His Latest

A Daria ficlet

by Wyvern337


"How's the Lasagna, Jane-O?" asked Jake.

Jane finished chewing and swallowed before replying. Helen and Quinn rolled their eyes, while Daria kept chewing impassively. It was the same frozen microwave food they had almost every night, and at least very similar to what Jane would've been having tonight anyway. The difference was that otherwise she'd have been having it by herself. Her parents were in Belize, Trent was on tour with the Spiral and, well, who knew where the rest of her family was? When Daria had mentioned the situation, though, it had actually been Jake who suggested she join the Morgendorffers for dinner, and she didn't want to come across as an ingrate.

"Uh, it's...really pretty good, as these things go," said Jane.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"I wonder who that could be?" asked Helen of no one in particular.

Moments later, Jake opened the front door to Wind Lane.

"Um, hi...Mr. Morgendorffer?" asked Wind a little hesitantly.

"Yes?," replied Jake, not entirely sure who this was or what this was about.

"Uh, I'm Jane's older brother -- one of them -- I was just passing through town and, well no one's home at the house! I remembered Trent telling me something once about one of Janey's friends she stayed with sometimes...I'm glad I remembered the address right. Hey, that smells really good!" said Wind.

"Care to join us?" asked Jake cheerfully.

"Uhhm, okay, I guess...though I've got someone...uhh, with me..."said Wind, a little hesitantly.

By this time, the conversation had drawn the attention of the other occupants of the Morgendorffer house, especially Jane's. She'd shifted her chair around so that she could see -- and be seen from -- the door.

"Yo, Wind!" she called. "Katie throw you out again?"

"Actually, Katie and I have been over for awhile," Wind replied. "I've found someone new -- as a matter of fact she's with me now, and I'm really eager for her to meet you...the two of you have so much in common, I'm sure you'll hit it off really well!"

Jane raised a quizzical eyebrow at this, then paused to take another bite of gelatinous microwave lasagna. Jane chewed, began to swallow--

--and choked, just as the new love of her eldest brother's life walked into the foyer of Schloss Morgendorffer.

Daria watched her best friend nervously. She'd given the Heimlich Maneuver to Quinn once, but this was someone who was actually choking...would she be able to...

Just then Jane rendered the concern moot by managing to draw breath. Strangely, though, she continued turning purple. Daria frowned in puzzlement as Jane stared fixedly at the front door.

"Um, hi, everybody," said Alison.



Disclaimers: Daria is owned by MTV/Viacom, I just borrow her for a little while now and then, for strictly non-profit purposes.