Fan Fiction
"The Look-Alike Series"
by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
(Prose adaptations by Austin G. Loomis)

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Season 1
A Meeting Of The Brains | (prose adaptation)

Lawndale is presented with a new girl -- one who bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favourite cynic. The rumours fly and nervous breakdowns ensue from all quarters as Lynn Cullen sends sarcasm to a new level.
The Things We Do For Dough | (prose adaptation)

When their cash flow dries up, Daria, Jane and Lynn are faced with the prospect of abandoning their after-school pizza fests. Will forgery, psychological warfare and 'not STRICTLY illegal' activity earn them the money they need to keep the tradition alive?
Poetic Injustice | (prose adaptation)

A 'touchy-feely' poetry assignment forces Daria and Lynn to abandon their principles... or be locked in the wacky ward. Poetic licence takes a dismal turn as they try to paint Lawndale High and Ms Li in a favourable light... while keeping it honest.
Run Away From Homecoming | (prose adaptation)

Jane is enlisted to design the Lawndale Lions' junior class float for the Homecoming parade. But when Ms Barch's prejudicial grading policy loses Mack his sports eligibility, it's up to Daria and Lynn to convince Ms Barch to reconsider failing Mack and save the 'testosterone-fuelled propaganda fest'... er, day.
Trick-or-Trent | (prose adaptation)

Halloween havoc hits Lawndale. Daria and Lynn help the Lanes think up ideas for their costumes before succumbing to the tempting little voice of vanity. Quinn finds a secret admirer at the Lawndale Halloween Haunt, but will Trent finally be able to tell Daria how he feels about her?
Swear To Be Different | (prose adaptation)

Mr DeMartino takes his nasty comments a step too far and Lynn loses her cool. After using a word commonly bleeped on Jerry Springer, she finds out how little free speech means at Lawndale High... and how far her friends will go to defend her right to 'talk that nasty talk'.
Grating Expectations | (prose adaptation)

Jodie accidentally submits a subversive, sarcastic editorial to the Lawndale Lowdown. When Ms Li throws her out of her activities and her parents just don't understand, she goes for help to the experts in not giving a damn...
Lady and the Tank | (prose adaptation)

Bored to tears, Daria, Jane and Lynn join Mystik Spiral at the Grunge Grandstanders' Gala in Carter County as subversive teenage roadies. The picnic game gets a new lease on life and the legacy of the Alternapalooza trip is finally discovered. Will love finally blossom over orange soda, stale Twinkies and a dead van motor?
And Then There Were Four | (prose adaptation)

Lawndale High is quadruply cursed when Lynn's best male friend AP gets expelled from Oakwood High. AP fits smoothly into the group, tormenting the teachers and Fashion Clubbers alike. But will he dismay 'shippers everywhere by taking Trent's place with Daria?
Kiss and Tell | (prose adaptation)

Lynn gives Trent the perfect forum to declare his true feelings for Daria... but AP seems more than willing to beat him to the punch. And with the identity of Quinn's secret admirer about to be revealled, the question is, who's kissing who?
Love Him Or Leave Him | (prose adaptation)

A few days after the mandatory LHS dance, the group Lynn jokingly calls "The Flack-Jacket Mafia" has broken up, and Daria and Quinn have a similar problem -- they both have men in their lives and have to decide whether to love them or leave them.
World Geek Show | (prose adaptation)

Honor of honors -- Ms Li wants the gang to represent Lawndale High again, this time in an IQ showcase for the school board. And this time, Ms Li's NOT getting off so easily...
The Flack-Jacket Mafia | (prose adaptation)

When the ever-paranoid Ms Li pins a criminal reputation onto Daria, Jane, Lynn and AP in an effort to wreck their time at Lawndale High, "The Flack-Jacket Mafia" hits back with a vengeance.

