Heaven and Hell and Tomato Sauce



A Falling Into College-inspired 'Daria' Iron Chef fic by Brother Grimace




With continually-flashing streaks of lightning lancing downward from the unending masses of black clouds that covered the entire Earth, Bump stood on the broken edge of the Atlantic City Boardwalk and looked out over the infinite emptiness of what was once the Atlantic Ocean - now just a barren, cold desert that stretched into forever...


"NOOOOOOO!" the small black cat screamed out. "THERE'S NO – MORE - FISH!!!"



The cat suddenly awoke as Daria Morgendorffer, her owner, gently stroked her soft, furry underbelly. "Time to wake up the lady of the manor?" Jane Lane asked, walking past the door to Daria's room and seeing the way Bump stretched in response to Daria's caresses.


"I thought I'd better - you should have seen the way she was moving," Daria replied. "If I didn't know better - I'd say that she was having a nightmare."


"Well, this should wake her up!"


Daria's eyes opened slightly as Jane entered the room, a paper plate in hand. "I figured I'd better do this sooner or later, or she'd end up waiting in the tall grass for me. That - or in the laundry hamper."


The smell coming from the paper plate spiked Bump's senses into full awareness, and the cat lifted itself up, almost hopping up on her hind legs to get the contents of the plate. "Hey, now, wait a moment!" Jane laughed, setting the plate down on the floor and watching as the cat all but attacked the two slices of cold sushi pizza. "She almost got my pinky!"


Bump was off in another reality, a brilliant world of warm sunlight, soft blankets and oversized sweaters to curl up within, plenty of ice-cold milk, no dogs, and plenty of humans to stroke her soft tummy...


...once she finished her sushi pizza.







12 September 2007