Description: Journal Entries of your favorite Lawndale Students during the
summer before they go off to collage.

Note to editors: Please use these Font, it's been chosen for Daria, Jane and
Tom because of Daria's and Jane's hand writing in the Daria Diaries, and I
just guessed Tom's.

Author's Note: : These are the writings of three Lawndale  teenagers that are
 expressing there feelings about leaving and staying in Lawndale after they
have graduated from High school.

Last Letters
By: Katie Binko

      It has been a interesting experience, Lawndale, it's shown me how
stupid people can be and how much friends can really mean to a person.
Jane's been wonderful, I never thought that one person's existence could
make life so much of a difference from one before hand. Highland has given me
just lost memories, Lawndale has given me memories and a future to look
towards on.
Tom, my first... boyfriend, that is. He's teached me that boys aren't so
insensitive. It was a chance that I had taken yet luck was good to me.
I hope, most seriously, that my last days in Lawndale will be memorable.

The sun was up and I was down. My friends would be leaving Lawndale. Daria
said she's looking forward to leaving this dump, I didn't believe her though.
I'm staying unfortunately. I hadn't been accepted into the collage that I had
wanted and now I'm waiting for my chance.

Tom and Daria will be going to different collages. He said it would be good
for them to search more grounds, meaning he would E-mail her whenever he got
the chance, and of course Daria, hating this, would reply right back.

I know that staying here for the time being will be better. I hope so.

So much has happened in the past year or so. I met a girl at a club, pretty
original huh? Well, it changed my life.

My parents are insisting that I should go to a top class collage, my
girlfriend thought it would be good to set my folks a couple hundred dollars
back but I just wanted to be a teacher, not a collage professor.

Daria is nervous about leaving, she isn't showing it but she was the one who
wanted to go to different collages so that we would put our full attention to
our studies. Fat chance, I know the first week, we'll be E-mailing each other
every other hour.

Jane isn't going to collage unfortunately, well... until she gets that
acceptance into an art collage, she will be staying in Lawndale for the time

I've lived here my entire life, but I believe that this past year has changed
everything in it.


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