Interstice Special #1
Rue Britannia | (prose adaptation)

The members of the (former) Flack-Jacket Mafia are going to London for the holidays, and Mystik Spiral is tagging along (to tour the grunge bar circuit). Antics ensue when Lawndale's most subversive teens and the band that can't play an open-D tuning get together in the Old Smoke...

Season 2
Many Are Culled | (prose adaptation)

After a visit to the guidance counsellor, Daria, Jane and Lynn are tormented by visions of just what their future will hold if their "many are called, few are chosen" career dreams don't pan out...
Mercedes Bends | (prose adaptation)

AP and Daria's first date, and they both need help. The results are sisterly bonding and the wrath of Cullen when the dating duo wreck her pride and joy...
Miss Conception | (prose adaptation)

Lynn and Trent find out that drunken, regretted one-offs have consequences too... And Fate's a little kinder to Daria and AP this time around.
Quinn-tessence | (prose adaptation)

Quinn finds out there's more than one kind of fashion policing as she prepares -- with a little help from her misantropic neighbourhood subversives -- to face the ultimate test of a relationship... meeting the parents.
Blind Audition | (prose adaptation)

As Daria's look-alike, surely it's only Daria who should be threatened by Lynn. But Trent soon discovers that that is not the case.
A Hard Day's Write | (prose adaptation)

Daria and Lynn go head to head in a writing competition -- who will earn the title of "writer-geek Misery Chick"? And we learn a little more about AP McIntyre..
Misshapen Identity | (prose adaptation)

A change of tactics is in progress as the Look-Alikes (or at least one of them) strive to carve themselves a new identity.
The Parent Crap | (prose adaptation)

Helen gets caught red-handed at an all-time low, Daria finds out a few home truths, and Lynn and AP at Grove Hills? Carnage!
How The Other Half Lives | (prose adaptation)

All of our favourite cynics -- and even the not so cynical -- are fleeing from their families for the break. Will Quinn like how the other half lives?
The Blind Leading The Blunt | (prose adaptation)

When Daria's glasses get broken, she has to do a lot of things she doesn't like; face her mother, trade in her old frames... potentially cause another identity crisis...
Relation-slips | (prose adaptation)

When you're caught up in your projects, sometimes things get away from you, as Daria discovers to her chagrin...
It's A Passable Life | (prose adaptation)

Daria makes a wish she may come to regret when she sees just what turns life might have taken without her friendship with Jane.
Liaisons | (prose adaptation)

'Sins' of the past bring old grudges home to roost and the secret's finally out...

Interstice Special #2
Growing Cynical

As Lynn fights for her life in the hospital, AP regails Daria with tales of how he and Lynn grew up in Oakland, and how they came to be the latest additions to Lawndale High.

Season 3
Co-authored by Ben Yee
To Kill A Misery Chick | (prose adaptation)

With Lynn still unconscious in hospital and rumours flying, Daria meets another member of the family she never knew she had. Questions lead to bigger mysteries and the biggest question of all is, will Lynn come around at all?
Sister, Sister | (prose adaptation)

Now that Lynn's up and around again, certainly family members have secrets to share...
An Irony of Errors | (prose adaptation)

When O'Neill gets another unintended 'suggestion', the gang winds up coerced into "Romeo and Juliet" -- and guess who's playing the lead roles! Shakespeare in Love... or Shakespeare in chaos?
The Lawndale Witch Project | (prose adaptation)

Life imitates art when Daria and Lynn go out to tape evidence of the supernatural and then don't come home.
Admission: Impossible | (prose adaptation)

Daria finally goes back to Morgendorffer Home Base. Quinn uses her head as something other than an accent piece to try to make amends. And what is going on with Lynn?
Teachers' Pests | (prose adaptation)

The brand new LHS principal gets a great new idea -- one-on-one tutoring! Will an excess of stupidity be the death of our gang?
Thrash of the Titans | (prose adaptation)

Mystik Spiral are competing in a Battle of the Bands... and Lynn and AP meet a few old 'friends'.
Job Lots | (prose adaptation)

