More "Guilty Pleasures"

A PPMB Challenge

By Angelinhel



Legal Whatsits: I donít own "Daria" or any facet thereof, Mtv/Viacom has that happy privilege. This is just for fun, blah, blah, blah. Hey, if they didnít want fans writing stuff they wouldnít have cancelled it then given it to Noggin to butcher.


Authorís Notes: This collection of ficlets were in response to Mmanís Iron Chef Challenge "Guilty Pleasures": Pick out any Daria character, old or young, male or female, and show him or her indulging in a "guilty pleasure" in the spirit of the fic. The character should be somewhat secretive about it, and be doing something noticeably (though not necessarily drastically) out of character.




Part 1: Timothy

Timothy O'Neill waved to Mr. De Martino as he drove off. Some days even he wondered if attempting to teach these kids was an exercise in futility. Oh well, he sighed. As soon as he was out of sight of the school he popped in his favorite tape and cranked the volume almost as far up as the bass. He smiled as Biggy Smalls shook the frame of his car...


Part 2: Anthony

As soon as Anthony got home he sank into his favorite armchair. Starting at those lifeless fish-eyes was driving him slowly insane. Good thing he picked up a hobby in 'Nam. He hoped he'd finish tonight. Knit one, perl two, knit one, perl two...




Part 3: UnexpectedÖ?

A seedy motel just outside of Lawndale:

She zipped up her thigh-high leather boots and examined herself in the glare of cheap fluorescent lights. God, she loved leather.

She picked up her crop and walked out to where her companion was waiting, garbed in her catholic uniform.

"For once you've made a decent fashion choice." she said. "Now get on your knees!"

Sandi bowed her head, "Yes, Mistress Brooke."

...maybe not. But I bet you didn't see this one coming...

A few doors down. Same motel:

The top hat and powdered wig joined the rest of the garments on the floor.

Daria couldn't suppress a predatory smile. President's Day was definitely her favorite holiday.



Some additional thoughts: Oh, man that last one had me laughing all day. This was fun.