Fan Fiction
"Morte La Montreal"
by wierdgrrl

Morte La MontrealA mandatory attendance field trip to Canada is on the horizon, and the Darians prepare for it in many different ways. And why are Trent and Jesse lurking about?
Where the River ShallowsThe Darians arrive in Montreal with one thing on their minds: having a good time. But when the Fashion Club arrives at the same club as Daria, Trent, Jane and Jesse, what happens then? Not what you'd expect, that's for sure!
Quinn of HeartsWhat is going on with Trent and... QUINN?!
A Blight at the RoxburyA night at the hotel ballroom brings chaos, the spilling of secrets, and SNL cameos!
Morgendorffer MIADaria has discovered the truth about Quinn and Trent, and subsequently runs off. Armed with the Tank, Trent sets off to find her and do some serious thinking.
Horse BrutalityTrent and Daria have been taken to the hospital. Trent is okay, but Daria's state of health hangs in the balance. When she does come to, what becomes of their relationship?
HomecomingThe final installment in the series. Everyone is quite relieved to get back to Lawndale. Your basic ensemble farce plot...