Go Folk Yourself
By Bryan McGucken

Descriptive Note: Set one year after the events of "A Kiss for Quinn," Stacy Rowe discovers a new talent, and the author helps her explore it. However, trouble ensues when Ms. Lee forbids her from displaying her talent at the mandatory Lawndale High Talent Expo. How will Stacy and the rest of the crew handle things?

Scene 1: A meeting of the L.H.S. Fashion Club is being conducted at the Griffins' house. Stacy, Tiffany, and Sandy are seated on a sofa in the living room.

Sandy: Tiffany, what is the next order of business at today's meeting?

Tiffany (glances at a note pad in her lap) Weeeeeeeell, according to thiiiiiis we wanted to decide on a new offiiiiiicial sooooooong!

Sandy: What? Who suggested that drivel?

Stacy (nervously) Um.well.actually, Sandy, I thought if we could pick a really "in" tune that we could.um.show off our.um.er.(laughs nervously).fashion-consciousness.or something. (She looks at Sandy pleadingly with a "please-oh-please-don't-grind-me-into-hamburger" expression sprawled all over her face).

Sandy: Stacy, don't you realize that music is so.academic and.scholarly.and stuff. Only nerds take music seriously.

(Stacy starts hyperventilating, but, amazingly, Tiffany comes to her defense.)

Tiffany: Buuuuuut.Saaaaaandy.couldn't we just pick a really.popular sooooooong?

Sandy: Countermanding my authority, eh, Tiffany?

Tiffany: Whyyyyyyy would I do thaaaaat. That is soooooooo wroooooooong!

Stacy (her hyperventilating has subsided, but slightly) Sandy, don't you like music? We could make our official song.um.ah."Breathless" by The Corrs or something.

Tiffany: Yeaaaaaaaah.that song is soooooooo nooooooooow!

Sandy: Well, that song is definitely popular, and it would show the world that we are trend-conscious. All right, I move that we designate "Breathless" by the Corrs our official song. All in favor.

Tiffany and Stacy: I!

Sandy: Right. Is there anything left to discuss, Tiffany?

Tiffany: Hmmmm.that looks like iiiiit!

Sandy: I move that this meeting be adjourned. All in favor.

Tiffany and Stacy: I!

Sandy: This meeting is hereby adjourned. (Stacy and Tiffany leave the Griffins' house).

Scene 2: The next day, a Tuesday in late September, we see Tim O'Neill leading a young man carrying a cane over to a table. We also see Stacy and Tiffany seated at the table to which the young man is being guided.

Mr. O'Neill: I think you'll really like these two young ladies, Bryan. They're very upbeat, and have a great deal to offer, though I think they're afraid to show it. Perhaps you could coax them out of their shells. Your warmth, tenderness, and knowledge might be just the key they need to unlock their hidden potential.

Bryan: I'd be happy to, Mr. O'Neill. I like looking for the good in people, you know.

Mr. O'Neill (a tear squirts from one eye) Oh, Bryan, I know you can do it!

Bryan: Mr. O'Neill?

Mr. O'Neill: Oh, Sorry.(they arrive at the table).Bryan McGucken, I'd like you to meet Stacy Rowe, and Tiffany Blum-Deckler.

Bryan (reaches out his free hand to Stacy) Hi there. How are you? I'm Bryan McGucken.

Stacy (cheerfully, but her voice is tinged slightly with nervousness) Hey, Bryan. I'm Stacy.

Bryan: Good to meet you, Stacy.

(Bryan moves his hand away from Tiffany).

Tiffany (to Bryan's left) Um.actually.I'm here.

Bryan (moves his hand quickly towards Tiffany's voice) Oh no, I'm so sorry. (He shakes her hand with a sheepish smile).

Tiffany: Quiiiite all riiiiiight!

Mr. O'Neill: Well.I'll leave you three to your own devices.

Bryan: Take care, Mr. O'Neill, and I'll give you that test tomorrow afternoon after I've taken it.

Mr. O'Neill: Fair enough.

Stacy (begins nervously) So.ah.Bryan. Are you.ah.new here?

Bryan: Yeah, kind of. My parents moved here last spring, but my mother insisted on driving me to my old school everyday until the end of last year. (He mocks his mother's voice) You won't have a chance to meet new friends Bryan. I won't put you through what my mother put me through. (returns to normal) Frankly I don't see how much difference it would make.

Tiffany: Parents can be sooooooooo laaaaaaaaame!

Bryan: Yeah.I know. She's so overprotective of me. I'm sick of it.

Stacy: Yeah, I know what you mean. My parents hardly let me do anything.

Tiffany: Buuuuuuut, then again, she coooouuld be like Sandy's mother, who lets her do anything she waaaaants toooo.

Bryan (his eyes light up) Really? Just once I wanna live it up, you know.take a walk on the wild side.

Stacy: Well.if you wanted to.you could come with us to the Pizza King later.

Tiffany: Yeeeeeeaaaaah.why don't yoooooou?

Bryan: Really? Are you serious? I've never been out with actual friends.I mean.actual school friends before.

Stacy (getting excited) Well.come with us later.then. Tell me where you live and I'll come pick you up. (Bryan tells Stacy his address, and she records it on a notepad from her backpack).

Stacy: So.ah.Bryan.what do you like to do.when you're not here.I mean.

Bryan: Oh, different stuff. I like to swim, so I'll try to join the swimming team here. I was on it at my old school. My coach there was great! He was so nice.and patient.

Stacy: Patient?

Bryan: Yeah. I was kind of an excitable type early on in high school.

(Stacy chuckles nervously).

Bryan: And I'm big time into music. I joined concert choir this year. Miss G has been good to me.

Stacy: Do you like to sing?

Bryan: Well, I guess. I also play piano and guitar, too.

Stacy (dreamily) I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar.

Tiffany: The guitaaaaaaar is soooooooo moviiiiiiiiing.

Bryan: Well.if you wanted to.um.I could maybe teach you a few chords or something.

Stacy (getting excited again) Really? You would? That's so cool. (She claps her hands).

Tiffany: Me, too?

Bryan: Sure, I can teach both of you. Do you have instruments?

Stacy: Well.my mom's got one from her hippy days.

Tiffany: Sorryyyyyyyyy.I've never had one.

(During this next statement, Jane, now a fifth-year senior, and Daria approach, on their way to empty their trays).

Bryan: Oh, that's okay, Tiff, you can use my Castillo classical guitar. It's not much, but it's a start I suppose.

Jane: Pardon me, but did I happen to hear the word guitar uttered in the presence of the sister of the lead singer of Mystic Spiral?

