"An Ode To Tiffany Blum-Deckler
(a.k.a. Mystik Spiral's Quiet Musing)"
A Daria Fanfic/Poem By
Brandon League

Legalities-Daria (and Tiffany, and Mystik Spiral) are owned by MTV/Viacom and not me. There, happy?

Summary-The author takes a break from his attempt at screenplays to show that he IS a big softie and that he has a poetic soul, he just doesn't let it out very often. This is a result of Fifteen minutes of "Tiffany Blum-Deckler" worship. She's a goddess!!!

Lovely girl walking down the Hall
A sparkle in her eyes,
But that's not all...
Her skin shines in the morning light
The master of the art of Cantonese delight

She appears pretty vacant, it's true
Those around her think she has no clue
I, however, see beyond this ploy
Knowing what it is used for
Too many readings of 'The Art Of War' (1)

Sweet Tiffany, hiding inside herself
Non-confrontational, her emotions locked on the shelf
Plotting, scheming, waiting for the day
When Sandi finally gets taken away
To a 'rest' home by the bay

The Fashion Club will then be hers
She will no longer have to crawl
Or hide behind a irritating drawl
Her intelligence laid bare for all to see
None a more competent ruler than She

Until then she lies in wait
Red x's on her calendar mark down the date
Until that magical day of conquest
She will simply ponder that...
"Maybe this dress DOES make me look fat?"

1) "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu is the OLDEST Military Treatise in the world. It states, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

Editor's Note- In case you can't guess, I'm a HUGE Tiffany Blum-Deckler fan. She is, to me, the most underrated member of the Fashion Club and I feel she has gotten a bad rap by everyone! I'm sorry to say this, but even this particular website is guilty of "Tiffany Bashing." I mean just look at her profile (under "Characters"). "Brain damaged" or "over medicated," INDEED!!! For a long time, I have itched to do a work of some sort, i.e. story or poem, that sings Tiffany's praises to the Max (not to be confused with Tyler), thus this little poem was born. I know it's not much, it took a grand total of fifteen minutes to complete, but it's a start. I do plan to follow up this "poeme" (British accent) with a Tiffany-fanfic, but as of yet, I suffer from Writer's Block. I would like to thank Martin J. Pollard, Crazy Nutso, Austin Covello, Renfield, C.E. Forman, Erin Mills, Canadibrit and all those OTHER excellent fanfic writers that, although I've never met them personally, inspire me to no end. Thanks, you guys! And oh yeah...

"Does this poem make me look fat?"

Brandon "The Big B" League
3/8/2OO2, 12:59 a.m.
Somewhere In West Georgia