Flight of Fancy

A THM fic, based on the following quote:

"Jane - Uh-oh, someone just put us in a position of responsibility.

Daria - The day has suddenly turned sinister."

Daria adjusted her seat as she watched the numbers on the display panel. There wasn't actually that much to do at the moment; modern technology had made it so that once you were up in the air and your course was set, a monkey could keep things under control - so long as said simian had his wings. Sitting back, she waited for the coffee she'd ordered - the new stewardess (and green was and odd hair colour, wasn't it?), though a bit flakey, was good at what she did. Her co-pilot, one Jane Lane, was heeding the call of nature and saying hello to some of the first-class passengers (though not at the same time), the weather was mild...things were as good as they were likely to get on a long-haul flight like this one.

The feeling started, right on schedule. That insidious, creeping, needling sense of...no. Better not to describe it; that only made it worse - once named, it tended to take on a life of its own, running roughshod over everything. Nobody was ever hurt, but then again, nobody ever seemed to see the funny side, either. I mean, you try to do one lousy barrel-roll, and everyone thinks you're dangerous. For the money they paid, you'd think people would want an exciting experience.

Thank God for Jane; her steadying influence had more than once insured that she'd be keeping her job for another day. Along with her head.

<<But this time, Jane isn't here; she won't be back for at least ten minutes>>, whispered the voice seductively in her ear. <<C'mon, just this once; it doesn't have to be a big one, either - just a small one, just this once? Please?>>

Daria fidgeted, she flicked buttons off and on, she sung tunes in her head, but after three minutes of concerted pleading, the conclusion was inevitable. Flicking off the autopilot, she grabbed the steering column with one hand, and with the other, grabbed the microphone and turned on the PA. As she raised the mic to her lips and was about to speak, a line from an old movie flickered through her mind, and she felt her lips rise in an uncharacteristic grin.

<<You know, Trent's right; I do need to cut loose more often.>>

"This is your captain speaking, we will be experiencing...turbulence."


Author's Notes:

I think I'll let you folks figure out what happens next. <evil laugh>

This was originally submitted to the "Iron Chef Challenge: And I Quote...", 31/10/03. Just a short piece of fluff, really, but lots of fun to write. I've added a little bit since, but the rest is as was seen on the PPMB on Hallowe'en. My thanks to everyone there that read it and posted "Hehe...that was cool!"-type messages. You keep readn'em, and I'll keep writin'em. ^_^

Happy Hallowe'en! (Even if it is past Xmas.)

(P.S. - The line she says is from "Batman Forever", BTW. Oh, and can you figure out who makes an off-camera cameo? ^_^ )