Study Break

Maybe it wasn't a good idea, having a study-group meeting at my house, Jodie thought, sharing a look of mutual annoyance with Daria as they heard the sounds of Mack, Upchuck and Jane going through the well-stocked Landon kitchen like squirrels in the bins at 'Nutty Nutty Nutty World'. Hobson's Choice, though. Mack's place is too small, Charles' place-

She shuddered. No. I probably couldn't get any work done over at Jane's place if her brother and his band is around - neither could Daria, from what I've heard - and being around Daria's mom...

Charles came out moments later, wielding a submarine sandwich like a sword. Jane followed him out seconds later, a large bowl of ramen noodles in hand.

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, Jodie thought, watching as Jane sat down. "What are you doing in there, Mack? Fall into the salad crisper, or something?"

Mack came out almost as she spoke, happily munching away at a sandwich in one hand, and carrying a huge glass of chocolate milk in the other.

"What is that you're eating?" Jodie asked, wrinkling her nose in what everyone present thought was a rather good impression of Quinn Morgendorffer.

"A peanut butter, tater tot and barbeque sauce sandwich," Mack said, smiling as he sat down next to Daria -the only open spot left - and took another bite. "Want a bite?"

"Please," Jodie huffed. "Why can't you eat like a grown-up while you're here?"

"Well, I could," Mack said, finishing his bite, "but if I did and your parents walked in on us, they'd kill me on the spot - which might tick you off, once you came back down to Earth."

Silence reigned in the room.

Mack drew his sandwich close for another bite when he noticed every pair of eyes present locked on him. "Did I just say that out loud?"

Jane, Upchuck and Daria all nodded - huge smirks on the faces of the first two, and an expression of wide-eyed disbelief on the latter.

Jodie fixed cool eyes on her boyfriend, who took the opportunity to take another bite of his sandwich and wash it down with half a glass of chocolate milk.

Next time - Jane's place, she swore to herself. I'll spring for the pizza.






19 March 2009