You Know Youíre Right

Summary: This story is about Trent and his past, a long lost love, and a Rock Star God. They are all connected in one of the saddest stories of the 1990s.

[(Authorís Note: This Fan Fic is centered on Trent and his past. You Know Youíre Right was found in 2002 and later released. This is my first Fan Fiction so let me know what you thought. I am only a mere thirteen-year old (unless its not 2004, then I am older.) so be gentle okay. Donít take and call it your own either, cause this has sentimental meaning to me since it has parts of my experiences in it. Kurt Cobain is a genius and it is dedicated to him. It will be the tenth anniversary of his death this April 5. Well then, on with the story. You can e-mail me if you like at Remember, Peace, Love and Empathy.)]


(1997: Trent is 21, Daria and Jane are 16. It is April 5. This will all make sense later.)

(Daria is at Janeís house in Janeís room. It looks like they are watching T.V. Suddenly Nirvanaís Heart-Shaped Box is blasting.)

Daria: I know Trent is a musician and trying to get inspired. Nirvanaís a great band too but shouldnít you tell him to turn it down before someone calls the cops.

Jane: The neighbors are used to it by now. This is a ritual for Trent, but I didnít think he would still be like this after all those years.

Daria: Would you mind speaking in terms I would understand.

Jane: Well, April 5 has always been bad for him. Nobody can talk to him. In 1994, Kurt Cobain died, which explains the Nirvana music. We saw them in concert once. He mourns still to this day. But also, when I was still a little kid, hisÖ

(Trent walks in. He looks very depressed. He isnít wearing all of that jewelry he wears, including his three earrings on each ear.)

Trent: Janey, it would be better if I told Daria. You donít remember it that well.

Jane: (with hurt expression) Trent, its ok.

Trent: I want to. Itís all connected anyway.

(1982:Trent is 6, and just entering Kindergarten. Jane is 1 and Penny is 15.)

(Penny and Trent are walking.)

Penny: (talking to Trent) Now Trent, you know that you have to go to school. There are enough people coming to the house for the mortgage. Anyways, we canít keep you in the house foreverÖ sleeping. (Walking through a building that says "Lawndale Elementary")

Ok, here we are.

(Trent and Penny walk through a few hallways until they reach a door with "Miss Pawn" on the front. They walk inside. Kids are running around everywhere playing. The teacher, Miss Pawn, is at her desk.)

Penny: Ok Trent, I need to get to school. Iíll leave you here, and pick you up at 2:30. Bye. (Walks out)

(Trent, wide-eyed, but bored looking, looks around and eyes a chair. He sits, leans his head on the table, and stares into space.)

(Girl voice): Hey, umm. Just to let you know, thatís my chair.

Trent: (turns around) Huh?!

(A girl who looks very similar to Daria, but without the glasses, is there. Her hair is the same as Daria when she was 6 too.)

Girl: Thatís my seat. You have to ask Miss Pawn which one is yours. (Looks at Miss Pawn, then smirks.) On the other hand, she does look kind of busy. You can sit here for now. (Motions to chair next to her)

Trent: Thanks, my names Trent.

Girl: Alice. Was that your sister?

Trent: One of them. Penny is the oldest still living here. My brother, Wind and sister, Summer have been gone for a while. There is also Jane, but sheís only 1.

Alice: Wow. I am an only child.

Trent: You got lucky.

(Both laugh)

Trent: So, are there any other cool people here?

Alice: Nah. Everyone is too busy playing with Barbieís and G.I. Joes. I like to read and am learning to play guitar. I also like to read.

Trent: Wow. That is so cool. Iíve always wanted to learn to play.

Alice: I have a lot of free time. I could teach you if you want.

Trent: Ok. Iíd love that.

(Cut to: The end of class. Penny is there with Jane in a stroller. Alice seems to be walking alone.)

Trent: UmmÖ isnít anyone going to pick you up?

Alice: My dad left four years ago. My mom is at work and I am an only child. I walk by myself. Do you mind if we go to your house. I just need to pick up my guitar.

(Trent looks up at Penny, who nods and smiles.)