Bryan (turns toward Jane's voice) Oh, hi there. You sound slightly familiar. We have that applied chemistry course together, right?

Jane: Ms. Janet Barf, b*tch extraordinaire.

Bryan (chuckles) Right? Yeah, I was telling Tiffany she could borrow my guitar. Both these fine young ladies want to learn how to play. By the way, what's Mystic Spiral. Is that a new philosophical work that I haven't heard about yet?

Jane (laughs) Actually, my brother is the lead singer for the band. He also plays guitar, and has an acoustic or two lying around.

Bryan (amazed) Or two?

Jane: Oh sure. He's a regular guitar connoisseur.

Daria: So when do they open that display gallery for all his equipment at the Hard Rock Café?

(Bryan laughs).

Jane: I'll bet he'll lend you guys one of them if you promise to fondle it and cuddle and play really nicey-nicey with it and tell it how much you love it and give it lots of kissy-wissies.

Daria: Jane.Jane.Jane.how many times do I have to tell you.mixing Ultra Cola with metamphetamines and L.H.S. drinking water isn't on your approved diet list?

Bryan (chuckles) Oh, that's all right.we'll be real careful. By the way, I didn't catch your name.

Daria: Wait (steps back mockingly) I'll go long and launch it at you!

Bryan (laughs outright now) You're funny!

Daria: Damn.I really am a failure! They'll be calling me Daria the dodo at Middleton College for the rest of my career.

Bryan: Huh?

Jane: Daria's commuting to Middleton College. She's double majoring in philosophy and political science.

Bryan: Cool! Who's your favorite thinker?

Daria: Well.Hegel's no slouch.but Nietzsche's my kind of smart-ass. Got quite a mouth on him, wouldn't you say?

Bryan: He's okay, but I prefer Descartes and Spinoza. They're so.scientific.

Daria: Can't stand science. I'm always afraid one of those early modern guys is gonna get part of their brain stuck in one of the test tubes.

Bryan: Well, you don't have to worry about Descartes or Spinoza. Descartes died of the cold, and Spinoza inhaled.lens dust I mean. He's got Bill Clinton licked.I'm telling you!

(Daria can't help but chuckle softly at this last).

Bryan: yeah, Jane. That'd be wonderful if you could see about your brother lending Tiffany a guitar.

Jane; Sure thing. Well..we'd better run. Anthony de Martino waits for no one.

Bryan: You can say that again.

Jane: Anthony de.

Daria: Oh, shut up.Lane. (They all laugh as Daria and Jane leave).

Bryan: Actually (checks his Braille watch) I'd better go, too. You know, Ms. Morris!

Stacy: Yeah.

Bryan: By the way, do you want my phone number?

Stacy: Sure, and I'll give you mine.

Bryan (he gives Stacy and Tiffany his number) Don't worry about writing yours down.I'll remember it.

Stacy: Huh?

Bryan: Here, try me.

Stacy: Okay.mine's 555-7693.

Bryan: 555-7693. Got it.

Stacy (gasps in amazement) Oh my god!!! How did you do that!

Bryan: Well..I can remember numbers and stuff somewhat, I guess.

Stacy: Wow! That is soooo cool!

Tiffany: I wish Iiiiiiiii could do that!

Bryan: Well.I suppose. Can I have yours, Tiffany, so that we can talk, too?

(The process is repeated, and the three leave for class).

Scene 3: That evening, Bryan, Stacy, Tiffany, and Quinn are seated at a table at the Pizza King munching raptly on slices with extra cheese.

Stacy: Wow, Quinn. It's so awesome you could come, what with Sandy not being able to come. I never would have thought Sandy would turn down a night here!

Quinn: Yeah, well, you know. And I figured it'd be safe since she wasn't coming.

Bryan: Oh, you're not all that fond of Sandy, I take it?

Quinn: Not really. Let's just say we had (laughs nervously) a falling out.

Bryan: Ah! Say no more.

(The group eats in silence for a few moments before Daria and Jane enter the Pizza King and approach the quartet).

Jane: Hey, fellas.

The Quartet: Oh, hey Jane.

Jane: By the way, Bryan, Trent says if Tiffany wants to she can borrow his old Castillo for awhile. It's been through the ringer a few times, but gotta start somewhere, right?

Tiffany: Like, woooooooow! Thaaaat is soooooooo raaaaaaaad!

Bryan: Say, do you guys wanna come down to my place on Friday for your first lesson?

Stacy: Really, are you serious?

Tiffany: Thaaaat is soooooooo aaaaawesome.

Stacy: But wait! Oh no! I can't believe it! We cant' go, Tiffany!

Tiffany: Why nooooooot!

Stacy: Don't you remember? Sandy wants to hold a session on color-coordination for the harvest festival next weekend!

Bryan: Aw, nuts. Well, you could always come Saturday.

Stacy: Yeah. That would work!

Jane: Aw, what's the matter, you two? Afraid Sandy might lop off your heads if you miss one.

Tiffany: Hang ooooooon! We caaaaaaan't do it Saaaaturdaaaay! My dad's birthday is Saturday, and we're going to the Fairfield Fall Expooo that daaaay!

Stacy (begins to hyperventilate) Oh no! What're we gonna do!

Daria: Why don't you just reschedule the meeting? It's not that big a deal, is it?

(During this next exchange, Sandy enters the Pizza King).

Stacy: Maybe. I suppose Sandy might let us reschedule it.

Tiffany: Yeaaaaaaah! It's nooot thaaaaat impoortaaaant!

(Sandy approaches the six friends, manifest annoyance playing itself out on her face).

Sandy (pointing at Quinn) Gee, Stacy. Gee, Tiffany. Fraternizing with the enemy, again? And who's that fat slob sitting with you!

Daria (clucks her tongue haughtily) All right, Sandy. Bring the dictionary back to the library and I promise I won't turn you in to Ms. Lee.

Bryan: And by the way, I'm not fat!

Quinn: Sandy, what do you want?

Sandy: I want to know what's going on around here!

Daria: Maybe that's none of your damn business!

Sandy: Excuse me, but as Fashion Club Prrrresident, I have the right to know what goes on amongst the members of my club!

Jane: Well, Maid Stacy here is on her lunch break, and Farmer Bryan is kicking back for a well-deserved vacation.

Sandy: Funny, but now I want the truth!

Bryan: You want the truth, Order-Me-Around Barbie! Stacy and Tiffany are coming to my house this Friday to learn to do something you never will.something intelligent.like.play the guitar!

Sandy: Can it, flabby! They're not going anywhere this Friday except my place for a Fash.

