Fan Fiction
"Trouble Walking"
by Wouter Jaegers

Break OutAfter the events of "Dye! Dye! My Darling," Jane decides to leave Lawndale. She eventually winds up in Canada, where she meets a fellow traveller and a whole lot of trouble.
SnowblindJane recovers after barely surviving the events in "Break Out." Meanwhile, back in Lawndale, Trent is facing homelessnes when the IRS confiscates the Lane house.
Fractured MirrorAfter meeting up with her father in Canada, Jane learns about the confiscation of the Lane house. Outraged because of Vincent's lack of commitment, Jane leaves yet again. Meanwhile, in Lawndale, Quinn gets into an accident.
White OutAfter settling in Alaska, Jane builds up a new life and meets a new boyfriend, Howard. But their welfare is in serious jeopardy when one of her old enemies shows up to get his revenge. Back in Lawndale, Quinn is learning to cope with her handicap.
Trouble WalkingThe series comes to a conclusion as Jane faces her assailants in court, Jodie finally escapes from her parents' grasp as she settles into college life, and Daria and Tom discover information that may finally explain Ms. Li's behavior once and for all.