Piano Practice


A Daria quickfic by Brother Grimace



The interior of the Taylor mansion was quiet that early Saturday morning; everyone had left for the day on their various endeavours.

Thus, no one was around to see the patio door open slightly, and a small black cat with a white snout and white front paws slip inside. She looked about; after a moment, the small cat walked across the room and hopped onto the stool in front of the baby grand piano that sat near a corner of the room.

The cat walked for a moment about the top of the stool, then sat primly towards the uncovered keys of ebony and ivory, looking at them as a dog looks at a television with 'Jeopardy!' on the screen. She sat there for a full minute, primly, her tail curled neatly about her as she examined the keys.

A delicate paw reached out to stroke against a white key; the cat's ears perked as a tone echoed from the piano and through the room, and she withdrew her paw. She reached out again; this time, the note was clear, pure and beautiful, and a soft rumble of pleasure flowed out of the small feline.

The little black cat stood on her hind paws, and placed her front paws on the keys. She began to move her paws; music began to flow out into the room, and the cat's mouth opened:

Meow meow, meow meow
meow meow meow meow, yeah
You are the music in me

You know the words - 'Once Upon A Time';
Make you listen
There's a reason...
When you dream, there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter... or a 'happy ever after'...

At the top of the stairwell, Brittany Taylor watched the small black cat, being very careful not to make any noise. She had been watching the cat sneak in for the past two weeks to play the piano; she also knew what would happen if she told anyone - or even worse, if they actually believed her...

Brittany leaned against the wall, and enjoyed the song. She's really getting good...



9 September 2007