Fan Fiction
"True Cynicism"
by Mystik Slacker

Chapter 1: Satellite Transmission JammerWhy does Lawndale High need a "satellite transmission jammer" anyway? Daria investigates, and finds out more than she wanted to know in the first chapter of a parody/homage to the film "True Lies."
Chapter 2: A View to a SpillDaria's first week as a secret agent ends unexpectedly.
Chapter 3: Mission ImplausibleA "simple courier mission" becomes more complex, Jane and Daria shop for evening wear, and Daria meets a handsome stranger.
Chapter 4: Last Tango in WashingtonDaria makes a deal with the devil, dodges bullets, and learns to dance.
Chapter 5: Executive DisorderThe president is rescued, and the situation worsens.
Chapter 6: A Small Town in MarylandDaria returns home, and learns that "heredity or environment" isn't just an acidemic question, and that appearances can be deceiving indeed.
Chapter 7: The Honourable SchoolgirlDaria discovers a shocking secret about someone she thought she knew, and the evil confronting her becomes personal.
Chapter 8: Pale Pink for PerilDaria has to weigh her sister's life against that of a city.
Chapter 9: Daria's PeopleYet more secrets are revealed, and Daria closes in on the mastermind.
Chapter 10: Our Man in LawndaleThe final chapter.