a high-school age girl walked up.

"Umm, is this where, some people who played, uh..." She trailed off embarrassed.

"Yeah. You are...?"

"Um, Stacy, but i guess you'd know Ariel better."

"Nice to finally meet you."

"You, too."

The three turned and walked into the room the DM had reserved. Two stopped in surprise.



"Stacy? Axl?" This is too weird. I can't even imagine who the DM is." Daria was shocked. This meant...but which one was...?

"Hi, everybody! I'm so glad you all came!"



More Author’s Notes:

I have to admit, I was laughing after I wrote this. At least I thought it was funny. I will also admit I know almost nothing about AD&D, other than playing it once and reading a role-playing-based (though not AD&D) book. So if I made mistakes I apologize.

I love open endings and loose threads. ;)