Fan Fiction
"The Driven Wild Universe"
by Kara Wild

The Driven Wild Universe Primer (*)

A list of Driven Wild Universe facts, characters, and fanfic summaries for newbies and those who want to get reaquainted with the series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.

Rose-Colored Lenses

In the opening episode of The Driven Wild Universe, Quinn learns the unthinkable: her vision has taken a nosedive, and she needs glasses. Now she must deal with the horrific (and hilarious) reality that she might be viewed as... a nerd.
The Tie That Chokes

Aunt Amy's weekend visit to Lawndale seems like it will go without problem. But everything goes downhill after her bonding with Daria provokes Helen's jealousy, and after Quinn passes Amy off as Daria's mother...
That Thing You Say

Daria the English Whiz finds that three little words are the hardest of all to say as she ponders her relationship with Helen. Meanwhile, Quinn learns that friendship costs a little more than she bargained for...
'Shipped Out

Daria dreams about her future life with Trent. But when she learns he has a new girlfriend, her fantasies start to go awry. (A typical Daria/Trent story? Don't bet on it! This may be the first "cynical 'shipper" story in the history of Daria fandom, so if you're a hardcore 'shipper... be warned!)
Andrea Speaks!

Both Morgendorffer sisters are forced to take a hard look at their lives when Daria comes face-to-face with someone who's more alienated than she is, and Quinn and Sandi face off in the Fashion Club elections, where an incident occurs that makes Quinn finally come to a decision about her glasses.
Cheered Down

As Lawndale High's new head cheerleader, Quinn tries to hold on to her popularity and stay one step ahead of Brittany. There's just one problem: she doesn't know how to cheer.
None in the Family, Part 1: The Old Man

Grandma Barksdale's 50th wedding anniversary sets the stage for a series of pivotal events. Amy mulls over her broken relationship, while Daria learns that she doesn't know the Famous Aunt as well as she thought she did. Jake tries to emulate the behavior of the late Grandpa Barksdale, with results that threaten to tear apart his marriage to Helen. (Part 1 of 2)
None in the Family, Part 2: Unmasked

During Helen's separation from Jake, she, Rita, and Amy confront their feelings about their father -- and each other. Meanwhile, Jake's "Grandpa Barksdale" approach to parenting quickly goes sour, and Daria is forced to call in our favorite P.C. couple to help resolve the marriage crisis. (Part 2 of 2)

Over Daria's objections, Jane runs against Sandi for student body president. From there, she learns (the hard way) that image, politics, and ignorance form an explosive mix.
Of Absolute Value

Quinn's math teacher persuades Jake to help her "be all she can be" in math, bringing forth several burning questions. Such as: can Jake be a good father? Will Quinn surrender her Fashion Club duties to become a math "brain"? And can father and daughter ever find a common bond?
Breaking the Mold

Helen and Daria make a bet to see who can withstand a change in persona the longest. While Daria suffers on the school newspaper, Helen attempts to go artistic with the help of... Amanda Lane. The result: a lot of disaster with a touch of wisdom gained.
Surreal World

In yet another misguided attempt at fundraising, Ms. Li enlists Daria and six other LHS students to be on an experimental TV show... one that bears a suspicious resemblance to MTV's "The Real World." While Daria copes with her privacy being invaded and tries to separate the real from the fake, the other students let themselves go... and go... and go...
Erin the Head

Daria confronts the mystery of love, using her cousin Erin's all-consuming crush on Trent to deliver some answers. But since this is an "anti-'shipper," the answers she gets are not necessarily the ones she wanted...
Primarily Color

A racist note prompts the Landons to sue Lawndale High, forcing students and faculty alike to confront the issue of diversity... or lack of it. But will Ms. Li's "zero tolerance" policy really be the magical cure? Or Mr. O'Neill's hand-holding emote-fests?? And was Jodie wise to pinpoint Sandi as the one responsible for the note? What does Daria think??
The Age of Cynicism

Helen and Jake recall life back in 1980-81, when the world was growing conservative, they were struggling to make ends meet, and a certain cynic was on the way...
Charge of the Math Brigade

What, short of a cranial lobotomy, would compel Quinn Morgendorffer to join the LHS mathletics squad (aka the "geek brigade")? Only goading from her zealous math teacher, Mr. Phelps, who wants Quinn to hone her math skills in competition. But is it really for Quinn's own good? Daria attempts to find out.
An Uneasy Marriage

Jake joins Helen's art class in order to break up a potential liason between her and her sculpting instructor. Unfortunately, his presence may do their marriage more harm than good.
In Her Own Words

Disheartened by her troubled home life, Daria joins an underground newspaper whose distinctly cynical outlook causes others distaste, including Jane. Yet is Daria really ready to embrace hardcore cynicism once again, or is her situation much more complicated...?
All But Forgotten

When stress from work and home reach a breaking point, Helen flees to the one person whom she feels she can trust. Meanwhile Daria and Quinn try to find out what Jake has been up to. (Part 1 of 2)
Memory Road

Helen decides to go home and fix her marriage, only to be stopped by Amy, who has other ideas. Meanwhile, Daria and Quinn confront a situation that is growing worse and may not get better. (Part 2 of 2)
Into the Fire

As she and Quinn adjust to the painful realities of their parents' separation, Daria grows to suspect that Quinn's math teacher, Mr. Phelps, has malevolent plans for her sister.
Tomorrow Never Knows

In the final episode of the series, Daria's suspicions of Phelps threaten to derail her future and shatter her relationship with Quinn.