Fan Fiction
"The New Teacher Series"
by Ben Breeck

Dis-OrientationDaria returns to school after "Is It Fall Yet?" and gets the author as a teacher.
Books, Books, and More BooksDaria gets some new books, finds out something about her new teacher, and helps Quinn through a problem.
Pedantic TeamDaria finds an extracurricular activity to her taste, has an out with Jodie, and a different out with her parents.
Family Junk BondsWhile Quinn attempts to combat nasty accusations made about her, Daria squares off against her parents and meets a very familiar relative of Mr. Breeck's.
Homecoming DunceIt's the Homecoming Dance, and no amount of grounding is going to stop Daria and Quinn from attending. Unfortunately, there is one attendee who has something other than dancing on his mind... and another who's more than willing to help.
Courtroom TraumaDaria puts Helen and Jake on trial for their theft of her Montana Cabin Fund, while Mr. Breeck is tried for the incident at the Homecoming Dance. But while Daria's case appears to be cut and dried, Mr. Breeck's isn't so simple.
Open SeasonDaria's about to participate in Lawndale's first Academic match of the season against Tom's alma mater, Fielding. But before that, she's confronted with two mysteries: who's tormenting Quinn with practical jokes, and why Tom is acting distant and aloof.
Zenned OutAn evening with Mystik Spiral at the Zen is punctuated by a novel interruption: a protest by religious zealots over the music played at the club.
Roasted, Prime ChuckUnable to handle being locked up, Upchuck decides to go over the wall, but soon regrets it. Meanwhile, a bus trip to an academic match doesn't go exactly as planned for Daria and Jane.
Strained RelationsRelationship problems abound, from Daria to Quinn to Mr. Breeck. But not everything has a happy ending...
T.P.A.Quinn is being blackmailed by Principal Li due to events earlier in the series. She therefore turns to Daria for help. Too bad she's also hiding a whopper of secret from her sister, too.
The Nutty, Nutty ProfessorAngela Li's budget adjustments leave gaping holes (as usual). Guess what gets cut? Guess who must use every means possible to cover the shortfall?