Title: Boredom is Freedom
By: Mariah W. (Lila or Icy is my nickname)
Email: icyrainforest@spils.com

Short Summary: Daria gets bored while sitting in the house watching Sick Sad World but realizes that it sucks that she even stepped outside because of all of the stuff that went on.

This was inspired by the episode "I Loathe a Parade" (episode #406), on the part where she got caught up in some things that kept her from bringing toilet paper to her dad.

"Looks like they caught a hidden camera in the school's restroom, next on Sick Sad World!"

Daria flicked off the TV and tossed the remote on the floor. "Today is the most boring day ever. Let me call Jane." She picked up the phone and punched in the numbers. It rung twiced...then a third time...then a fourth time...then a fifth."Dammit. There goes my fun." Then she heard the doorbell. She went down and opened the door. "Jane? I just called you."

"I was just bored and decided to come to your house to see what you and your fashion fiend sister Quinn was up to." Daria nodded. "I was bored too, but what about Tom?" "Tom went out to buy some soda. He's all out",said Jane. "Well",Daria murmured,"What do you want to do?" Jane thought with a tiny 'hmmm' and then said,"Why don't we go out for some pizza?" Daria shook her head."I'm not really hungry. Lets just go take a walk. I'm bored enough."

Daria left a note to Helen and Jake since they were gone, and then Jane and her walked on the sidewalk. As they walked, a car passed by them with Kevin and Brittany in it. Brittany glanced out the window. "Daria! What are you walking that way for? The party's this way!" Daria looked at Jane. "Oh no. I knew hell would finally come take over the world and was even nice enough to bring a bunch of dancing monkeys and fruit punch just for us." "Relax, Daria. Why don't we go see what party is going on",Jane said. Daria nodded. "Yes, and why don't we go jump off of a cliff afterwards?" Jane turned. "Hmph, come on Daria, maybe this will take away you're boredom." Daria turned also. "You must be one of those dancing monkies."

They walked and past another car. "Damn. Sandie...Stacy...Tiffany...Quinn...are you sure you don't want to go back? This is your last chance." Jane shook her head. "Come on Daria. You're thinking bad thoughts now. Look on the bright side, at least they won't be the only ones there." "Thank you Jane. Now my boredom is only %99.9."

When they reached the party, they saw Tom. "Daria, Jane. What's up?" Jane was curious at this point."You? Here?" Tom looked confused. "Oh, I dropped off the soda and came here. I thought it would take away my boredom." Jane grinned. "See Daria? We're not the only ones who are filled with boredom." There was a big line of cars parked on the side of the road.

The gang walked inside of the party. Jane's mouth opened. "Upchuck? Is he the host of this party?" Tom looked around. "No, she is." He pointed at Jodie who was across the room. Everyone was dancing to the beat of "Beautiful Stranger" by Madonna.

"Lets go now." Daria and Jane began to walk away. Then, Jodie got up to the front. Attention everyone! Lawndale wants to harm the dogs to keep them away from the school building! We need to do something about this!" Everyone gasped. "Those poor doggies!",Brittany cried,"It's not fair!" Kevin laughed."Babe, they're just animals." Brittany cried and ran somewhere (you never know where she's running when she cries ha!).

"Oh what the hell", said Jane,"Let's go." As Jane waved to Tom, there was a big rope blocking the way out. Everyone was clueless."It's the police!",someone in the back shouted."Attention everyone in there, you may not leave this party until you surrender your disagreement against dog harmfulment. You must accept this and not waste your time on a pitiful lecture!",said the police.

"Damn you Jane. I should've just left at the beginning." Everyone was mad, shouting idiotic things like,"We won't surrender until the fat lady sings, and this is not an opera!". Daria walked away. "A party from hell."

Quinn took some scissors from the table in the back."I can't believe I'm doing this." She was making her way to the exit. "Out of my way!" She put her hands behind her back."Sorry but I have a doctor's appointment." She cut the rope and through the scissors far, right by the table she got them from. She ran out and everyone cheered and went crazy--and ran out. Daria sat down in a chair, Jane standing against the wall. "Tell me again while we're waiting here like two dummies while everyone else is escaping?", said Jane. Daria sighed."I don't want to be ambushed so we're waiting for them to leave." Finally, Jane and Daria made their way through. Jane walked Daria home. Daria glanced back as the police cars drove off and one policeman took down the rope.

Daria looked at Jane."I should've stayed home." Jane nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. So, you want to do something else?" Daria shook her head."I think I'll be in my house for a long time."