Fan Fiction
"Daria: The OAVs"
by Peter Guerin

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Triumph of the "Retart"

A Special Education student decides to buck the system and run for the presidency of Lawndale High's student government. The repercussions are swift and serious, as Daria and her friends come face to face with the ugliness of bigotry and hatred... as well as a horrific and deadly secret out of Daria's past.

(Note that this version has been slightly edited by the author to bring it in below the PG-13 barrier. The unedited version can be read at Mark Zero Fan Fiction, Unlimited.)
The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle

A crossover with "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon". Daria is appointed to take Ami Mizuno's place as Sailor Mercury as the latter is going away to Germany for her medical studies. However, Daria and the other Sailor Senshi soon find themselves embroiled in a extreme right-wing coup, Ami's flight being hijacked by an Arab terrorist and a militia group taking over Lawndale. (This story was pulled after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and is now being restored with a few cosmetic tweaks.)
One Man's Trash

A guitar once owned by Kurt Cobain is stolen from the Hard Rock Cafe, and the thieves hide it by selling it to Sanford and Son Salvage. When Mystik Spiral has to perform in Los Angeles and Trent breaks his guitar, guess where he ends up getting a new one? A crossover with "Sanford and Son."
Sick, Sad Burbank

A "Sick, Sad World" contest goes comically awry in this crossover with too many things to list.
The Prepaid Phone Card Call of Tommy Sherman

Havoc ensues when the ghost of Tommy Sherman appears. Who ya gonna call to set things right? A crossover with "The Real Ghostbusters."
The Dinner Date from Hell

Chaos ensues when Sandi's family is invited to dinner. Featuring an appearancy by Wind Lane.
Return of the Lawndale Militia

The second story in the Lawndale Militia trilogy, following up on the events from "Misery Senshi." A crossover with "Gunsmith Cats" and "Here is Greenwood."

Off-kilter antics as Chicken Boo takes Daria's place for a day. A crossover with "Chicken Boo."
Strange Reunions

Penny Lane returns home for a visit, and we find out exactly why she's been out of the country. Also, Brittany's mother Vivian arrives bearing some shocking news.
Stupid Sunday

Daria, Jane, and Trent do their utmost to avoid the weirdness that is Super Bowl Sunday, and end up causing a little weirdness of their own.
No Nudes is Good Nudes

(Prose adaptation by Austin Loomis)

Jane talks Daria into posing nude for a painting as a birthday present for Trent, but things rapidly spiral out of control when Ms. Defoe has it put on display at the county art museum.
A Girl Like Me

A poem where Daria and Jane help a girl being beaten up because she's smart and cynical.
Karen Carpenter Blues

Stacy, figuring that desperate times call for desperate measures, resorts to bullemia to win an upcoming Fashion Clubs Showdown. But will she still be alive to regret her decision? Part one of a two-part story arc, concluding in "Outbitched."

Concluding the story arc begun in "Karen Carpenter Blues," Sandi's increasingly erratic behavior gets her ousted as president of the Fashion Club. Consumed by hatred, she violently takes out her revenge on the person she has fixated on as the cause of her downfall: Daria.
My Stupid Date With Destiny
(co-authored by C.E. Forman)

Picking up where "Outbitched" left off, a recuperating Daria tells Jane, Trent, et al the story of her first encounter with Beavis and Butt-Head and her horrific encounter with Todd the hoodlum. A crossover with "Beavis and Butt-Head."

Daria's boots are stolen from her gym locker; meanwhile, key characters pick up the pieces of their lives.
This is Spinal Crap

Kevin is left paralyzed while playing semi-pro football and is forced to think about what's important in his life.
Marathon Woman

Jane enters the Lawndale Bakery Women's 5K Run to prove to Ms. Morris once and for all that she isn't a slacker. However, unbeknownst to her, others have agendas of their own...
The Quinn's Cousin Incident

Luhrman pays a visit to the Morgendorffers, and chaos ensues when Quinn's friends assume that he's her older brother... and they don't believe her when she tells them the truth!
Suffer the Children

Quinn becomes pregnant by Jamie and must decide whether to have an abortion, a situation that plunges everyone into the middle of a heated -- and, eventually, violent -- confrontation between abortion supporters and opponents.
Daria's Slapshot

Daria's roped into playing for Lawndale High's field hockey team... and she's GOOD at it. But what will happen when they go up against their bitterest rivals?
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic

After making a shocking discovery in her attic, Jane and Tom go on a trip to New York to see where Jackson Pollack and Willem de Koonig lived. Which, of course, leaves Daria to deal with her conflicted feelings regarding their relationship.
Lukewarm Metal

Daria is roped into joining the Lawndale Lowdown, and writes a controversial story that pits her against Ms. Li with regards to freedom of the press.
The Strange Case of the Mystery Girl Patter (*)

Daria and Jane decide to go after the Mystery Girl Patter before Ms. Barch and her Take Back the Night Self-Defense Class captures him. The story kind of delves into the politics of women's fashions a bit as well the kind of siege and mob mentalities that happens during crime waves--not to mention the Zoot Suit Riots and the Tom and Jerry cartoon The Zoot Cat.