Bryan: Save it, Sandy. I've heard it all, but they don't have time any other time!

Sandy: Gee, I guess that's too bad! Not that they're missing anything!

Bryan: What's that supposed to mean?

Sandy: Oh, nothing. I just think the guitar is queer, that's all.

Bryan: Wow! You can think?

(Stacy has been hyperventilating through this).

Daria: Why don't you leave them alone, Sandy!

Sandy: Why don't you keep your nose out of other people's business, you Fashion Flop!

Daria: Hmmmm, does that make you the pot and me the black kettle!

(At this juncture the restauraunt's manager approaches).

Manager: Yo, guys. Everything all right, over here?

Sandy: Oh, yes. Just clearing up a misunderstanding among my friends here! (She shoots Stacy and Tiffany a death glare and walks away. The manager gives the six an odd look and strolls away).

Bryan: Is it me, or is she really bitter at the world!

Jane: It's you.along with just about everyone at Lawndale High! (Bryan shrugs his shoulders).

Scene 4: Bryan and Jane are seated beside each other in Ms. Barch's applied chemistry class the next morning.

Ms. Barch: So when you combine zinc with hydrochloric acid by dipping this strip of zinc into the beaker, the result seems to be that the acid eats up the zinc, just like my ex-husband did to my feelings, but in reality the two react to yield zinc chloride, and hydrogen is given off. Observe!

(At the moment that Ms. Barch is about to lower the hand holding the zinc strip into a test tube full of acid, we hear the P.A. system slam into life).

Ms. Lee: Attention all students and faculty! I've just been in touch with someone very important, and wanted to remind you all that next weekend is the first annual Lawndale High Talent Expo! All students are required to participate on pain of suspension or possible expulsion!

Bryan: My God! How strict can you possibly be!

Ms. Lee: All parties must submit a prospectus by next Wednesday containing all information relevant to their acts. Failure to meet this deadline will result in in-school suspension for all violators! We must please our emcee, Liv Cummins, and thus bring honor to Laaaaaawndaaaaale Hiiiiiiigh! That is all.

Jane (whispering) Hey, Bryan. If Stacy or Tiffany can learn a few chords this weekend, maybe you guys could do something for the Expo.

Bryan: That's a wonderful idea! Do you think there into folk music?

Jane: Um.I'm not sure, but you know what they say. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ms. Barch: Pardon me, Bryan. Is everything all right?

Bryan: Oh, sorry, Ms. Barch. I was giving Jane some subscripts for that last equation.

Ms. Barch: That's what they pay me the big bucks for, bud! Don't think I'm giving you special treatment in this class just because you're blind, you.you man!

Bryan: Okay. (He lowers his head).

Scene 5: Bryan, Stacy, and Tiffany are seated in the cafeteria.

Bryan: Hey you guys. If you can learn some chords this weekend, do you want to do something for the Talent Expo next week?

Stacy: But, Bryan. Do you think we could learn enough in a weekend?

Tiffany: Yeaaaaaaah. I meeeean, liiike, a weekend is soooooooo shoooorrrrrt!

Bryan: Sure. If you can learn three or four chords, I know a really cool song we could do!

Stacy: Really! Like what?

Bryan: Have you ever heard "Blowin' in the Wind?"

Tiffany: Buuuuuut, isn't that a sixtiiies sooooong?

Bryan: Sure, why?

Tiffany: Weeeeell, isn't that kind of.oooold?

Bryan: So? It's a really nice song! I think you guys might like it!

Stacy: Well, I guess there's no harm in trying, right?

(At this next exchange, Sandy approaches the table at which the three friends are seated).

Bryan: Trust me, guys, Bob Dylan may have been stoned half the time, but he was the quintessential folk artist, I'll give him that!

Sandy: I beg your pardon, but what's all this talk about folk music?

Bryan: Oh, hey, fashion floozy. We were just deciding what to do for the Talent Expo next week.

Sandy: Gee, Stacy. You're not actually going to sing some cheesy folk song, are you? Not when "Breathless" is our official song?

(Stacy begins to hyperventilate).

Bryan: And just what is so wrong with folk music?

Sandy: Oh, it's nice and all, but it's so old! No one listens to that stuff anymore.

Stacy: My parents do.

Sandy: I rest my case!

Stacy: Can I at least try it out, Sandy?

Sandy: Sure, Stacy, if you don't want to remain a member of the Fashion Club any longer.

(Stacy's hyperventilating intensifies).

Bryan: Stacy, don't worry. It's okay! You can do whatever you feel comfortable with.

(He gets up, walks around the table, and places his hand on Stacy's shoulder).

Stacy: Oh, Bryan. I'm sorry! I must look like such a retard!

Bryan: No, Stacy, you don't.

Stacy: I don't?

Bryan: No, and just remember to go with your heart!

Sandy: I'm leaving before I vomit everywhere! Just remember, Stacy. Your status in the Fashion Club will not be sacrificed, but only if you sing something normal! (She marches off).

Bryan: Stacy, don't listen to her! You have to decide what your heart wants!

Stacy (tears begin falling from her eyes) But.I don't know. I want to be liked and everything, and I don't want to make anyone mad at me!

Bryan (to himself) God, she reminds me too much of myself!

Bryan: Stacy, it's up to you! Just remember that I won't be mad at you as long as you follow your heart. Now I'll clear things with my parents, so if you guys feel comfortable coming down on Friday, I'll be waiting.

Stacy: Thanks, Bryan. You're such a good friend.

Bryan: Aw, don't worry about it, Stace!

(The three stand and leave for class).

Scene 6: On Friday afternoon at 2:45 p.m. we see Bryan seated in his room at the McGuckens' house, gently strumming a few chords on his Castillo Classical and humming softly to himself. A few moments pass, and suddenly Bryan's mother calls to him from the foot of the staircase).

Mother: Hey, Bry!

Bryan: Yo!

Mother: Could you come here for a minute?

Bryan: Sure, why?

Mother: There are some people here to see you!

Bryan: Wow!.(stands and heads for the stairs).I didn't even hear a knock!

(Bryan descends the stairs and meets his mother at the foot of the staircase).

Mother: Are you familiar with.Stacy Rowe.and Tiffany.Bumm.Décor?

Bryan: Oh my god! They've shown up! I offered to teach them some chords today!

Mother: Yes, well I can't feed them, you know.

Bryan: Oh, that's all right, mom.

(Bryan opens the ajar front door wider).

Stacy: Hey Bryan!

Tiffany: Hoooow's it goooooing, Bryyyyyyyyy?

