Fan Fiction
"The Longest Year"
by Greystar

Note: These stories include language and/or content that may not be
suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Empirical EvidenceWhile waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, Daria and Jane recall the events of the previous two months.
Reflections and RevelationsHaving discovered that she is pregnant, Daria attempts to come to terms with it, while seeking an ally in her favorite aunt. However, keeping it a secret, even for the moment, might prove to be a little harder than she thinks.
The Exposure of DDaria deals with the issue of how to inform Tom that she is going to have a baby, while Sandi lords what she had overheard in Pizza King over Quinn’s head. How will our heroes deal?
First StepsDaria drops the bomb of her pregnancy on Tom, but her parents get caught in the blast as well. How will they react? Why is Amy taking this all so well? And how will Quinn cope with the situation?
Preemptive StrikeIn the midst of the Lawndale Teachers strike, Daria gets forced into teaching the Language Arts class, while attempting to balance home life, school, and pregnancy. Sandi tries to use what she knows against Quinn one too many times, and Amy is haunted by resurfacing memories of her past.
Hearts BurnedThe collapse of the Lane gazebo is only the beginning. The Fashion Club is collapsing as well, and Helen's career and Amy's emotional stability seem to be not too far behind. And what's with Trent?
A Tale of Two T'sQuinn is on the hunt for a steady boyfriend, while at the same time trying to find out why Sandi has gone so cold towards the Fashion Club. Daria finds out that Trent and Tom have gotten in a fight, and discovers a side to “The Tom Thing” that she hadn’t before. And Helen plans a reconciliation dinner with Tom, only to have Jake and a squirrel bring the whole thing toppling down.