Afternoon Delight

By Thea Zara


Music played softly on the radio.  She slowly ran one well manicured nail up his back, purring contently while he slept beside her.   ‘I guess musicians really know how to use their instruments.’ She thought then giggled quietly to herself.  It had been quite an afternoon.  Good thing no one was going to be home until this evening.  Still she couldn’t lie here all day and watch her ‘music man’ sleep.  She really needed to get a shower soon.  Instead, she played with a lock of his hair as she thought about the moment when she realized she had to have him.  Watching him perform, imagining the passion he had for his music turned into passion for her. 


She had approached him when they had finished playing, meaning to strike up a conversation.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  They were arguing over lyrics as they packed up their instruments.  Instead of talking to them, she sat nearby and listened as they talked.  Finally when they started carting out equipment she spotted an opportunity.  He was alone for a moment wrapping wires while the other guys hauled out the damaged sound board.  She had turned on the charm, and instead of dazzling him she was dazzled as she got close to him.  The dark hair that begged to have her hands running through it, those eyes, and those lips that she wanted to feel kissing her all over.


“Maybe it isn’t that late.” She murmured to herself as she reached for him.  “Wake up baby.” 


He muttered incoherently for a moment then mumble “Whaaa?” 


“Wake up and give Ashley some sugar before you have to leave, baby.  Stevieihea Zara Delight

y on the radio.  and the kid’s will be home soon.” She cooed at him while slipping her hands lower and lower down his back and kissing his well muscled arm and along his neck. 


He looked at her sleepily, then Jesse reached for her and uttered “Cool.”