Bryan: I'm so glad you guys could make it! Come on up and we'll get going.

(The three ascend the staircase. They enter Bryan's room).

Bryan: Here's a chair for one of you, and the other one can sit on my bed there.

(Stacy takes the chair, turning it to face Bryan and Tiffany, who both sit on his bed).

Bryan: Oops! Hold that thought.

(He walks to the closet and produces a guitar and hands it to Tiffany).

Bryan: Okay, so why don't I show you an E-flat major. Let me see your guitar, Tiff, for just a second.

(He takes it and arranges his fingers on different frets of the six strings).

Bryan: Now, this may look uncomfortable, but once you get the hang of it, it's no problem. You put this finger here.(close-up of his index finger).and this one here.(close-up of his middle finger).and this one here.(close-up of his ring finger).

(Stacy begins to imitate Bryan's movements).

Stacy (she has her fingers in place now) Okay, what now?

Bryan: That looks good Stace, now with your left hand sound the chord by strumming the strings with your fingernails.and.no getting out of it.I see those nails of yours!

(Stacy smiles and does as she is told, but the sound is slightly cut off).

Bryan: Oh man, almost Stace! Curve your fingers just a smidge more!

(Stacy does this, and the sound is slightly more sustained this time).

Stacy: Oh my god! That is so cool!

Tiffany: Yeaaaaaaah, buuuuuuuut I can't seem to get iiiiiiiiiit. My fiingeeeerrrrrs don't flex too muuuuuch!

Bryan: That's all right, Tiff. Just keep trying, it takes a little bit for some folks. (He turns to Stacy) You are doing so awesome, Stace. Just keep at it! You'll get it! I know you will!

(The two girls continue practicing. Stacy is shown new chords periodically, all of which are used in "Blowin' in the Wind," but Tiffany's troubles persist).

Tiffany (frustrated) Whyyyy caaan't I get thiiiiiiiiiiis!

Bryan: Well, I'll tell you what. Why don't we break for today. Why don't you guys come back here Sunday!

Stacy: Okay! How about three o'clock?

Bryan: That works! How 'bout you, Tiff. Will that be all right?

Tiffany: Uhhhhhhhh.actuallyyyyyy.can I talk to you for a second alooooone?

Stacy: I have to go to the bathroom, anyway. (She exits).

Bryan: So what's up, Tiff?

Tiffany: I'm not suuuuuure I can dooo thiiiiis!

Bryan: Oh, come on, Tiff! Just give it a little time! It'll come to you!

Tiffany: Buuuuuuuuut my haaaands reeeeaally huuurrrrrrrrt! I dooooo knooooow how to play the celloooooooo sooooome!

Bryan: Oh, well, would you be more comfortable doing that for our act. To tell you the truth, the cello would sound really good for this song.

Tiffany: Liiiiike.yeeeeaaaaaah. I diiiiid taaake cello for twoooooo yeeaaaaarrrrs, anywayyyyyyyyy.

Bryan: Well, bring it over if you have one, Sunday, and we'll work out the details then.

Tiffany: I shooouuullld still have oooooooooone!

(At this juncture Stacy returns).

Stacy: Ready, Tiff?

Tiffany: Yep.

Bryan: Well, we'll see you guys later. Oh look (he checks his watch) it's four o'clock! "Password Plus" is on!

Stacy (gasps) Oh no!

Bryan: (distressed) What's wrong, Stacy?

Stacy: The meeting was at three-thirty!

Bryan: Oh, yes, that!

Stacy (begins to hyperventilate) Sandy's gonna kill us!

Tiffany: Bummeeeeeerrrrrr!

Bryan: Maybe not! Maybe she'll wait for you.

Stacy (truly panicked now) I hope she doesn't jump down our throats!

(The two exit quickly).

Bryan: Man. I hope they'll be all right!

Scene 7: We see Stacy and Tiffany sprinting up to the front door of the Griffins' house, panting and gasping for breath.

Stacy: I.hope.we're.not.too.late! (Tiffany is short of breath, so she only nods. Stacy taps lightly on the door. After about ten seconds, the door opens to reveal Sandy. Her face goes pale).

Sandy: Where have you two been? The meeting was.like.a half an hour ago!

Stacy: SandyIamsososorrybutmyparentshadtotalktomeaboutsomethingreallyimportant!

Sandy: For crying out loud, Stacy.slow down!

Stacy (takes a deep breath) My.parents.had to.talk to me.about something.really.important.

Sandy: And just what is so important that it can transcend the importance of color-coordination?

Stacy (she begins to breathe a little more rapidly now) Sandy, please believe me! It was personal. My.my.cousin's really sick and they want to see him later.and they needed to.

Sandy: Oh for the love of God, Stacy, just get in here.both of you. I don't have time to waste arguing with you! (Stacy and Tiffany walk quickly past Sandy into the living room).

Scene 8: We see Stacy, Tiffany, and Bryan seated in his room. Tiffany now has an old-looking cello that she has apparently dusted, and Stacy still has her parents' guitar.

Bryan: Okay, guys. Are we ready? By the way, how did it go, Friday.

Stacy (nervously) Um.it went okay. I kind of had to tell Sandy a little fib so she wouldn't yell at us.

Bryan: Can't say I blame you there. I have a tendency to do that myself. Seems to save me a lot of grief.in the short-term at least. (He shrugs).

Bryan: Okay. Let's see how your chords are coming, Stacy. Tiffany I'll get to you in just a moment.

(Stacy plays each chord one by one, and Bryan's eyes light up).

Bryan: My God, Stacy. That's incredible!

Stacy (dreamily) It's suuuch a beautiful sound, isn't it!

Tiffany: Yeeeeaaaaah.liiiiiiike.totally dramaaaaaatiiiiiiic!

Bryan: I can't believe how quickly you've learned those chords, Stacy!

Stacy: I really like doing this, Bryan. I wanna learn that song you were talking about last week.

Bryan: Yep, we'll be dealing with that momentarily. Tiffany, let's see how you sound. (Tiffany begins playing a few notes. The sound isn't perfect, but it is more than adequate, with vibrato occasionally giving the notes some substance).

Bryan: Wow, Tiffany. Not bad! I think you'll have no problem learning the notes for this song. They're very easy to learn.

Tiffany: Cooooooooool!

Stacy: This is so wonderful, Bryan. You're the best!

Bryan: Aw, Stacy. You're doing a lot of hard work for this. You have a lot to be proud of. (He smiles at her).

Bryan: Okay, why don't I give you guys a listen of this song. It sounds really sensual.

