Description: People in Lawndale start turning up dead. Can sweet and innocent Quinn *really* be the murderer!?!?

Quinn's Madness
by Tazzie

(Casa Lane. Jane's room. Jane is working on a painting while Daria is jotting in her notebook.)

Jane - You want anything to drink?

Daria - Uh huh. *Doesn't look up.*

Jane - What would you like?

Daria - Uh huh.

Jane(smirks) - I'm going to tell Trent that you love him, okay?

Daria - Uh--- Wait!

(Jane laughs.)

Jane - Ok, I'm hungry. Want to grab a slice?

Daria - Sure.

Jane - I'll see if Trent wants to come.

Daria - Wait--

Jane(yells) - Trent, want to get some pizza with me and Daria?

Trent - (offscreen V.O.) Daria's coming? Sure, Janey!

(Daria blushes.)

Jane - Nice to know I'm wanted...

(Pizza parlor.)

Jane(chewing) - I love pizza.

Daria - We know, Jane.

(Quinn walks in.)

Trent - Look, Daria, it's your little sister.

Quinn - Oh, hi, *seductive voice* Trent. *bats eyelashes*

Trent - Er, if you don't mind, Daria's sister, this is an *adult* conversation. No kids alowed.

(Jane and Daria laugh.)

(Quinn storms out of parlor, noticeably angry.)

Quinn - (thought V.O.) That's it! I'm sick of everyone taking me for grantite. Lawndale is going to *pay* for making me upset! (Out loud.) *laughs evilly*

(The next day, Sandi's room at a Fashion Club meeting.)

Quinn - Well, I think that skirt was so cute!

Sandi - Well nobody cares what *you* think, Quinn.

(Quinn looks very upset.)

Quinn - You know what, Sandi? Since nobody cares what *I* think, I *QUIT* the Fashion Club! (leaves)

(Fashion club gasps.)

(Outside Sandi's room.)

Quinn - (thought V.O.) Beacuse soon there won't be enough members to *have* a Fashion Club! (Out loud.) *laughs evilly*

(Later that night at Sandi's.)

Sandi - *in front of mirror* Sandi... You are so beautiful.

(Rustling noise comes from closet.)

Sandi - What was that?!

(Rustling noice comes from closet, again.)

Sandi - Sam? Chris? Is that you guys? If you screw up any of my outfits, you'll live to regret it...

(Sandi walks to closet and opens it in a quick motion. Quinn jumps out with a knife!)

Quinn - *stabs Sandi to death* How beautiful are you *now*?! Muhahaha.

(A half hour later at Tiffany's house. Tiffany is taking a bath. Quinn walks in.)

Tiffany - Uh, Quinn, what're *you* doing here?

Quinn - Oh nothing... *lunges at Tiffany* Except *THIS*! *Quinn shoves Tiffany's head underwater until she stops thrashing.* Muhahahaha.

(Morgendorffer living room, shortly after Quinn's *escapade.*)

Helen - I wonder where Quinn is...?

Jake - Daria, where's your sister?

Daria - Sorry, dad, it wasn't my turn to watch her...

SSW - Are they making sweaters out of monkey skins? There could be a monkey on your back, next on Sick, Sad World!

Jake - Ahh! Ahh! There's a monkey on me! *tears sweater off*

(Helen just shakes her head.)

Daria - That's it. No more Sick, Sad World for you, Dad. *shakes head as well*

(Quinn walks in, looking thouroughly perky.)

Quinn - Hi, everyone!

Daria - Ahh! Too much hapiness. Get her away, get her away. (leaves)

Quinn - (thought V.O.) You're on my list, Daria, dear...

Helen - Why were you out so late, Quinn?

Quinn - Uh... (thought V.O.) Hmmm... I haven't killed Stacy. *Close up on Quinn's face* Yet. (Out loud) I was a Stacy's house.

Jake - Helen, lets watch the news.

Quinn - *panicky voice* Er... I'm really tired. I'm going to bed. Night! (runs up the stairs as fast a possible.)

(Helen and Jake flip to the local news staion and *gasp!* guess what the top story is...)

