Things Daria Characters Would Never Say

Daria: Does this black skirt match my eyes?

Jane: Painting sucks. I'm going into Fashion.

Quinn: I'm giving up Fashion its soooo dull.

Sandi: I sound like a guy don't I?

Stacy: I don't care what people think of me.

Jake: That's just great inflation.

Helen: I made something different than Lasagna tonight.

Tiffany: I'm a stoner.

Ms. Barch: My man hating is just a cover up. I'm a lesbian.

Mr. O' Neill: I don't give a flying rat's ass about your problems.

Kevin: The square root of 1,000,697,666 is (insert right answer.).

Brittany: I hate my voice it's too damn squeaky.

The 3 J's: Get away from us Quinn.

Mr. Demartino: I love you students.

Jodie: Power to the black.

Mack: I love being called "Mack Daddy".

Trent: I'm going to find a real job.

Jesse: (Something smart.)