(He stands, walks to his tape player, inserts a cassette, and presses the key marked Play, and "Blowin' in the Wind" begins to play. The girls listen in total rapture until the song finishes).

Stacy: That song is so.beautiful! (Her voice quivers slightly).

Bryan: Yeah. Unfortunately I'm not very fond of the way Bob Dylan sings that song. All the words seem a little too.clipped.know what I'm saying?

Tiffany: Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh.it's.liiiiiiike.sooooooo.wrooooooooong!

Bryan: Do either of you know how to sing at all?

Tiffany: Caaaaaan't sing a noooooooote!

Stacy: I like to sing in the shower and along with the radio sometimes. I'm not very good, though.

Bryan: Oh, come on, Stace. You can't be that bad. Give it a try.

Stacy: I.I don't know.should I?

Bryan: Of course you should!

Tiffany: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh Stacyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Gooooo for iiiiiiiiit!

Bryan: I'll play the song on my guitar once, and you sing along!

Stacy (nervously) O.okay.

(Bryan begins to play, and Stacy begins singing the lyrics from the liner notes. Her notes falter occasionally, but where the lyrics are clear to her, her voice flows angelically from her. It becomes difficult for Bryan to maintain his composure enough to play, so moved is he by Stacy's melodic sweetness. As she finishes, we see tears begin leaking from Bryan's eyes).

Bryan: Oh, Stacy. That was.so.beautiful! (He puts his guitar down, approaches her, and stretches out his arms apprehensively to her).

Stacy (tears well up in her eyes) Oh, Bryan. You're so wonderful! (They embrace. Even Tiffany's heart melts at this, and she smiles pleasantly. They release one another).

Bryan: All right, listen you guys. Here's the deal. I'm going to give each of you tapes containing the guitar background and lyrics. I've made copies for both of you. Stacy, perhaps you could practice the chords on your guitar, and Tiffany, maybe you'd like to work out a cello solo for one of the interludes, or perhaps both.

Stacy: That would be great!

Tiffany: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah. This is sooooooo awesooooooooooome!

Bryan: Excellent. So how about if we meet Tuesday night here, and we'll see how you guys sound. Stacy, I see you've been practicing a lot, so definitely keep it up.

Stacy (smiling broadly now) Thank you, Bryan.

Bryan: You're welcome, Stacy. (The two exit).

Bryan: This is gonna be so awesome!

Scene 9: We see Bryan strolling down a hallway at Lawndale High. Quinn approaches him from the other direction.

Quinn: Oh, hey, Bryan.

Bryan: Oh, hello there. You're Quinn Morgendorfer, aren't you? Daria's sister?

Quinn: Yeah. You're good with voices. I mean I never could have done that.

(Bryan shrugs).

Quinn: So how's all that stuff going with your act? Is Stacy holding up? I mean she can get a little nervous, especially if Sandy's nagging her or whatever, but then again she can be pretty tough sometimes, too, know what I mean?

Bryan (chuckles) Hmmmm, I think so. In fact things are going quite well with us Quinn. It blows my mind how quickly Stacy's coming along. We're going to meet tomorrow night to make sure she's got it down, and we'll polish Tiffany's cello part if need be. Stacy's got such a beautiful voice!

Quinn: Oh, I know. We both love to sing. Stacy doesn't like to talk about it much, though, being nervous all the time.

Bryan: You sing?

Quinn: Well, I try anyway. I don't know if I'm that good, though. I mean sometimes my voice cracks and it sounds really awful, but sometimes I can stay in tune, you know?

(Bryan seems to be in thought momentarily).

Quinn: Bryan you okay? 'Cause I can go if I'm making you uncomfortable or whatever.

Bryan: Actually, Quinn, maybe you could come down to my place later, just for a few minutes. If I give you the liner notes to my CD and teach you the notes, perhaps you could learn a harmony part, and we could do it in three parts. The lyrics and note patterns are actually a lot simpler than you might think.

Quinn: I don't know. I don't always remember lyrics and stuff. My memory's kind of flighty.

Bryan: Oh, don't worry, Quinn. These lyrics are easy, and there aren't many of them, either.

Quinn: Well, I suppose I could try. I don't know how good I'll do, but, you know what they say, there's no harm in trying, right?

Bryan: Cool. Well, I guess I'll see you around three or so today.

Quinn: Okay. I gotta run. Bye, Bryan.

Bryan: Take care, Quinn.

Scene 10: Later that afternoon, Bryan is again practicing, when his mother calls to him from the foot of the stairs.

Mother: Hey, Bry.

Bryan: Yo!

Mother: Could you come here. There's someone here for you.

Bryan: Oh, good. She's here.

(He descends the stairs and meets his mother at the front door).

Mother: Do you know a.Quinn.Morkan.dorky!

Bryan (he opens the front door, and Quinn steps through) Hi, Quinn. Mom, this is Quinn Morgendorfer.

Quinn (slightly nervous) Hi!

Mother: What're you guys all up to up there?

Bryan: Oh, actually, we're working on a song for the Talent Expo this Saturday.

Mother: Cool, Bry. It's good to see you expanding your social horizons. It'll be important in the real world.

Bryan: Yeah, except that this is a mandatory appearance.

Quinn: Yeah. We have to bring honor to (mocks Ms. Lee) Laaaaaaaaawndaaaaaaaale Hiiiiiiiiiigh!

Bryan: But these gals are cool, anyway. I like working with them.

Mother: Good for you, Bryan!

(Bryan and Quinn ascend to Bryan's room).

Bryan: Now, why don't I let you hear this song, first.

(He inserts the cassette again and starts it. The song plays, and Quinn seems to enjoy it).

Quinn (the song has now finished) Actually that song is kinda neat. Is it, like, Hooty or something?

Bryan (chuckles heartily) Oh, Quinn, no no no. This is Bob Dylan.

Quinn: Eeeeeeewwwwwww! Isn't that guy.like.old and stuff?

Bryan: Yeah, he's from the sixties, why?

Quinn: I thought people weren't supposed to listen to that stuff, you know what with The Back Street Boys and n' Sync and The Corrs and stuff!

Bryan: Actually, did you know that the Corrs used to do Celtic music?

Quinn: Really? I thought only Boston people did that stuff!

Bryan: (chuckles again) No no no. That's a basketball team.

Quinn: Oh yeah. What's that.that.other thing you just said?

Bryan: Celtic music is traditional music of Ireland and Scotland.

Quinn: Really, you mean like with jigs and fiddles and bagpipes and stuff?

Bryan: The same!

Quinn: Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! Like.how did they get.popular, or whatever?