To save the school production of "Romeo and Juliet" (and consequently Jane and AP's English grades), Daria and Lynn eventually wind up at the mercy of... Charles Ruttheimer III. Question is, does he have any?
Gym Dandy | (prose adaptation)

Barch's rampant feminism leads her to make a stand -- for co-ed gym classes. But when it transpires that two of our favourite cynics are good at sports despite themselves, it's one of Jane's nightmares all over again.
None of Your Affair | (prose adaptation)

The secret identity of Lynn's new companion is finally revealed, pushing Daria, Jane and AP to finally push for some answers. And Jake makes an effort to patch the rift between himself and Helen.
X Marks the Maverick | (prose adaptation)

Too many secrets plus too many weird pizza toppings equals AP's own seriously messed up X-Files crossover dream.
Sets and the Single Girls | (prose adaptation)

Jane is wheedled into set design and is finally on the receiving end of a yenta act of her own. Meanwhile, Daria pries a few more answers out of mysterious personages and the other could-be couples are... well, not.
Love's Labour | (prose adaptation)

The play's the thing and wherefore art thou Cullen? Come to that, *where* art thou, Cullen? Learn a few more family secrets when Lynn takes off for parts unknown.

Interstice Special #3
Co-authored by Ben Yee
Tour of Duty | (prose adaptation)

Mystik Spiral embarks on a US tour that isn't all it appears to be... and *all* the questions get answered this time.

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Season 4
Co-authored by Ben Yee
Lost and Found | (prose adaptation)

Daria and Quinn are kidnapped... by their extremely worried parents. So when Lynn does a disappearing act of her own, they're on their own...
Fifth Wheel | (prose adaptation)

A new arrival at Lawndale High brings not-so-old demons home to at least one of the gang.
Parental Discretion | (prose adaptation)

Jerome Smythe hits Lawndale on some Family business and meets Jake Morgendorffer -- with whom he gets along with about like nitro gets along with glycerine...
Banded for Life | (prose adaptation)

Nathan Caldwell wants his first Lawndale homecoming to be something special -- and he doesn't have a lot to work with. The recruitment drive that follows put our heroes in some unpleasantly familiar situations.
The Prisoner of Zelda | (prose adaptation)

In his own bid not to think about things, AP gets himself hooked on a certain video game. What's it going to take to free him of the obsession and get his grades, his relationship with Lynn and his life in general back on track?
Bare Acquaintances | (prose adaptation)

Circumstances dictate a Halloween party. Ease of costuming dictates a "Come As You Truly Are" theme. But after the summer, how easy is it REALLY?
Children of the Scorn | (prose adaptation)

A certain Purple Peril has become a legal adult at last, and the first test of her adult life is likely to be the hardest. The prodigal mother's return heralds a confrontation of Godzilla-Mothra-esque proportions...
Secrets and Lies | (prose adaptation)

DeMartino's assigning uncomfortable assignments, someone knows FAR more than the Flack-Jacket Mafia thought, and Captain Sanity needs a new handle? Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder...
A Dated Concept | (prose adaptation)

Mack and Jodie are on the outs over the whole Family thing, so the F.J.M. do their best to get them to patch things up. Not that it goes smoothly, of course, but when does it ever?
Display Model | (prose adaptation)

Nathan Caldwell goes on a tear after catching several students in mid-makeout, instituting a "no personal contact" policy that goes to ridiculous extremes. "You realize that this means war," as a certain cartoon rabbit would say, so Daria and the gang decide to go to equally ridiculous extremes to set things right.
Kiss and Makeup | (prose adaptation)

Seems that everyone's got a boyfriend these days, and Sandi has reached her boiling point. With revenge on her mind, she takes advantage of Quinn's secret training lessons to turn the one person she cares most about against her.
Process of Elimination | (prose adaptation)

AP's enthusiasm knows no bounds when he's chosen for a field trip to the NASA Space Center. Excitement turns to horror, however, as tragedy strikes the touring students... tragedy from a very familiar source.
Firewater Burn | (prose adaptation)

The fit hits the shan as the fourth season comes to a fiery conclusion, with the fates of the "Flack-Jacket Mafia" hanging precariously in the balance.