(Fast-forward to 1989. Trent is thirteen, Jane is eight, and Penny is long gone. Alice and Trent have become great friends. Trent has also met Jesse.)

(Lawndale Middle School. The bell just rang and everyone is walking home. Trent and Jesse are walking through the halls when Alice comes up to them. Alice still looks the same but her hair is longer.)

Alice: Hey.

Trent and Jesse: Hey.

(There is awkward silence until Trent talks.)

Trent: UmmÖ you left your guitar at my house the last time you were over. Do you want to come get it?

Alice: Ok, that would be cool. I just need to stop by at the library to return some books, but Iíll meet you there. Bye (walks off)

Jesse: Man, you are completely in love with that girl. Why donít you just tell her already?

Trent: I just couldnít. I am too shy. Anyway, she wouldnít go for guys like me. Sheís too smart for that. The closest I would get is to be her friend, so why screw that up.

Jesse: Ok, but I would still go for it.

(Cut to: Trent ís house. Trent and Alice are there and Alice is practicing chords. It looks the same as Trent ís black one.)

Alice: See, that wasnít so hard. Now you try.

Trent: Ok, but it will still suck.

(Trent actually plays well. He looks up at Alice and smiles.)

Trent: Thanks.

(Suddenly and cry is heard. Alice and Trent run upstairs to Janeís room where they see her, with a cut on her arm that is bleeding badly and a pair scissors.)

Trent: Hold on Janey, Iíll go get a washcloth and a band-aid.

Alice: What happened Jane. Are you ok?

Jane: I was going to cut out something, but the scissors slipped.

Trent: Ok, let me clean you up. Alice, I am sorry for all of this.

Alice: Donít worry about it. I love to spent time with the next famous artist.

Trent: Yeah, sheíll be just like Van Gogh if sheís not careful with those scissors.

(Jane gives Trent a dirty look. Alice just smirks.)


(Cut to: Trent ís front porch. He is talking to Alice.)

Trent: Hey, thanks for everything. I donít know what I would do without you.

Alice: Really, I love to come over. What else would I do? See you tomorrow.

Trent: Yeah, bye.

(Cut to: The next day at school. Trent sees Alice in the halls. When she sees him, she turns away. Trent looks confused. Next, Cut to: Three days later at lunch. Trent walks up to the table she is sitting at.)

Trent: Hey Alice, do you want to come over later.

Alice: Sorry Trent, I canít. I am busy.

Trent: Ok, Maybe some other time right?

Alice: Umm, yeah.

(Trent walks back to the table he was sitting at, with Jesse.)

Trent: Jess, I donít know what I did. Alice is avoiding me. And she doesnít want to talk or come over. She always sits with us too. I donít know what I did.

Jesse: Then you have to talk to her.

Trent: I guess I have no other choice.

(Cut to: The outside of Aliceís house obviously. It is fairly decent. He hesitates, but then rings the doorbell. Alice comes out, and then sees that it is Trent and is surprised.)

Alice: Trent what are you doing here.

Trent: I wanted to talk to you.

Alice: Ok come in.

(Trent walks in and sees the place a mess. There are boxes everywhere.)

Trent: What is going on. You have been avoiding me all week. Did I do something wrong.

Alice: No, no, itís nothing like that.

Trent: Then what.

Alice: I donít know how to tell you this Trent. You kind of surprised me. UmmÖ my mom found a job in Seattle and I am moving.

Trent: And you werenít going to tell me. I am your best friend.

Alice: It would have hurt too much. I figured that I would just leave and you would get over it.

Trent: (looks on the verge of tears) When?

Alice: I leave in a week, on April 5.

Trent: So I will never see you again.

(Alice just looks at him. Trent runs out)

(Cut to: April 5. Trent has been moping all that week. It is even raining. He is lying on his bed)

(The phone rings.)

Trent: Hello?

Jesse: Trent, you canít stay there forever. Come over to my house.

Trent: Just leave me alone Jesse. Please. (Hangs up)

(The doorbell rings)

Trent: UghhÖ why donít these telemarketers just stay away (Goes downstairs to the door)

(Opens) Who is it?