Bryan: Well, some folks' musical talent is quite multidimensional. Did you know that Billy Joel also writes classical music?

Quinn: Wow. I had no idea! But I still like that song you played. Now what is it you want to do again? Something about harmony?

Bryan: That's right. I'm going to show you the notes that you'll sing, then let you try.

(Bryan shows Quinn the notes, hands her the liner notes, and takes out his guitar. He begins to play, and she sings. Her voice is not perfect, but quite adequate).

Bryan: That's going to work quite nicely, I believe.

Quinn: Really? I mean.I wasn't that good, well except maybe for that one high note. I'm better at those, except when I have a sore throat, in which case nothing sounds good.

Bryan: Quinn, I'm telling you! You sound great! Can you come over tomorrow night. I'd like to hear you, Stacy, Tiffany, and me together. I'll be adding harmony below your line.

Quinn: You mean.I have to sing.like.on top of different notes.

Bryan: Yeah, but you'll get it. We may have to work on it a bit, but it'll come, I'm sure of it!

Quinn: Welll.I've gotten this far, might as well keep going, right?

Bryan: Excellent. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow night around seven-thirty?

Quinn: Sure! (She leaves).

Bryan: This is working out wonderfully!

Scene 11: The next evening, we see Bryan seated on a chair, with Tiffany, Quinn, and Stacy seated from left to right on his bed.

Bryan: Okay. Actually, I was wondering if first we could have just Quinn and Stacy do their parts?

Stacy: Okay, ready Quinn?

Quinn: I hope so.

Bryan: Don't worry, Quinn, you'll do fine! Are you ready?

(Bryan begins to play, but halfway through the first verse, Quinn fumbles on a note and loses track).

Quinn: I missed it!

Bryan: That's okay, try again!

(They restart, but Quinn gets only slightly further along before blundering once more).

Quinn: I can't get this!

Bryan: Okay, try this, Quinn. Pay attention to your singing, and nothing else. Pretend nothing else is going on but your singing.

Quinn: Are you sure? I don't know!

Bryan: Oh, just try it!

(He begins to play, and Quinn is helped immensely by his advice. The two voices blend beautifully, and the song goes almost flawlessly).

Bryan: Excellent. Now take your guitar, Stacy, and we'll try it for real. Tiffany, you ready to go over there?

Tiffany: Aaaaaaaaaaalll seeeeeeeeeeeet.

(The song begins, and at each interlude Tiffany plays a sensual melodic line that seems to fill the room with warm, vibrant sound. Bryan adds the bottom line to each verse, and the blend is utterly sublime. The pitches are well-placed, and the three voices mesh perfectly).

Bryan: Wow!

Stacy: That was so cool! Could we do that again? I really enjoyed it!

Quinn: That was kind of fun!

Tiffany: Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, let's sing it agaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Bryan: All right.one more shot, but then I've got a little reading to do, so I'll unfortunately have to throw you all out of here.

(They run the song again without incident).

Bryan: All right, girls, that was very nice. Now off you go!

Stacy: I wanna sing it again!

Tiffany: yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.leeeeeeeeeeet's!

Bryan: Now, come on, guys, let's not overdo it!

Quinn: I wanna sing it again!

Stacy: Me, too! Come on, Bryan, we wanna sing it again!

Bryan: Aw, come on, you guys! Cut that out!

Tiffany: Buuuuuuuuuuuut.weeeeeeeeee wanna sing it agaaaaaaaaaain!

Stacy: Come on, Bryan!

Bryan: Hey, wait a minute. You guys are pulling the old Chipmunks' Christmas gag, aren't you?

(The other three laugh heartily).

Tiffany: Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.and yoooou fell riiight into our traaaaaaaap!

(Now all four friends laugh raucously).

Bryan (still giggling) You guys are bad, you know that?

Tiffany: It's goooooooood to be baaaaaaad!

Bryan: Aw, beat it before I beat ya with a big shtick!

(They laugh, and the girls leave).

Scene 12: On Wednesday morning, we see Stacy, Tiffany, Quinn, and Bryan enter Ms. Lee's office at Lawndale High. Bryan is carrying a sheet of paper with him. A secretary greets the four friends.

Secretary: Hi, there. May I help you?

Bryan: Yes, hi. We're here to see Ms. Lee. We have a prospectus containing the synopsis of our act for the Talent Expo this weekend. Is she here?

Secretary: She is. Hold on a sec.

Secretary (into an intercom) Ms. Lee. There are four students here to see you.

Ms. Lee (sounding slightly annoyed) Send them in!

Secretary: Just go right through there, guys.

Bryan: Thanks very much. (The four knock on the door to Ms. Lee's office).

Ms. Lee: Enter!

(Bryan opens the door and stands in the doorway).

Ms. Lee: Well, come on! I'm very busy right now!

Bryan: Okay. We just have our prospectus for the Talent Expo this weekend. It shouldn't take very long.

Ms. Lee: All right, come in.

(Bryan enters, followed by his friends).

Ms. Lee: Well, let's see it!

Bryan: Right. (He hands her the sheet. She begins reading it, and as she reads, a frown begins to play across her face).

Ms. Lee: Oh, dear. Folk music.

Bryan: Is everything okay?

Ms. Lee: I'm afraid I'm going to have to disqualify your act from the Talent Expo.

Bryan: Pardon?

Stacy (beginning to hyperventilate) Why! We worked so hard on it!

Ms. Lee: I understand you put many hours into this, but I'm afraid it doesn't mesh well!

Bryan: Mesh well? What do you mean?

Ms. Lee: As a head administrator at this school, it's my responsibility to make sure that this school remains attuned and apprised of the feelings, needs, and whims of the student body. You see, folk music is not the "now" music. Now don't get me wrong, I like folk music myself, but I must consider how horrified the other students would be if they heard such.old.music. And I don't think our emcee could stomach it, either. She's a contemporary pop artist, and it certainly wouldn't go over well with her. No people, I'm afraid this is no good. It would upset our emcee and students, and thus honor would not be brought to Laaaaaaaaaaawndaaaaaaaaale Hiiiiiiiiiiigh!

Stacy: But.but.but that's so unfair! We worked for a week straight on this!

Tiffany: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhh.a weeeeeeeeek straaaaaaaiiiiiiight!

Ms. Lee: I'm sorry, people, but it must be removed from the lineup. Listen, if it makes you feel better, I'm only going to give you detention instead of in-school suspension, and, if you take it today, Mr. O'Neill could probably comfort you. He has detention duty, you know.

Tiffany: Aaaand sheeeeee saaaays she's in touch with our feeeeeeeliiiiiiings!