T.V. Announcer - These two young girls, Tiffany Blum-Decker and Sandi Griffin (pictures are shown on screen) were found *dead* in their homes earlier tonight. Miss Blum-Decker appears to have fallen asleep while in the tub, and then drown to death. But Miss Griffin seems to have been *killed* by an assailent who leapt out of her closet.

Helen - Jake... Aren't those *Quinn's* friends?

Jake - Oh my... Yes.. I think they are. How will we break it to Quinn?!

Helen - *yells* Quinn! Could you come down here please?!

(Quinn comes back downstairs a few minutes later.)

Quinn - *innocent voice* Yes?

Helen - Quinn... I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your friends.. Tiffany and Sandi... Well, they're dead.

(Quinn sits down on couch and fakes tears.)

Quinn - They were practically my *closest* friends! *sob, sob*

Helen - I'm sorry, Quinn. *both Jake and Helen hug her*

(Around midnight. Daria is asleep in her room, as are Jake and Helen. But, Quinn...)

Quinn - Haha! Nobody will *ever* suspect me of killing them!

(Daria is awakened by the sounds from Quinn's room. She's listening to Quinn's every word.)

Quinn - And next, I'll kill Stacy. And then, Daria. And Trent will be *mine.* And if that freak Jane gets in the way, I'll kill her too. Hahahahahahahaha.

(Daria gasps. A little too loud, in fact. Quinn turns and sees Daria in her doorway.)

Quinn - So what, Daria? You heard my plans. If you tell mom and dad, they won't believe you!

(Daria is startled by Quinn's words and runs back to her room. She talks to herself for a few minutes, trying to formulate a plan.)

Daria - *quietly talks to self* Maybe I can tell Jane... We can catch her in the attempt to kill Stacy, and maybe save Stacy. That way, she won't come for me, Jane, or Trent. And everyone will see what a loon Quinn is, so she can get the help she needs. Yes... That's what I'll do.

(Daria lies back down and falls asleep again.)

(The next evening, right after Quinn leaves the house. We all know where she's going...)

Daria - Mom, dad... I, uh... Need to go see Jane. I'll c'ya later.

(Casa Lane. Daria is knocking on the door. Trent answers.)

Trent - Oh, hey Daria.

Daria - Uh, hi Trent. Is Jane here?

Trent - Nah. She just left to go running.

Daria - I KNEW I should have called to tell her earlier! Uh, Trent... I need to ask you a *big* favor... My sister has gone insane and she's about to kill one of her friends. Literally. I need to stop her. I was hoping to have Jane's help, but... She's not here.

Trent - Okay.

Daria - If this wasn't so important, I would be a little startled by just an "okay." But, let's go..

(Trent and Daria try to get to Stacy's as fast as possible. But alas... They are too late. When they arrive, there are police cars all around, news cameras, etc. Daria approaches a police officer.)

Daria - Uh.. What happened here?

Officer - Stacy Rowe was killed by a girl named Quinn Morgendorffer. Ms. Morgendorffer was caught at the scene of the crime. Do you know either of the girls?

Daria - Quinn's my sister. Can I see her?

Officer - Well.. Ok. Follow me.

(Trent and Daria follow him to a police car.)

Quinn - Oh, Daria...

Daria - What were you *thinking* Quinn?!

Quinn - Just.. Go away Daria.

(Daria turns away and she and Trent begin to leave, when they hear a noise from behind. Quinn had grabbed an officer's gun! It's pointed directly at Daria.)

Quinn - I've waited forever to do this! See you in hell, Daria!

(Quinn fires a shot, and Daria is too shocked to move. Like a deer in front of headlights. But before the shot can hit Daria, Trent pushes Daria to the side, and takes the hit in the midsection. As Quinn is shot down, another rogue shot is fired, and it hits Trent in the left shoulder. Daria is completely unharmed.)

(Daria gets up.)

Daria - Trent? Trent! *see's Trent lying in a pool of blood, but he miraculously is still breathing shallow breaths* Oh no, Trent. Trent, please don't die.

Trent - Daria... Are you... Alright?

