Fan Fiction
"Apocalyptic Daria"
by Doggieboy

Part 1: We Are So Screwed

Daria and Jane find themselves away from home at the start of a nuclear war. They struggle to find their loved ones and stay alive at the same time.
Part 2: There's No Place Like Someone Else's Home

On the day after the nuclear war starts, Daria and Jane search for shelter, weapons and pizza.
Part 3: Linda and Beyond

Daria and Jane go out on their search for their loved ones and find an acquaintance from Lawndale.
Part 4: Carthage

Daria and Jane go to a rescue center for medical attention. While there, they make friends... and enemies.

Scarlett's Tale
One of Daria's classmates from Lawndale High School was at home
when Black Saturday occurred. This is her story.
Part 1: Rescue... and Escape

Scarlett's escape from the fallout of a nuclear explosion puts her in bigger danger--from her rescuer.
Part 2: Roger and Smokey

Scarlett's escape from John Fleming leads her to make two new friends. It also leads her to new dangers.