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Synopsis: Song lyrics about an alternate-universe Daria that you aren’t likely to recognize—once the sun goes down.


Author's Notes: This Daria bit gained life in a PPMB thread called, “Scenes no Daria fanfic should ever have!” (part IV). I have no idea how it came to me, but I could hear even the music to go with the song. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Enjoy!


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Daria Dance Party



Rap lyrics by Something Something Explosion

(formerly Mystik Spiral)




Think your IQ’s high? You think you’re a smarty?

Then bring it on down to the

Daria Dance Party.


She wears a green jacket and a pleated black skirt,

Two combat boots and an orange T-shirt;

She’s got thick brown hair and coke-bottle glasses—

But she can shake her booty with the wildest asses!


She’s a genuine Einstein, smarter than shit,

But she’s got an attitude that just won’t quit,

She’s cynical, rude, and a little sarcastic—

But when she hits the dance floor, whoa! Fantastic!


You think you’re a brain? Then don’t be tardy.

Haul your neurons down to the

Daria Dance Party.


Watch her steppin’ to the left, then slidin’ to the right,

Watch her burnin’ up the floor till the break of daylight,

Clap her hands in the air, shake her tail feathers twice—

Do a little voodoo and do it reeeaaal nice!


If you try to outsmart her, that’s just foolhardy.

Put your slide rule down at the

Daria Dance Party.


By day an honor student at Lawndale High,

But when the sun goes down, that’s all good-bye,

She can hip-hop, swing, and do disco, too,

She can break-dance, jitterbug, and old soft shoe.


She’s a genius with moves that go way off the chart-y.

She’s the reigning queen of the

Daria Dance Party.






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