Blind Spot

A quickfic by Brother Grimace

Hello, Ms. Li.

By the time you see this - well, I'll just have to live with the knowledge that I'll never know how you looked when you saw this tape. I'll never get to see the way your face crinkles up in that certain way it does when you get angry, or how your eyes go wide in that exact same moment; or how your voice gets overly dramatic - by the way, is that an affectation you've develiped, or is that all natural?

Oh, I'm sure that you'll see me again - although, you'll never see me in the way you suspected. You'll always wonder how I got everything past you - how I played the role that you and all of the others decided I was right for all of those years ago - and you never once suspected that I could be different... or that I should be different. More's the pity.

I suppose I should thank you, though. Because of your unending quest for the 'glory and honor of Lawndale High' - as well as your own - you allowed me the freedom to become exactly what you wanted... and at the cost of stripping yourself of any possible credit for doing so.

The best part of this? I'm free of you. I'm free of all of you. None of you ever became really close, and because of that, I have no ties to this place. Lawndale High was no more to me than a fuel tank to a space shuttle; I needed you to help me arrive at a certain point - but afterwards, you're to be discarded and forgotten, as I make my way further and higher than you'd ever imagined for me.

Think of me often, Ms. Li. Think of me as you see me heading for the stars. Think of me as I make a life for myself... while you remain right where you are, always wondering how you missed seeing what I really was - and how many other students are hiding in plain sight in front of you, hiding what they really are.

Kevin Thompson chuckled to himself as turned the video camera off, and rose from the chair behind Angela Li's desk. He knew that now, as the graduation ceremonies were going on, would be the perfect time to film his little 'gift' for the principal.

The disappearance of 'the idiot accent' from my voice should freak her out perfectly, he thought, but not as much as finding out that I scored a perfect 36 on my C-ADT test, that I tested out of high school classes last semester, or that I'm attending Ensweadder University on a full academic scholarship beginning this summer. When no one expects anything of you excapt being able to throw or run a ball, they don't pay any attention to you, or try and grind you down 'to make you into a diamond'. If Landon doesn't blow her brains out or run away a semester in, I'd be surprised.

Kevin smiled as he pocketed the tiny digital tape - one he planned to have delivered to Ms. Li on the night of his college commencement.

Oh, they'll all be asking 'How could this happen?

His smile broadened as he opened the office door and stepped through.

Simple. None of them - especially Miss-Above-Us-All Morgendorffer - ever expected to see anything more, or looked for it... and I saw no reason to disabuse them of their notions.






26 April 2009