Interstice Special #4
A Family Holiday | (prose adaptation)

The "Mafia arc" comes to a spectacular conclusion as Daria, Lynn, and the rest of the gang spend their Christmas break trying to stay out of the line of fire in the war against the remnants of the Jensen family. Of course, it's easier said than done, like always...

Season 5
Leaders and Followers

When the LHS cheerleading squad elects a new captain, how does Brittany deal? Answer: not well.
And the B.A.N.D. Played On | (prose adaptation)

The surviving members of Mystik Spiral have called it quits; after all, with one of their number gone and another recovering from wounds, what's the point? But, strange as it may seem, the Spiral's absence *is* felt, so a plan is hatched to resurrect the band.
Good Morning, Lawndale High

Principal Caldwell decides to resurrect the school's radio station. Daria, Lynn, Jane, and AP are called upon to run it. Be afraid... be very afraid...
The Kids Aren't All Wrong

What happens when Lawndale High's resident subversives get the opportunity to mold young minds? (You have to *ask*?!)
Caught 'Napping

It's Daria's 18th birthday, which comes as a complete surprise to Trent (naturally). If he wants to keep the relation-date-ship thing going, he'd better come up with something *really* special...
The Twin Trade

Daria desperately needs some stress-free time, and she won't get it at home. Enter Lynn, "Freaky Friday," and a plan that fools everyone (almost).
Will Work For Bandwidth

AP's spending spree attracts the attention of his father, who thinks he's irresponsible. Solution: gainful employment. With AP, though, that's easier said than done.
Fashion Victims

Sandi Griffin returns to Lawndale, shooting Quinn's already-elevated tension levels sky high. They say revenge is a dish that is best served cold... but why isn't Sandi in a dining mood?
Natural Selection

The college application process being complete, the Gang of Four now endures the interview process... and who goes where, and why, invites more angst than anyone really needed.
Ineffective Proposal

The unthinkable is now likely: Mr. O'Neill wants to propose to Ms. Barch. Unfortunately, she's on one of the worst rampages anyone's ever seen. Guess who gets the job of trying to sort things out?
Stake of the Art

Jane gets an unusual lesson from her subconscious, thanks to Lynn's clumsiness and an all-night "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" marathon.
Wheels of Fortune

Daria elects to stay behind when Jane and the band go on a weekend road trip. She's not bored for long, however, as she undertakes one of life's most unpleasant activities: car shopping.
A Cullen Scorned

Kate Cullen's back in town. Need we say more?

Interstice Special #5
Oh Brother

After accidentally blowing up the school science lab, AP volunteers Lynn's empty house to be the setting for a "Big Brother"-type TV show. With Daria, Jane, AP, and various other Lawndale High students participating (some willingly, some not), things go pretty much as you'd expect.

Season 6
Sins of the Fathers

"The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon their children"... in this case, Lynn and AP, as Lynn deals with the fallout from Jerome Smythe's death and AP discovers exactly why Fred McIntyre has been giving him so much grief over the years.
Blame Canada

When Lanwdale High's new coach trades baseball for hockey, the gang gets pushed into the limelight and LHS's resident hockey puck, Kevin, gets the wrong end of the stick in more ways than one.
Penny For Your Thoughts

It's mayhem beneath the blue suburban skies when Penny returns to Casa Lane (this time without Chiquito the parrot). After the fiasco the last time the wandering Lanes returned home, Jane is definitely in no mood to have her sister in her ears and in her eyes...
Hymn of Breaking Strain

Helen manages to piece together some of the details of last summer's "vacation," but when she confronts Daria with her findings, it officialy becomes The Last Straw. Eighteen years' worth of pain, anger, and frustration boil over as Lawndale discovers just what happens when the original Misery Chick finally reaches her breaking point.