Author: Grateful Fan

Category: Miscellaneous

The scene: Daria's room... Daria is seated at her computer. Jane is sitting on a folding chair nearby.

"C'mon Amiga, why don't you send some of your fan fics to a site?"

"For several reasons."

"Okay chipmunk give. What reasons?" Seeing that no answer was forthcoming, Jane stood up and began pacing. "Vee haff vays uf making you talk."

"Not likely Lane." Daria sighed.

"Right I warned ye..." Jane cried as she seized a pillow from the bed. She began approaching Daria menacingly. "This is a 44 caliber pillow, the most powerful pillow in the world, and... I've got all the stuffing up one end!"

"I'll talk! I'll talk! Just put it down! Weren't those things outlawed at Geneva?"

Jane tossed the pillow back on the bed. "Well...?"

"I like the show Jane. After Sick Sad World, it's my favorite. But I haven't seen many of the episodes, so I run the risk of contradicting something "official". Another factor: there is so much fan fic out there already that anything I write might be a copy of something..."

"Mebd! Unnacceptable! Insufficient reason for withholding fan fic from the world wide webiverse." Jane interrupted ( in her best Beldar Conehead voice ). "Jeez Daria if you are "inspired" by an episode or someone else's fan fic just credit yer sources at the end. Or the beginning... whatever. If you write something that "closely resembles" someone else's stuff without knowing about it you'll only be in a state of venial sin. Absolution is easily obtained from the Temple Of Jane, for a modest donation of course."

"Hmmm... So many of the plots have been used up Dora gets sick / injured / locked up, Dora has a conflict with her mom / her teachers / her sister / the Fashion Society, Dora goes on a trip, gets a job, has dreams. Even the other charactes have been covered Gwen gets sick / injured / locked up / pregnant..."

"Admit it, you like reading about Gwen's misfortunes, don't you?"

"It's my policy to neither admit nor deny, and are you going to stop interrupting me?"


"As I was saying, Dora goes to stay with Joan, Joan goes to stay with Dora, a new kid shows up, one of Dora's parents dies..." Her voice trailed off.

"Uh oh." Thought Jane, "Instant depression subject, must distract with snappy patter." "Hey Daria, I always get a laugh from the ones where Joan embarrasses Dora with her brother Brent."

Daria brightened a bit, "Yeah, those are a hoot and a holler."

"Look Daria, just because you might be covering familiar ground is no reason not to send in your stuff. It would be your version of this particular plot angle, your perspectives on situations. You can get feedback and suggestions, might help you when you have writer's block. Do you have any other non issues before we post?"

Daria's shoulder's slumped, "I don't want my email address in such public place. There are a lot of unpleasant people out there, and all it takes is one."

"Now that is a reasonable concern. But all you have to do is bounce your fan fic to a trustworthy individual and have them post it for you, under an assumed name of course. Now, all reasons for not sending in fan fic have been dealt with and so..."

"My fics don't measure up to a lot of what is already out there in terms of quality, quantity, insight, or originality. There, I've said it. Are you happy now?"

"What brought that on?" Jane wondered "Daria, you can't let that stand in your way. My art will never be on a par with Da Vinci's, or Picasso's, or Van Gogh's. Some people appreciate my work, a few knuckle-dragging slope-browed mouth breathers scoff at it, but 99 plus percent of the human race don't even know it exists. In life there is usally more to endure than to enjoy. My paintings, projects, and sketches provide me with a creative outlet and some fun. It's nice to know that some others get a measure of enjoyment from them as well. And as for those who have so little in life that they feel the need to trash somebody else's efforts, I pity them. Don't be deterred by the fact that not everyone who reads your stuff will care for it. You'll be doing something you like and sharing it. C'mon Daria, she who hesitates is lost. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! And always remember, JOKE em if they can't take a FUUuuu...oooOOH HI MR. Morgendorffer. Didn't notice you come in."

"Hi Jane. Would you care to join us for dinner? It'll be ready in about five minutes."

"Thanks for the invite. I'll be glad to."

"Great! See you at the table then." Jake said cheerfully as he walked to the door.

Jane breathed a mental sigh of relief as Jake departed.

At the doorway, Jake paused and turned, "Oh, and Jane..."

"Yes?" Jane asked innocently.

"Good recovery." Jake flashed her a wink and a grin then left the room.


My thanks to Deref for beta reading, providing me with encouragement and technical support, and posting this for me.

Additional thanks to those who maintain Daria sites ( Martin, Kara, Dr Mike, Wraith, and others who I have not e met yet ).

Grateful Fan ( May 2003 )

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