Daria picked up the ringing phone. "Daria!" a voice called out from the earpiece. "Where were you last night?"

"Sorry, Jane," Daria mumbled. "I got sick at the last minute. Did you ask Trent about the project?"

"Um...no, actually, but I met a cool guy!"

"Let me guess, Bobby Bighead had a brother."

"Aheh...you're actually not too far off there, Daria." At that, Daria's eyebrows rose in curiosity. "Look, Daria, I'd like you to meet him tomorrow, but he has a...sensitive medical condition. I'd really like it if you didn't bring it up."

A quip teetered on the edge of Daria's tongue, but she reined it in. "Sure thing, Jane."

Daria rang the doorbell to stately Lane manor. Jane opened it a moment later. "Daria! Come in!"

Jane led Daria into the living room, where Jane's boyfriend awaited. Daria stopped halfway into the room, openly staring at him.

The least remarkable thing about him was his clothing, khakis and a blue sweater. What sat atop that sweater, though...

His head was indeed of sizable proportions, in a diameter wider than his shoulders. His complexion was also flawless, save for being red. Instead of hair, he had a stem and some leaves sticking out the top. Most disturbingly, he had a face -- blue eyes, a nose, a mouth even. The face was in a neutral position, hoping to gain Daria's acceptance.

Jane introduced him. "This is Tom --"

"-- Ato?" Daria broke in.

Tom's face crumpled, then he ran out of the room, sobbing.

Jane angrily turned to Daria. "You just HAD to bring it up, didn't you?"