Ms. Lee: That's it, Ms. Blum-Deckler! That's two days detention for you! And that goes for anyone else who gives me backtalk! Now please leave at once!

(Bryan storms out of Ms. Lee's office, followed closely by Stacy, Tiffany, and Quinn).

Stacy: This is so stupid! I can't believe it! All that work! (She begins hyperventilating).

Bryan (goes to Stacy, putting his arms around her) It's okay, Stacy, we'lll.we'll think of something, right guys!

Stacy (frantic now) No, it's not okay! We busted our asses for that! How could she just.just.arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

Tiffany: I knoooooooooow! Thaaaat is soooooooooooo wroooooooooong!

Bryan: Trust me, guys. She's won this battle, but the war is just beginning! (We see a determined expression weave its way across Bryan's face).

Stacy: W.what do you mean? What can we do?

Bryan: Trust me, guys. Come by the house tonight around seven o'clock. Let's just say the show will go on.with or without Ms. Lee! (Everybody leaves)

Scene 13: Later that evening, the four friends are gathered in Bryan's room. He turns to address them).

Bryan: Ladies, we're gonna have our little act this weekend. I just received a reply to an e-mail I sent to Liv Cummins about ten minutes ago.

Stacy: Who is this Liv? Do you know her, Bryan?

Bryan: Sure do. I saw a concert of hers about six months ago. She and I are on very good terms, to say the least. We're gonna give Ms. Lee the surprise of a lifetime! Meet me in the green room at seven-thirty Saturday evening. Be ready to sing what we've practiced.

Stacy: But, Bryan.

Bryan: No, Stacy. This is one risk we have to take. This is something I believe quite strongly in! Angela Lee, and anyone else for that matter, has no business judging what good music is, especially since she can't know the student body's taste in it, seeing as she's never amongst us to actually find out. Liv's gonna back us, and she talked to the District Superintendent of Schools, who's apparently been looking to give Lee quite a shock. Listen, you guys, we may get detention for this, but I feel strongly about this! Are you with me?

Quinn and Tiffany: Hell yeah!

Stacy: Um.ahh.that is.

Bryan: Come on, Stacy! Get with it! You're going to have to stand up for yourself sooner or later, you know.

Stacy: All.alright. I'll do it!

Scene 14: At around seven-thirty Saturday evening, the four friends are sitting in the green room. Liv Cummins enters and approaches Bryan).

Liv: Hey, Bry. How's it going?

Bryan: Hi, Liv. Great to see you again! I'm doing well, how about you?

Liv: I'm okay. These your friends?

Bryan: Liv Cummins, I'd like to introduce you to the members of my little act.(he indicates each in turn).Tiffany blum-Deckler, Stacy Rowe, and Quinn Morgendorfer.

(Liv shakes hands all around, then turns to face Bryan again).

Liv: So, you know what the deal is, Bry?

Bryan: You introduce us, and we go on and do our thing and shock the dickens out of Ms. Lee.

Liv (smiles at him) Right on, kiddo. Good luck, guys! (She exits).

Scene 15: Around eight-forty-five, Liv Cummins' voice is heard over the loudspeaker.

Liv: Now, I'd like you to give a warm, Lawndale welcome to our final act. This is gonna be quite a treat, I guarantee it! Please welcome Bryan McGucken, Stacy Rowe, Tiffany Blum-Deckler, and Quinn Morgendorfer, who will sing one of the best-loved folk standards of the twentieth century: "Blowin' in the Wind!" (There is loud applause).

Ms. Lee (she is seated in the front row next to the Superintendent, Dr. Samuel Cheevers) What is the meaning of this. I strictly forbade them to.

Dr. Cheevers (in a hushed tone) Shhhhhh.they're coming on. (He nudges her for good measure. The four friends take the stage, instruments in hand, and begin their song).

1. How many roads must a man walk down,

Before you call him a man?

How many seas must the white dove sail,

before she sleeps in the sand?

How many years must the cannon-balls fly,

Before they are forever banned?

Refrain: The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind,

The answer is blowin' in the wind.

2. How many years can a mountain exist,

Before it is washed to the sea?

How many years must some people exist,

Before they're allowed to be free?

How many times can a man turn his head,

And pretend that he just doesn't see?


(At this interlude, Tiffany's cello begins a low, rich, and moving solo that brings more than a few tears to the eyes of the spectators, including Liv herself).

3. How many times must a man look up,

Before he can see the sky?

How many ears must one man have,

Before he can hear people cry?

How many deaths will it take 'til he knows,

That too many people have died?


(Stacy sings the refrain one last time to end the song, and a small explosion in the form of applause rocks the auditorium at L.H.S. Ms. Lee, however, is not applauding. She is, on the contrary, storming up to the stage, followed closely by Dr. Cheevers and Liv Cummins.

Ms. Lee (her eyes are blazing with pure fury) That's it! I specifically instructed you not to perform that miserable excuse for a song in my school. That will be in school suspension for all of you!

Liv: Gee, Angie, are you sure that's wise.I mean.look behind you.

Ms. Lee: What are you blathering about! (She looks to the crowd, who is still applauding. Many of them are now chanting Stacy's name in unison. She comes out and takes a bow once more.

Dr. Cheevers: Goodness, Angela. It would appear that the students really enjoyed this performance.

Angela (she plucks the microphone from Stacy's hand) Alright, students. Silence, immediately! Due to violations of school policy whose numbers I cannot precisely remember at the moment, but which are definitely explicitly expressed in the Lawndale High Student Handbook, I must bring an end to tonight's festivities! Thank you and good night! (The crowd erupts in cries of protest. Dr. Cheevers snatches the microphone from Angela's hand).

Dr. Cheevers (shouts) Attention please, may I have quiet for a moment? This is your superintendent speaking! (The room grows silent once more).

Dr. Cheevers: Thank you. As superintendent of the Lawndale County School District, I take it on myself as duty to overturn Ms. Lee's decision, and inform you that the reception shall go on as scheduled.

Ms. Lee: Dr. Cheevers, it is not your place to countermand my authority!

Dr. Cheevers: When I feel that the students' best interests are in mind, it is absolutely my duty to maintain and uphold that interest and that interest alone!

Ms. Lee: This is madness.sheer madness! This is impermissible!

Dr. Cheevers: It is perfectly permissible, and I would advise you to leave it as such on pain of your unemployment! (Ms. Lee glares at him, but at this moment Stacy, whose breathing has increased steadily in pace, suddenly rips the microphone from Dr. Cheevers' hand).

