A Pet for Quinn

Author: Deref

Category: Miscellaneous

A Roger E. Moore "Iron Chef" ficlet.

"A pet?"

"Yes. A pet. What's wrong with that, Daria?"

"Nothing I guess. It's just that I've never thought of you as a pet person. No - that's not true, I *have* thought of you as a pet person - you know, captured by space aliens and kept in a cage."

"Eeeew, Daria!"

"Okay. Sorry. If you want to keep a pet in your room it's no skin off my nose. Just don't let it get out. If it gets into my room in the mistaken belief that it's a bathroom I'll..."

"Okay, okay. You've made your point. It won't get out."

"So what made you decide that you wanted a pet? I mean owning a pet involves care, responsibility, thinking about the pet's needs instead of just your own. All those new experiences in one furry little package. It could be severely traumatising."

"Jeez, Daria. You make it sound like I'm self-centred or something. Anyway, every time I went to Sandi's place her cat, Fluffy, would come and rub herself against my leg, purring, wanting me to scratch her behind the ears. She's sooo cute. I just couldn't resist."

"Alright, Quinn, but if you lose interest don't expect me to take up the slack."

"As if, Daria."

Quinn walked back down the hall into her room, closing the door behind her.

"Oh, you're such a cutie-pie! Are you hungry? Look. Mommy got you a nice new collar with a name tag so if you get out everyone will know you're mine." She reached down and fastened the collar, its little bell jingling merrily as she fastened the clasp.

"Now, let's see about getting you something to eat. Your water dish still has plenty in it."

She opened the closet door and got down a can of pet food, pulled back the tag to open the lid and emptied the contents into the bowl next to the water dish.

"Now, if you're a good girl and eat up all your yummy food, Mommy will play with you."

Sandi eagerly buried her face in the food bowl. "Yes Mistress!" she purred.

Thanks to Wouter for significant improvements.

Disclaimer: Daria belongs toMTV.

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