(He looks and sees Alice there. She is soaked from the rain and is carrying a guitar case.)

Trent: I thought you would be gone by now.

Alice: I couldnít go yet. There were a few things to take care of. I want you to have my guitar, to remember me by.

Trent: I could never forget you. You are every guyís dream girl. Youíre pretty, smart, and understand me. If it werenít for you on that first day of school, I would have never talked to anyone.

Alice: I think the same of you. I wish I could stay forever. (A tear rolls down her cheek.)

(Trent hugs her as she cries silently. After awhile, she pulls away.)

Alice: I have to go now. My mom told me 15 minutes. Maybe we will she each other someday.

Trent: Yeah. But there is something else. (Gives her a quick kiss) I loved you since the day I met you. I never thought you could ever like me.

Alice: I canít think of anyone who couldnít. You will be surprised to find out how many people will love you later on in your life. Iíll write you ok. Goodbye Trent.

Trent: Bye Alice.

(Alice walks off. Trent stares out until she is gone. He closes the door.)

(Cut to: The next day. Trent is getting out a tent. He sets it up in the backyard brings his new guitar, a few clothes, and a notebook. Jane is watching out the window. Jane seems worried and turns away from it.)

(Cut to: The basement downstairs to talk to her mom.)

Jane: Mom, I am worried about Trent. He isnít talking to anyone and set up a tent in the backyard.

Amanda: Donít worry Jane. He will get bored after awhile and everything will be fine. Just remember to bring him sandwiches every once and awhile, ok.

Jane: Whatever.

(Cut to: The backyard Jane is delivering the sandwiches to Trent, who is sitting with his guitar and notebook, writing something.)

Jane: Hey Trent, I brought you some sandwiches.

Trent: Thanks Janey. Youíre probably the only person left who still cares about me.

Jane: Is it about Alice.

Trent: Yeah. I need to think for a while. But youíre welcome anytime.

Jane: Thanks Trent.

(Trent, as you know, will stay there for six months. He does go to school regularly, but will talk to no one. He gets various letters from Alice. The most memorable one is here; it has been three months and is now)

Jane: (outside to deliver the sandwiches.) Hey Trent you got a letter from Alice.

Trent: (takes it and the food) Thanks Janey. (Waits until sheís gone then reads the letter. It is in Aliceís voice.)


How are things in Lawndale? I am doing great, but still missing you. It is amazing to think that the kids here our age are even more stupid and shallow then in Lawndale. I went to a concert here though, and saw an amazing band. They even have a cool name, Nirvana. I even made friends with the singer. His name is Kurt Cobain, and he reminds me a lot of you. He likes to draw and paint too, like Jane. He helped me through the move from you and being in school, since heís twenty-one now. Kurt wants to meet you and Jane someday. They rock so hard, and know they will be famous one day. I promise to bring you tickets to one of their concerts. Maybe we could meet up sometime.



(Trent smiles. Picks up his notebook, and writes some more.)

(Fast forward: The end of year 1993. Trent is seventeen and Jane is twelve. As we all know, Nirvana did make it big time. They are Trent ís favorite band and Jane likes them too.)

(Cut to: Trent ís room he is playing his guitar. Jane knocks and comes in.)

Jane: Hey Trent, you have another letter from Alice.

Trent: Thanks.

(Opens letter, reads it, and smiles)


Hey. Remember when I promised you tickets for a concert. Well, Iíve got them. Itís for MTVís Unplugged in New York City. There are two, one for you and one for Jane. Iíll introduce you to Kurt later on there. I canít wait to see you guys again. See you there.



Trent:(yells from his bedroom) Janey, weíre going to New York, to see Nirvana and Alice!

(Cut to: November 13, 1993 (I am not sure thatís the date.) Trent and Jane are at the front of the line. Jane has her sketchbook and Trent has his guitar. After awhile, the door opens, itís, you guessed it, Alice. She looks the same, except for a little bit taller.)

Trent: Alice! Itís good to see you again.

Alice: Hey! You look great, and Jane, you are so big from the last time I saw you. Come on in and meet everyone.

(They walk in and see the stage candles and all. Then, they see Kurt and the band practicing. Kurt sees Alice and stops playing.)