Stacy: Stooooooooooooooooop! All of you, stop it! I can't take it anymore! I'm sick of this! It's my fault this crap happened! I'll never do anything like this in my entire life! Just, all of you, forget I ever came here! (She hurls the microphone into the orchestra pit, where it narrowly misses the band conductor who has been watching the festivities from a vantage point there. Stacy runs sobbing from the stage and leaves for home. As she reaches the entrance to the green room, and is about to run past it, she sees Sandy out of the corner of her eye, and stops momentarily).

Sandy: Gee, Stacy. Nice move out there. Really knocked 'em dead, huh?

Stacy (frantically) Please.Sandy, Bryan talked me into this!

Sandy: Oh, knock it off, will you, Stacy! I'm so sick of your whining! Since you insist on whining, and because you violated Fashion Club policy, it is my duty to hereby.

(Sandy did not get to finish, however, because Stacy who had begun to fill a paper cup with water, turned and doused Sandy with it).

Stacy: I quit, Sandy. I can't take it anymore! All you do is boss me

around! Nothing I ever do is good enough for you! Well, I've had it, Sandy! I'm done! (She flees now, leaving Sandy staring after her).

Scene 16: Stacy is at the door to the Rowes' House. She enters to see her father standing there.

Herald Rowe: Well, Stacy. Just where have you been all this time?

Stacy (she speaks as though her father knew about the events of that evening) I was at the talent show, of course! But it was terrible!

Herald: What are you talking about!

Stacy: DaddywesangasongbutMs.LeegotmadatusandtheSuperintendentgotmadatherandIknowit'smyfault.

Herald: Will you slow down, for crying out loud!

Stacy: We sang a song, because my friend Bryan convinced me and some of the girls to, even though Ms. Lee didn't want us to. Ms. Lee got mad, and the Superintendent.

Herald: What in blazes is wrong with you! Haven't I always told you that rules were made to be obeyed, or have you been walking around with your head between your legs all these years!

Stacy: But Dad, he said.

Herald: To hell with what that blind moron said! Get outta here before I call an exterminator!

(Stacy's mother has been listening from the door to the living room).

Stacy's Mother: Herald! Stop that! Stacy hasn't done anything wrong!

Herald: Do you always have to baby her?

Stacy's Mother: Do you always have to treat her like a criminal or something?

Stacy: Stooooooooooooooooop! I hate everything! My life sucks! Just all of you! Leave me the hell alone! (She roars up the stairs, crying. Stacy's parents continue to argue until the doorbell rings. Stacy's mother answers it to Bryan).

Stacy's Mother: Well, hello there. Can I help you?

Bryan: Yes, is Stacy around.

Stacy's Mother: She's here, but she's in bad shape at the moment. Have we met before?

Bryan: I don't believe so. I'm Bryan McGucken.

Herald: Oh! So you're the blind fart who got my daughter in trouble, eh?

Stacy's Mother: Shut up, Herald! Just for once, shut the hell up!

Bryan: Ah.er.should I maybe come back at some other point?

Stacy's Mother: You'll do no such thing! Go right on upstairs! Stacy's room is at the end of the hall.

(Bryan nods and reluctantly ascends the stairs. He approaches Stacy's room and knocks).

Stacy: Go away!

Bryan: Stacy, is that you?

Stacy: What are you doing here, Bryan! Haven't you destroyed my life enough as it is?

Bryan: Please, Stacy, just.let me talk to you for one second.

Stacy: Fine, but you better make it quick! (She turns on her lamp. Bryan enters and stands by her bed).

Bryan: Stacy, I didn't mean for things to get so crazy, you know. I knew I had the backing of Liv and the Superintendent.

Stacy: So why did Ms. Lee go off the deep end!

Bryan: I don't know, Stacy. I really can't say. I don't think she has the education of the students in mind.

Stacy (her lip begins to quiver) Why is it that every time I try to do something someone isn't satisfied! I can't do anything right!

Bryan: Not everyone will be pleased with what you do all the time, Stacy. That's why people are different. They have different personalities.

Stacy: But, I don't want everyone to get mad at me all the time! I want everyone to approve of me and like me!

Bryan: That's a pretty tall order, wouldn't you say! I mean, Saddam Hussein probably wouldn't like you, would he? Jeffrey Dommer probably wouldn't like you, at least not in the strict sense of social liking!

Stacy: I meant everyone at Lawndale High School!

Bryan: Stacy, you do realize that it logically follows from that statement that you want Upchuck to like you, do you not?

(Stacy ponders this for a moment. She realizes that this was an angle she hadn't considered. Her humanity dawned on her).

Stacy: You know something, Bryan. You may have a point there! I don't much care for Upchuck, so why should I deny anyone else his or her feelings? They can feel how they like towards me! All I can do is my best at what I strive for!

Bryan: That's the ticket! (At this point, Stacy's mother appears at the door).

Stacy's Mother: Stacy.Bryan, the Superintendent of the School District is here to see you, Heaven's knows why! (The three descend to meet Dr. Cheevers at the door).

Dr. Cheevers: Stacy.Bryan, I just dropped by to let you know that you won't be seeing Ms. Lee Monday. She continued to debate my position after you left, so I had no choice but to suspend her for a week with pay. I will assume her duties during that time.

Stacy: Oh no! I've.

Bryan: Come on, Stacy!

Dr. Cheevers: Ms. Rowe, I believe you've done your classmates, and myself I should add, quite a favor! You had the courage to think for yourself, rather then conform to antiquated rules and regulations. Ms. Lee has never really comprehended her goal as an Administrator, which is to see that her students are properly educated to function in a very capricious global sphere. I applaud your hardiness, both of you! Well, good night! (He leaves).

Stacy: Was I really that courageous?

Bryan: If only you knew Stacy.if only you knew!

Scene 17: The next day, we see Bryan watching television in the living room at his parent's house, when the phone rings. He picks up the receiver.

Bryan: Hello.

Voice: Hi, Bryan. It's Liv! How are you?

Bryan: Hey, Liv. I'm doing well, thanks. How about you!

Liv: I'm great! I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done yesterday! What you did took a lot of courage! I'm proud of you, Bryan!

Bryan: Well, thanks, Liv! I just thought Ms. Lee was being not only unfair but also unreasonable. The education of our people depends on our ability to teach them to educate themselves, you know!

Liv: Your wisdom belies your age, Bryan! Do you realize this. (Bryan smiles as the closing credits begin to roll to the tune of "Great Wall of China" by Billy Joel.

Postscript: Well, there you have it.my second Daria fanfic! Well, let me know what you think at thecartesian@rcn.com. Bye for now, until we meet again!