FIRST, THE DISCLAIMERS: I don't own Daria, MTV/Viacom does. I don't own anything worth suing me for, so please don't. I wrote these for fun, of a sort. May you have fun, of a sort, reading them.



a Daria ficlet by wyvern337


Sometimes decisions are made less... neatly...than one would expect.

Daria's and Tom's shirts, her blazer, his pants and all of their footgear lay in an untidy heap on the floor of Tom's room. He fumbled briefly with the catch of her bra before she unhooked it for him and it joined the pile. Daria gasped as Tom's kisses swooped lower, exploring new territory. Maybe it had something to do with how close to college -- and being separated from each other for months -- they were, but their usual after-date kissing had rapidly escalated into their heaviest, most intense makeout session yet. Her heart pounded as the knowledge of where this was going hit her, but Daria realized she meant every word as she whispered to Tom, "I'm ready."

"Are you sure about this?", Tom asked. "Daria, you're trembling like a leaf."

When Daria responded by pressing her body against his and drawing him into a long, deep kiss, Tom needed no further encouragement. Within moments the rest of their clothes had been shed, and it was time to bring out the protection.

At least he doesn't carry it in his wallet anymore, thought Daria, smiling slightly as Tom rolled over so his back was to her and rummaged in the drawer of his nightstand. The rustling quickly gave way to the sound of a wrapper tearing...a sound Daria listened to with her heart in her throat. So close....she was as ready for it as she'd ever be, but it was still so overwhelming...hard to believe this was

Suddenly Tom stopped what he was doing, and emitted a low, plaintive groan of dismay.

"Let me guess, it's defective,", said Daria.

"Um,no, actually..."

"What, then?"


"Let me see."

before Tom could protest, hide it, stop her, or whatever, Daria bent around Tom's body to where she could see...and saw....

A bright green...neon....birth control device.

"I swear I didn't know..." Tom began, then closed his eyes and silently wished for the earth to open up and swallow him.

Daria emitted a low chuckle. Then another. Caught her breath, then let it out in a giggle. Then again. Then she laughed out loud and the floodgates opened. Daria shook with laughter. Her face reddened. Soon, tears were running down her face and she was finding it hard to breathe properly. All but convulsing with mirth, Daria curled up and rolled over onto her side...and slid off the edge of the bed, hitting the floor with a thud that seemed to shake the house. Looking down at her with concern, Tom was about to ask Daria if she was all right when she burst out laughing again, just as hard as before.

"It isn't that funny," protested Tom as embarrassment began to give way to mild annoyance.

"!" Daria managed to gasp out between assorted chortles, snorts and guffaws.

Okay, maybe not quite, thought Tom, but after a certain previous discussion he had to admit he could see the humor in it himself.

Finally Daria's laughter trailed off, she managed to catch her breath, and Tom helped her back up onto the bed. She snuggled up close to him and they held each other for a long time. "Thank you, Tom," Daria finally said. "I don't think I've ever laughed like that in my life."

"So I guess in a way I always will be your first."

"Don't get me started again."