Fan Fiction
Artwork Based on Matt's
No More Amour!

No More Amour! #1
By Milo Minderbinder

No More Amour! #1
By Liliane Grenier

No More Amour! #3
By Diana Morgan

No More Amour! #4

Four different interpretations of the same scene:

JODIE: Maybe she just hasn't met the right guy for her.
JANE: Oh, yes she has. She just doesn't have the nerve to tell him she wants him.
JODIE: Uh, Jane...
JANE: You should really see a doctor about that twitch of yours. Anyway, Daria is completely smitten for this guy.
JODIE: (pointedly) Jane...
JANE: Let me finish, rude girl! Anyway, she's had it bad for him since she met him. She's totally fell for him, she's in love, she's... (notices Jodie is looking at something behind her) She's behind me, isn't she?
JODIE: It's been nice knowing you, Jane.

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