Fan Fiction
"Living Dead Girls"
by psychotol

#1: Living Dead GirlsA girl gets dead, but not lying-still-in-a-coffin dead, more like walking-around-drinking-with-your-mates dead.
#2: Corporate SeizureDaria and Jane deal with the changes that have occurred in their lives.
#3: Baptism of FireDaria returns to Lawndale to watch Tiffany, and an old former friend of Willow's also shows her face.
#4: Fighting MachineTiffany comes back wrong from her holiday.
#5: Twister HarvestDaria and friends settle into their jobs at the No Such Agency.
#6: Denial and DeniabilityJane's mom prepares for the birth of her grandchild, and Daria tries to hit Upchuck's angels.