Daria - Oh, Trent, you saved my life. *tears are falling silently as EMTs are doing what they can for Trent.*

(Trent is put on to a stretcher and loaded into an ambulence. Daria takes Trent's car to the hospital.)

(At the hospital. Jane has been called, and informed what has happened. She arrives at the hospital ten minutes later.)

Jane - I.. I don't know what to say.

(Daria has been crying since Stacy's house, and hasn't stopped.

Daria - Jane... I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. *puts her head in her hands*

Jane - *hugs Daria* It's ok, Dar. Don't say it's your fault.. It was Quinn.

Daria - I know, but he saved my life, and now I don't even know if he's going to live so I can thank him.

Jane - Don't talk like that, Daria.

Daria - The only thing that makes me feel better is that Quinn is dead... My parents are at home *crying* over her. But I couldn't be happier about her death...

Jane - I feel the same way, Daria.

(The doctor walks up. Daria and Jane look up hopefully.)

Doctor - The surgery went well. We removed the two bullets, and neither hit any organs. But Trent is still in shock. He hasn't woken up yet, and we're not exactly sure when he will. His condition is critical. You can go to his room, if you like. Room 302.

Daria - Is he going to live?

Doctor - We don't know yet. We're monitoring him. But we're almost positive he'll pull through.

Jane - Thank you. *doctor leaves* Let's go, Daria.

(They walk wordlessly to Trent's room. When they arrive, they are very surprised.)

Daria - Oh my god... L-l-look at all these machines.

Jane - *looks paler* He-he's going to be fine. He won't die. He can't die. *starts to cry*

(Daria and Jane hug. Jane sits next to Trent's bed. Daria takes a hint, and goes to get herself some coffee. She comes back ten minutes later.)

Daria - You okay, Jane?

Jane - I don't know what I'll do if he dies, Daria. He's pretty much all I have...

(Daria is speechless. So she sits down by the window and stares out. She can't bare to look at Trent. The only sound in the room is the beep of the heart monitor and the hum of the machines. They stay that way for about an hour. Daria breaks the silence at last.)

Daria - Jane, what if he dies not knowing I loved him?

Jane - Daria, he's not going to die. Stop thinking that way. He's going to be fine. (beat) I'm going to get coffee. (leaves)

(Daria approaches Trent's bed, and chokes back tears.)

Daria - Trent... You can't die. You saved my life, and I owe you. It should be *me* lying there. You don't deserve this. Maybe if I had told someone what Quinn was up to, then Stacy would be alive, and... You wouldn't be lying there. Trent, I never got to tell you how much... How much I love you. And if you die...

(Daria is unable to continue. She gets up and kisses Trent's cheek, and then sits back down. Daria lies her head on Trent's bed, facing away from him. For this reason, she is unable to see Trent open his eyes. She continues to cry as she sits there.)

Trent - *moan* Daria?

(Daria sits bolt upright and looks at Trent.)

Daria - Trent! Oh my god! You- you're awake! *leans over and happily hugs Trent*

Trent - *moans* Easy, Daria.

Daria - *lets go of Trent* Oh, sorry. Trent. I-I... You saved my life, Trent.

Trent - Ah, forget it, Daria. It's no big deal. *smiles weakly*

Daria - Trent. . . There's something I never told you. And I want to tell you now, because I've learned that if you don't tell people about your feelings something horrible can happen that keeps you from ever being able to. Trent...

Trent - Yes, Daria?

Daria - Trent, I love you.

Trent - I love you too, Daria. I always have. I always will.

(Daria and Trent share a long kiss.)

Trent - (beat) Where's Janey?

Daria - Oh, she went to get coffee, she'll be back--

Jane - TRENT! *runs over and hugs Trent* You're awake.

Trent - Ouch. Easy there, Jane.

Jane - *lets go* Sorry. (beat) How long have you been up?

Daria - Long enough for us to talk. *takes Trent's hand*

Jane - That's wonderful! (beat) I'll go get a nurse. (leaves)

Daria - I love you, Trent.

Trent - I love you, Daria.

(Daria and Trent share a long kiss.)

***The End!***

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