Alice: Howís everything going here?

Kurt: Hey Alice. I am ok. Donít tell me itís the famous Trent and Jane Lane Iíve heard so much about.

Jane: Yeah. We come straight from Lawndale, in the middle of hell.

Kurt: Sounds like my childhood. But anyways, I heard you play Trent.

Trent: (meekly) YeahÖ I learned from Alice. Best teacher I could have ever had.

Kurt: Yeah, sheís cool. But with having touring around so much, I havenít had time to see any one that often. I am glad you all could come, but I have to practice now. I wish I could stay and talk for a while.

Alice: Sure, we understand.

Kurt: Thanks. (Goes back to practicing)

(Alice, Trent, and Jane go to their seats, front row.)

Trent: Heís a real nice guy. Seems sort of nervous though.

Alice: Yeah, sometimes too nice for his own good. He is often sad for everyone. He always says how he is empathetic.

Trent: Youíre right, he does seem like me.

(The doors open to the rest of the fans and the concert begins.)

(Cut to: The end of the concert. Kurt is saying thank you to everyone. Trent, Jane and Alice walk out.)

Jane: That was amazing.

Trent: Yeah, I canít believe we met him. You are so lucky to be his friend Alice.

Alice: Yeah, but I am lucky to be your friend too.

Trent: (blushes) Well, we have to go now. Maybe we could meet up another day.

Alice: Sure, weíll be adults next year, and can finally leave home.

Trent: Yeah, weíll see you Alice.

Alice: Yeah, bye.

(Trent and Jane walk down the street. They begin talking.)

Jane: You know Trent, youíre voice sort of is the same as Kurtís, raspy like that. Have you ever considered singing?

Trent: NahÖ I am too shy to be on stage.

Jane: But so is he.

Trent: Youíre right Janey. (Begins to sing Where Did You Sleep Last Night quietly to himself.

(Cut to: April 8, 1994 Trent just turned 18 a few months ago. Jane is thirteen now. He comes home from school to fine Jane in front of the T.V. She is wide-eyed.)

Trent: Hey Janey, what are youÖ (Drops his school books)

TV Announcer: Today, the body of Kurt Cobain, singer and lead guitarist of the band Nirvana was found today. It seems suicide is the cause. He killed himself on April 5. He was twenty-seven.

(Trent runs up to his room)

Cut to: the next day. Jane, once again knocks on Trent ís door to give him a letter.)

Jane: Trent, I have another letter from you from Alice.

Trent: (sullen) Thanks. Itís probably about Kurt.

Jane: Yeah. I am sorry Trent.

Trent: Thatís Ok.

Jane: Do you mind if I stay? I am kind of lonely right now.

Trent: Sure.

(Trent opens the letter. He reads it, becomes wide-eyed, and passes out.)

Jane: Trent! Whatís wrong?

(She takes the letter, and reads it. It again is in Aliceís voice.)

Dear Trent,

This is the last time I will be writing you. I know you have heard about Kurtís death, and so have I. He was the only person, other than you, who really gave a shit about me. Now, heís gone and we will probably drift even farther apart than now. Tell Jane goodbye for me. She was the little sister I wish I had. As for me, I have no life ahead for me, so I might as well quit now. Iíve been thinking of it for years now. I canít wait to see Kurt again. Take care of my guitar, and use it well. I love you.



(Jane wakes Trent up, who wakes up, but just stares into the distance. The picture fades with Jane hugging Trent.)

(Fast-forward to: 1997. Daria and Jane are looking at Trent.)

Trent: So that is it. Now itís the third anniversary of their death. She was only one of the many suicides caused by him.

Jane: Oh my god Trent, I completely forgot about all of that. How did you remember?

Trent: Like I said eight years ago to Alice, I could never forget her.

Daria: You have been through a lot Trent. What kept you going?

Trent: I couldnít do that to You Janey. You would have no one. Anyways, I am glad I am still here. I would have never met you Daria.

Daria: (blushes) Alice was right though, you will meet many more who love you.

Ending Credits: You Know Youíre Right by (no kidding) Nirvana.